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    Post often.
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    Love this board! Lots of great info...just bought my 03 LX and hope to share some great info with perspective and current owners of this cool minivan. I really can't wait to put some miles on this baby.
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    Premiering October 7!!!

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    My name is Dave and I bought my wife an 03 ES on December 12th. Not a Xmas present; the old Astro had 160K and just wasn't safe to drive anymore. My wife likes to sit up high when she drives but drives the van to work daily so smaller, more manuverable, and easily on gas were my reasons for choosing the MPV. Really wanted an LX but end of model shoppers can't always be choosy. Got an "Edmunds" good price on a Coastal Blue ES with 4-seasons pkg, GPX pkg, 6 disc CD, and power doors from Mazda of Knoxville. Have had a few hard 2-3 shifts, but seem to have quit after 1K miles. I'm currently researching this universal fix for Japanese cars called "hypergrounding" that some Infinity and Nissan owners are using.
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    Hello all:

    Proud new owners of a (used, obviously)2002 es that we bought today. The kids (4 years and 2 years) love sitting up high and that they can roll down windows (brr - high of 30 here today) and we love having space! The car has 55k miles on it but we are thrilled. Now when we have 6 people we don't have to take 2 cars! How's THAT for gas mileage???

    Glad to be a part of it all.

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    Haven't I seen some of your posts over in the mpvclub site. I have a question: does the tray between your front seats have one or two cup holders. Something I looked at last year before buying our new ES this year had two holders. I would like to opt up if its and easy diy.
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    I just ran out and checked the tray - one cup holder in there only - but we also have the cup holders that pop out from the "dash" area - under the cd player etc.
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    It must have been the Honda or Kia. I looked at so many mini's before we bought our MPV I just can't remember. If there's any optional accessory you didn't get on your van check a site called in Austin Texas. Really great prices on OEM parts and accessories. DH
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    They charge Shipping/Handling. If free shipping it's great price, it's not when you add on the shipping charges. It's about same as you buy from dealer next door. I can drive about 0.5 hour to NH, a state next door, for 'no sales tax'

    Also look at return item if it's damage or not fit, involving calls and wait for UPS pickup. I can drop back to where I bought in 0.5 hr.
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    Here in northeast Tennessee sales tax is 9.75%. Virgina and NC ain't much better weather permitting. $6 and 50 cents a pound UPS with no tax makes for a pretty good deal, but I'll keep looking for a better deal.
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    Welcome to the Mazda Mania Weekly Chat!

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    Greetings fellow Mazda MPV owners club members. Not much going on in here the last year or two. That's okay though...we are an exclusive club here. Only the finest need apply. ;)

    My name is Jim. I have a 2004 MPV LX which was bought July 1, 2004. The wife and I have been very happy with our cosmic sand MPV. It has around 10,000 miles. Have not had any problems (knock on wood). The MPV is a hidden gem in my opinion. It matches and surpasses the quality of higher rated vans, has a nicer looking interior and exterior than all others, and cost about 5k less than a comparable equipped van from one of those other manufacturers.

    The MPV has a nice comfortable ride. The 200 hp duratec engine does a good job.I do wish it had a little more low end torque....but it is a minivan and not a sports car. The perfect size for our family of 4. Much more versatile than the station wagon that we replaced it with.

    The future of the MPV is in doubt. But, many fine vehicles have been discontinued only to be brought back when more favorable market conditions arrive. With gasoline prices taking off the way they have. I can see Mazda bringing back a more fuel efficient MPV(same size, lighter...probably 170hp engine) With gas hitting $3.09 today...will need to get at least 24 mpg combinded city/highway)

    Well, good luck with your MPV's everyone... and happy trails! ;)
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    Hello, my wife and I are the proud owners of a 2002 MPV LX. It is in excellent condition and has just 44,500 miles on it. The family that owned it originally was fanatical about its upkeep. The alloys look like they are brand-new, as does the interior. The paint is in great shape except for a couple of small dings (Dent Wizard, here we come!) and light scratches that my trusty paint crayons have already taken care of. My wife loves having a van again after 2 years without one. I always liked the MPV after it got the 200 hp motor and the 5-speed automatic, but went with more economical alternatives in the past few years. But at the price we paid, $10,950 plus T&L, I felt it was time to jump on it. I hope to get about 5 years on it (got a 5-year bumper-to-bumper zero deductible warranty), and at that point we'll have just one child left at home and should be done with minivans.

    I'll post some pics when I get a chance. It's Midnight Blue, a color I would normally not go for because it shows dirt and salt spray, but it's sharp-looking in the sunlight and the van was too good a deal to pass up just because of the color. I'm going to pick up new mats for it on Friday. Somehow the mats got "lost" :confuse: from the time the original owner traded it in to the time I bought it.
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    Congrats...again...Backy. I think dealerships conviently "lose" floor mats to make the vehicle being sold look cleaner. The last car(preowned)I bought didn't come with floormats either. They had been "lost". ;)
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    Two questions actually, first every now and than I get a strong smell of fertilizer coming from the blowers, odd but distinct. Next just got back from camping trip, I have the ES with a towing package and only tow a pop-up @1900lbs, while attempting to go up MT Nebo to the state park the van simply stopped going. Thank goodness for helpful people but a bit worrysome.
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    Time again for our weekly gathering of enthusiasts! Maybe we should make tonight a costume chat! :P

    The Mazda Club Chat is on tonight. The chat room opens at 8:45PM ET Hope to see YOU there! Check out the schedule
  • jipsterjipster Member Posts: 6,232 HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! BWAHH HAA HA!

    I'll be dressed as something really scary... an Edmunds host! BWAHH HAA HAA HA!! :P
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    Ew. :blush:

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