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Chevrolet Aveo Maintenance and Repair



  • I work at a chevy dealer in CA and I can tell you that the paint has a 5yr 100,000 mile warranty. If the chipping is due to defect and not road hazard damage (ie stones or solvents on the road) it would be covered. In addition to the factory warranty the resisall paint protection you purchased may cover the damage if caused by road hazards. Review your documents on the paint protection and contact them directly. I am not personally familer with the brand resistall, but most of those products are backed by a insurance policy to cover the repair.

    In answer to your question "anyone else having this problem", we have sold over 50 of the Aveos and have not had any paint issues.

    Hope this helps.

  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    A Toyota or Honda that supports American, are you kidding me. They support themselves in taking their money back to Japan to invest. Toyota has only about a 50% domestic content and Honda not much better. Chevrolet is 70% currently. The Aveo brings the average down with its % at 5% if I recall.

    Toyota takes away jobs from American companies like Ford, Chevrolet. They use part-time employees to profit and avoid paying benefits. They build facilities in non-union states. So really there is no trade off and this is bad for the trade deficit and America. American auto companies were forced to outsource parts to stay competitive and in business. In doing so hundreds of small American companies, most in Michigan closed up losing thousands of employees.

    Please get your facts straight when you post.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    A neighbor of mine and their Nissan Sentra were not to happy when they lost their engine beyond repair at 115,000 miles. I could name more problems with Japanese cars than I can with American. When is the last time you saw a 20-year old Japanese car still on the road? Chevy's are known to last for ever and mine is 17-years old and very reliable.
  • I'm not looking to argue the benefits or downfalls of buying american made vs. american owned vehicles. That's a debate for another day. All I can tell you is my family and I have had several cars through the past couple decades, and the 2 most reliable by far have been the 2 Japanese models, Corolla and CR-V. The Ford Escort, Chevy Aveo and Ford Taurus that we had all died within 11 years or 120,000. We have a Corolla right now at 115,000 and has a Bluebook value $4000 higher than my Aveo at 42,000.

    I didn't cite any facts, so don't accuse me of not having facts straight. The above info is a fact, though. This is just my opinion. If this board has not convinced you that the Aveo is a clunker P.O.S. then heaven help you.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    They same can be said about the Corolla though I wouldn't call it junk. People come to the forums generally to vent their frustration and problems. Go over to the Toyota forum and you will also find those people over there. No different.

