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Hyundai Elantra Real World MPG 2012



  • g2iowag2iowa Posts: 123
    Good post. Since people have such high expectations regarding their FE, it is often hard to tell if people have legitimate complaints or not. Thus it is critical that details be provided when discussing real world FE. Critical facts like how long have you owned the car, its mileage, type of driving done, real speeds driven, real amount of stop-and-go traffic driven, type fuel used, whether you are really trying to eco-mile (higher tire pressures, coasting to stoplights, etc.), etc. Seems like there are some posting here who expect to get 40 mpg driving 75 mph or higher on freeway; that ain't gonna happen! Or who expect 29 mpg driving in heavy city traffic with lots of stop lights/signs; that ain't gonna happen. Or those who have a lead foot and want to accelerate quickly all the time. People have to be realistic about what their car can do FE-wise, esp. in winter and with ethanol. And be honest about how they are driving (e.g., avg mph).
  • Ahhh, back from Chicago again tonight and it feels good to be home. You might think this should be posted in the Toyota Camry threads so bear with me.

    My last trip to Chicago (from Dubuque, Iowa) in January was in a Hyundai Elantra GLS (6-sp auto) and I averaged just under 35 mpg for the trip. 380 miles total which were mixed at about 90% Hwy and 10% City driving. I averaged around 68 mph on the Hwy.

    This trip was on the same route with a bit less city driving in a Toyota Camry LE (6-sp auto) and I totaled 360 miles. My driving style was very similar. Both cars were full of fuel (within 1/2 gallon or so) at pick-up. Upon returning to the Dubuque area, I was running on fumes in the Elantra last month but the Camry had 1/4 tank left!

    I'm sitting there thinking how great the Camry mileage was right? Well the Camry has an 18.5 gallon fuel tank and an EPA Hwy Rating of 32mpg. I burned about 13 gallons going 360 miles so: my estimated mileage was 27.7mpg! I burned about 11 gallons out of the Elantra's 12.8 gallon tank for 34.5 mpg. What a difference perception makes!

    Maybe if the Elantra had a 20 gallon tank we wouldn't have so many complaints! ;) But seriously folks, look at the percentage under EPA Hwy mileage I got in both vehicles. Even I'm surprised....

    I'll report back after my March trip. :)
  • Here is what I got on many tests on the highway for 2012 Elantra Auto: 60MPH = 40MPG; 65MPH=38MPG; 70MPH=35MPG; 75MPH=32MPG. Speed kills the FE.
  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,374
    yennhi2, I can easily believe your numbers. In December my wife's Elantra got about 34 MPG on a 100 mile trip that included about 7 miles of suburban driving with the rest being highway. The highway driving was generally at 70-75MPH. And it was using winter-blend gas with 10% ethanol.

    I've little doubt that if we were to knock 5 MPH off our speed we'd get better economy.
    2017 Infiniti QX60 (me), 2012 Hyundai Elantra (wife)
  • The point to this whole dscussion is really about the city driving....when Hyundai claims 29 mpg city it should be close. I drive a approximately 50/50 city and highway. I should at least get the 29, not 25. All this talk about gas type, winter driving, time of day...maybe we should see if the grounhog will pop his head out early, maybe that will improve gas mileage. I'm starting to think I made a mistake with this car. Like I said in an earlier post I was driving a 2009 Corolla under the same conditions and getting 28-30. The ratings for Corolla are 27/35. The sole reason I bought this car was for gas mileage, and the more I drive it I'm realizing it's not for the ride.
    My point about the class action suit isn't really about the's about exposing the scam that Hyundai is running, first with the limited production of this car, where they don't seem to have any in stock, driving up the price where people are actually paying sticker or more. I feel like I've been had...only 34 mths left on the lease.
  • For the city FE, I really like it. The distance from my house to school is about 16 miles and it takes 35 minutes to ge there, it had about 25 traffic lights and 3 stop signs, my speed is about 40 to 45 MPH , the display show average speed is 25 to 26, no AC use, no highway/interstate. I always got 30 to 31 MPG at the Pump. For the same route with my 2009 Civic auto, I only got 28MPG. I am happy with the elantra city MPG, but not with the highway MPG. The speed for all the highway/interstate here is 70 MPH, with that speed the Elantra only got 35 MPG, but the Civic got 38 MPG.
  • If you're getting 30/31 then there's something wrong with mine.
  • pflyerpflyer Posts: 25
    Hi everyone.

