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Hyundai Elantra Real World MPG 2012



  • On my trip a few weeks ago I got 38-40 on the highway at 60-65 mph. I had a half tank of gas, was the only person in the car, and the winds were calm.

    This past weekend on the highway with 3 peeps in the car, full tank, and windy as heck, I got 31 mpg.

    We're averaging 27 mpg cause the non highway driving kills the average and so do passengers. Best overall tank average I think was 29.5.
  • With a 30% city 70% highway and I get 40.1 MPG explain that
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,909
    Easy. You are to the far right of "average" on the curve. There will be some drivers out there. Just as there will be drivers on the far left of the curve.
  • Hi. I am not sure what your driving habbits are, or what city you live in. If you are in heavy traffic, Stop and go.. I can see that you will get about or less than the 29 MPG's. I am getting 31.4 MPG's and i have just reached 1274 Miles, I am doing city and Hwy driving, I live in a Desert and Mountain terrain, so there is really no flat roads. its up and down, Please read my reviews. I will be updating
    regerly on the MPG's. But keep in mind.. It's UP TO 29 MPG's and UP TO 40 MPG's. Calculate your MPG's your self. Divide the miles gone by the Gallons you have filled up. If you live close to sea level. I would think one would get great
    MPG's. I live 5000 Feet above Sea level, and that is at the lowest point of the city. I hope you have better luck in getting better MPG's.. :)
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 298
    edited February 2012
    70% Highway @ 44MPG + 30% "City" @ 33MPG = Average 40 MPG
    Better than average highway is easier to attain with lower speed.
    Better than average "city" dependent on amount of stop & go - you must have very little stop and go. We have freeways in our city and we live fairly close so our "average" benefits greatly. Milk delivery man would get minimum. Capice?
  • g2iowag2iowa Posts: 123
    Think it interesting that Wall Street Journal's weekly auto columnist has been having about a question a week recently tied to FE. In today's issue Mr Walsh writes, "the [EPA] bases its fuel economy ratings for vehicles on 100% gasoline. Drivers using the typical 10% ethanol blend should expect a decrease of 3% to 4% in [FE]." If he is right about EPA testing, in worse case a 4% reduction would turn EPA 29/40 sticker into 28/38 with ethanol. Just one more factor to keep in mind in the real world of FE. Fortunately, in my part of the midwest I can buy 87 oct regular unleaded (non-ethanol) in addition to 89/90 oct ethanol and 91 oct premium unleaded (non-ethanol).
  • eweinereweiner Posts: 36
    edited February 2012

    If you have highways in the city then its not city driving. You math is also estimated not actual. EPA values are generally wrong for most drivers.

    You're getting high mileage because you're driving ALL highway. The Elantra's city MPG is not good and worse than the EPA estimates most of the time.

    On an earlier thread you asked how we might explain your 40 MPG. Well:

    You are driving near 100% highway.

    Is your measurement at the pump or via the average MPG reading?

    I can get 40 on the highway, on a warm day. But my at the pump MPG is far less because the local driving KILLS any gains on the highway.

    For those who are consistently below 25 at the pump MPG...go to your dealer and have your car checked. There is something wrong.
  • I'm just saying the disparity between these cars is a combination in-between bad driving habits or computer glitches with the cars, how else could I see such a great increase in my MPG over the same route and same driving habits ( my car wouldn't start and died three times before it started up and ran perfect) . I drive very eco friendly, acceleration slow and shifting between 2000-3000 ripped and setting the cruise once I achieve my optimal speed. There is a problem however if you are only getting 30-33 in all highway driving like how I was before the reflash, I have accumulated quite a few miles since then and will refill after a highway trip tomorrow and share my MPG.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,909
    edited March 2012
    I'm just saying the disparity between these cars is a combination in-between bad driving habits or computer glitches with the cars...

