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2012 - 2013 Toyota Avalon



  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 366
    I would have to agree with nvbanker and ncee, the exception being the MDX.

  • I have owned two Avalons, most recently a 2011. Both great cars. I was excited about the 2013 until I saw the front grill(s). Every other side of the car is very nice. I test drove the '13 LTD and I liked the ride, which I found to be just slightly firmer than my '11. I liked the interior too, although the angles of the dash might take a little getting used to. I noticed that the interior seemed a little less spacious than the '11, but I believe that this is mostly an illusion created by the roof line and the aforementioned dash. As I recall, the vital dimensions (leg and head room) are not significantly different from the old model.

    Were it not for the front end, I'd be driving the new Avalon right now. Instead, I got a new ES350 for a few more $ per month. I judge its ride to be just slightly firmer than the new Avalon and perhaps a little more agile in cornering. It does feel smaller inside, due to the width of the center console. On the other hand, the Avalon's radio sounded better and was certainly easier to operate than the one in the Lexus (you have to go to a seriously high trim level in order to get the premium radio).

    Another reason that I went with the ES is that I believe that the Toyota Mothership knows what it wants that model to be -- entry-level luxury, whereas they are searching for an identity for the Avalon. My concern was that, because the Lexus division already exists as their luxury brand, the only other direction they can go with the Avalon is to make it more sporty. I've already been through that when Nissan took away my Infiniti I30 /I35 in order to concentrate on making the G series into street racers and the M series into God knows what.
    At my age, I enjoy comfort more than sporty.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    Interesting you mention the M series Infinity and your impression... We test drove one some time ago, pure luxury. But I have never driven a luxury car that rode as absolutely stiff as the M. We gave up after 5 minutes on a major street, the rough ride was not what we expected. Our Honda at the time was more comfortable over bumps. Premium car, terrible ride.... maybe the latest model is better?
  • fin,

    I had the exact same experience with the Infiniti M's rough ride, plus I noticed that the gearing was all for acceleration. Even in the top gear, it was turning about 800 rpm higher at 65 mph than similar cars. I can't recall whether it was FWD, RWD, or AWD, but the width of the transmission hump and console made the front seat claustrophobic. That was six years ago (when I switched to Avalons), so I have no idea what the current M is like. I don't see many Ms on the road, but the G series sells very well. Net-net, in terms of total cars sold, it was probably a good move on Nissan's part to ditch the I series, but I felt like they abandoned me.
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,659
    ditch the I series

    The Maxima moved upmarket and pretty much negated the need for a FWD (Maxima based) Infiniti model. I looked at the I when I got my 03 Avalon. It was a nice car, but the Avalon rode better.

    2017 Buick Enclave / 2017 Hyundai Elantra

  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Nissan took away my Infiniti I30 /I35 in order to concentrate on making the G series into street racers and the M series into God knows what.

    Man, you got THAT right!
  • I've not used the sun shade, other than to see it work. I'll have to look through it while driving. Since we don't carry children (ours are grown, but we are just 50) I don't expect to use it much.
  • luckyme1luckyme1 Posts: 29
    edited February 2013
    My wife now has the 2013 Avalon Ltd. V-6 , and I am driving a 2013 Ltd. Hybrid. The cars ride exactly the same, look the same, except color and badges, just my car will use 35% less fuel, and is not quite as spirited in acceleration. Although the Toyota hybrid powerplant in these cars is quite spirited, indeed.

    Coming from a 2012 Camry Hybrid, the Avalon Hybrid seems a true step up in luxury. The ride is so hushed at highway speeds, and under all electric operation, it is almost silent. By the way, just like the Camry, you can drive the Avalon at up to 50 MPH in all electric mode, albeit you have to really be easy on the accelerator. You can monitor your power by the tach like gauge, at which there is a point noted that the engine engages. I think there was something in a publication stating all electric up to 20 MPH, but it is 50.

    Overall, I am very impressed with the ride quality, fit, finish, and quality of materials in the Avalons. We have had a 1996 and a 2006 Avalon, and they were fine cars as well, but they were a bit too cushy for our taste. This new design is a hit, and will draw in a younger buyer, sorry for those that want the softer ride, but most vehicles seem to be tightening up the ride and handling charictaristics. Todays Cadillac is nothing like the ones from our past, and the Avalon has taken a more sporty, yet classy and compliant direction.

