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Hyundai Elantra Real World MPG 2012



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,911
    Hyundai already has access to the start/stop technology for non-hybrid cars--the 2012 Rio has it available. Also I see the next Fusion will offer that feature. So maybe we'll start seeing it on more cars, including the Elantra, in the near future.

    It would be interesting I think for Hyundai to offer a "high FE" version of the Elantra with the 1.6L GDI engine with auto stop/start--which is what the Rio has now. IMO 138 hp is plenty for a car of the Elantra's size and weight--it's the same or a little more than the Elantra has offered prior to the 2011 MY, and I think the 2011-12 Elantra is a little lighter than the previous two generations (mostly because the cast iron block Beta engine is gone).

    Then they could also offer a sport version of the Elantra (maybe in the new coupe) with the new ~200 hp 1.6L turbo that's going into the Veloster, for those who want to go fast in their Elantras. :)
  • I just drove about 60 miles (2x30) and I averaged 30.4.

    I used cruise at 65.

    There is no way this car can even sniff 40. It was a struggle to get 30.

    It looks like for every 1 person able to get 40 there are 4 other that don't come close. I'd say there is a manufacturing issue or just false claims.

    I will be probably be filing a complaint soon.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,911
    If this was under controlled conditions, there is probably something wrong with your car, and you should document your test in writing and talk with the dealer.

    Can you tell us more about how you did the test, e.g.:

    * How did you measure fuel economy?
    * If you used the trip computer, when did you reset the Average readout?
    * What was the terrain?
    * What was weather like, esp. temperature and wind?
    * Did you stay at a constant 65 for both legs of the trip, or were there stops or passing?
    * What were tire pressures?
    * Any other passengers and/or cargo?
  • I used the computer since I was in the middle of a tank so it was probably even less than stated.

    I started the trip computer after I had the cruise control set at 65. The stated mpg was strictly highway. I reset it in the same manner on the return trip.

    The terrain was not flat. Slight grades throughout.

    No wind, temps 35.

    Constant 65. I had to get off the cruise just once on the return trip.

    Not sure what the tire pressures are, but the car has less than 1000 miles and the tires all look fine.

    2 adults and 1 child round trip. Half tank of fuel.

    I made the same trip today with the same conditions and got 31.2 strictly on the highway. after this trip I had to fill up and averaged 24.5 mpg on the tank - taking miles driven / gallons pumped.

    Disappointing to say the least. 22% under the highway rating.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,911
    There does seem to be something wrong with your car... unless you were going uphill most of the time (but if you went both directions in the test, that should even out). My recommendation is to carefully document all the details of your test and "take it up the chain". The Elantra is capable of much higher FE under conditions like that, based on my own experience and other reports we've seen. Heck, even my wife's 2007 Sonata does better than 31 mpg at a steady 65 mph.
  • The dealer service dept said 2 things.

    Try using a brand name gas (I was filling up at a Giant grocery store).

    My best gas mileage should start at 2500 miles or so.

    I doubt I will see much improvement but I will have to wait since I just filled up yesterday.

    Are the EPA ratings done with non ethanol gas - which is just about impossible to buy any more?

    I love everything else about the car but I will pursue this if things don't get better. I could live with 27/36 but 50/50 driving and 24.5 - I don't think so.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,911
    I put whatever 87 octane I want into my wife's 2007 Sonata (2.4L 4AT) and it will do better than 31 mpg at a steady 65 mph for a 60 mile trip in anything other than extreme winter conditions. You could try a few tankfuls of name-brand gas and see if it makes a difference, if for nothing else than to be able to tell the service dept "I did that and here's the results". I have heard some folks say they get slightly better fuel economy with 89 octane gas in a car designed for regular, so there may be something to "better the gas, better the FE".

    I think there's merit to the comment about the FE improving as you put more miles on the car.

    Do you ever drive with the instantaneous mpg readout on? You might try that (keep your eyes moving of course) and see if you can find out the sweet spots for the car. It's also instructive to see how bad FE is when starting out on a cold morning, when accelerating and using a heavy foot vs. light foot, and especially when stopped--when the readout says "0.0".
  • rudy66rudy66 Posts: 26
    Forget it. You never know for sure that, for example, a brand name gas station gets its "own" gas. With exception of simply rotgut gas, gas is gas except for non-ethanol vs ethanol gas.
  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,407
    Some gas vendors would beg to differ with your statement:
    2017 Infiniti QX60 (me), 2012 Hyundai Elantra (wife)
  • Well I had the chance to get a new Elantra at Enterprise this morning for my trip to Chicago. Weather conditions were far from ideal with light snow, high winds (mostly tail winds Iowa to Chicago), and temps in the low 20s.

    Resent the trip meter for mpg and odo before I left. Tire pressure monitor was illuminated when I got the car and stayed lit the entire trip but the tires looked and felt fine. Gas tank was full at pick-up. Driving was 90% hwy and 10% city and I covered 194 miles getting here (near Evanston, IL). Car was a 2012 Elantra GLS with 23,398 on the clock and a 6-sp auto. Typical fleet car with no additional options. In the car was me (215lbs) and about 35lbs of luggage.

