2012 - 2013 Toyota Avalon

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I just had lunch with my local Toyota dealer who said "Man the new Avalon is simply stunning". "the one they showed was a very pretty Red with creme and walnut interior". "I think it looks most like the new Jaguar, but only a little, in the sense of looking like another car".

He went on to say, he thought it was the biggest change in any toyota in many, many years, and that if this is what the Avalon is going to look like, then he couldn't image what the new LS 510 was going to look like.

He also said that it WAS a car, and not a model, and that he would order one like the one he saw - for me, as he knew I'd likely want one:)

He didn't think there would be any or many photo's of it, for 6-8 months or so. They could take any electronic gear into the meeting when the saw the car:(



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    Toyota fell asleep at the wheel and while they were snoozing they let the Buick LaCrosse and Hyundai Genesis set the new benchmark for the upscale premium sedan market.
    As a former Avalon owner who now owns a Buick LaCrosse CXS it would have to take a homerun for me to return to the land of Toyota blandness
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    You are just the person I want to talk to.

    I had an 06 Avalon... Loved It.

    Got an 09 Genesis.... hated the ride, sold it to a dealer and got out of the lease (with no damage to my wallet thankfully.)

    Now completely undecided, want to know your thoughts on the LaCrosse. How does it compare to the Avalon mainly in the ride. Does it ride pillow soft and isolated like the Avalon? It also doesn't appear as roomy as the Avalon.

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    All reports indicate that the Buick line, especially the Lacross, is terribly underpowered. In order to get power comparable to the Avalon, you must upgrade lacross to the largest engine size available. Then, of course, you will suffer terribly in the MPG game. Stick with the Avalon, Lacross is terribly underpowered.
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    Buick LaCrosse One Year, 8000 miles and loving it

    I wrote this review one year ago when I was at 1000 miles and so far everything has changed for the better, except my overall MPG that has fallen from 19 to 18.10 mpg. Thanks GM and Buick for an extremely satisfying year.

    One Month, 1000 miles and Loving it by bwia Aug 20, 2010 (8:21 am)

    What can I say. After one month and 1000 miles [8000 miles now] of mixed driving my 2011 CXS has met and exceeded my expectations. Coming from a flawless Avalon I was looking for a car with similar characteristics: smooth, quiet, a great sound system, premium quality leather stitched together with excellent fit and finish and highway driving free of road noise.

    The CXS delivered on all of these except for cabin road noise, which is a little louder than expected for my tastes, on rough highway patches and bridge expansion joints. By comparison, my Avalon XLS was a little more quiet in terms of road noise but the opposite was true for wind noise. Perhaps the 19” inch wheels and Good Year RSA tires on the CXS might explain the cabin noise. However, on LaCrosse models with the 17” and 18” wheels the cabin road noise is more hushed than in the Avalon. So there is a tradeoff between 19” wheel aesthetics and decibel levels.

    So far I have no issues, knock on wood. The car has been flawless and fast. With the 3.6V, 280-hp engine, performance is abundant and immediate. The manual calls for regular gas but I use Shell premium. Buick will boost performance to 303-hp for model year 2012 while retaining the same MPG numbers.

    I am having a ball with all these technology features: The Xenon headlights are blindingly bright and it has brought confidence back to my night driving again. I would advice all future owners to get the Xenon because it is a small price to pay for such an improvement in night vision. Other important options I believe a buyer should consider are: Blind Side Zone Alert System, Back-up Camera, Heads-up Display and the touring package with adaptive suspension. Rear visibility is not a strong suite of the LaCrosse so the Back-up Camera is a real safety enhancement.

    Two things I care strongly about are the navigation and stereo systems. The navigation system works great but the map is not as detailed as my Magellan portable device. But it is certainly much better than in the Avalon. The Lacrosse’s nav works independently or in conjunction with OnStar and with the eNav feature you can download directions from MapQuest and Google maps directly to your car. Still, XM traffic is great and is well worth the extra $3.99 monthly fee.

