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Honda Odyssey Care and Maintenance



  • buddyzunigabuddyzuniga Posts: 63
    I have Ivory leather interior. I clean the leather once a week. I have four kids 14,13,10,2. Even with the light colored seats you should not have a problem as long as you clean them regularly. Honestly when I do clean them they are not noticably dirty or anything. At the time of purchase I had Auto Armor applied to the paint and interior of my van. With Fern or beige? In my opinion the Ivory interior has a more luxurious look to it. Don't worry about the dirtyness with regular cleaning you'll be fine. Get the color you prefer and be happy. P.S Maguires leather hand wipes are what I use. They clean quickly and without any mess. Use one for the bottom portion of the seat and one for the back supporting portion, turning over at least once for each section. Good Luck.
  • dako_tiandako_tian Posts: 298
    My goodness! In all my years of auto ownership, most with cloth seats, I doubt if I've averaged once a YEAR in cleaning the seats! I'd brush off any crumbs, of course, and spot clean when necessary (let's see, I can think of four or five instances in 35 years!). Then, I would vacuum the seats when time to sell. But, never once have I had any noticeable decline in appearance of the seats -- except the Toyota Corolla in which the vinyl interior basically began to disintegrate after 7 years in Hawaii (mostly out in the sun).

    With my 3 and 5 year old children I've done nothing differently, yet our F150 we owned for 3 years (from when they were 1+ and almost-3)was immaculate inside and out when Carmax snapped it up for 2 Grand more than the GMC dealer would offer in trade. I will say that we don't tend to give them sticky, sweet things in the car. A little discipline (self and otherwise), taught early, goes a long way in many respects.

    Yep, I guess I'd better rush out and buy leather seats so I can get more exercise and use up all that spare time I have every weekend! ;-)

    Oh, and I almost forgot, I also get to pay a premium price for the privilege.
  • We have a 04 Odyssey EX. My son knocked over his milk cup onto the floor between the two front seat. Of course he missed the mats. I soaked up the milk as best as I can with a shop vac. Now that the days are warm it smells like sour milk in a new van. Any suggestion on how to get it out????

  • dako_tiandako_tian Posts: 298
    Well, I Googled "sour milk smell"+carpet and did not find much in the way of good news. One question was almost exactly like yours on a forum, but it was still unanswered. The solution (sort of) was found at

    It may be small comfort, but I spilled a quart or more of milk down through the back seat of my '69 Camaro in late winter once. As I recall, it was late Summer before the little gooblers of things organic had sufficiently consumed the milk, then other gooblers had consumed the first ones' still-smelly byproducts, and then finally the smell subsided (or was it that I simply got used to it?)....
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    This product is primarily used for pet odors/stains, but as this is an organic issue, I'd give it a shot. Go to your local pet store and pick up some Nature's Miracle. Follow the directions on the bottle. This stuff is amazing.

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  • buddyzunigabuddyzuniga Posts: 63
    My two year old duaghter vomited on my O4' Ody's second row carpet. I used warm water and dish soap for initial clean up, and followed up with a couple of pumps of febreze. Pump it on the affected area and just let it set there. No oder left over. Hope it works for you. Good luck.
  • ub24982ub24982 Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 odyssey EX with 63K miles. The van has been trouble free until today. As soon as I start my odyssey van, the engine idles at 2000 rpm for 3-5 seconds and drops to 1200 rpm and with in 2-3 seconds it jumps to 2000 rpm and the cycle repeates. Could someone please post a solution to my problem. Thank you
  • jovertjovert Posts: 1
    Does anybody tried cleaning their own fuel injection? How and what type of cleaner should i buy. I was offered by honda dealer for 119.95 to do this service for a 45k mile ody. I posted this to other site and advice me that its not worth it and just do it when i reached 65k or 100k mileage.

    I need more advice thanks
  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYPosts: 3,780
    If your problems aren't too bad, I would try some of the 'over the counter' stuff. One of the better gas additives is supposed to be Techron, mfg'ed by Chevron. I believe it is the basic detergent additive in their gasoline, but is also available by the bottle in autoparts stores. Perfect for when you feel the need for a megadose of heavy duty solvents!

  • I found Haynes has the book but it is hard to find. Honda of course has the best service manual but it costs $90. If you have one, which book you have? Thanks.
  • My dealer in Alpharetta GA is charging me $780 for the 105K mile service for my 2000 Ody, that includes everything, belt, new water pump, seals, fluids, spark plugs. I shopped around to independent shops and the price was only about $100 less to $100 more. Most of the area dealers are the same price.

    I been happy with my dealer's service from the beginning, so I am still having the work done by them. I plan to drive my van another 50k miles.

    I'm getting the job done this week while my car is still under warranty at 98K just in case anything else goes wrong.
  • On a regular basis, I run Marvel oil in the fuel of my Honda vehicles, as a fuel system cleaner & top cylinder lubricant. This is part of a preventive maintenance process. (4 ounces to each 10 gallons of fuel). I have run this product in all my land and water based vehicles. I have never had a fuel related problem, and my engines run very quiet and smooth. The product can be purchased at K-Mart or Pep Boys. Yes, it is safe for o2 sensors and cat converters.
  • Can anyone tell what the dealer will do in the 7,500 mile maintenance for Odyssey04? How much does it usually cost (I'm in NJ)? Is it worth it? Do I still get the warranty if I skip it or do it by myself? I heard that dealer only does a oil change and rotating the tires for this kind of maintenance job but charge a premium. Of course they do lots of "free" checkings. Please give you input! Thanks!
  • I recently moved to Salt Lake City and need to replace the tires on my '02 Ody. I plan to take the van into the mnts - should I buy all-season or snow tires? Any recommendations for specific brands or models would be appreciated.
  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYPosts: 3,780
    IIRC, it ran me about $75 at my dealership for the first checkup. $30 for the oil change, which included a multipoint check, and
    $35 or so for rotation and balancing of the tires. Throw in tax, 'disposal fees', 'shop supplies', etc. and you get the picture. I also had a piece of loose trim fixed, and had them check into a few odd sounds. Overall, I think it was worth it if the total tab remains under $100.

    While it is indisputable if you have the dealer do it, your warrantee is protected as long as you can show that someone (even yourself) did the basics. Just keep some records....

  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYPosts: 3,780
    The decision on buying 'real' snow tires is one of need, cost, and putting up with the inconvenience of storage and tire changing. I do need to pull out onto unplowed / poorly plowed roads (plus my own 500ft, uphill driveway), so I did it for my '02 Ody. Ran around $700 for Dunlop Wintersport M2's on steel rims with covers from TireRack. I love them in any kind of bad weather. Plus it provides an excuse for me to check the brakes, boots and lithium grease lube all of the suspension bushings twice per year!

  • kjokjo Posts: 24
    This might sound really stupid, but I have a 2000 and my left rear brake light is out. First one ever and I have 77,000 miles. Anyway, I can't figure out how to get to the bulb. Has anyone ever replaced this bulb, and how?
  • I have an '02 which started doing nearly the same thing at about 75k miles. Did you ever get any response to this problem? I really want to avoid taking the van into the dealer.


    Thanks in advance...
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 26,725
    the owners manual will tell you how to get to the bulbs. Depending on which one it is, you either have to take off the plastic housing, or there will be an access panel from the interior of the car. Bulb replacement itself is simple, once you can get to it.

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  • kjokjo Posts: 24
    Thanks stickguy. It's on page 274 of the owners manual, bulb number is 7443, never saw one like this before, not your normal 1157 bulb.
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