    I drove between 55 and 75mph the entire trip and averaged about 65mph (almost exactly 3 hours). And the answer is: 37.5 mpg. I realize I didn't calculate manually, and can't because Enterprise filled the tank previously, but I burned a little over 1/3 of a tank according to the fuel gauge, so I feel 37mpg is pretty darn close. That included a couple WOT starts around the city here. RPMs were 2,300 at 75mph and 1,800 at 55mph. 6th is geared very high (low numerically) and 40mpg is very possible if I tried at all (and I didn't).

    We'll see how the road trip home goes on Thursday. ;)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,911
    Maybe check the tires before you come home... could be several pounds under spec to make the TPMS light go on.
  • Hi All,

    I just had the vehicle in today for it's 1st service at just over 5K miles. I must say that the service reps were very friendly at both times - dropping the car off and picking up the car. I had asked them to do a fuel consumption test, and when I picked up the car they told me that they could not find anything wrong. All settings were correct and that the car was functioning normally. This is what I expected. And I guess the service rep didn't seem at all surprised that I have had significantly lower gas mileage than expected because they told me that 3 other customers have already come in this week with the same complaint. The rep told me the usual line about waiting until Spring to see if things change, because the car is still has low miles and that it is expected that one would normally get lower gas mileage due to the colder temps and the oxygenated (10% ethanol) gas. I told them that I expected the lower FE in the winter, but I didn't expect it to be significantly different. They also mentioned, as I told them that I knew to do these things, to 1) keep the tires inflated to the recommended pressures or slightly higher, 2) get gas a top tier gas station using the same pump all the time and stopping the pump when it clicks off, and 3) calculate the FE manually and do not rely on the car's computer readout.

    Anyway, the rep asked me to give them a good rating on the survey, and that I will do, but they also mentioned that I should write in the comment section to Hyundai about my disappointment. It did seem a bit odd though that when I mentioned that I had been reading about this issue with the FE of the Elantra, and they told me that up until this week that they hadn't heard a thing. This dealer is not a new dealer, and I know last year when I was picking out my car that they were selling Elantras like hotcakes, so I wonder what is going on? They said it wasn't a mechanical issue with my car and that all codes were up to date, so could it really then be a factory issue? Could it be a programming issue with the ECM? Please do not go to the "how do you drive the car" point. I think that I have stated how I drive with many details in previous posts, so I don't want to go there again. I wish that we all knew something about what was wrong with some of these cars, and that Hyundai would own up to this. I guess time will tell, but more people have to call them or write them or complain to the dealer/service department where they got the car. I do not know how much good that will do, but the more people who complain, the better for all of us. In these days with Twitter and Facebook, social media is a big concern of companies these days. One bad word about anything about a company can go a long way. I, for one, am hoping that it does as I will be contacting Hyundai shortly.

    Happy New Year, and
    Best Regards to all!!!
  • my money back, or I sue them.

    I'll run a few more tanks and document my issues before I start causing havoc.

    I am not in the business of getting screwed as a consumer. If the dealership is worth anything they'll work with me.

    24.5 mpg split driving is not right. One reason I bought this car was to save $100/month in gas. (old vehicle averaged 13)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,911
    edited January 2012
    How many miles do you drive per year?

    For example, at 12k miles per year (1k / month) and 87 octane at $3.40 (heard that's where national avg is at now), that saves you over $120 / month in gas compared to your old vehicle.
  • The Elantra is my wife's car. She drove her old vehicle about 10k miles a year. I'd say realistically it averaged about 15mpg - I had not checked it in a long time. It was rated 14c/18h.

    I would think the Elantra would get a few more miles per year but at 10k miles a year and 15mpg vs 25mpg and an average price of 3.40, I'm looking at a $75 monthly savings.

    If the Elantra got 32mpg the savings would be an even $100 per month.

    I don't want to wait to long to push this up the chain as I know people are real good at giving you the run around and playing the blame game.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,911
    24.5 mpg split driving is not right. One reason I bought this car was to save $100/month in gas. (old vehicle averaged 13)

    So in one day the FE for the old car went from 13 to 15? :confuse: At 13 mpg, you ARE saving over $100 a month. Maybe at this time of year, the old car averaged closer to 13 mpg than 15?

    Also consider, if we use the higher figure for the old car (15 mpg), and your wife is driving more miles per year in the Elantra, it doesn't take many more miles @ 25 mpg to hit your magic $100 mark.

    Isn't this a lot of angst over what amounts to less than a dollar a day?
  • It's not about my savings. It's about I was sold something that does not, so far, live up to expectations of claims by Hyundai or the dealership - and it's not even close.

    It's not like I bought a $300 TV and the picture sucks.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,911
    Well, that was pretty dumb of Hyundai and the dealership to guarantee you at least $100 a month savings on gas when they didn't know anything about your old vehicle, your wife's commute and driving habits, future price of gas etc.
  • robrctrobrct Posts: 1
    I bought car Jan 6 2012
    First week 800 miles - 24.6 combined
    This week... 28.9
    Hope the trend continues!
  • 90 miles on this tank and computer says avg 23.8 so it's probably more like 22.

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