    I've now purchased 4 Toyota Hybrids for business and personal use, and these vehicles have been flawless. One of the Prius' has over 200K on it, and other than the 10K oil changes and tires, it has never needed a nickel in service. Even has the original brakes. Even though I don't keep a car more than a couple years, I like the confidence that what I am driving is fresh, dependable, and very easy to resale. The Avalon should fit our needs well.
  • i am getting that seriously high trim level in get the nuluxe seat or cooled leather seat package?
  • geo123geo123 Posts: 33
    Is there an on/off switch for the sun shade? Or does it go up and down every time you use the car? I believe I would only want to use it on special occasions. I think of the sun shade as just something else to break. Would appreciate your input.
  • there is a on and off button
  • I got something called a Luxury Package which includes "perforated leather-trimmed interior, heated & cooled front seats." The option I like the most is the heated steering wheel which I really missed on the Avalon. Only those of us living where it gets cold in the winter can appreciate that happiness is not a warm puppy, but rather a toasty seat and steering wheel. :)
  • nice.what color interior you get?
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    On long trips, my passengers REALLY like the sun shade. It keeps it cooler in back, and makes it easier to relax and sleep not getting beat on by the sun.


    PS Beware, IF the car is sitting any length of time, and it gets REAL hot - the rear shade should go up automatically, which is a blessing for when you do get in the car.
  • geo123geo123 Posts: 33
    Thanks, for the input. We get a lot sun down here so I can see where it will be of use especially in the summer. Glad to know it has an on/off switch. Most of the cars that I have considered have this feature. Skip, thought about you during the snow. Told my wife that I thought you were getting plenty of snow. Hope you are making it OK.

    I appreciate your input and others to the forum. Makes for great info.
  • douglas1douglas1 Posts: 130
    Where do you insert the CD on the Limited Audio system. No Limited in my area to go sit in and cannot see the CD slot in the interior pictures. Is it a 1 CD system compared to the 6 CD system on my 2011 Limited.

    How does the Limited Audio system compare to 2011 or 2012 Audio systems? My 2011 Limited has 12 speakers and 660 W while the 2013 has 11 speakers and 495 W

  • Hi Douglas,

    There is a button (up arrow...same as most cars) to the right of the Nav screen. When you press it, the NAV screen opens up and tilts down allowing access to the discs. The notice on the player says to only insert one disc at a time, so I assume you can put more than one in there, but have not tried it yet. Press the button again, and the NAV screen repositions itself.

    You know, with the AM/FM, XM Radio, Bluetooth streaming from your phone, I don't think I will every need any CD's. There are 36 pre-set buttons and you can mix am, fm, and xm all right next to each other.
  • Douglas, I forgot to mention the '13 Avalon Limited has the best sound system of any vehicle I've ever been in. I can't comment on the comparison between it and the 2011.
  • douglas1douglas1 Posts: 130
    Thanks trespinosranch, from what I read you can also play music, or books I guess too, from a flash disk. Just copy a few songs or books from your computer onto a flash disk and plug it in. That sounds very cool, even for an old guy like me.

    Seriously considering the Limited now instead of the Touring.
  • Hi Douglas,

    I wouldn't recommend this car to anyone. It has the worst ride of any vehicle on the road...test drive it and you will see. I've driven trucks with better rides. I will be getting another car in a year (or sooner)....maybe the new model Acura RLX (that's what I'm thinking of at this point).

    Everything else about it is 10 stars, just not the ride.
  • Hi Lucky,

    I actually notice the distortion through the rear back glass (through rearview mirror) when the sun shade is not in use). Check it out!
  • Hi Skip,

    A few weeks ago after eating lunch I got in my Avalon and noticed the sun shade was up (which I did not do) and I thought I had a problem. After reading your post of the shade activating automatically, I check the manual and it makes no mention of that. But I will assume you are correct, as mine did exactly that.
  • You can raise and lower the sunshade with a switch. You can partially raise it as well, just like a power window.
  • I love the car but my wife is having a hard time with how low the passenger seat sits. That side does not have the power up and down on that side. Is there a way to adjust it?
  • In my '13 Avalon Limited I can not partially raise the sun shade. When you press the button the shade goes up. If you press the button when it is going up, it goes back down.

    And I can't see myself driving with the shade partially up anyway. Doesn't that defeat the purpose?
  • The seats are gray, everything else is black. Exterior is silver.
  • robnichrobnich Posts: 13
    edited February 2013
    I interpret this to mean you should not put more than one CD or DVD in, period. I don't think it is a CD changer and I wouldn't recommend trying to put more than one in.

    >> The notice on the player says to only insert one disc at a time, so I assume you can put more than one in there, but have not tried it yet.<<
  • You are right Rob. I interpreted it to mean not to try and put two discs in (one on top of the other) at the same time.

    But, I just checked and it will only hold one CD.
  • After it was pointed out, I do notice a bit of distortion in the rear window glass. Based on other vehicles that have the rear window defrosters build in, I believe this if normal. I only glance from the rear view mirror to check traffic, so I've never really paid any attention to distortion. I believe it is normal in the rear glass.
  • CR just released its initial review (full review to come later), and praises the interior of the '13 Avalon Limited as being Lexus like, but describes the ride as choppy & abrupt. I couldn't agree more.
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