    The sound system is very good but the bass sounds a little muffled (much better now), certainly not as clear as the JBL in the Avalon. I don’t have an iPod (yet?--still don't) so I have not yet used that feature but recording my CDs directly to the hard drive make a CD changer look primitive by comparison.

    On the road the car gives me pleasure as I drive each mile. The ride is firmer than the Avalon but not as taut as in the Genesis. I believe GM got it just right, plush but not floatty, firm but not hard. The handling is crisp, the car soaks out road bumps, and the adaptive suspension really does work. The adaptive suspension can best be explained as walking barefoot on gravel. You feel every pebble under your foot so you adjust your walking accordingly. I am averaging about 18.10 MPG overall, down from 19 mpg one year ago, because I do a lot of stop and go driving as well as I left the engine running idle on a couple of occasions for well over two hours. True story, the engine is so quiet that sometimes I forget to shut it off.

    Final verdict: The CXS is an alluring, upscale and great car! I like the looks of the 19” wheels but I hate the ride on rough roads. (Update: After break-in the ride has become very quiet and handling is superb especially in Sport Mode)

    tjc78, I hope this helps.
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    Sounds like a good vehicle. The only major differences I see are the mileage figures (bad), interior room (especially the rear seats), and rear visibility.

    I looked at one, but just could not give up the Avalon's 30 MPG on the road and the extra room, no matter how bland some folks think the styling is.
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    Thanks, Bwia. I am going to test drive one soon.

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    Yes, in fact it will likely be a 2013 as they aren't announcing until the fall of 2012.

    This I knew and should have better stated it É sorry.

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    Saw a new Avalon last night and it is a stunning car...a little large for what we're looking for but it looked beautiful in the white color. At first, I thought it was a jaguar from the rear until my kid was able to read the name of the car from the chrome strip on the trunk. Very nice looking ride! Hopefully, this style will trickle down to the new Corolla...something similar to what Hyundai has done with the Sonata, Elantra & the Accent...that I'd be very interested in for the wife!

    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

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    Nice, but words aren't what I'm looking to see:)

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    It's nice, but that looks a lot like a Nissan badge on front?

    - http://cars4fast.net/2013-toyota-avalon/2013-toyota-avalon-1-2/#comment-3653

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    That is a Nissan badge, because that picture was used for a Maxima concept a good while ago.

    Click Here

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    1) soft material inside
    2) optional seat memory
    3) HID option
    4) better leather quality
    5) 2nd row glass roof :)

    Most important = better looking
    Avalon always being viewed as BORING and Yes, I have to agree after owning 2 Avalon Limited. The inside is good, very comfortable (for me) but I still found hard plastic on the dash side.

    I just hope the new one (if Toyota plans to keep this line) will have the same back seat space as the current model. One reason we buy the Avalon is the near flat floor on the 2nd row, makes it easy to get in and out. Someone can actually use the middle seat :)
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    Hey Guys-

    Check out the Toyota web site (http://www.toyota.com/upcoming-vehicles/avalon/)! A really COOL/futuristic design with all the tech bells and whistles. AND, it reportedly will be coming out in a HYBRID version soon after the non-hybrid version. They will sell like hotcakes! Reportedly, will be available at dealers Fall of 2012.

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    This article gives pics of the new Avalon, and says deliveries start this summer.


    Looks good to me!
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    I have a 2005 Limited that's been a great car. I'm ready to update, but I'm very disappointed in the looks of the 2013 Avy. That lower grill ruins what looks like an otherwise good looking car. I know many others may like that look, but it reminds me of a wide mouth bass. I'll be hanging onto my '05 awhile longer while I shop around. Maybe the look will grow on me.

