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Honda Odyssey Audio, iPod, Bluetooth, Video Questions



  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    FM modulators produce very good sounds and they don't require your kids to do anything. We've had two overhead systems with FM modulators - Audiovox and Sony. On both there would be a button on the remote to turn the FM modulator on/off. On Audiovox the default was Off, which was a pain in the neck to click that button every time. On Sony the default is On, which is what you'd normally want.

    The modulator is set by installer or manufacturer to a particular FM frequency, say 87.9. All you do is just tune your stereo to this frequency and you get the sound. Easy!

    The only time you'd want to turn off the modulator is if there's a good FM radio station in your area that shares the frequency with the modulator. When you want to listen to this station, just turn the modulator off using the remote control.
  • I just purchased a 2005 EX and was told if someone other than Honda installed and aftermarket DVD it would void the warranty on the entire electrical system, anyone know if there is any truth to that?
  • dlldll Posts: 1
    Does anyone know how to connect a portable DVD player sound to the aux button on the Odyssey? I used to plug into the headphone Jack from a cassette tape adapter, but my new Odyssey only has a CD player.
  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    No, there is absolutely no truth to that!!! The dealership was simply trying to make extra profit on you by pushing their installation. I've asked honest dealers and was told time and time again that warranty is not voided by installation of after-market products. Now, if the install causes a malfunction and Honda dealer can prove that it's the cause, this malfunction will not be fixed by warranty.
  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    There's a proprietary connector for the AUX input behind the stereo (not easily accessible without disassembling the dash). There are adapters sold to convert this connector to a usual RCA-style connector. Scroll up in this group to find part number and links to buy it. The cost is between $50 and $80 depending on the manufacturer and store.
  • honda4drvhonda4drv Posts: 1
    Did you problem got resolved. What was a resolution for this problem? I am also having same issue now. cd plays for 3-4 minute. once it is warm it gives E 00 error. :cry:
  • lapvnlapvn Posts: 455
    I have searched through the forums and didn’t find anything similar to my problem, so hopefully I am not repeating this topic.

    Anyway, I have the 2003 EXL-RES, there seems to be a problem with the wireless headset where signal is lost for a few seconds. My kids start tapping the darn things and say, “Dad, theres no sound”. And by the time I get in the back to look into it, the sound is back.

    Is this a weak battery? If so wouldn’t it be continuous problem instead of a problem that comes and goes.

    Defective I think so and hope so.
  • bsaccobsacco Posts: 11
    I too live in the Sacto area and was wondering what you paid for your entire Fry's aftermarket install.
  • kcgurukcguru Posts: 1
    Looking into purchasing a 2000 Ody w/ the entertainment system. I think it was factory installed. Innovatek TM-700D roof mounted w/ under passenger front changer.

    Problem is that no sound. can not find audio output jacks for headphones. Has 2 input jacks. The other problem is the screen shows everything backwards. Instead of letters/words reading left to right they read right to left.

    Any ideas / the company website from Innovatek only shows madels and nothing else.
    Horrible for a 2005 audio/video company. I guess it is good enough for a Canadian company

  • ppnraoppnrao Posts: 3
    Recently bought a Concept P-1200 combo(DVD Player + 12" Monitor) for my 2001 Odyssey and got it fixed yesterday by paying decent amount from a local mechanic. Unfortunately while driving back to my home I found that the LCD Monitor completely (almost) BLOCKING REAR VIEW. Guys, can you suggest me any alternative for my problem. I have been searching for any solution on the net for the last two days. No help......
    Why do they manufacture these monster combo players? Is it the problem with me or anyone else facing the similar problem? My kid really liked the monitor and doesn't want to come out of the van? Please throw your suggestions before I decide to return the player.
    Suggest me if I use the wrong forum....
  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYPosts: 3,775
    I have been looking at units like the Kawasaki PVS1965s from Target. Dual 6.5-7.0" screens that you attach to the front seat headrests. The head can play one DVD for both screens, or accept an aux input to one or both. There is another unit (1970s ???) that has two DVD drives. Price is reasonable - $299 / $399 depending on how many drives. It comes with car and AC adaptors, so I guess if you got a second set of cables (I would consider snaking the cables into the seat cushions to make it a semi-permanent installation), you could take the essentials into a hotel room when traveling.

