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Honda Odyssey Audio, iPod, Bluetooth, Video Questions

phil47phil47 Posts: 394
I've been looking around for a video system for the Ody (flip down ceiling unit so the 3rd seat passengers can see it also). I'm also interested in a DVD source and a game station. I figure I will get a Sony PS2 as the source as it plays DVDs and games. I'm really undecided on the video screen as they really should be seen before buying to check things like brightness, off-angle viewing, etc.

I noticed this one is getting some air time at the SEMA show:

It's kinda slick in that it's wireless and seems to be a "do it yourself" install. Anybody seen this thing in action? Opinions?


  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Looks good but the instructions make it sound a lot easier than I think it is. They say to put the screen up to the headliner and decide where you want it and cut two holes. My thinking is you have to cut the holes where there is a headliner support bracket. If not what do you use to screw the screen to.
  • johng14johng14 Posts: 31
    I'm in the process of purchasing an 01 EX Odyssey. I know that Honda does not offer the TV entertainment package, but the dealer offers it. The system is similar to the one being offered by Toyota on their Siena's. The system comes with a VCR and is able to plug in a play station. I was wondering if anyone new of the quality of these systems.

  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    Could you find out what brand of components they are putting together in this "package". Is it Rosen or Audiovox or Sony or Alpine etc. If they are putting together an aftermarket package, I'm sure someone here has pieces of this system installed.

    I don't believe all dealers are installing the same "package". I know my dealer has installed 3 completely different setups as they try and find one that they are happy with.
  • johng14johng14 Posts: 31
    The brochure said is made by Rosen
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    If you go to this topic:


    you will find someone who posted about a Rosen system they were very happy with. Good Luck.

  • Here is a quick run down of what I've done in the family 2000 Honda Odyssey I/Nevi.

    1. Mounted rear 6.5" Clarion OHM-641 display just aft of front seats. Selected this unit because of low profile mount (doesn't block rear view mirror when in the down position). Also mounted Clarion TV tuner I/VA switched under drivers seat.

    2. Put in-dash Panasonic CQ-DVR909U DC/DAD/Dad-audio,Dolby Digital, DTS, Multizone so front seat can play different source while the kids in the rear can watch a DVD. Mom & Dad up front can listen to music. Hooked navigation mute + audio into this stereo.

    3. Placed 8-disc Panasonic CD changer under passenger seat. Sony VCR under drivers seat (facing rear passengers).

    4. Used Pioneer CD-CM1 cell phone mute adapter and made a bypass timer circuit. This gives 15 min. bypass on mute when cell phone is in use and kids can still listen to the movie.

    5. Mounted Bazooka 6.5" HP subwoofer tube in front of the rear tire jack compartment (3rd row seat still able to fold up and down). Routed sub volume/crossover crontrol up front.

    6. Created "Video On My Navi" to play video on the Navi screen. See This is real handy for starting up DVD videos or as a screen for front seat passenger (Not the driver - that is illegal while the car is moving).

    Still not done!

    Next backup distance/warning sensors...


  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    Sounds first class. You wouldn't happen to have some pictures available for posting would you? I'd love to see it. This club has a board for just such things. Thanks.
  • I Talked to a staffer at TMI Products today and he indicated the monitor on the Back Seat Theater doesn't attach to any part of the roof of the vehicle, but rather just to the headliner itself. The unit only weighs 1.5 pounds and the weight is distributed across the two mounting brackets, so the headliner is enough to support it solidly. I pulled one of the passenger dome lights in our 2001 EX and found I should be able to easily run the power over the headliner to the bracket without having to disturb anything. This seems to me preferable to paying about $500 more to have a custom shop remove the entire headliner in order to install an equivalent Audiovox unit. I'm going to go for it, and will post the results when I'm done.
  • seahossseahoss Posts: 4
    My Back Seat Theater package was delivered yesterday and installed last night. It should have only taken an hour but I spent that much time just worrying about the placement and measuring to get the cutting template centered. I wound up mounting the brackets right in the middle of the cross beam above the door pillars because that was as far as I could pass a coat hanger over the headliner from the second row dome lights without running into stiff resistance. The toughest part (psychologically) was cutting the two 3/4" holes in the headliner of my month-old van. I used a sharp, narrow Exacto blade (the headliner is about half an inch thick) and the plugs came out so cleanly that I am sure I could replace them and no one would notice. The pictures under "Complete Package" and "Installation Instructions" at show the pieces and process pretty clearly. The mounting brackets are secured by a split "T" that is inserted through the cut hole and positioned above the headliner, one half at a time. The bottom of the "T" passes through the bracket, which is secured with a threaded cap. I pulled the power wire from one of the brackets over the headliner to the dome light with a coat hanger and spliced it to the black lead on the outside. This wire is hot when the dashboard light switch is in the middle and off position. I pulled the wire from the other bracket to the other dome light and grounded it to the mounting screw. The monitor fit into the brackets perfectly and locked securely into place with spring-loaded levers. The whole unit seems extremely solid just due to the rigidity of the headliner and the secure grip of the bracket and "T" design. In the closed position, the monitor is held flat against the ceiling by tension in the same way the sun visors are held up, and it can be similarly placed at varying angles for best viewing. Because there is no collar or other housing, the monitor has a very low profile when closed, and does not create an obstruction.