    One of today's articles that I saw said that the rear seats no longer recline and still don't fold down. But, the trunk is larger.
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    It is great to finally see pictures of the 2013 Avalon, but is the front of the car UGLY !! The rest of it looks good, but I will bet that rear seat headroom is less. I have owned 3 avalons (03,06 and just bought a 2011 at a considerable discount). After seeing the pictures, I am so glad I bought the 2011. It is better than my 2006 which I loved, but it was starting to cost (tires,water pump,brakes and no where near as tight as the new 2011. I love the 2011 !! The dashboard glare can be annoying ,but unless the real thing looks better than the pictures, I will hold on to my supposed fuddy duddy looking 2011.
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    While the "new" 2013 Avalon is perhaps new in appearance, it may be similar to the current model in many ways. But if this car is really all new...and it looks good to me except maybe the grille is a little bold.... then it might be best to wait for a second year edition to get the minor flaws worked out. The current generation got better as time passed, except for the headlight issue. There are dozens of posts in this forum and others warning about first editions of any new model.

    Now, if this is a "gotta have" in your garage, I agree, you write the check, you get the car. For me, I wait a while, see how much is new, how much is retained from the current model. The larger trunk is a great, backseat big enough, .....very tempting....... :)
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    While I do like some elements of the front grill design, I agree it's a bit over the top---looks too much like the grill of the Hyundai Hybrid Sonata. I had hoped the design team in Ann Arbor would have come up with a better front end design closer to the front of the Tesla Model S Sedan ( http://www.teslamotors.com/models/gallery) which has a much better look with more graceful lines/appearance. However, since many of you all seem to not like the front end/grill appearance, keep up the chatter so Toyota will perhaps listen and modify the design to one that is more acceptable to more folks, as the final design may not yet be etched in stone. The new Avalon will probably not begin production for 1-3 months.

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    This big mouth bass approach surely will turn off a lot of owners thinking of upgrading.


    Still the best looking Toyota

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    I truly hope the 2013 Avalon does NOT have that hideous front design. The upper part looks like a hump whale with a Camry grill slapped on; the lower grille is ....well just plain UGLY.
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    Well if it looks as nice in person as it does in pictures, I'll keep my 2013 Dark Blue LTD one on order, and be real happy when I get it.

    - Quieter?
    - Low Noise Glass / Wipers?
    - Much Classier inside and out - IMO
    - Although it's only a bit smaller - not liking that (Yet)
    - AWD?
    - ??? $?
    - Fuel economy
    - Quieter and smother ride

    Rear seems to have more control, over the heat / air, that could be nice.

    Trunk doesn't look like it will be easy to get big things in and out of?

    Some of the above could sway me one way or the other.

    If I didn't have 3 business meeting here Saturday, I was all set to drive to NY, and check it out in person. Now I'll have to wait like everyone else until it hit's the dealers showroom floor.

    Now it's just a waiting game to see reviews from the industry to see what they have to say, that's if the reviews come in before we get to check it out in person. And reviews on cars are pretty much like reviews on just about everything else - nice guidelines for things to look out for, but by no means the final reason to buy or not buy anything.


    I will say, after checking out all the colors, the Cypress Pearl looks kind of nice, rich, interesting?
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    Ok, so what would you like changed and what do you hope the 2013 Avalon has or keeps from previous models?


    - Rear Window Shade
    - Smooth and quiet run (BUT is even BETTER)
    - Reasonable pricing

    Has or are options:

    - Rear Window Shade (it looks like it does have one)
    - AWD
    - Rear Window Passenger Shades
    - Redesigned Grill (maybe 20% smaller)
    - GPS that can be used while driving (maybe a button on passengers side, for them)
    - GPS that can be up-dated by owners via email / internet
    - GPS you can up-load routes to (love this feature on my Garmin)
    - A bit better fit & finish. Mines nice, but not great, and the paint seems to scratch to easy.
    - Door Handle Scratch Guards. (Clear Poly is fine with me)
    - Left-hand side coin tray (great for tools and self service car washes)

    Has or is changed from what we see so far:

    - Smaller Grill (20% smaller would be nice)
    - Larger Trunk Opening
    - A Fancy "A" Logo for all the marking on the car (Instead of the "T" symbol).

    Entune? If you have to be stopped to use it?
    Entune? If you have to have a "Smart Phone" to get the most out of it?
    Entune? If it's a pay for service, how much for what?

