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Lincoln Owners: Meet the Members



  • luxiluxi Posts: 8
    Hi, guys.

    I'm a 33 years old electronics engineer in Southern California. I do not have long list of owned cars and long years of driving experiences like most of your guys here because I had never owned / driven a car before I came from China to this country in 1992. I'll catch up with you soon.

    1987 Mercury Capri ( Bought used in 1992, my first car. 4 speed manual, same as a Ford Mustang, now have 200k happy miles )

    1995 BMW 3 series ( My first new car. 5 speed manual. Loved it. Thought I would be a BMW person for the rest of my life. Attended lots of BMW events. )

    2000 Lincoln LS ( V-6, 5 speed manual. Just when I was shopping for a BMW 5 series, I saw this car, and got hooked. I guess most of the BMW owners think their cars are the best, without knowing what's happening outside their circle. )

    I went to the LS Mania on Jan. 6, but had to leave early to drive to Las Vegas to attend the International Consumer Electronics Show, thus missed the fun driving part.

    So glad to know you all.
  • eric_ls8eric_ls8 Posts: 7

    Names Eric and I am 31 year old engineer for a major hardware computer company located here in Boston, MA area.

    Just bought my first AMERICAN sports sedan, sold my '97 Audi A4 Quattro Turbo Sport, what a sweet ride that Audi was.... about a year ago bought a 1989 Ford SHO Taurus and actually liked its basic beginings of american competition over the Germans, found an arcticle from '89 and it being compared to the BMW M5.

    Well I upgraded the SHO to a Black/Charcoal Grey LS Sport V8. If I can swing it the SHO should be seeing the SCCA track sometime soon I hope.

    I want to modify my LS, anyone else who has done any mods. I am interested!

    My car list:

    70's Ford Maverick - I told myself after this car never a Ford product again.... until now...
    '79 VW Scirocco S - fell in love with the high reving engine and sports package
    '74 Triumph TR-6 - junker... but, boy the straigt six sounded good.
    '83 Honda Prelude - Should have kept this one....
    '88 Toyota 4Runner
    '92 Acura Integra LS Sport
    '94 VW Passat VR-6 Sedan - OWNED it 22 Days, totalled it on 128/95 Welcome to Boston!!
    '92 Nissan Maxima SE - Nice power too much weight in front end.
    '97 Audi A4 1.8T quattro - Started modifying car, Chipped it, lots of aftermarket crap!!!

    Own today:

    '89 Taurus SHO 5 speed w/ 16 50's rims and 1200 watt stereo system!
    '00 LS V8 Sport w/ ATS, Moonroof, heated seats!
    '69 VW Karmann Ghia - Pride and Joy, nothing beats a 48HP convertible crusier!
    '93 Ford F150 (wife's) - Tows the trailer
    '01 Ford Explorer Sport Trac (wife's)

    Hope to see you all online, its eric_ls8

    can reach me @
  • brunobusbrunobus Posts: 77

    My name is Bruno Busnardo and I bought my Black/Charcoal LS8 Sport about a year ago. I am 29 years old and run a petroleum service company in Denser.

    My previous cars have been few, but have all been good cars but one.

    1 - 1971 Pinto - I was 16 and this car just kept taking beating after beating without fail.

    2 - 1984 Renault Encore - Piece of S

    3 - 1989 Ford Escort - Great car. Never broke even once after having 100k on it.

    4 - 1995 Dodge Avenger - Totalled when a guy ran a red light doing about 55. Walked away without a scratch which prompted purchase of #5.

    5 - 1996 Dodge Avenger ES - Black/gray with 5 speed. Great handling car for the money and the first car I fell in love with. Sold it with 100k on it and it never had a problem. Got me from Denver to Venice Beach in 12 hours flat one time.

    6 - 2000 LS - Second love - Has the spirit of the Avenger with twice the power and better handling and ride. After 22k I still love it but am getting a little disappointed in the rattles and squeaks that are starting to show up. Never had one in the Avenger, which cost half the price of the LS when new.