    I also saw a web site that sold modified headrests with the screens permanently recessed within, but they were very pricy. I am looking for an alternative to the ceiling mounted versions, in part because of the comments about rear view mirror blocking.

  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    It's not as big a deal as you make it sound. Just use your side mirrors just like hundreds of thousands of truck and full-size van drivers do!
  • ppnraoppnrao Posts: 3
    It may not sound like a big deal. I have been used to see the rear view since I learned driving. Your side mirrors covers only certain view. Are there special side mirrors that can cover more viewing area?
  • yahelyahel Posts: 1
    I dropped a sharp object on my radio/cd in my 2003 Odyssey EX-NAV and broke the dispaly.

    The dealer wants $500 to replace. does anybody have a better solution? Where can I get an original Honda unit? Can I replace them myself?

  • maulanamaulana Posts: 55
    We just purchased a 2005 Honda odyssey EX-L with RES. We got a pretty thorough talk about the car from the salesman after the sale, but we are having a minor issue that I saw has come up on these boards before, and I was wondering if you have any suggestions on how to fix it or where to go to get help:

    The car comes with a rear entertainment system, and wireless headphones. The headphones work well for radio and CD, but do not play the DVD player. Do you have any ideas? I would really appreciate any and all help.
  • tyson2tyson2 Posts: 1
    I have a older Honda Odyssey that gave me the same problem, and eventually stopped playing. The dealer wanted $500 to replace it and said the E00 was an internal error. Searched the internet and found one that looked identical to it, got a serial number from the Honda Dealer, it matched and bought it for $100 off Ebay. Also found instructions to install myself. Was not hard at all. Had no problems since. I think the radio came from a Civic that had been totalled. Also sold the "broken" radio on Ebay with info about the error message. I guess someone knew how to fix it. Good luck!
  • jessica5jessica5 Posts: 5
    I apologize for not getting back to you. I don't log on on a regular basis...Anyways, At first we paid a lil over $2000, but after the install, they didn't use all the materials, so I was credited and paid a lil over $1700 in the end. I felt we got a pretty good deal, installation was excellent and we are very happy w/ our system!
    I'm thinking by now, you've gotten yours. Hope you had a good experience as well.
  • Hi folks,

    Just got an '05 Ody Touring (with 90 days free XM).

    I want to plug my iPod into the AUX port. But the dealer says I cannot use the AUX if XM is enabled.

    Anyone know if this is true or not? If it is, is there any way to have BOTH XM and my iPod working?

    Many thanks.

  • mich_chowmich_chow Posts: 58
    Hello all. I am shopping for a Honda Odyssey and have one of two options. One is to get an EX-L and install an aftermarket RES. Or, to get an EX-L RES (factory installed). What are the pros and cons of getting an EX-L and have the RES installed later? A specific question that I have would be is 9" screen too small? I know that this is what comes with factory installad RES. Ofcourse, the other resason would probably be that aftermarket RES is cheaper than factory installed prices, right? Thanks in advance for your thoughts. :)
  • sjvsjv Posts: 14
    Just purchased 2005 Ody EX-L last week and had the dealer add the XM package to the XM ready radio. The antenna was placed on the inside upper right corner of the windshield. I questioned this as the XM Radio Activation page on the internet says "If your antenna was professionally installed inside the car, you will have mutes and other reception problems. Please return to your installer and have them place the antenna on the outside of the car. You should not be charged for this service." I gave the dealer a copy of this document from the XM website.

    The dealer provided my with a copy of Publication # All 27373, Installation Instructions, XM Radio System. The Honda instructions, in 9 pages of great detail, show that the antenna should be installed exactly where it is, inside the windshield?

    The dealer has agreed to install any XM antenna I bring them on the rear center roof. I have experienced some infrequent drop-outs or mutes with "no signal" momentarily displayed on the radio.

    1. Can I expect noticably better performance with the antenna moved from the inside of the w/s to the rear/center of the roof?

    2. Will any current antenna product connector (Terk, etc.) fit the Odyssey connector on the "splitter"? :confuse:

    3. What is the absolute best XM antenna on the market?

    Thanks for all feedback. :)
  • garygary Posts: 39
    I have a 2005 Oddy EXL-RES. As you know, 2 headphones are included. Before I let my 2 and 4 year olds destroy, that is, use the $75+ OEM units, I would like to purchase a couple pairs of aftermarket wireless headphones.