    I travel a fair amount, and IF the traffic part of Entunes works and is accurate, I'll like it.
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    -Excellent current ride, quietness, reliability and fuel efficiency
    -Large interior space

    -More leg room for driver (more aft travel of driver's seat; there is plenty of space behind it)
    -More extension/further reach of telescopic steering wheel
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    Looks good but as others have mentioned that grill is out of character. Perhaps Toyota is smitten by the Audi and Chrysler 300 huge grill fettish but I'm not impressed.

    Still don't like the dash and console. It looks dated and staid even before it hits the showroom but I can live with it. Infotainment/telematics is now common in the cheapest of autos so I'm hoping that Toyota will give us something that is intuitive and easy to use. Basically voice activation for all basic functions.

    When it comes to price I am hoping that the top of the line should list for around $38K with navigation and the base model at $34K.
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    Here is an excerpt "And speaking of faces: is that a gigantic chrome egg-crate- textured, horizontal water-melon hanging out of the front of the “all new, emotional” Toyota Avalon? Yet another “all new” Toyota face, another brand striving for consistent visual identity?

    “Faces” on cars do matter, folks! And not that many car companies understand that."
    http://www.forbes.com/sites/boblutz/2012/04/11/how-designers-put-a-face-on-cars/- 2/

    This is the part of the new design I can't warm up to, it's overdone. I might stay with my 2011 Avalon.
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    The Detroit Free Press reports that the Japanese automaker told dealers at the National Automobile Dealers Association meeting in Las Vegas, NV recently that the next generation Avalon will get better fuel economy than the Fiat 500. Or, so this thing says:

    http://www.autoblog.com/2012/02/08/next-toyota-avalon-to-best-fiat-500s-fuel-eco- nomy/

    The big lower grill on the new design is getting a lot of criticism. I hope it looks better in person. It makes me think of Audis, which isn't bad.
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    I don't mind a couple of dings on my front bumper, but now there is none. Also, if in NJ, where do you put the front license plate, unless they did away with it. Make the grill a little smaller, move it up to take the place of where the Toyota insignia is, and center it (replacing the smaller grill opening) between the head lights where the narrow smaller opening now is. Then you have an overall winner, and a car with a bumper returned (slightly ahead of the grill so if touched by another car, in parking, the bumper is touched first, not the grill) and a place to hang a plate. Just my humble thoughts. Other then that, this sounds like the best Avalon to date. If they do this, I'm a buyer. I hope they see the light and make the change. That seems to be the major complaint from all I've been reading, hopefully they read it too. As it is, I won't buy it, it's not practical. They didn't think it through. When they got rid of the old real chrome steel bumpers, to plastic that was one thing, but to get rid of a bumper in the front is nuts. Good luck to all.
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    There will be three trim models offered in 2013:

    Standard - basic Avalon with many standard features
    Limited - same as above with a Nav system added
    Largemouth Bass - the Limited with a different grille, this is the model we have seen on display.

    Hope this helps everyone..... :)
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    fin, what is the source of your information and what does the front grill look like for the standard and limited?
  • ushy66ushy66 Member Posts: 366

    Didn't you see that new Avy trim option in the latest issue of Field and Stream?

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    The 2013 Toyota Avalon will be cheaper than the 2013 Lincoln MKS, have more features, get better mileage and probably be roomier. These cars should sell very well. I am hoping Toyota makes a hybrid powered version as well.
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    The sound deadening Glass, The Smoother Ride, the Quieter Ride at Highway Speeds, are all reasons I've told my dealer to get one for me - PLEASE:)

    - Better MPG than the Fiat 500 - or so they say

    Now my first choice is / was the Dark Blue, but I'm kind'of liken that Cypress Pearl the more I look at it:). And who I'm I kidding, the Red is pretty nice too.

    The grill isn't an issue at all from this angle.

    - http://www.toyota.com/upcoming-vehicles/avalon/img/color-selector/poster-cypress- -pearl.jpg

    And I'd still love to see a very classy "A" for the grill and rear badges.