    Wife has a 99 Ford Explorer which has been a good car. I think I may stick with Ford for a while (especially since Jaguar and Land Rover are now part of the mix). My dad always bought Fords(the Pinto and the Escort were his first) and has always been happy.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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  • seredmonseredmon Posts: 1
    I'm a former zcot (z club of texas) member that laid his Z to rest 6 months ago. It was not easy. I work for Ford and get a great discount on their cars. I never really cared much for them, til I saw the LS and took it for a test drive. WOW!

    It's a great first attempt at luxury, performance and style that competes well with Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes. Unlike my Z, it could use a little more horsepower. But I still get the looks and the compliments that I use to get for my Z. I'll rely on you guys to get more horsepower.

    Like to meet new members - Keep it clean!
  • kentskikentski Posts: 2
    I've recently acquired an '86 LSC MK VII, what a cruiser!!! Presently have 14 cars and a truck, including a 39 Ford coupe (street rod), 65 Dodge coronet convertible (have a hemi to put in it.) 5 corvairs (if you had one you know why) BMW 530i (I love repairing things.)Dodge colt (have owned for 26 won't die.)wife's explorer and lots of "projects". It only takes money !!!!
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Some of you will notice that your messages from yesterday no longer exist. There was a major hiccup in the system last evening. apologizes sincerely for the difficulties this situation poses. Please rest assured that every effort is being expended to rectify this matter as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.

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    My vehicle is better than yours because....

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  • msmac1msmac1 Posts: 1
    The Lincoln LS V6 Manual lacks adequate horsepower. I love the styling so when my lease runs out, I will get the V8. I am left in the dust by most other new cars and wonder why Ford put such an inadequate engine in such a nice car.

    I bought into the Motor Trend Car of the Year hype, not realizing that this car is pretty slow. Beautiful car but boring to drive.
  • I am considering on buying a 2001 lincoln ls special edition,limited to only 200 made for the year.If anyone has purchase this vehicle,I would like to know what you paid for same! Thanks,Nancy
  • ls1bmw0ls1bmw0 Posts: 782

    Someone must be giving you a line of hooey. There is no such thing as a 2001 Special Edition LS. What is this car supposed to have that makes it special?

  • Brian, Yes there is and already been to a dealer who has one. It is a fully loaded car that only come in black and is limited to only two hundred made for the year and is number on the inside on the dash. Is has ground effect spoiler all around with a speical grill and chrome dual exhust coming thru the spoiler that fitted. It is one sharp sporty looking car and really think I am going to purchase soon while the car is available and incentives are so good. This will be a collector car but that is not the reason for buying! I love the look! Thanks,Nancy
  • joe166joe166 Posts: 401
    I bet you a lot of money that this is a dealer or a group of dealers that is trying to figure out a way to part us from our hard earned money. If it is an official Ford product it MIGHT have some extra value. If it is a dealer installed package it will definitely diminish the value of your car. I have seen lots of Eldo "special edition" cars of various degrees of bad taste languishing in used car lots once the new car feel has faded. If you like it, great. Don't count on it being worth anything more than a garden variety LS even if it were a real special edition, which I think we would have heard about by now.
  • ls1bmw0ls1bmw0 Posts: 782
    I'll bet dollars to donuts that it is the 2001 Lincoln LSC Special Edition package from Pre-Delivery Services. It consists of a front spoiler, side skirts, rear fascia with dual exhaust cutouts, Borla exhaust system(optional) and a rear spoiler. It has special badging. It is only available through a Lincoln dealer and it is a dealer option.

    I just got the brochure from Pre-Delivery Services showing the car. Looks pretty good. I don't want to rain on your parade, since it is a nice looking option but just make sure the dealer isn't tacking on more than $2,500 for the option, because that's what it costs from Pre-Delivery Services. The numbered plaque is a nice touch but from what Pre-Delivery Services told me it isn't a limited production run. The dealerships in your region may have gotten together, as Joe said, to advertise this and decided to limit it to 200.