    Sorry, I don't agree. I think a lot of the disparity in what different drivers get for FE has to do with where and when they drive, and conditions including weather, traffic, number of stops, amount of idling etc. They could be careful drivers (easy on the gas etc.) and have no problems with the car, and still not get the "EPA average" because of where and when they drive. I've seen this myself. For example, if I am driving in nice weather and can avoid heavy traffic, I can easily meet or beat the EPA city rating. And on the highway, if it's clear sailing and the speed limit is 70 or less, same thing. But with lots of short trips and/or very cold weather and/or stop/go traffic, I would be hard pressed to hit the city EPA rating. Yesterday I was on a freeway for 2 hours, in the middle of a terrible ice/snow storm, crawling along at 5-10 mph a lot of the time. I didn't get near the EPA "highway" rating even though I was on the highway all the time.

    But I do think Hyundai ought to package that reflash for other vehicles and sell it on the open market--they'd make a zillion bucks. :)
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 298
    backy: Agree with your comments that the biggest FE factor is the driver and the conditions - not the car.
    Flashing the transmission/computer control is a TSB that requires lots of testing and discussion prior to be implemented. The original programming is driven by many factors and once the code is burned in chnages are only made when needed due to bad code or something obvious.
    Definately works when the problem is real and not driver or conditions induced per your prior comments.
    How was your car in the ice and snow? Regular tires or low profile?
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 298
    weiner: Math seems pretty good to me. Try a hypothetical 100 mile trip with 70 miles at 44 and 30 miles at 33 MPG. Total fuel of 2.5 gallons for 100 mile trip = 40 MPG.
    Point of some limited access "freeways" to some, is that any of those miles add to MPG and the milkman route detracts.
    I have never posted 40 MPG.
    As backy has posted, the most impact on MPG is from driver and conditions, not the vehicle. Surely there are bad computers and engine management systems but it seems logical that there are more bad drivers and unfriendly FE situations than bad computers - maybe not. Good luck with the math.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,909
    Regular tires, fortunately with some sidewall to them because this was a "washboard" type road rutted with ice. Fortunately, within a few hours the warmish weather and road salt had done its job and the highways were livable again.
  • I purchased the Elantra in January 2012. I have to say that the mpg that I am getting is good, for the driving that I do. I drive fwy and city. Twice I have achieved 31.4 MPG's. Using the Eco. The computer was about 2 MPG's higher.
    This tank of gas I am on now, I turned off the Eco, and driving more city. I am trying to see if I can get the least MPG's out of this car. From reading some of the reviews, I see that some people are getting less than 25 MPG's. I live in new mexico. The city I live in is not flat, from west to east. North to south is not flat either. Except in the valley north to south. The lowest point of the city is 5000
    Feet above sea level. I live at 5270 feet, and i drive past the lowest point, and go up to about 5330 feet. Driving around the city, it is up and down constantly.
    Read my review's, I will be updating on the MPG's. One thing to keep in mind,
    The manufactures say ( UP TO 29 and 40 MPG'S ). The key word, UP TO. Everybody has different driving habbits. The terrain is also different. Back to what I am trying to do. I will update on the MPG'S to see what I get by driving harder, more city driving, and with Eco off. I am less close to empty on this tank.
    I am seeing less MPG'S So far. I believe that I am getting about 27/28 MPG's. The computer is showing 30.5 avg. so I have not dropped in MPG that much.
    But will see when I do the actual calculation. So far I am pleased with the Elantra. It handles very good. It's very comfortable. By the way, I have the limited with everything, that means it is the heaviest car of all the models.
  • Ok, I now have 1,565 miles on my Elantra. The last two tanks, I got 31.4 MPG's. This last tank I
    said that i will trun off the Eco and drive more city. I have. And I drove harder, And yes the MPG's
    did drop.. I got 28.1 MPG's from this tank. traveled 292.3 miles, and used 10.4 gallons of fuel. The computer Avg was 30.6. Again, the computer is about 2 MPG's high.. My goal on this tank was to see how I can get the lowest MPG's, Perhaps I could have done worse.. But that was still better from the very first day I drove the car off the lot, using that tank full.