    I am the Cruise Control proponent person and thought I would update my latest tank.

    Miles: 248.3
    Computer MPG: 35.7
    Gas added: 7.8
    Average MPH on Computer: 33 mph

    I filled the tank up until I could not cram anymore gas in. I don't think I filled it up as much last tank, but it's always hard to tell. I have found my computer mileage is about 2-3 mpg too high.

    I probably added about half a gallon after the pump clicked off; also, I filled it up EXTREMELY slowly so as to get all the gas in I could.

    I estimated about 50/50 city/highway and with an average speed of 33 mph, I would say that is about right on the guess.

    So... I came up with just short of 32 mpg, but once again, it all depends on how much "cramming" I do from tank to tank.

    Needless to say I am very happy with the mileage. Cruise Control seems to make about 1-2 mpg difference. I have gotten 43 before on the HWY at 65 mph over almost 60 miles of travel.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Suggestion: rather than trying to overfill the tank, set the pump to its lowest flow (near end of pumping) and pump until it clicks off. Also try to use the same station and pump as much as possible, although that may not be practical most of the time.
  • pflyerpflyer Posts: 25
    I don't really care about getting the mpg calculation to the nats rear end.

    I am quite happy with my mileage and trying to inform others that the mileage numbers listed on the Monroney is not only realistic, but also attainable.

    If I really, really tried, I think I could beat the highway mileage easily; I just don't want to get run over by trucks, so I cruise at 65 in the right lane.

    Best wishes and I hope those with serious mileage concerns get the paperwork started with the dealer. Lemon Laws are very powerful in most states, but you must get started early and be persistent.
  • dan_bdan_b Posts: 8
    edited February 2012
    My 2011 elantra limited was getting 25 combined and I was very dissatisfied. Today, I sold my elantra and I have to say that I am very impressed with the resell value. I put 11,000 miles on this car and was able to get 92% of the price that I paid for it (which is amazing considering I put 11,000 miles on the car). I just felt like it was better to sell it now while the demand for this car is high and resell is high. I know I took a bit of hit from the sales tax and registration but I REALLY HATED THIS CAR and I think the resale on this car will start to plummet as more consumers become dissatisfied.
    Anyway I now enjoy 50mpg with the Toyota Prius that I bought :)
  • g2iowag2iowa Posts: 123
    I fuelled up yesterday mainly because even though she is garaged the lows have been around zero and I don't like to get to half a tank when it is so cold. Have owned her for 3 1/2 months and she has 1715 total miles on odometer. Drove 115.9 miles on this tank and used 5.286 gals of reg (non-ethanol), from the same pump as always. So just 21.93 mpg. Trip computer said 24.3 mpg; it continues to read about 10% high. BUT avg. mph just 21.0, as these are all very short city trips of usually 2 miles or less one way, so I'm barely spending any time in 4th gear let alone overdrive 5th or 6th. Car barely warms up when it is time to turn her off. Do I wish I'd get 29 mpg in such conditions? Of course! But laws of physics override my wishes. Cold car driving short distance in low gears and stop lights/signs won't max FE. That kind of driving needs hybrid or pure electric.
  • Well you purchased the only car that could deliver high mileage most of the time. Its a hybrid, and not a fair comparison to a gas-only engine.

    Still 50 is nothing to laugh at...

    In any case, you sold at a loss, and repurchased at a much higher level. I would say, it will be a little while before you recoupe the added costs in gas savings.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 KC MetroPosts: 6,869
    did you buy one of those new Toyota Prius' that retails for $19,000? Ya know, those Prius' are the first set of Prius' that I can actually look at with a bit of a desire for. Not bad for looks, they already are the mileage leaders, aren't they? Or does that go to the new Nissan Versa sedan?