    An Escort or Taurus that doesn't go beyond 115,000 miles obviously was not maintained. I bet you don't treat your Japanese cars that way.
  • I have a 2004 Aveo and the paint is in near perfect condition except where people have hit the bumper or scratched it in the parking lot, etc.
  • 1john4101john410 Posts: 2
    well, I'v read this entire thread and I too have had this problem of the thermostat busting and I'll share my experiance of that. First I have to say after reading all of the storys of this problem I have felt some what fortunate that mine lasted about three and half times longer than anyone elses that I know of. My thermostate housing did not bust till I had 119,000 miles on the car. So to introduce you to my daewoo aveo..... It is an 2004 hatchback version with a manual transmission. I drive the dog out of this car. a typicle day is 95-120 miles. 5 days a week. I have had all the "standard aveo problems" which I'v gotta sounds like quite a few people on here absolutly freak out at ANYTHING going wrong with their car. I'v had the key lock fall in the door just like anyone who has owned one of these for more than 5 min....not a big deal. It took 1 hour to take the door cover off and fix it permenantly. Dont get me wrong I would rather have not done it at all but come on.....its an aveo, not a caddillac or mercedes. A few posters seem to think this low end car is supposed to hold up like 60k+ luxery ride. Also had the "slow start" at about 80,000 miles. fixed it with a new starter. No biggie. Three bolts, an hour of my time and a part that cost less than $100 and I was back on the road. Then I had the timeing belt changed at 76,000. It was a little latter than the manufacture recomended but still in time. most people wait till this breaks and it cost 4x as much to fix. if you do it when they suggest at about 60,000 it will cost you $300 and save you $900 in repairs. anyway. my thermostat housing broke and I did like most and called every part house to find it was a dealer item. I was not willing to pay $95 for a part that normally cost $10 or less for any other car. So I found one on for about $25 that came shipped to my house. changed it out and went back to the road. then my check engine light came on and the code was for "coolant temp below norm". My new thermostat was running about ten degreese cooler than the old one. at about 180, degreese. It ran fine for about three days then I was coming down the interstate and it started getting overheated. so I turned off the a/c and turned on the heat full blast to vent some heat off the engine and started pulling over to check it out. about that time the temp guage suddenly cooled down to normal. I was totaly confused now. so I took it to my trusted shop jsut to have them take a look at it sense these things apparently have aluminum heads I didnt want to risk blowing it. We'll see what the problem was tomarrow when I get the diagnosis.
  • satman73satman73 Posts: 1
    The same problem has happened to my wifes car twice. The dealer changed the part the first time for 160 dollars and just replaced it with the same plastic part this was at 38700 miles now at 76459 1459miles past the warranty the exact same thing has happened now they want 89.99 for the replacement part and two hours of labor at 100.00 an hour plus the gasket o-ring and replacement coolant, and by the way they are the only place that sells the part locally. I dont think that this is in any way a good deal and should not be treated as one. If you have had the same problem file a complaint with the about this problem. Seems this needs to be a recall for this car but more complaints are needed. I did find the part online at for 58.22 including shipping made from aluminum. Good luck to any one who purchased this car..
  • tomh4tomh4 Posts: 7
    Im just waiting for my T stat housing to break again, Ive had nothing but problems with this car from day 1!
    I took it home (brand new) with a bad CV, the ac stopped working a day after they put it in.
    Last week I had some sort of big expensive vaccume leak and the ac stopped workin again.
    Just for fun I looked up the blue book value, Its under $3000, Im still making payments on this car :(
    As I type this one is advertized just to the right and it says prices starting at $12625, as shown $16025 + tax title license dealer fee and optional equipment extra who in their right mind would pay well over $16k for a Aveo?
  • 1john4101john410 Posts: 2
    ok, so I am now coming back with a perfectly running aveo. I found out the mistake I made. When I replaced the plastic T-stat. I orderd the cheapest one I could find online from It was jsut a new T-stat that was plastic like the old one so It busted also. I had to go ahead and get the aluminum one from the dealer. Now cruising with 120,000 miles and running strong! I think I'v been fortunate with my aveo because I was not stupid and get a loan for it. These cars are so cheap their disposable. buy one for cash, one or two years old and when its worn out just throw it away and get another one. why in world would you pay payments on car you can buy for cash if you would just save your money for 3-6 months?
  • I'm new here and I think it is hilarious (in a very sarcastic sort of way) that I searched cost of a thermostat housing and found this site and the lead in line was "Chevy Aveo"......which is exactly what I was looking for the cost of. Mine is being replaced hopefully tomorrow by Firestone. The car was towed there on Saturday and......huge can only be purchased from a Chevy dealer. I shouldn't and am not surprised but I am disgusted that a car that was made to be "economical" has some of the most expensive parts in small car history.
    I"ve already had the engine replaced......on my dime.....becuase the timing belt broke at exactly 60k miles. GMAC wanted nothing to do with me or my car. I've had the serpentine belt replaced twice. The second time was less than six months from the first replacement.
    My husband has a saying that one should not buy the first generation of an item. He seems to be absolutey correct on this one
    I wouldn't purchase another vehicle from a GMAC-sponsored dealership if you offered me cash. Thier customer service is horrendous. And the company itself doesn't want to take responsibility for their cheap mistakes that are costing the rest of us needless repair costs.
    It's a real shame. I was so pleased and thankful to have purchased a "new" car as a hard working single mom who needed reliable transportation. It's turned into a growing nightmare. And I still have about 10 months left to frustrating!!!!
  • Yesterday, I went to McDonalds to get lunch for my 84 year old mom and 29 year old mentally challenged son. Figuring I would only be gone about 20 min, would not be a problem. However, as I pulled into McDonalds, there was smoke and steam all over the place! Got out of the car and looked under the hood. Low and behold, a crack in something that was connected to the engine, and the thermostat. Not actually knowing it was the housing, as I am not a mechanic, I walked into McDonalds, and asked one of the people if there was a mechanic place nearby. The dealership was about 1/2 mile up the road, but at the rate antifreeze was pouring out of my engine, I was not willing to attempt this. I walked around the corner and there was a tire place that did all other mechanical work. They gave me a price of 209. Just purchased this 06 Aveo Hatchback less than 6 weeks ago. Had it repaired and they told me my front headlight is also out. Hmmmm... I will get that and do it myself. However, the only reason the headlight is out is from all the antifreeze spurting out all over the place under the hood. Yes, the replacement part is now aluminum. Knowing that they screwed up and the replacement part is upgraded, should be a clue that this should have been a recall from the start and especially for the 2004-2006 vehicles. Good luck all. I am going out this morning and checking the oil and make sure there is no water in that as well.
  • Can anyone give me a ball park figure on repair from over heating. Like warped head etc.
  • pgwolfpgwolf Posts: 2
    i have a 2009 chevy aveo....three months after i bought it brand new the paint started chiping they fixed it then said eventually it will wear down again.. then 10 months later it is happening again.. they are refusing to paint it even though i am in warrenty... i hate my chevy aveo....hope they fix ur problem
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I am from GM Customer Service. Did the dealership say why they are refusing to do the paint job? Where is the paint chipping? Did they repaint the whole vehicle or just the section that was chipping? What is the VIN of the vehicle, and the current mileage? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • My step daughter called me out of the blue and told me her 04 AVEO has overheated, I went to check it out and sure enough that cheap plastic thermostat housing had warped or something because when we put more antifreeze in and she tried to start it, it would spray it out at the seem between the plastic (where the housing bolts up)and the aluminum head or intake whichever it is. So anyway I called AutoZone and they quoted me around $41 and change for a new plastic housing thermostat and o-ring gasket In my opinion Im glad it warped were it did instead of the head gasket ( less money and time spent). Im doing the job myself it shouldnt be to bad I hope,and thanks to that other persons Info on the aluminum housing that can be purchased I will check into that cause that would be an upgrade since I have to order these parts anyway no one in this part of NC has it in stock!! From what Ive read today on these threads dont go to a dealership unless you absolutly have to they will always rape you on cost!!! try to find some other mechanicly inclined person or shop you trust to do the work if you cant yourself. Good luck everyone God Bless
  • yehawyehaw Posts: 2
    my 2009 chevy aveo has the same problem but its because of the rocks and every thing else the front tires throw back and the way the body is it seems to catch every thing. get some factory splash guards that should stop it.
  • cindy54cindy54 Posts: 4
    edited May 2010
    I have a yellow 05 aveo. To be exact it's 5 different shades of yellow! And the clear coat is peeling. I have been told by a reputible body shop the paint is defintely bad. It needs to be repainted. Of course I was told the warranty was only 3 years at the dealer body shop. I bought it not quite 5 years ago, and it has under 50,000 miles. Going tomorrow to see if the service writer will ask GM to consider it. Also I thought I had the longer warranty. I've never had a service problem with it so I don't know for sure.
  • cindy54cindy54 Posts: 4
    Hi my post it below this one. Just curious though. I was told today at the deal body shop the warranty is only 3 years. My car's paint is a mess. Car is literally 5 different shades, not minor fading, huge differences!
  • cindy54cindy54 Posts: 4
    I posted earlier about my yellow 05 Aveo and the paint problems I am having. I bought it new in July 05 and it has under 50,000 miles on it. It has turned 5 different shades of yellow. Two of the doors are one shade, two another. The bumper is completely different. The fenders are completely different. The roof is another shade also, and I could probably understand this part because even though it gets washed and waxed properly the sun will take a toll. so I met with the head of the service dept at the dealer I bought it at and he agreed to forward pic & a message to "the GM rep" on Friday. I hear back today that the warranty is 3 yrs, 36,000 miles, so.... out of luck. I have seen posts on this board that the warranty on the finish is 5 yrs/100,000 miles. which is it? where is that GM rep that posted earlier???
  • I have a 2004 Chevrolet Aveo with 67,000 miles. While driving home from work today I smelled something burning and saw smoke coming from my hood. I then looked at my gauges to see the check engine light flashing and my temperature on high. I pulled over to the side and called my boyfriend. He popped the hood and discovered that the thermostat housing which is made out of plastic completely cracked in half. I had to have my car towed home. I'm now looking for a replacement part. I couldn't find any auto stores that have this part in stock. After looking at this forum, I think I will just go to the dealer tomorrow and purchase the aluminum version for $95. I also went onto and filed a complaint.