    Has anyone ever tried using 'non-Honda' wireless headphones with the factory installed RES? I heard some RCA infra-reds work. There are also UHF models as well.

    Please advise with the exact make and model of an aftermarket unit. Thanks in advance!!
  • kdakda Posts: 1

    We currently have an Audivox VBP5000 that has a VHS/DVD player with detachable screen and an add-on screen. We keep the player up front with us. Both screens came with their own cases to strap onto the back of the headrests. Since the straps holding them to the headrests goes between the headrest and the actual seat, they stay in place while on the road...even during a close call requiring sudden stop last summer.

    Having the flexibility and mobility of the 2 screens allowed our son and daughter to sit either in the 2nd or 3rd seats in the van. The kids could watch the same movie, watch different movies, or one watch a movie and the other play video games. We've actually been looking at the Kawasaki PVS1965S or the Durabrand PVS1970 or as a replacement to the bulkier VBP5000. Hope this helps.

  • bburgjimbburgjim Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 Odyssey, and my AM/FM radio no longer receives a signal unless I'm REALLY close to a station's transmitter. I discovered that I had lost one of the gaskets that holds on the outside antenna (front, passenger side). The antenna was loose, and I took it out (nothing attached to the bottom of it) and screwed it back in. Nothing. I assume that there should be a wire connecting between the antenna and the radio, but the whole antenna mount is within the quarter-panel. Am I going to need a 'professional' install for this? Thanks!
  • jreithjreith Posts: 2
    For the past 3 months we have been trying to get a decent overhead DVD system installed in our 04 EX-L. We wanted an all-in-one system with at least a 10" screen. The local shop we chose (owned by a family friend) recommended a 10.2" Blackmore unit. With headphones and install it came to $1400. After install, the video screen had a lot of flicker and wavy lines. The sound was decent but not great. The headphones were fine. They installed a second unit with the same problem. Tried all sorts of noise filters to no avail. Blackmore didn't seem to be any help. The shop ordered a 10.2" Directed model with a better video display. Got it installed earlier this week. The picture was beautiful, but the FM modulated sound was horrible. You had to turn the car radio volume way, way up just to hear anything and it was full of static. Tried all four stations with same results. Also the wireless headphones had a high pitched squeal anytime the engine was running. They tried a wired FM modulator and UHF headphones today and could not make any improvements. To make matters worse, they drove one of the screws through the roof of the van and caused small dents with the other 3 screws. Needless to say they removed the unit and refunded my money and will pay for the damage to the roof.

    Now I have a big hole in my headliner and don't have any idea on what kind of system to look for. Has anyone else had any luck with all-in-one units and FM modulators? I've used my laptop with a $30 wireless modulator and it works great - probably should just stick with that, but we wanted something that would be up and out of the way. Thanks.
  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYPosts: 3,775
    Thanks, Dianna. I might just do it if we go ahead with some long distance trips we are kicking around for later in the summer.

  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYPosts: 3,775
    Yes, deep down in that hole is a coax cable that connects the radio to the antenna. You will either need to make a grappling hook (coat hanger works wonders...), or buy a mechanics flexible cable claw to fish it out, or look into removing the inner fender liner from down below to get at it.

  • cerithcerith Posts: 1

    I have a 2004 Odyssey with RES. I want to hook up an mp3 player to the sound system. There is not an auxiliary input on the dash so I was wondering if it is possible to hook the mp3 player up to the third row rear input and control volume etc from the front deck. I am trying to avoid pulling the radio to add an input to the rear of the deck. Any thoughts on this? Will it work?

    If not, any one know of any instructions online on how to pull the radio from an Odyseey if I need to?

  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    I'm sorry about your terrible experience. I wish you'd read this board before choosing these systems. You'd see that several people had good experience with Sony and Panasonic units, myself included. And at a MUCH lower cost. Just scroll back 2-3 pages in this thread...
  • sjvsjv Posts: 14
    Having received no feedback from the numerous Odyssey owners on this forum, I've answered my own questions..........thanks. :P

    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Probably Terk
  • jreithjreith Posts: 2
    Here's an update - took the van to Tulsa and found a great shop there that installed the same Directed unit and it works perfectly! I guess it's just a matter of finding someone with more experience working on these type of systems. Now to get the roof fixed...
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