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • dan_bdan_b Posts: 8
    I really don't feel like I sold at a loss since I bought the elantra for 20,400 (including destination charge) and I traded it for 18,600. Considering that I drove the car for 8 months and put so many miles on it. Right now in California Bay Area (where I live) elantras are in serious demand and you can get over dealer retail. The new car I got at 200 over invoice so it not like the dealership was playing with the numbers of the trade-in.

    I just feel like in a year or 2 the elantras resales value is going to be defined by the wave of upset consumers voicing their experience on the internet.

    Also, I was in no way trying compare a Prius to an Elantra, apples and oranges.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Those aren't at dealers yet. And it's a subcompact vs. compacts with mid-sized interior room like the Elantra (and the Prius-with-no-letters).
  • The 5th tank measured 29.5. This included the 40mpg I got on my 100 mile trip. After that there were a few trips in not so great conditions (snow and wind).

    I think the non highway mileage is really bad - like most people are mentioning.

    Also, the wife told me she used 89 octane for that last tank. It would seem like with the type of driving she does, 30 is going to be tops.

    I will continue to monitor it through the summer.
  • I got an average of 33 mpg with about 70% in city driving. I reset the computer every time I pump, and I calculated the mpg myself. The computer always about ~2mpg higher than actual. I also drive carefully and not racing my car. I had never gone lower than 32mpg average since I bought the car last summer. I don't know how people get so low. Did you reset the computer every time you pump?
  • g2iowag2iowa Posts: 123
    edited February 2012
    What are your average miles per hour (mph) showing in the computer? Are you averaging over 30 mph? 35 mph? My GLS won't go into 5th gear (an overdrive gear) until about 30 mph and won't go into 6th (a deeper overdrive) until about 40 mph. So in my city driving, where my average MPH is less than 25 mph, I spend most of my time in 1st-3rd gears and some in 4th (direct drive).
  • I've had my Elantra for several weeks now and just hit 2000 miles today. I noticed from the start that the MPG seemed too low. I ensured the ECO was active and used cruise control as often as possible on the highway. I can only get a 33ish MPG average but this is only after a couple of days of long distance driving on the highway.

    I travel approximately .2 of a mile from my house to the highway and then it's a 55MPH highway that I'm on approximately 15 miles before leaving the highway for .1 of a mile to work. I've made several 30 mile trips each way and just got back from a 400 mile round trip where I could not get above 33.5

    Cruise control has been set between 55 and 65 dependent of the local speed limit.

    What I have noticed is that almost any acceleration causes the transmission to downshift. In order to keep this from happening I have to barely touch the pedal to get to merging speed and avoid the MPG from dropping .1 to .2 just going up the ramp which I can only get back .1 of that on the 15 mile trip back to the house.

    It seems to be a great car but my city driving which is more suburban driving is getting between 22-28mpg. I'm not sure what the problem is but I do know there is one
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    There does seem to be something wrong with your car. For example, in the test that Popular Mechanics recently conducted, they drove 55 mph on the highway in the Elantra and averaged 47.6 mpg. They got 39.3 mpg @ 70 mph. So for you to get only 33 mpg @ 55 mph seems very low.


    What is your actual speed on that 15 mile highway run? Is it a steady 55 or does it fluctuate, e.g. do you pass people? Is it nonstop or are there any stops? Are there any significant grades on the trip? What are the temperatures lately where you live? With only .2 miles before you hit the freeway, it could take several miles on the freeway before it reaches optimal operating temperature, which means FE will not be optimal during that time.

    Have you tried looking at the instantaneous mpg readout during your trip to see how it does at different speeds, what it is early in your trip (before warm-up) and later (after warm-up)? If for example you are driving on level ground at 55-65 mph and the instantaneous readout is not near or above 40, after the engine is warmed up, I'd wonder if there's something wrong with the car.
  • In ideal conditions it is possible to get over 40MPG. Driving on a warm day, and a flat highway, light footed will generally get you there.

    Unfortunately, most of these private tests dont focus on what's really going on.

    First, these tests rarely represent typical drives. Second, they are almost always done on sunny days in warm climates, and on ideal terrian. In case of the Elantra, the local MPG can range from 18 to 29 and more often its at the low end. That can totally destroy your overall MPG.