    I loved this car because it was cheap, but you definitely get what you pay for :sick:
  • pgwolfpgwolf Posts: 2
    thanks for the interest but i been screwed over by gm for almost a year and a half. i can't wait to pay of this p.o.s. and never buy a chev again.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello Pgwolf,
    You're welcome. If you change your mind please let me know. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • There is an AC Delco piece available for this aveo thermostat housing, it is the new aluminum style - not the plastic original one that keeps breaking. You can buy it online and it is a lot cheaper than at the dealer. The part number is 15-81580. I bought mine at and it was fairly easy to install. I comes with the housing, thermostat and gasket and is ready to go.
  • I have had a similar problem with my 2009 Aveo. After about 25,000 miles, all the paint on the bottom 1/2 of the door is chipped to the point that even after a nice wash, the car looks filthy. There is no shine or gloss at all. After seeing similar damage on other Aveo's, and hearing about the issues here, I am convinced there is a design flaw with the fenders. You can actually see that the tires are wider than the bottom of the fenders. Brilliant. I have a 2000 Subaru Outback with 187,000 miles that has paint in the same area in MUCH better shape, and (naturually) that car spends a ton of time on dirt roads. The Aveo stays on the pavement. I'll be interested to see what the dealership says when I bring it up.
  • mgobenmgoben Posts: 2
    I have 20,000 miles on my 2009 Aveo and I have already had to replace the two front tires because they were worn bald on one side only. When I took it to my mechanic, he said there was a problem with the upper strut mounts and that the car would continue to have that problem unless and until I had something done about how loose they were. So, I took it back to the dealer and they said there is nothing wrong with the car. The reason I went through two tire in less than 20,000 miles was because I didn't rotate and get an alignment every 10,000 miles. Are you serious? STAY AWAY FROM THIS CAR!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    If you are not satisfied with the diagnosis of the GM Dealer, I would recommend taking your vehicle to a different GM dealer for a second opinion.
    GM Customer Service
  • Hi kimbercore,