    Here is what I have been logging since I bought the car.. I hope this helps..
    I Calculate the MPG'S MY self. That way I can get a true and consistant MPG reading..
    This day on March 8th. I filled up with 86 Octane. I want to see if there will be a difference in the MPG's, from useing 88 Octane.
    that is real world MPG's.. I will UpDate again... :)
    divide miles & Gallons filled = Avg MPG'S 292.3 @ 10.4 = 28.1 MPG'S
    Date             Avg comp:   Miles per tank:    Gal filled:   Cal, Act Avg:   Cost:
    Jan: 24th   <27/29?     274                   ? full           24/(27)          free
    Feb: 1st.           32            308.5                 9.9           30                   $30.90
    Feb: 9th           33.1          336.2                10.3           31.4                $33.78
    Feb:18th.         33.6          323.9                10.7           31.4                $35.85  Feb: 28th       30.6         292.3                10.3         28.1               $36.70
    Mar: 8th                                             10.4         86oct $37.26
  • g2iowag2iowa Posts: 123
    With odo now at 2,352 miles driven in past 4 1/2 months of ownership, went 227.9 miles on 7.740 gals of regular (non-ethanol) unleaded. Came out to 29.44 mpg actual. Computer calculated 31.8 mpg; continues to read about 2-3 mpg high. Avg'd only 27 mph for this tank. Was about 65% city and 35% highway. ECO on entire time. Temps mostly in the 30s-40s.
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    There is a problem in calculating mpg over so low a number of miles. Two weeks ago I got gas after about 227 miles (records are at my office so this is approx) and my calculated mpg was about 20 or 21. Today I stopped at the same station and pump after 230.4 miles and took 12.97 gallons which calculates to 17.76 mpg. (This is a 6 cyl, '05 Sonata rated at 19/27). My driving pattern was essentially the same and the weather was warmer in the past 2 weeks than in the prior 2 weeks. I think what happened is that the pump clicked off early last time (I always stop pumping when it clicks off). If I add the miles driven in the last month and the gallons used and then calculate the mpg, that should produce a more accurate average MPG. 1/2 gal low last time and 1/2 gal high today would produce a 1.5 mpg difference. You'll get a much more accurate reading of your average mpg if you calculate it after 1,000 miles.
  • g2iowag2iowa Posts: 123
    If you look back over the posts, thinking I've posted the results for every tank since the late Oct '11 purchase. I try to use the exact same station & pump and type of gas (non-ethanol) and I try to est. the city/hwy breakdown. I also try to post the avg. mph and weather data, and anything else that might influence the tank results. Yes, I'd like to go till the tank was nearly on fumes before refilling, but in the real world, esp. here in midwest winters I don't let her go below half a tank. I go 2/3rds or so in summer. Only time I go below 3/4s is on long interstate trips. And I could re-average all the tanks up till now if I wanted to, but due to variability in fuels and weather, makes more sense to me to track by tankfuls and look for any anomolies.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,175
    Why not report both. Total miles/total gals. would provide a "real world" avg over different temps etc. Compare that to the EPA estimated avg mpg. I usually avg my mpg over 4-5 tanks in the winter and in the summer just to make sure nothing has significantly changed for some reason. They are usually about 2mpg different(winter being lower of course). My summer avg is usually about EPA avg or one better. Winter is the same but maybe one lower. I measure hwy mpg only on long trips just to see how it compares with the EPA estimate and it is usually 2-3 mpg better than the EPA hwy number. This is the way it's been on my present three vehicles and for several others in the past.
  • secorsecor Posts: 11
    I just bought a 2012 Elantra limited last Friday. Too soon to make any judgements on the fuel economy. In reading the maintenance manual I see a recommendation of adding a fuel system cleaner at recommended oil changes. I asked the dealership service manager about this recommendation and his response was that the ethanol is not as clean burning as 100% gas which is the reason for the recommendation. He also said adding the cleaner is like chicken soup, "it can't hurt". At about $15.00/16 oz bottle at the dealership, I think I'll purchase my own Chevron Techtron additive and do it myself. I would like to hear David's (Hyundai Tech) thoughts on the additive.