    If you get a chance please email a picture of the car to me at: and I can confirm if this is what it is.

  • When I was shopping for my LS back in March, Witt Lincoln/Merc of San Diego had one of these on display. I doubt it is a special edition, just looked like the dealer trying to differentiate the car and get more margin. And they were too, the sticker for it all was $44K, but it did have 20" rims too. The dealer I bought from had done something similar and tricked up an LS for their showroom too. It was stickered at $42K. Net, they were taking on those high margin dealer options waiting for the right buyers to get trapped. You can add this stuff after for a fraction of the cost.
  • My name is Jeff and I live in San Diego, born in LA and went to school in both San Luis Obispo for electronics and just finished my MBA at Univ of Phoenix. I am 31 and have worked for a major semiconductor firm since I graduated from SLO. I currently am a channel sales manager covering San Diego and other areas.

    I have not had a long list of cars, but here is mine none the less:
    1970 Datsun 210 (totalled it on the way to a high school party, good thing it was all steel like a cage)
    1980 Chevy Monza (great little 4 banger for getting back and forth from LA to SLO, but the piston rings were shot at 110Kmiles).
    1985 Nissan P/U (still got this one at 247Kmiles and it runs great).
    1986 Yamaha Fazer FXZ700, (still have this too with 47Kmiles on it).
    1979 Nissan 280ZX
    1995 Mazda B2300
    1996 Ford Taurus
    2001 Lincoln LS V8
    I got the V8 non-sport with moonroof, alpine audio with in-dash six disc, and high polished alum wheels. This is my favorite car of all. I used to valet cars in high school and have an oppty to drive all kinds and I think the LS compares quite well in styling and interior. And the performance suits me just fine, so I am content.

    I started reading Edmunds in January when researching new cars. I came across the LS in March and by the end of March, I was in one. I was not intending to purchase a car until the end of the year because I couldn't find something that excited me and I would have just bought another Taurus. Except, the LS excited me and the owners enthusiasm rubbed off on me to the point that I had to do it. Haven't looked back since and of course, my mother is happy to have my old 96 Taurus, which replaced her 1990 98 Oldsmobile.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095's events are horrendous, and we probably haven't heard the last of it. My prayers for the safety of you, your loved ones, and for us all.

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  • rgnmstrrgnmstr Posts: 226
    Name is Mike. I just purchased a 2002 LS Sport, V8, moonroof, all season package and communication package. I was going to buy a 98 MK VIII but decided to go the new car route with the financing that's currently available. I really wanted a 2 door but the LS 4 door looks better than most. Reason for buying the LS: It's a BMW on steriods. I liked the looks, handeling and the fact it's a V8 with rear wheel drive. I think the sports package should have included the appearance package that will be another option later this year.

    Previous cars owned:
    1948 Chevy - it was my first car and really old
    when I bought it. $75
    1952 Chevy - Once again really old when I bought
    it. $50
    1955 Chevy - The one I wanted in the first place.
    1960 Corvette - Wish I still had it.
    1965 Griffith - Worlds fastest accelerating
    production car. 0-60 3.8 seconds.
    Had lots of fun with this car.
    1970s - A couple of full sized Chevys and Fords
    that were my father's ex company cars.
    These were purchased so I wouldn't have to
    drive the Griffith every day.
    1978 Chevy Malibu - First new car. Bought to use
    in an outside sales job.
    1988 Chevy Caprice Wagon - 2nd new car. The
    family truckster. It's been to a lot of
    baseball and lacrose games. Still have
    it. 145K miles. 1 transmission.
    1992 Mercury Grand Marques - Bought used for my
    wife to drive. I've been driving 10
    different company cars for the past 20
    years. The LS is replacing the Grand
    Marq. which has 140K miles. Runs great.
    Wanna buy it?
  • rgnmstrrgnmstr Posts: 226
    My 2002 LS, V8, Sport came with Bridgestone Turamza EL 42 tires. These things sell for $185 and the previous Firestone Firehawks sell for $69. Are the Bridgestones that much better?
  • Don't know if they're that much better, but with the problems that Firestone is having, demand went way down while supply went way high, thus the discounted price. I think the Firestones originally sold for about $150.

