Honda Odyssey Care and Maintenance

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I'm one of those vehicle owners that put only about 4500 miles annually because I use public transportation in the NYC area. I've had my 2000 EX since August, but it has less than 2000 miles on it. Should I wait to hit the 3,750 mark to change the original engine oil formulation? It's got mix of 50/50 highway and suburban local miles. I think I should change in the spring, which would be about 8 months & 2,200 miles. Any opinions? It may be at the anniversary before I hit the 3750 mark.


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    You should probably still wait until 3750 miles as the special oil is still helping to break in your engine and still needs 3750 miles to do it properly. The corrosion inhibitors and anti-foamants, etc. should not be used up as you probably don't have enough operating hours on the engine. However, 1 year is long time to go between oil changes (although not that bad with low mileage) so I would ask your service dept just in case.
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    Just bought a Odyssey (EX), with after market leather for 29112.

    The dealer is asking 6/84 I extended coverage for 1495( money back if not used). The power sliding door look like its going to break anytime. Is this door only covered in 3/36?

    And How can you stop the auto door when closing?
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    I have a similar "problem" with my 2000 EX. It's one year old and has only 6000 miles on it. I read the owner's manual last night and it seems to indicate (for normal driving conditions) that first oil change should occur at 7500 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first. Based on this, I am going to get it done this weekend. I would suggest you do it at one year, if it still doesn't hit 3750/7500.

    Also, it is sometimes hard to decide whether mine falls under Normal or Severe driving conditions. The climate is mild in Seattle (40' - 90') year round, and we don't tow with the van or anything. So I think I may want to use a middle-of-the-road approach and perform maintenance every 5000 miles. If you look in the owner's manual, you would see that this approach would make the schedule line up nicely with Honda's schedule for more extensive maintenance (at 15000, 30000, 45000, etc.) Other times it's mostly oil and lube and tire rotation. What do you think?
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    Is there a way to turn off the maintenance light with out going to dealer? For example if I get the oil changed not at the dealer shop, how to turn off the light? I have a 2000EX
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    Don't know about the 2000 EX, but you may want to give this a try in case it's the same (I would think so) as the 2001 LX.

    While the car is off, push and _hold_ in your Trip meter button, then while still holding that button in... turn your ignition key to _On_ (not start). Wait until light goes out or you need a hair cut... which ever comes 1st. LOL, seriously it should go out in about 15 seconds or less.
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    Hi. What experience have the Ody owners had with which interior (Fern or Beige)is easier to keep clean, show less dirt etc.?
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    Does anyone have a suggestion for touching up a scratch on the dash of my 2000 white Ody - a propane canister tilted when I went around a turn- and now I really know the color is just on the surface! I've looked for interior touch-up paint on the web and haven't come up with anything!
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    We need help to cover a scratch today located in the center of the rear bumper of our 2001 GG Odyssey. The shape/size is a reverse "L" with 0.5 inch wide/0.75 inch tall (no dents).

    Thank you!
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    I had attempted to change the oil on my 2000 Odyssey using the same ramps I have used on several other cars for the past 20 some odd years. The Odyssey's bumper hits the ramp before the tires do. Trying to jack up the van and using jackstands won't bring the van high enough (besides being a big pain in the butt!). Any suggestions, thanks.
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    You might try a pair of Rhino Ramps. They are made of some sort of composite. I have used them on my Ford Contour SVT which has a very low front end and the ramps just fit. The Ody is considerably higher.

    You get them at stores like Pep Boys. Maybe $49 bucks for the pair. Pretty much indestructible.

    Good luck.

    2001 EX TW - Trans Cooler, Wheel Well Liners, Nose Guard, Steering Wheel Cover
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    I live in the Syracuse, NY area where lots of salt help to tame the snow and ice. Does anyone have experience with dealership undercoating offer?
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    The Rustproofing discussion on the M&R board may interest you.

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    I am performing a coolant replacement on the van. I drained the fluid from the drain plug on the radiator. I forgot to turn the heater on :>( It appears that only 1 gallon came out. I refilled the radiator and cannot get 1 gallon back in? Is there a bleed bolt on this system? My '88 Integra had one on upper water hose housing. Any other suggestions?
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    I have a new 2001 Ody and am considering proper oil maintenance. I live in the southwest and the temp is always on the high side. I can count on my one hand how many times it reaches 32 degrees in the "winter." In the summer it is 90-105 degrees consistently and the summer lasts about 5 months... we have two seasons: hot and hotter. The Ody is up for its first oil change and I am also planning a 3,000 mile summer vacation. So, I have to cut the "break in" period a little short and perform the first oil change at about 5,000 miles (the manual states 7,500). There's the background, here's the question......