    Since video and stereo sound signals are broadcast to the monitor via a gigahertz- frequency radio transmitter, the video cassette player can be placed anywhere in the van with clean reception. I fired up a "Blue's Clues" tape to simulate real-world conditions, and the picture and sound were surprisingly clear--particularly the sound since the built-in speakers are only 2". And I am sure I will like the sound even better when the kids are using the infrared headphones.

    All in all, I am pretty pleased with the design, construction, and output of the system, but I will be able to make a more thorough assessment on our upcoming road trip during spring break. At the least, the ease of installation lived up to the vendor's claims.
  • gessgess Posts: 90
    Where did you place the player? Will it fit under the passenger seat?
  • seahossseahoss Posts: 4
    The video cassette player that came with the Back Seat Theater is fairly compact and it fits pretty snugly under the second row seats. It should also do well under the front passenger seat if the storage bin is removed, but it would need to be secured under the third row seat. The transmitter is so small that it isn't a problem, and since it is not attached, the player could be easily swapped on the fly for a PlayStation or DVD. About the player: it is a Sylvania four-head stereo hi-fi with a nice compliment of features including an extension remote-control reciever on a wire long enough to run anywhere in the van.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Tomorrows (Sunday) Best Buy has the Video Traveler by SteelHorse on sale for $319.99 -$20.00 rebate for $299.99. Fits between the front seats and comes with a VHSplayer, monitor and remote. Sounds like a good deal. Didn't say what size monitor
  • rollie66rollie66 Posts: 1
    I have been researching alot of systems. The back seat theatre sounds great. Seahoos does the wireless transmitter have an audio out? I know I can go from vcr directly to car stereo, however I want to be able to use both or either one. Is the vcr 12 volt and 110. also Does the vcr record.

    The Steel horse system at Best buy is 4inch. Does anyone have experience with a 4inch display?
  • seahossseahoss Posts: 4
    The wireless transmitter on the Back Seat Theater has both video out and stereo audio out, however, since it is high frequency (gigahertz range) it is not receivable through the FM radio. Unfortunately, the wireless head phones do not use the same transmitter, but are line-of-sight infrared from a second transmitter built into the monitor housing. I was extremely disappointed with the sound from the head phones and am sending them back. TMI gave a return authorization for them without argument, but the customer service rep did mention that they had not had that complaint before. Maybe I just got two bad pairs from the same lot. I do plan to research adding an RF modulator to route the sound to the stereo system (for better sound, and so I can route the sound to just the rear speakers when necessary).

    The videocassette player is a 12-volt Sylvania 4-head, hi-fi stereo player with 181-channel tv tuner, but it is a player only, with no record capability. I have not tried the tv tuner since the unit does not come with an antenna.

    Still, the system performed very well during our recent trip, and I would highly recommend it, but without the wireless head phones based on my experience.
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    I've got a 2001 EX and I'm having a hard time figuring out a good location to mount an in-dash DVD player for a flip-down ceiling-mount video system. All the units available (Clarion, Alpine, Panasonic) are a full DIN. The pocket below the CD head unit in about 3/4 DIN. Replacing the stock Honda head unit with a DVD head unit would render the steering wheel stereo controls useless. I could have it mounted below the passenger seat, but I would have to permanently remove the storage tray and I'd rather not do that if possible.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.
  • What you have sounds perfect for my 1999 Odyssey EX. The price is pretty steep, though.

    My stop-gap solution to keep our daughter amused on road trips consists of a 12VDC to 120VAC inverter, a home VCR, and a 2.7" LCD TV mounted to my seatback with an elastic band. I think the screen is small, but it's no different from viewing a 21" TV from about 10'.

    I thought about a "Video Traveller" soloution, but there's enough junk lying around on road trips as it is. The only thing that worries me about an overhead unit is that I'll have to go through the entire install AGAIN if I ever sell the van.

    Questions: What is the exact mounting location in terms of inches from fixed reference points (e.g. Homelink panel, dome lights, etc.)? Why did you run one wire to one dome light and one to the other?
  • Buy a 9" TV/VCR combo with a 12 volt adapter.
    Put the kids in the back row.
    Fold one of the middle seats all the way forward and put the TV on top. Hold it down with some bungee cords.
    Not the most graceful solution, but the kids love it, which means mom and dad love it! Beats a 5" screen.
    For the next trip, I might try to put the TV on the floor between the middle seats so I can fold down the rear seat to hold more luggage.
  • pnthobbypnthobby Posts: 2
    I took this system out of my 94 Accord EX when I traded in, and wanted to know if anyone knows if the harness (I soldered the connection harness to plug in directly in the Accord) will connect to the Ody's harness. I realize that the steering wheel controls may not work, but I don't mind. System has a remote controller and a 12 disc changer, and I would really like to use it again, unless I have serious wiring trouble. Thanks for your help in this matter...