    I recently traded in a 2008 Sante Fe GLS AWD which I liked very much but wanted a vehicle with better gas mileage. Am going through some buyers remorse now as I liked the size of the Sante Fe much better and it felt like a safer vehicle due to it's weight and size. Also like driving higher up so I can see a bit more. I don't drive very much and it will take me years to recoup my "out of pocket" money I spent to purchase the new vehicle with my trade in. Oh well, live and learn!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,909
    Maybe you should have waited a few months for the Elantra GT (hatchback)--would have been closer to your Santa Fe in utility.
  • gman4911gman4911 Posts: 43
    FYI, the brands of top tier gas that the owner's manual is referring to can be found at But that doesn't mean brands not listed aren't top tier quality - they just haven't paid to have their gas certified.

    As far as Chevron Techron, yeah, $15 for 16 oz bottle is a bit steep. The 20 oz bottles are on sale for $6.50 at Advanced Auto Parts thru Mar 28.
  • My first full tank off the lot, brand new 35 miles on it, I got about 25 MPG's too. That was expected for the first tank to get poor MPG's. It got better each tank full. I got an AVG of 31.4 MPG's twice. that is with the eco on, and 88 oct.
    you have to let that engine get some miles on it... Yes and Yes, it has to loosen up, Brake in.. period. I am coming up on 2000 miles, this last tank. I AVG 30.7
    MPG's. It dropped just over one gallon, since the 31.4 MPG'S that I was getting. The last tank I AVG 28.1. On that tank, I turned the Eco off. I did more
    city driving, and i drove harder. I was trying to get less that 25 MPG's. Did not get there. Give the car some time to improve on the MPG's..
  • Ok, this is another update.
    This tank, I AVG out 30.7 MPG's, using 86oct. I did not see any difference form using the 88oct.
    This time was very interesting. I spent about 45 minutes in stop, and not so go traffic. The fwy was shut down more that 6 hours. So i had to seek out a different route. It took another 40 plus minutes to get to my destination, when I did find a route to use. In stop and go traffic, I was watching the computer MPG's, it did not drop below 26 MPG's, all that time.. I thought that was pretty amazing, compared to what other's have been saying, Less than 25 MPG's. Note: over and hour it took me to get to my destination. It would normally take me, 20 minutes. Then another 30 plus minute driving home. Longer route.
    So all in all, I should be AVG over 30 Mpg's. Just about in any situation. MPG's are getting better,
    and fwy driving is getting better. I think that is why i ended up with the 30.7 MPG'S overall... I also think i would have gotten better MPG'S if i did not have over an hour of stop and go.. I can see if others are not getting over the 30 MPG's in that type of situation. Stop and go traffic. But i would think overall they can maintain at least or close to 30 MPG's.
    Last Note: I will be using 86oct in this tank.. And i will do another update to see what the increase on the MPG's will be.. So far so good :)
  • eweinereweiner Posts: 36
    $4 at Pepboys
  • drew11mdrew11m Posts: 85
    After 18300 miles with my Elantra Limited, I averaged overall 30.3mpg, with about 70/30 highway/city mix. I think anyone averaging 30-32 overall is about the norm. City mileage really seems to eat up the overall mpg's. You will notice the trip computer is always 1-2mpg over than the actual.