    What grade oil to use? The manual states 5W-30, however, the dealer (and other sources) state 5W-20 -- which noone seems to make except Honda. I didn't know Honda manufactured oil! The use of these oils is for the "average" car buyer, most likely a "midwest" climate with harsh winters and moderate summers. I've come up with this plan: use Mobile 1 synthetic 10-30. The 10-30 because of my extreme heat situation and Mobile because it does not have polymers or zinc in the mult-grades (and it is rated tops, behind Amsol, in several sources). So, is the 10-30 the way to go? or should/could I go with a single grade 30? (at least for the summer months) I want to stay within the parameters of the vehicle warranty.

    I am a maintenance freak (there... I admitted it) and want to make sure the best oil is used. I will probably change at 5,000 miles regardless of what any source says. Hey, I'd rather "error" on the safe side and spend just a little more money each year -- it certainly won't hurt. I plan on keeping the Ody for a long time.

    I would appreciate any experienced/professional advice.
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    Why not use Mobile 1 5W-30, staying in agreement with the Manual, and change at 3,750 mile intervals, as suggested in the "Severe Service" schedule. I think even in the heat that straight 30 weight is a bad idea--only engine manufacturer I know of that even lists S.A.E. 30 as acceptable is Briggs and Stratton, and your V-6 has precious little in common with an air-cooled, carbureted, flat head, cast iron, one cylinder lawn-mower engine. I suspect that using straight weight oil could raise warranty issues.

    My preference has been to change at the 3,750 interval, using name brand 5W-30 conventional (as opposed to synthetic) oil. My current vehicles are a 1957 Chevy Wagon (a toy) with 110,000 miles, 1988 Volvo 760 Turbo Sedan (spare car, for when van or pickup is in shop, or when my sister comes to town with her kids for a month. Used to be the primary Mom and Kids mobile) with 180,000 miles, 1991 GMC Pickup (my daily driver)with 160,000 miles and the 1999 Odyssey with 39,000 miles... So I bet I'll keep mine longer than you'll keep yours!

    The climate in Colorado is definitely different than what you describe, so I'm neither experienced nor the proffesional you requested. But I'm opinionated, and that counts for something, doesn't it?

    Hope this helps,

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    I would like to remove the roof rack on my '01 EX and would like to know if anyone has had any experience doing the same and what did you use to cover/plug the mounting holes? Any suggestions.
  • ztzzztzz Member Posts: 16
    I am quoting somebody from forum who has removed his EX roof rails:
    "I've have experience removing the EX roof rails. You will need a T30 Torx bit to remove them. And when you do remove them you'll notice that the roof molding (or the black plastic strips) are cut into 3 seperate pieces. So you would have to buy 2 replacement roof moldings for the left and right side of the roof. You could get them at for about $40 each.
    -nemogira "
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    My beverage and change tray will not go all the way in all of a sudden. I can not seem to find what is causing the obstruction.
    How do I access the area behind the holder to determine the problem?
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    The owners manual for my Honda 2001 Van states "5w-20" INCORRECTLY!Saw a letter from Honda stating that "5w-30" is recommended from the factory...I had my first oil change around 3750miles with 5w-20[a "fuel saver" type premium oil], my next oil change will be around 10,000 and 5,000 every change after that WITH 5w-30!
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    Honda updated Ody manual on my July 2001 ODY 01 EX manual 5W30 is the ONLY oil listed.
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    2000 Odyssey approching 24,000 miles/2 years.
    Using dealer AA08 syntec (CASTROL SYN 5/30) at six months/ 6000 mile interval since first oil change.

    No oil use, but the oil seems much more dirty than regular CASTROL oil changed at six month/ 6000 miles intervals on my 1994 Sable with 113,000 miles.

    Is this sign of blow by? Is Syntec dirtier? Do I need better filter than the HO15400-poH-305 now used by the dealer?

    This is my first experience with snytec. My earlier 1991 Accord used regular oil, stayed clean like the Sable.