    So if you drive where it's cold or where your driving is mostly city you should not expect to see your cars MPG readout in the 30's or 40's.

    Hyundai can do much better than 18 city and should. Its deceptive to say city rating is 29 when the overwhelming majority of people do get anywhere near that number.
  • It's almost always constant since I use the cruise control and it's pretty flat the whole trip. The temps have varied from 50 degrees to 20 degrees but have seemed to average around 40 during the times of the trips. I have not looked at the instantaneous MPG but will start tomorrow and keep track. The dealer is scheduling me sometime this week to take a look at the car.

    I had my brother up here in and he owns a Sonata and gets better gas mileage than I do. He was with me during these road trips and he thinks there has to be something wrong too. Hard to believe it would be that messed up without any stalling, stuttering, smoking etc. going on.
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    I've read that the car is not is not fully warmed up (tranny) just because the temp gauge has moved up from the cold position.

    In cold or cooler weather it can take 5 miles or more, depending on how cold, for the car to get at optimal operating temp. You might be shocked at the low MPG any gasoline engine get in cold weather for the first several miles.
  • It's quite possible the car is operating as should but having to drive the way I do just to keep the 32-33mpg rating is beyond what should be considered normal driving. It makes me want to check out the whole maintenance schedule and divide it in half with this type of condition considered normal driving.

    In the end I just wish that the MPG ratings were better explained to those who are basing their buying decisions with this as the top priority. I wasn't ever expecting to get 40MPG but I wasn't expecting to get 33 while driving like a 95 year old on Sunday after church.
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 298
    edited February 2012
    Rob: I have posted comments on the Buick Lacrosse (2010 CXL with 3.0L) and the Sonata forum commenting on the actual MPG results for both cars.
    The 2012 Sonata GLS we have delivers BETTER than EPA highway (36-37.5 MPG) at 65-70 MPH. At greater speeds the MPG drops off somewhat less than the percentage speed increase. In the city the mileage is totally driven by the type of driving. All stop and go results in 10% less than EPA and "freeway" or limited access roads lends to 10-20% better. When the mix of driving is weighted towards the worst case stop & go driving the average is much worse than when all driving is highway. The 2010 Buick Lacrosse experienced very similar results.
    The point of all this rambling is that with both cars the type of driving had much more to do with actual MPG than any other factor. The mix of stop and go vs. highway was the most significant variable in the results. The various posters all have different mixes of driving and therefore highly variable results with the same cars. Forgive the statement of the obvious, however it does not appear that all posters are getting the message, or they just can not change their driving routes to get MPG closer to the EPA driving pattern and results.
  • rob_hyundairob_hyundai Posts: 5
    edited February 2012

    Thanks for taking the time to post your analysis. A lot of variables affect fuel economy. I drive a lot of uphill on the way home every day and my FE on Veloster has been around 33. Downhill I easily go past 42. The car is rated at 40. In traffic my FE decreases below average while in smooth conditions it's right on the mark. Same road, same time. The difference is in the variables.

    As I said before, if someone feels there is an issue with the vehicle they should visit their dealership to be certain. Our mileage figures adhere to EPA standards and we have internal data showing the numbers are indeed attainable and even higher based on driving conditions. We want everyone to have a great experience with their Hyundai. Fudging those numbers detracts from that mission and hurts us all.

    Rob L, Hyundai Product PR Manager
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    i guess the only way to achieve the best gas mpg would be to drive the car like fred flintstone
  • g2iowag2iowa Posts: 123
    edited February 2012
    Today's Wall Street Journal has a letter to their Car Columnist in which the writer complains about his Honda Accord (with 6,850 miles on odometer) getting only 14 mpg when he drives "almost all of these miles in short city distances" and further complains that on a short 80 mile highway trip it only got 24 mpg. The response might be applicable to some, though certainly not all, people posting here: "It is difficult to judge a car's [FE] on a series of short trips in part because its engine may not reach the operating temperature at which it runs efficiently. Short trips also tend to include more stop-and-go driving, which decreases [FE]."

    WSJ has separate story about new EPA window stickers coming out for MY2013. Stickers to have a lot more information.
  • Here's a link to that new window sticker
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