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Honda Odyssey Care and Maintenance



  • macakavamacakava Posts: 775
    Put an egg below the X and make sure that you do not break it! SMILES!

    This would gaurantee better mpg!
  • rom2rom2 Posts: 3
    I had no trouble changing the engine oil and filter in my 2002 Odyssey. But I could not locate the Fill plug for the ATF. I located the ATF dip stick (yellow colored ring) to left of the battery and the ATF drain plug at the bottom next to the driver's side tire. Did you receive any guidance on the ATF fluid change. Any guidance on locating the Fill plug for the ATF would be appreciated.
  • rom2rom2 Posts: 3
    I had hard time locating the fill plug for the ATF for my 2002 Odyssey EX. I found the drain plug and the dip stick but not the fill plug. Any guidance would be appreciated.
  • macakavamacakava Posts: 775
    Here is an earlier reply to your inquiry,

    #4549 of 4552 Re: '04 Ody ATF fill location? [beckyinma] by dsrtrat2 Apr 24, 2005 (11:47 pm)
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    The fill plug is located on the top of the tranny toward the firewall and has ATF stamped on it. If you have a retrofit to the tranny that goes into the refill plug. What someone suggested then is to fill the tranny through its dipstick, which is what I did, tho it is slow. I used a small funnel at the dipstick hole and a tube to reach it with a funnel at the top of the tube. Remember, patience is a virtue and you will need it.
  • rom2rom2 Posts: 3
    I just could not locate the fill plug for my 2002 Ody. Any suggestions ?
  • macakavamacakava Posts: 775
    I have quite a while to go still before I change my tranny fluid on my Ody.

    So I would look for the fill hole OR use a lot of patience and fill it SLOWLY through the dipstick hole like the referenced article suggested.

    I am sure others who have changed their tranny oil themselves on this forum would be willing to share their experiences.
  • psgpsg Posts: 72
    I'm thinking I will need to use the dipstick method on my '04. Towards that end, I picked up a piece of tubing at Lowe's. I haven't had a chance to see if it fits, but here is what I'm scheming, I'm thinking to place the appropriate amount (I'll replace the same volume I remove) of replacement ATF fluid into one container. I'll then place the container with the fluid in it on top of the motor (on a block of wood if need be) so the bottom of the container is higher then the top of the dipstick tube. One end of tubing will then go into the container, I'll start a flow (with a bulb syringe, no ATF fluid in my mouth thank you) at the other end of the tubing and then stick the tube into the dipstick opening. Once I'm sure all is stable and flowing, I'll go do something else. The tube I have has a small bore, about the size of a fish tank aquarium air line, but if it takes an hour or two to fill, who cares? Any thoughts? I'm thinking this will be my weekend shade tree mechanic project.
  • macakavamacakava Posts: 775
    Just to satisfy my mechanical curiosity, I just went and looked under my '04 Ody's hood and the easily found the tranny fill plug - a shiny metallic bolt with ATF staring at me. Bolt is located on top the tranny towards the firewall on the driver's side. To locate it easily, just look down close to the brake fluid reservoir/brake booster area and you would see the bolt between two black connectors with wires coming from a common wire harness. You would probably need a long extension(s) for your socket wrench to reach the bolt unless you can angle a regular wrench down there to loosen/tighten the bolt.

    If you decide to use tubing, I would get a larger diameter tubing than the dipstick tube so that it fits snugly outside the dipstick tube. This larger tubing would allow for faster filling up compared with the smaller diameter tubing that fits inside the dipstick tubing.

    VIP: Make sure you use genuine Honda ATF as it is specially formulated for this tranny. I understand that many garages and even some Honda dealers use the cheaper Dexron/Mercon type. This would definitely screw up your tranny.

    So essentially this exercise becomes a "piece of cake" GO FOR IT!!
  • psgpsg Posts: 72
    but I'm ready to go look for the ATF fill plug now. I'd really prefer to use the fill plug. (I also have some larger diameter tubing and will look into macakava's suggestion should it come to that.)

    Is Honda fluid available through a retail parts store or do you have to go to a Honda dealer for it?
  • macakavamacakava Posts: 775
    Only at your friendly neighborhood Honda dealer. I won't use any other "equivalent" for my peace of mind.

    Make sure you have enough qts if you do the tranny change when they are closed on Sundays or even Saturdays for some. I beileve that 6-8 qts should suffice.
  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    Just got my new 2005 Odyssey EX with VMC a month ago...

    Anyone knows if its appropriate to begin using 5W-20 Synthetic Oil starting the first oil change (after the break-in period)?

    I recall seeing in the Owner's Guide states "...not to change the oil sooner than what is recommended...", I assume that would be after 7500 miles or 6 months...correct? I don't believe the engine is with any special break-in oil from the factory, or is it?
  • gina171gina171 Posts: 4
    My in-laws LOVE their new Odyssey (my husband and I are Toyota owners, but are adjusting to this new Honda in our lives, wink, wink!) , but are hearing that they should not change the oil for the first time until 7500 miles, because of a special additive in the oil when it leaves the factory? True? We changed our Sienna oil at 5K the first time, so I am not sure if there is something to this Honda rumor. Can anyone help or advise? Also, their manual says to change every 5K miles, but do you all still change the oil every 3K? We change every 3K with our Toyotas (even though our manuals say 5K), and are just wondering if this is different with the Hondas? Thanks!!!! They want to drive this Honda for 10 years, so any advice regarding an oil change schedule to encourage this longevity would be appreciated.
  • macakavamacakava Posts: 775
    Oil changes every 3K miles or 4months whichever comes first is cheap insurance.

