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2012 - 2013 Toyota Avalon



  • nceencee Posts: 419
    And while some of what he said might be true with the lacrosse, there is no (or so I've been told) - difference between the 2 models (those that use 17" and those that use 18" rims), so as swapping would cause any problems.

  • The Lexus ES has been said to have two different rides with Bridgestones vs Michelins. Also use lower pressure in the tires.

    Try a ride-biased touring tire, or a smaller wheel size. Getting a smaller tire with more sidewall ALWAYS improves ride quality. Not sometimes. ;)
  • Great end of year deal on a 2012. Figured that it is a car that is loaded with every option offered and even though it may look boring, it is comfortable, as I spend a lot of time on the road. Couldn't get that deal on a 2013 and I had rented one of these this summer and really liked it. Add the 0% interest and Toyota care and I feel like I got a great deal.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Get the 2012 - A great car.

    Hell, I wish I had mine back (instead of this 2013 LTD I got). Unless of course the 17" rims/tires really make that much difference.

  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Hi folks. Not sure if anyone out there is looking for a set of the new avalon 18" rims/tires, but I'd love to swap for a set of the 17" units.

    I'll be traveling from Maine to Florida sometime in the next month. I typically travel - from Maine to Florida: 95 to 495 to 90 to 84 to 81 to 77 to 95 into Clearwater, FL. IF there is bad weather I stay on 95.

    So, anyone interested in trading (I'll kick in a bit of money if need be).

  • douglas1douglas1 Posts: 130
    Took a test drive in an Avalon Premium the other day. Was very impressed with the ride and feel of the car. It felt heavier than my 2011 Limited but in a good way, just more substantial. I took it on the freeway where I get a lot of 'float' in my 2011 and there was none with the 2013. Also like the way it felt in corners.

    If I can get a good deal I think I'll order a Touring in Champagne Mica with Black interior. Checked out a Premium in Champagne Mica at another dealership and it was gorgeous outside but had the Almond interior which I do not like.
  • The Qi charging system wont be arriving in vehicles with the tech package until april/may, according to Gulf States Toyota. They start rolling off the line in march, and the distribution takes a few weeks. It should be available as a dealer installed option for those of you who have taken delivery or ordered yours before then.

  • tweakertweaker Posts: 30
    How about an update from those of you that have purchased the 2013?
  • Does any one know if a new 2012 Avalon is still available anywhere? I would need basic XL-no sunroof and no leather seats and preferably a light color. Not possible to find in my NY area but I am willing to travel to find this if available somewhere. Thanks
  • Mine arrives in about two weeks and it will not have the Qi wireless charger, much to my disappointment. As cited before by someone else, the owner's manual now has the charger listed as an option separate from the Tech package. Still no definitive word from my dealer if it can be retro fitted by the dealer.
  • Skip,

    So, you already dumped the 2013. When the dust settles, please let us know how you feel about going back to the previous generation.

    Also,to previous post

    IRA toyota has 2012s in Ma. and NH.

    Also, to a previous post. I have had many corporate lease cars. I have always maintained my personal cars better than corp. lease cars. The lease car gets parked outdoors. My owned car gets the garage. the lease car got dings in parking lots. The personal car was parked where it didn't get dinged.The leased car 7 oil changes per 50,000 miles per year. The personal car 2 oil changes per 10,000. per year. I will buy a low mileage one owner car any day over a 100,000 mile leased car, even with the price difference if they are the same model and age.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Tough answer, as to how I feel.

    I feel like Toyota let me and others like me, who were hoping for, expecting a Luxury model Avalon, and that's not what they produced.

    I had traded a 2011 Avalon LTD in for the 2013, and so, yes, in the end, I should have keep my 2011, as there isn't much difference between the 2011 and 2012 I now have.

    I didn't like having to go backwards to get what I was hoping the 2013 was going to be:(

    I'm sure for all the reasons I didn't like the 2013, I will love the 2012 more. But I will miss many things about the 2013.

    - The great looks
    - The fit, finish and trim
    - The tech package and it's features
    - The great looking rear end (love those tailpipes)

    I won't miss

    - The size or lack thereof
    - The road noise (which is likely less with 17" tires)
    - The harsher ride (again maybe only an issue with 18" tires)
    - The smaller back seat
    - The smaller front seat area
    - The smaller spare tire
    - The smaller trunk opening
    - The lack of reclining seats
    - The fact I was going to have to get a New Cell phone to be able to use Bluetooth?

    Now some of these weren't deal breakers, but just some other things I didn't like or wish Toyota hadn't got rid of or changed. But hey, that's just me:)