    We plan to keep the Ody for some years.
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    I was wondering does anyone know where I can get an extended Warranty on my Odyssey my regular warranty is going to expire soon. Live in California What should I expect the price range to be? Thanks
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    I closed the rear hatch on my O2001 and blew the lid off of some STP fuel treatment stuff and it soaked my carpet and even got into the rear seat that was folded down. I have tried several carpet cleaners and even a detailer could’not get the smell out. Any suggestions before I have to replace my rear carpet. I am sure some soaked under the side trim near the web storage.
  • dyoung4dyoung4 Member Posts: 3
    I am getting about 23 mpg no matter what I do. It does not make any difference what the octane is 86, 87, 91, 93. The only difference is the cost. I was expecting better than this on the highway. Anyone else having this experience or should I just be satisfied and use the 86-87 octane stuff>
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    I think you are going to have to take everything out and apart to get at the real problem. By cleaning the carpet all you are doing is getting the surface. I would take it all apart and clean and dry everything to get the smell out. It may need to air out for a week or two than if you can't smell anything reassemble it all. You may even want to talk to one of those companies that clean houses and buildings after fires and chemical spills. Also Call STP, as they may have a couple ideas. Good luck.
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    Just purchased an Oddyssey but not the ext. maintenance. Waiting for delivery. Do I have to buy the ext warranty at the dealership where I purchased the van? Would the dealership likely negotiate a price? Would other Honda dealers nearby negotiate price if I drive the (almost) new van to their shop? Can I purchase off the web for better price

    Any advice would be helpful. thanks, wdf1
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    Check out the new Maintenance Guide! Link is provided in the Additional Resource Box.

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    Has anyone changed the air condition filter yet?
    The owners manual says to change it at 30K miles.
    But it doesn't show where it is or how to get to
    it. The dealer wants $38 for the filter, plus
    1-2 hours labor.

    I'm tempted to order the shop manual, hoping the
    info is in there. But thought I'd ask here first,
    in an effort to save a few bucks.


  • robr2robr2 BostonMember Posts: 8,805
    Just had it done in my Ody last week. Yep the part was around $35. The labor was part of the 15K service. I don't have the slip in front of me, but I paid about $120 labor for the entire 15K service and at $40-50/hr, that means the filter could take up to good chunk of that?