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    I just noticed the Dark Blue color option, is no longer up on the Toyota web site:(

    I also noticed a new video on the page. It shows the tray with an iPhone and you and raise the flap to see under it:)

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    Damn I was hoping for something new by now. Damn this is worsts then waiting for the birth of your 10th child:)

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    I was just on a trip and realized one thing I'd love to have on the GPS (that I don't think it has), and that it, the ability to say or enter "Take me to route "X". This way if you get off the beaten path and could get back on with greater ease.

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    We have a new 2012 Avalon delivered last week. It is a Limited with a GPS system which is an improvement on the 2010 we turned in Yesterday we tried to put a CD in the system with the button marked CD Where is the slot to put the CD in???? This is an issue because we like books on discs especially for long trips. Any suggestions The car came from Syracuse and so we never saw the window sticker to see if it has a cd player
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    If it's like mine, push the button the say's CD, and it opens up to install 4 CD's.

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    Has Toyota not revealed the powertrain specs 'cause they ain't decided yet?
  • nceencee Member Posts: 419
    My local dealer said they haven't announced anything yet, because there are some changes to the model shown at the expo's?

  • nceencee Member Posts: 419
    I've noticed that Toyota adds new items to explore on the 2013 Avalon web site:)

    The most recent that I saw was the addition of the heater video.

    Not sure if I'm liking Entune? I'm thinking I'll stick with a nice radio and sirius for now. Anyone else starting to question and worry about how much of our lives our phones are playing É scary [non-permissible content removed] folks

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    Dear Mr. Lalemand,

    Thank you for contacting Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

    We appreciate your continued interest in the redesigned 2013 Avalon.

    At this time, Toyota has not announced full details for this updated model and there is no timetable for a full reveal of the next-generation Avalon's colors and options. However, we can advise that first deliveries of the new Avalon are tentatively scheduled to begin in late November. The actual release date may vary depending on your location and on Toyota's production schedule.

    Regarding press reviews of the new Avalon, Toyota typically holds ride and drive events for the media in the months directly prior to a new model launch. It would be reasonable to begin expecting reports to come out in or around November. Again, we apologize that no specific dates have been made public at this time.

    We are certainly glad to hear of your enthusiasm for the redesigned Avalon, and we at Toyota headquarters are very excited about this new model as well. We hope that it will surpass your expectations in every way when it arrives this Fall. If you have not done so already, we recommend subscribing to receive email notifications from Toyota when additional information becomes available using the form at http://www.toyota.com/upcoming-vehicles/avalon/receive-updates.html.

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    I loved my 03 and 06 Avalons and was highly looking forward to this new generation, however, with that awful front I'd have to strike it off my list. It completely ruins an otherwise really nice looking car.


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    To each his own. For my the grill (which may be a bit different on the final version) is growing on me enough to purchase one. I figure, I can't see the grill while I'm driving, and if the others features and upgrades are half as good as they say they are / will be, I'm going for it!

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    Anyone else catch the lack of a reclining level on the back seats?

    - http://blogs.cars.com/kickingtires/2012/04/2013-toyota-avalon-photo-gallery.html-

    ***And also that Car & Driver is expecting the Avalon to have a bigger engine (293? option) to compete with the Hyundai.

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    Boy the more I look at the steering wheel, the more I like the 2012 version.

    In my opinion the 2012 looks much more high end. This one, looks Mazda 626 or a bit sporty for a luxury car.

    I'm sure that's the hard part about designing cars. trying to make it appeal to young and old alike.

    But if it's suppose to be a luxury car, make it a luxury car and don't worry about the age of the buyer.

    It IS a very nice cross between the ages, and should work fine, I'd just like to see it retain it's luxury feel and look.

    - Keep the nice steering wheel
    - KEEP the reclining rear seats
    - Offer it in shades of tan / brown interior

    Hard to know what else I'd like to see or see changed until it comes out and I drive it for a few months. Which is why the next model may be a bit different.

    My guess is the LS 460 (or whatever the next model will be called), won't have a steering wheel like this.

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