  • lntlnt Posts: 192
    I saw a a2013 at the dealership today. Beautiful car - inside and out. The first thing I did was sit in the driver's seat. As bad as I hate my 05 LTD seats, I don't think these were much better. VERY firm and I could still feel a lump in the bottom center cushion. Sat in a 2013 Honda, which I heard had better seats than previous Hondas, and they were very firm, too! What ever happened to nice soft comfy seats?!!! Also, was shocked at price! My 05 was $34,500. Now - $45,000! Guess I'll wait until one of you puts yours up for sale in a couple of years. I can't remember who it was, but someone posted that they went from the Avalon to a Volvo S80 for seat comfort. Just wondering how that person likes their Volvo now? Any problems? I'm a little leary of Volvos reliability-especially having my Avalon for 8 years with ZERO problems!
  • douglas1douglas1 Posts: 130
    Seriously doubt your numbers Int. MSRP for 2013 Limited is $40,445 and that has substantially more equipment than your 2005 Limited. I had a 2005 Limited too before I got my 2011 Limited. MSRP on my 2005 Limited, without Navigation was $35,428. Add $2000 for Navigation and the best Limited in 2005 would be $37,428 compared to $40,445. That's well less than 10% over 8 years. Not bad in my book.
  • jeffm5jeffm5 Posts: 123
    I traded my 05 Avalon LTD for a loaded Volvo S60. The front seat comfort in the S60 is fantastic, although I thought it was good in the Avalon. Of course, the S60 is much smaller than the 05 Avalon and the ride is firmer. I have close to 6,000 miles on the S60 and the only problem I have so far relates to the remote, which I'm sure will be covered under warranty.

    I was also very reluctant to leave my trouble free Toyotas (I've had 3) for any European car. However, Volvo covers all repairs and maintenance, except for tires, for 5 yrs. or 50,000 miles, so I made the move. No regrets.
  • lntlnt Posts: 192
    My dealer wanted $45 - almost $46K!
  • lntlnt Posts: 192
    I was looking at the S80 Volvo. I think it should be roomy enough in the backseat. Yes, I was just looking at the warranty! That's great. Now, if I just didn't have to go into Dallas or Fort Worth for maintenance.
  • douglas1douglas1 Posts: 130
    edited January 2013
    Go to another dealer. Toyota is not responsible for 'additional dealer markup' prices and probably discourages that behavior. It's also the mark of an unscrupulous dealer in my opinion.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Hi. Skip here. Maybe I should have gone that route:)

    I got my 2013 Avalon, and loved it in many ways, just not all the ways that I wanted, so I traded it in on a 2012?

  • liaisonliaison Posts: 49
    I was wondering what others thought of the seats on the 2012 Limited for long drives. Occasionally I drive to Atlanta (5+ hrs) and Ark (10+). A lot of the posts talk about the leather seats on the Avalon not being as comfy as earlier editions. Would like feedback from owners.
  • jeffm5jeffm5 Posts: 123
    Hi Skip,
    I've been following your journey here. So sorry the 2013 didn't work out for you, as I know you were so anticipating its arrival. So was I. I just couldn't get past that grill. I'm sure you'll have many good years in your 2012.
  • douglas1douglas1 Posts: 130
    Seat comfort is very subjective, that being said I have never really liked Avalon seats, have had 3 now 2001, 2005 and now 2011. I prefer having firmer seats with side bolsters like the 2013 Avalon. I take many trips in the 3 to 4 hour range and have never felt uncomfortable or had a sore butt.
  • there somewhat comfortable.nothing compared to a ls460 or a me 2012 camry seats are a tad more comfortable than the 2012 avalons
  • marv15marv15 Posts: 32
    Since I agree with you, after test driving it, I traded my Avalon 11 in for the 2012 and will keep it for a long time since i didn't enjoy the way the 2013 was redesigned interior wise. The styling outside is nice, but I so enjoy the cushy ride of the 11 or 12. Upon a second inspection I found the leather to feel much harder then my 12.
  • lntlnt Posts: 192
    I don't think they changed the seats any from 2005 thru 2012 because I have sat in them every year to see if they changed. It's the cooling fan in the Limited that feels like sitting on a bowling ball to me. I don't have much padding on my bottom, so I guess I'm extra sensitive to it. Doesn't bother me around in town but after about 30 minutes on the road, I can really feel it!
  • That's what the firmer seat means. Younger buyers. Not looking for retirees, or people who want to sit and drive like them anyway.

    Generally, older customers want softer seats, and a softer ride. Younger buyers want a taut ride, with more supportive seats.

    This ain't your father's Avalon anymore. You can always go Buick LaCrosse. Toyota will gladly trade older buyers for younger ones. Toyota is thinking long-term with their product portfolio. Younger buyers buy more cars over time than older ones.

    It's just business. Nothing personal.

    The vast majority of reviewers are very impressed with the sportier Avalon. The whole industry is going firmer and sportier.

    Gotta get with the times, people! The World is passing you by! The price of progress...... ;)
  • jeffm5jeffm5 Posts: 123
    I think you may be right in saying Toyota is looking for a younger buyer. Could they also be pushing older Avalon shoppers to the Lexus line? Did anyone here go from an Avy to a Lexus? I'd be interested in hearing from you.
  • douglas1douglas1 Posts: 130
    I think you are right empoweredbc. Growing up my idea of a luxury car was my father's 64 Buick Electra and that thing floated like a feather even though it weighted well over 2 tons. My 2011 Avalon floats a little too at times and even though I love the car, also had 2001 and 2005 Avalon, I do like the ride, handling and seats in the 2013. The seats seem a bit hard at first, I do like the side bolsters and after a short time in the 2013 I didn't notice the seats being hard at all.

    Change is good.
  • havent gone yet but next month i will.picking up a 2013 es350
  • jeffm5jeffm5 Posts: 123
    Great! Let us know what you think
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