    Follow this link: let-Aveo/_/N-jmmi5Z8ii08?counter=0&itemIdentifier=177466_0_0_

    Autozone has it, but it is not the cheap plastic king, it is made from aluminum, a lot more durable. It happened to my wife's car as well and I replaced it, I suggest you use silicone and it comes with the thermostat in place. BTW, Autozone doesn't call it thermostat housing, it refers to the part asCompressor Works/Water Outlet. It took me like 15 to 20 minutes to replace, only two bolts, very easy to take off and house leading to the radiator. Once replaced, careful not to overtighten, you can break the bolt holes holding the part in place. Good luck!!!!!!
  • msbreezymsbreezy Posts: 2
    edited May 2011
    I have a Summer Yellow Aveo. As I read the other post with the same 5 different shades I felt sick.

    I have had my car for 3 years, and it has 39,000 miles. I have had the roof painted within the first year due to cracking. The local dealership was gracious to repaint the hood which looked like the clear coat just dissolved, and the fin which the clear coat when wet became soggy and peeled. Unfortunately my car is now 7 shades, as the dealership painted part of the fender on both sides, and up the strip by the wind shield. Talk about tacky!

    Is the paint under a 5 year/100,000 mile warranty? I love the mileage I get from the Banana, but when I finish paying this car off I am going back to Nissan.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I apologize paint is not included in the Powertrain Warranty. Can you please email me your VIN? I would like to look into this situation further. Have a great weekend!
    GM Customer Service
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