    Paul Weber
    Bedford, Indiana :m5:
  • swebsurfswebsurf Posts: 3

    We've just purchase a Toshiba 9-inch TV/DVD combo. I'd like to be able to place it between the driver and passenger captains chairs, but the center tray table is in the way. Has anyone ever removed this? If so, do you have any tips? there appear to be 4 plastic screw covers, but the whole thing appears to be attached at the very bottom. Thanks for any advice on that front. We're also considering a setup with the APEX portable DVD player and a separate 9inch tv monitor. If we could find a monitor (w/ or w/o speakers that is approx 10" x 10" x 10", it would fit nicely under the tray table. The player could go just about anywhere in the vicinity. Yikes! this is long! sorry!


  • nedlyjnedlyj Posts: 89
    I'm looking at overhead LCD options. While I like the custom fit for the Odyssey of the new i-VES, I'm concerned that the specs listed on It has this 7" screen only with a resolution of 480x234. That's only half of all other 7" screens I've seen which are listed at 960x234. Some are even listed at 1440x234. Was this a typo, or is this screen really bad?? For the money ($1400) I'd expect more than just an easy installation. Does anyone have this that can comment?

    Also looking at the Backseat Theater. Partly because it's wireless, but also has an easy installation and the picture is supposed to be good (6.8"). However, it would be nice to run audio to the speakers directly. Although I could simply get a cassette adapter to run audio through the speakers (like the ones that come in car adapters for personal CDs). But, does the wireless controller require batterries? If so, how long do they last?

    And, lastly, does anyone have exact installation instructions for a Honda Odyssey for any other overhead LCD screen?? Thanks
  • Here's one for all of you electronics buffs.
    EBay has some REALLY great deals on older laptop computers, some of which have 8.5 inch and larger TFT screens. Would it be possible to connect one of these to a scan converter to allow switchable NTSC/VGA signal input?

    Mike Clarke
  • I may have found what I was looking for:


  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    I ended up getting the new Audiovox 7" widescreen flipdown unit (VOH702) installed with 2 RF headphones. I also had the Audiovox DVD player and an inverter installed under the passenger seat (tray removed). I'm very happy with the quality and performance of the equipment (as well as the installation). is my 4 year old! If anybody would like details or pictures, let me know.
  • Looks like you got a great system that you are very pleased with! Please send me details (cost, where did you get it, how did you install it, etc.) and pictures on your system at my email address (that you can see if you click on my username).
  • Scott,
    I borrowed a 9in tv/vcr system and what i did was remove both of the center armrest from the front 2 seats and velcro'd it down on the center tray. it worked like a charm!
    Now i'm in the market for the same tv/dvd system like you. I'd like to leverage the existing sound stereo system without having to tear into stuff. Since these tv systems have a headphone jack, could you plug the cassette attachments that come with the cd walkmans into into the tv and then stick in the cassette in the cassette player? Since my 2000 EX did not come in cassette, I need to poll some folks before i pursue this option.
    thanks in advance,
  • I bought a 2002. The 240 horse engine is a kick in the pants!! I have a 9" Panasonic TV/VCR that is AC-DC. We set it behind the two front seats and remove the two captains chairs. (Know this sounds crazy-removing the chairs but the kids like the back seat better. We do then have lots of room for ice chests ect.. With two sets of headphones, we do not know the kids are in back. Its great until Honda comes out with an after market system available at dealers in Sept. 2002. Wonder what it will cost with my 30% discount. Probably still be outrageous!!
  • Ok, this seems like the best place to post this topic, but don't know how long it will be before I get a response, but here goes:

    We just purchased a 2002 Honda Odyssey EX with the IVES system. This is the Honda installed Entertainment System, flip down screen, wireless headphones, it's a VHS player in the front.

    Problem is that the screen has one solid RED pixel on it. We took the van back in for service last week and the Honda service called Honda directly who said that this is NORMAL, and some screens have more than one solid RED pixel.

    This is really annoying to watch a video and be distracted by what has to be the defective screen.

    Looking for other 2002 Honda Odyssey owners with the VHS Honda Installed IVES system to compare. Do you have red dots too?

    Also, the in-dash 6 disc CD changer...broken already. We've had the van just barely one month. Luckily we can use the single CD player for now, but still very disappointed.

    Feel free to respond here if I can remember to check back.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I doubt you will ever find very many LCD screens that don't have a few pixels froze on one color or another. This is common and unless there are a bunch of them in one location you won't hardly be able to tell. Like anything else that is damaged be it a plaster wall with one little spot of paint missing no one else sees it, just you cause you know it's there and keep looking for it.
  • We use our lap top on trips for the map/gps and to keep the kids quiet(read Dad happy!), and previously just plugged it from the speaker out into the cars cassette deck (using an adapter available at Radio Shack, Future Shop etc.) The Odyssey only has CD, but the option of adding the factory cassette deck. Is there a way to hard wire in an "Audio In" jack instead of the cassette deck. I've seen several after market CD players with the input jack included (around $200 Can. and up). Any help would be great!
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    There are little boxes (don't know what they are called) that plug into your jack and broadcast the signal from your laptop,cassette,CD or whatever to a empty freq. on your radio. Maybe someone else here can come up with the name.
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