    I do these myself and cost less than $5 in materials I buy on sale.

    While there may be some merit to the special additive(i.e. for break-in), I believe that 3K miles for first oil change would not be a problem. I have done so with my Ody.
  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYPosts: 3,780
    Lots of speculation on this, and it sparked a lively discussion about 3 or so years ago. Honda does recommend, and my dealer pretty much insisted that we wait until 7500 to do the first oil change. Why? Nobody ever really came up with much of an answer. Some said that the OEM oil had special break-in additives, others supposedly with the inside track said it was the same oil that the dealers receive - ie., nothing special.

    So while I had the urge to do it early, I waited.... and everything at 3.5 yrs, 45k miles seems great.

  • I also have a 2000 beige silver and the dashboard around the glove compartment scratches off easily, the dealer does not have a touch up kit, and suggestions out there?
  • minivan561minivan561 Posts: 23
    Is the 7500 mile oil change interval based on conventional or synthetic motor oil?
  • macakavamacakava Posts: 775
    Conventional mineral oil.
  • The manual strongly recommends that Honda engine oil (5W-20) should be use. Can anyone tell me why? Does it matter to use other brands on the market? Warranty issues? :D

  • macakavamacakava Posts: 775
    I have been using 5W20 oil from name brands like Exxon, Valvoline,etc with no problems. As long the oil meets the current API/SAE certifications, they are fine.

    As a habit for over 30 years with my cars, I have been doing my oil/filter changes every 3K miles or 4 months which ever comes first. Cheap insurance.
  • yuri1yuri1 Posts: 1
    anyone knows how 2 reset oil sensor/monitor to 100% after changing oil?

    2005 Oddysey
  • jjtrindcjjtrindc Posts: 24
    I can't tell you off the top of my head, but the manual gives very specific step by step instructions.
  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    I assume you have an 05 Ody EX. Press the "Reset" knob on your gauge until you see the Oil Life (%) indicator, then Press and Hold the Reset Knob until the percentage changes. I think this first time will set the % to 80% or 90%, then you have to press and hold the Reset knob a second time to set the Oil Life to 100%. Good Luck!
  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    Although my dealership would not say it, but, they sorta kinda said that there should really be no difference between the Honda motor oil vs. any other name brand oil as long its 5W-20. Two things my dealership were very specific are the initial oil change at 7500Miles, and the use of Honda Z1 ATF. Personally, I will follow their recommandation on the initial engine oil change interval, and replace with Synthetic 5W-20 oil every 5K thereafter.
  • dwakedwake Posts: 1
    A non-dealer service put in brake shoes that are after-market. Ever since I get a noise from my brakes when I brake in a new direction (in other words, if I back up and brake, I get the noise. Then if I continue to back up - I get no noise, until I move forward - then the first braking action gives me the noise). The noise is kind of a clunk. Dealer service told me that the after market brake shoes are not the right size and thus the noise.

    My question is this? Having spent the $ for the after market, I am reluctant to turn around and spend another $598 for the Honda brakes. Other than the annoyance of the noise (which I think I could live with), is there any other safety or damage issues with using the brake shoes that are not installed?

  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    Sounded like the after market brake pads are just a bit small, small enough to allow the pads to slide forward/backward in the calipers as you apply the brakes for the first time in a new forward/reverse direction. I have had the similar situation with my other car, the noise eventually got louder and louder I just replaced the pads myself. If you choose to do the same, its always a good idea to replace the brake pad retaining clips too, just in case this after market store did not do so for ya... By the way, the noise will get worse, so, if it bothers you (sounded like it does), you may want to do something about them while you may still have warranty on them pads. Oh! by the way, I don't believe the pads will cause any performance related problems. Good Luck!
  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYPosts: 3,780
    Interestingly enough, Honda considers this situation to be a 'feature', and not a 'problem'. In '02, the Ody switched from rear drums to rear disks. Many of us early buyers experience the pad shift clunk on the first brake application after changing direction. Honda put our a service advisory, telling dealers to explain that the little extra free play is normal - will prevent rust binding that could result in uneven wear.

  • Here's the scoop ... my entire dashboard and doors are starting to flake and peel. According to the Service Manager at the dealership where I purchased my Honda Odyssey, if you use any type of vinyl cleaning product (e.g. Armour All) on your dashbaord, the paint will begin peeling off the plastic. It only takes one application, and the more applications the worse it gets. The dealership claims the biggest offender of ruining these dashboards are the Car Cleaning places which use vinyl cleaners on the car interior. The Serrvice Manager indicated that he has been aware of this for at least 3 years and that there is something about this in the vehicle manual (I can't find it anywhere). Even if they repaint the dashboard, the paint will continue to peel off since the vinyl cleaner has already been applied. The only fix is to replace the entire dashbaord.

    WHAT? I have started the escalation process with Honda and the regional rep is supposed to call me with-in 3 days. In my mind, this is a quality issue with the vehicle and Honda should have caught this in their usability study ... the paint chemist had to know this too.

    The only people that will not be affected by this oversight are the ones that never clean their Odyssey.
  • geoff4geoff4 Posts: 2
  • geoff4geoff4 Posts: 2
    The Owners manual for my 05 Odyssey EX gives no miles when oil, filters, timing belt etc should be change.
    Where does a do it your selfer go to get this info?
    I do not want to be visiting to the dealer for every little thing.
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