  • rgnmstrrgnmstr Posts: 226
    My 2002 has the communication systen and part of that system is an onboard GPS. Does anyone know where the unit is located in the car and if it might have an output jack that I could use to feed a location signal to a laptop? Thanks.
  • Just a short note to introduce myself.

    I'm Pete Henry. I'm a System/Electrical/Software Engineer at a defense company in Pennsylvania. Bought a used 2001 LS V8 Sport from the Lincoln dealer in November 2001 (the original owner got swayed by 0% financing and traded this (leased) car in for a new V6 manual). Aside from some radio issues and a year's worth of gentle use no major problems with the car so far.

    So far good experience with the dealer (VERY good price negotiation), although the salesperson was very new at the job and not particularly knowledgeable. Dealer service is typically shabby (why do they try to charge you for complimentary scheduled service anyway?!?) but I plan to stick it out at least until the service runs out at 36K.

    Not many really interesting cars in my past history. Most notable a 1984 Mustang SVO (4 cyl turbo) bought new. Had to sell it as a precautionary measure after the son turned 15. You know how that goes...

    Current fleet:
    1990 Plymouth Voyager (past its prime, barely worth the cost of a new paint job, but a convenient everyday car & hauler when the seats are out)
    1993 Subaru Legacy (among the last of a breed - a 2WD Subaru)
    1994 Mazda Miata (bought used in 1997 after aforementioned son graduated from college - time to spend some money on ME).
    2001 LS V8 Sport

    The wife seems to have abandoned the Subaru in favor of the LS as a daily commuter...

    One other note - the son is now enjoying life as a Jaguar technician. The S-Type was one of the first Jags he didn't have disparaging comments about mechanically, and he vouches for the commonality between the S-Type and the LS.
  • How do you start a new thread ?
    Thanks in advance.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    I assume you mean a new forum? Click on the "Town Hall" link on this page and select the appropriate category (sedans, convertibles, etc.). There you will see a button to create a new discussion in that category.
  • chartrandchartrand Posts: 139
    My name is Ray and I'm a cowboy wannabee. I was born and lived most of my life in Montreal (home of snow and rust belt). I've lived in the DFW area of Texas since 93 and can I tell you I don't miss snow and rust!
    Although Rene Leblanc is older than I, I've owned older cars than him.
    My first car purchased as a basket case for $10 when I was 12 was a 1930 Marquette. Quite rare as they were only built the one year as a poor man's Buick.
    Next came a 35 Chevy pickup. Given to me if I could get it to run - which I did. Put a rod through the block as it consumed gallons of oil per day. Eventually stuffed a 332 Buick V8 into it.
    57 Ford Fairlane convertible next. 312 - 4BBL with 3 on the floor and Austin Healy bucket seats
    63 Pontiac Parisenne Custom Sport Convertible. 327 - 4bbl buckets, stick etc.
    66 Ford Galaxie 500 2 dr with 7 litre option. A pig but talk about torque - would melt the tires!
    69 Pontiac Beaumont (Canadian Chevelle)1st new car.Paid $3200 and
    ordered as a drag strip special. 350/350, 4spd, posi, police package etc. 165 K trouble free miles and 3 seasons of drag racing
    72 Mercury Montego - Boss 351 4 spd trac lock, police package etc. Big mistake. Compression down from 10.5:1 to 8.50. With standard steering and wide ovals it took 3 car lenghts to park. Clutch was a killer as well. Rusted out before my eyes.
    74 Grand Torino Elite. Pimp mobile but that style was in back then. Also rusted out in one winter.
    76 Olds Cutlass Supreme 2 dr. Extremely popular then. I owened 4 of them. 350 Olds engine was bullet proof.
    80 Chevy Malibu sports coupe. Bought from the neighbor as a winter driver wih a V6. In the spring I replaced it with a 350 and then 2 more of progressively higher horsepower. Rust set in and I couldn't keep windshields in her. The unit body with all the torque and lack of metal(rust) flexed the body and cracked them.
    82 Mustang coupe. 2.3 four banger was a dog but got decent gas mileage. Zero trunk space.
    88 Pontiac Bonneville. Was exciting to see someone try and spiff up the four door family sedan. 3.8 V6 is still used today by GM.
    93 Pontiac Transport. Family and pets to haul around. No justice. Now there'e no snow or rust and I own a plastic car!
    96 Olds 88 LSS. Excellent car. Had more features than my LS at a fraction of the price. Sorry to see it discontinued.
    2000 Lincoln LS. V8 non sport with every option but RESCU. Had wood kit installed, pin striped, gold kit (a Texas thing)and a cargo net.Talking to the Lincoln engineers my particular option combination no longer exits due to CAFE.Example full rear head rests and audiophile system, moon roof, chrome wheels etc.
    This is the first car I've owned that I feel confident in at 140 mph.
    Charter member of LLSOC.
  • I own a 2000 Lincoln LS (Sport Package) and have been experiencing problems with my power windows. If anyone else has experienced similar problems, I would appreciate your comments.