    I ended up trading mine in for a 12 Jetta diesel premium, Wanted a little more engine and better mpg, but overall the Elantra was a nice little car. I had overhigh expectations for mpg though.
  • g2iowag2iowa Posts: 123
    I wonder if too many people aren't overestimating their highway miles and underestimating their city, esp. stop-and-go traffic? A key is to look at your average MPH for each tank. When I started doing that I noticed that my city driving was a higher percentage than I'd have thought, probably due to stop signs and lights. I don't think I've had but one or two tanks where I've averaged over 30 MPH for the tank. When the average MPH are low, means you're spending a high percentage of your time in 1-4 gears of the AT. Absolute best mileage is in 5-6 (overdrive) gears in the 35-55 MPH range.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,909
    edited March 2012
    Yes, there's a direct correlation between average speed and mpg. I saw this demonstrated again today when I filled up both of my cars, my 2010 Sentra and my wife's 2007 Sonata. My average speed on the Sentra was 34 mph and my fuel economy on the tank was 34.8 mpg... which is just above the EPA highway rating of 34 even though a lot of those miles were city/suburban driving. On the Sonata, the average speed was only 15 mph, and the FE was only 18.8 mpg... below the city EPA rating for the car. My wife does a lot of short in-town trips, and sits with the car idling a lot (e.g. waiting for our daughter to come out of school).

    I recommend everyone who has an average speed on the trip computer (which the Elantra has) writes that down when they calculate their FE for each tank. Then be sure to reset the average speed when the FE meter is reset.

  • gman4911gman4911 Posts: 43
    edited March 2012
    Yeah, I think the folks who aren't getting good numbers are probably driving more rush hour type driving than they realize and/or not driving as efficiently as they think they are.

    I work from home so I don't get to drive in rush hour traffic like many people. I bought my car a couple weeks ago and I'm still on my first tank of gas. So far, on 200 miles driven, maybe 5% is at 55 MPH. The computer is reporting 30.2 MPG with an average speed of 17 MPH. So I'm doing better than the EPA City rating and it still haven't leveled out yet. :)

    Anyone who wants to get better numbers should read the tips in this thread. They work for me.
  • g2iowag2iowa Posts: 123
    My computer has nearly always been a couple MPG too high when I compare it to actual gallons of fuel I pump. Seems like that holds true for a lot of people here. So if your computer is showing 30.2 mpg you might be closer to 28 mpg.
  • ronnomadronnomad Posts: 11
    New to this board and trying to see what other owners are experiencing.

    Got our 2012 Elantra Limited in June. So far, just under 8,000 miles. Was unsatisfied with mileage at onset but was assured by dealer (sales & service reps) that economy would improve as engine was 'broken' in. Not sure how long this is supposed to take but I would think that after 7,500 miles and two oil changes economy should be closer to what was advertised.

    To date overall MPG is 29.84. Best single trip MPG 33.6 (280 mile round trip from Mesa, AZ to Tucson this past weekend). Experienced same MPG during trip from Las Vegas to Mesa (about the same distance as Tucson round trip) and trip ended with about 5,700 miles. On trip from Vegas, computer said average speed 65MPH. On Tuscon trip computer said 51MPH. Logic says that on lower average speed mileage should be higher.

    Regardless, overall fuel economy (but particularly highway economy) is not where I expected.
    Expected range on highway (using best MPG to date) is only 487 miles to empty. If I use the estimate on the window sticker it should be closer to 580. And, frankly, based on my ratio of highway to street travel driven, I expected the overall MPG to be closer to 35.

    I agree with some of the other posts that the computer calculation of MPG is off (I have seen it off by up to 8%) and, it is off in both directions.

    Although not accurate, I probably would appreciate an 'instant' MPG read. There was one on a 2011 Sonata I rented last year (in which I calculate I averaged 35+ MPG on a round trip from St. Louis, MO. to Memphis, TN) and it was this trip that led me to purchase the Hyundai. To be honest, one of the factors that led to the Elantra was the leap of faith that if the Sonata got that kind of MPG, the Elantra should be as good or better.

    So, in first looking at this forum, I spotted indications that some owners have received some update to their vehicle's computer(?) that has dramatically increased MPG. Is this true and is there more info available?

    Oh, one last point, the car is ALWAYS in ECON mode.
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