    I know in Accords it is tough to do the first time since there is some brace that needs to be removed. I don't know the procedure, but 1-2 hours is quite a range. The dealer should have a book that lists the labor time for that job.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Member Posts: 1,739
    If what was said here a few months ago from someone who had his filter changed it's up under the dash someplace and a brace has to be cut or something to get at it. Sounds like a stupid engineering mistake to me. Maybe someone else can shed more light on it.
  • mike734mike734 Member Posts: 128
    I just saw directions on how to do it. It was on You check the maintenance section and view the instructions on how to replace the A/C filter, interior. BTW the part costs $24 plus shipping.
  • rjc8rjc8 Member Posts: 16
    I have a 2000 EX with 65000 miles on it. I have changed my AC Filter twice. I am a little handy but no mechanic and did not find it that difficult changing the filter. It is located behind the glove box and took me less than an hour to do the job. I purchased the filter from Trevor and followed the directions from his site.
  • edwinfongedwinfong Member Posts: 25
    You can buy the extended warranty anytime up to the end of your
    standard warranty of 3 yrs. or 36K miles from either a 3rd party or
    Honda. There is a list of Honda dealers on the main Honda thread
    on this web site that selling the Hondacare 7 yr/100K 0 deductible
    for around $900.
  • jnash2jnash2 Member Posts: 31
    Can you post a link to that thread with the list?
  • rkpattrkpatt Member Posts: 23
    As part of my conservative PM program I am planning to drain / refilly the automatic transmission fluid in my Odyssey EX at 20 K miles. 1.What it the capacity (how much fluid) for this ? 2.Also what is the capacity of the entire automatic transmission system ? ( I want to know for a flush at 50 k mi ). - thanks
  • leo2633leo2633 Member Posts: 589
    The other day I was rotating the tires on my wife's 2000 Odyssey. Using the factory jack, I had raised the front left corner slightly, to allow me to remove the lug nuts, while preventing the wheel from turning. I then began jacking it up further to raise the wheel enough to remove it. As I got it so that the wheel/tire was about 3 inches off the ground, the jack broke, and the van came down. Thankfully, the wheel was still on the lugs, and it kept the front corner from hitting the ground. Upon further inspection, I saw that one of the top rails of the jack had bent inward, right at the point where there is a hole machined into the rail. I called American Honda and they gave me a case number. I'm taking it to the dealer tomorrow to have it inspected for any damage that may have occurred when the van fell off the jack. By the way, the jack was properly positioned, and I have used it without incident many times in the past. Anyone else ever have a similar problem with their factory jack?
  • rgarrgar Member Posts: 1
    Are all three rows leather? I believe I read somewhere that only the first 2 rows are leather, but a salesman said all three were.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Member Posts: 1,739
    On our 01 Odyssey with Classic Soft Trim leather all the seats are leather, along with headrests, and door panels. All factory leather options use vinyl on the 3 seat and all non sitting surfaces. My guess is Honda does the same.
  • jza80gtejza80gte Member Posts: 2
    Press and hold the tripmeter reset button, turn the ignition key to the ON position,
    the maintenance light will blink several times and stop, the maintenance light should
    now be reset.
  • jza80gtejza80gte Member Posts: 2
    I like to do my own car maintenance/troubleshooting and the service manuals for my daily driver have been a godsend. I would like to get the service manuals for the Ody. Is there a Honda dealership with online services that give discounted prices? TIA
  • yeongbinyeongbin Member Posts: 3
    I am a 2002 Honda Odyssey EXL owner, and I only drive it during the weekend (mainly on highway, California) hence the mileage is quite low. (2500 miles for 6 months) My question is: When should I do the schedule maintenance? By time or by mileage? If by time, every 6 months or one year? If by mileage, every 3750 miles or 7500 miles? Any suggestion is most appreciated.
  • dchoppdchopp Member Posts: 256
    I believe your owners manual states what catagory you fall in. Low milage operators fall under the severe catagory and oilchanges should be done every 3500 or six months. Read the manual
  • chunkasmomchunkasmom Member Posts: 2
    A couple of months ago I asked anyone if they had transmission troubles. One person answered yes. He wound up getting his replaced. Just wanted to let your know that Honda gave me a refurished transmission just past 40K miles for FREE! I am so pleased. White Plains Honda deserves the credit for it. I didn't even buy it from them. They were great. It turned out that I did have internal failure. It was slipping in the cold and just generally overshooting the gears. I'm happy now and getting about 24 MPG as opposed to the 19 I had been getting. I can now say, I LOVE MY HONDA.
  • mathersonmatherson Member Posts: 41
    Any thoughts on a new battery for a 99 EX? I have been having problems where an interior light left on for 6 hours will kill the battery.
  • jogardensjogardens Member Posts: 1
    I'm a brand new Odyssey owner. I previously owned only GM vehicles and have always done my own maintenance and would like to know if there is a place besides the dealerships where I can get Honda supplies and parts (or equilivant) ... especially the 5W-20 synthetic oil.
  • madabout1269madabout1269 Member Posts: 14
    I purchase 5-20 Amsoil Synthetic Oil from their website and it is delivered UPS to my house,the oil is excellent and is highly regarded as the best in it's class.Mobil makes the 5-20 grade that dealer sells as Honda's brand name oil,Castrol and Pennzoil makes it as well,however I have obtained 23 mpg using the synthetic as I have a 02 Odyssey EX-L.Make sure you use the Honda Oil Filter when changing and you will MPG results, and costs about $5.30 a quart,expensive but worth it.
  • bjk2001bjk2001 Member Posts: 358

    You got 23 MPG with 5W-20 synthetic oil. Whats your driving condition? What kind of MPG did you get prior to use synthetic 5W-20? I could get 23 MPG all freeway driving with non-synthetic oil

  • ananthsayanananthsayan Member Posts: 1
    Do I get the "dealer recommended" maintenance or the "factory recommended" maintenance?
  • aaa_edgar_poeaaa_edgar_poe Member Posts: 24
    Does any one know how to remove these bothersome rail. I'm thinking, by removing them I will get better mileage due to wind friction. As an extra, it will lower the center of gravity by 0.015 inches. Shame on Honda for haivng such non-sense foisted on thier customers.
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