    The problem is that the regulator / motor that drives the power windows on three of my four windows have failed. The first failure was within the warranty period, so it was covered. The last two have costing me $300+ per.

    Have any of you experiences similar problems?
  • robbrixeyrobbrixey Posts: 1
    Here's how it works.
    1. You spend $38000 on a car and a Lincoln Commitment.
    2. The Power Window fails in the down position.
    3. The dealer and Lincoln won't pay.
    4. You "commit" to buy a Lexus.
  • Not much activity on this board, but I figure I'll chime in. Just purchased a 2001 LS V8. Autumn red with medium parchment interior, sport package, and pretty much every available option except RESCUE. Car only has 25K on it and appears to be a lease turn in. As for me, I'm 28 years old, single, college grad, working in the telecom sector. This is my first Ford product and thus far, I am impressed. Prerviously had owned mostly GM cars and my most recent(and also my first ever brand new car) was a 2001 Olds Intrigue that proved to be a real lemon. Traded it for the Lincoln. Here's hoping the Lincoln gives me better service.
  • You're right that there's not much activity over here. Anyway, since you jumped in I thought I'd add that I purchased a 2003 V8 Sport in late August. It's black on black (just like the one in the web site), only two options are a roof and rear park assist. Just the way I like it. Only other option I would like to have had is the HID headlamps. I had been driving a 97 Taurus for 6+ years and have been looking at new cars since last fall. I was very hot on the CTS, especially when the '04s came out with the higher hp motor and I also was very high on the LS. I looked at many other cars like IS300, Audi A4, VW Passat -W8, Acura TL, Maurauder and Volvo S60. I kept coming back to the LS ad the CTS. It came down to $$ when I went to buy because the CTS I wanted was the '04 w/ 1SC sport pckg and that stickered for $40+ but the dealer wasn't discounting much at all and there was only $1,000 of conquest cash. So w/ rebates and incentives on the '03 LS I got the V8 for a lot less and 0.0% financing. I love the look of the LS (especially the front end) so I just did it. I love the car so far.

    As for me, Im 37, doing the family thing hence the need for 4 doors, but I wanted something sporty and fast. I've had several Mustangs and Trans Ams in the past and have a love of the V8 engine and the sounds it produces. It was killing me to drive the Taurus for so long but my wife and I don't see eye to eye when it comes to cars. I think she likes this car but doesn't readily admit it. I got her an Expedition two years ago (with the 5.4 V8).

    What made you decide on the LS? I used to see your posts on the CTS board under your old name and you were hot on a used STS for a while.
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