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Nissan Pathfinder Maintenance and Repair



  • goose1207goose1207 Posts: 113
    This is what the reader says P1456 is:

    SAE Code P1456
    DTC Code 17864
    Description Exhaust gas temperature control bank 1 limit attained
  • nico3062nico3062 Posts: 3
    Need some help to see if anyone else has had this problem.

    Bought the car from a Ford dealership who said the brake pads were within specification and that it looked like after market pads were causing the squeal. Had them cleaned and it stopped for a day. They don't squeal all the time, but enough to be annoying. Took it to another place, I always take my car to and they said the pads were not totally worn, but close to it. Also mentioned my rotors were "lipped". Said I might need new rotors. I went ahead and had him change pads and left rotors to see if the better pads fix the problem. Can anyone elaborate if they have had this problem? I guess thats what I get from buying a Nissan from a Ford Dealership.

  • nico3062nico3062 Posts: 3
    Need some help to see if anyone else has had this problem.

    Bought the car from a Ford dealership who said the brake pads were within specification and that it looked like after market pads were causing the squeal. Had them cleaned and it stopped for a day. They don't squeal all the time, but enough to be annoying. Took it to another place, I always take my car to and they said the pads were not totally worn, but close to it. Also mentioned my rotors were "lipped". Said I might need new rotors. I went ahead and had him change pads and left rotors to see if the better pads fix the problem. Can anyone elaborate if they have had this problem? I guess thats what I get from buying a Nissan from a Ford Dealership.

  • nico3062nico3062 Posts: 3
    Need some help to see if anyone else has had this problem.

    Bought the car from a Ford dealership who said the brake pads were within specification and that it looked like after market pads were causing the squeal. Had them cleaned and it stopped for a day. They don't squeal all the time, but enough to be annoying. Took it to another place, I always take my car to and they said the pads were not totally worn, but close to it. Also mentioned my rotors were "lipped". Said I might need new rotors. I went ahead and had him change pads and left rotors to see if the better pads fix the problem. Can anyone elaborate if they have had this problem? I guess thats what I get from buying a Nissan from a Ford Dealership.

  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    Thanks Goose; I couldn't (and still can't) get that reader on the link you gave to come up with that when I select Nissan and input my failure code. In any event, it is still in Nissan Service where they are replacing the charcoal canister filter below the vehicle on driver's side rear . . . so I guess all my questions about that being on the list of potential culprits are now moot. We shall see if this 4th time is the charm . . . after that, they better be comping my a couple years of free oil changes or something . . .

    Anyone making odds that this repair will fix the service engine soon light? ;>>
  • goose1207goose1207 Posts: 113
    Well, it's been 6 days since you wrote that last email. Has your stealer been able to resolve the problem?
  • goose1207goose1207 Posts: 113
    I would try the OEM Nissan brake pads. Sometimes the off-make brands can cause squealing. If you can DIY, go to and get them for $40.
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    Was waiting until more had happened until full report, but here's update:

    They had the car for four days and were getting the same code as usual. So, they decide they would replace that charcoal canister filter that I had been asking about in my earlier posts. ( real hit or miss strategy, huh?) In the process of disconnecting hoses, they said they noticed an abnormal "back-up" of gasoline in a hose down there and report back that they are POSITIVE some valve is the culprit. They ask if I ever top off my tank, and when I told them I absolutely never had done so once, they were even more sure they found the culprit. Apparently, this valve is some type of shutter valve associated with the gas tank and some sort overflow? when people top off. Since, I don't top off, they knew that the valve had failed, leading to the back-up in this hose. So, they put the canister filter back on and ordered this valve. It is supposed to come in today, so YES, I will be going back in for my 5th trip today or tomorrow! IF this repair is successful, then I will report back with the exact part # and description of what went wrong with the original valve on a brand new vehicle. I don't quite understand yet what this valve is or what role it plays, but don't feel like researching it yet if it does not solve the problem. But, if it does, I WILL ask why it is that the original failed so that others can avoid the BS I've been through. Maybe a flook with a 1 in a million defective original valve? Perhaps this is the case . . . because none of you out there seem to be reporting back that you have ever had this problem with your late model Pathfinders. (usually this light seems to be caused by a bad O2 sensor . . . a "standard" problem I have of course even had with my Hondas). Fingers and toes are crossed.

    My satisfaction though with my purchase has only dropped from 100% to say 98%, so potential purchasers don't be mistaken. I know I would be shooting myself if I had bought that more expensive Runner and then had to agonize (as I am apt to do) over paint problems, hitch difficulty, rear windshield wiper missing glass problems, etc. with a first-year model that exist over there. I think those things would cause me more grief and remorse than these 5 trips for what is hopefully a fluke . . . but we shall see, right!?! ;>>
  • I took my 02 Pathfinder in to the dealer. He fixed my vibration in the roof rack. Sure is a lot quieter now. There is a Tech bulletin on it.
  • sngpathsngpath Posts: 1
    I have a 1990 Pathfinder that has been unable to past smog. I appears that there is too much fuel getting into the Catalectic Converter. The Catalectic Converter was replaced within the last month. Looking for suggestions for solutions to the problem.
  • My 2002 LE beeps as well. The service manager said it was the smart module and he replaced it, yet the thing still beeps. Have you had any luck?
  • deebardacdeebardac Posts: 23
    At 42000 miles it still beeps occasionally. As we live 130 miles from our dealer we do not meet very often, I guess we just gave up, The vehicle is behaving beautifully so I just put the beep down to a friendly comment agreeing to what fun it is to drive. Anyway it does not appear to portend any disaster...yet.
  • boatman7boatman7 Posts: 7
    I just had 2 "UA's" with my 2003 Pathfinder. One while braking at a red light and the other after starting the truck up and putting it into gear.
    It really freaked me out. Seems the brake pedal is too close to the gas pedal and it also drops below the gas pedal when applied. I don't like this set up and will take it up with my dealer.
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    Status Report: Well, this little "problem" is slowly escalating into a nightmare (explains my silence lately; been busy with all my demand letters to Nissan corporate!).

    Yes, last Wednesday, the new gas tank / valve part came in and they did the repair (as you know from my previous posts, this was the fourth attempt and fifth trip to the dealer!). Believe it or not, the repair involved replacing the entire gas tank with a new one because this alleged defective fuel gag valve is integrated into the tank design.

    Remember now, they swore this was the source and would solve the "service engine soon" light problem . . . . yet the very next day it came back on again! :< To add insult to injury, both of the sunroof buttons would not work properly just prior to the light coming on. This sunroof problem only occurred for a brief period, so there is no way I can repeat it for the dealer, but basically the one-touch open button only made it tilt, and the tilt button only caused it to open in 2" intervals with each push of the button. Aargh . . . strange . . .unbelievable. [P.S. When I discovered this sunroof behavior, it was about 30 seconds later that the "service engine soon" light went on . . . hmmmmmmm???]

    So where are we? Believe it or not: LEMON LAW time. Yep. I purchased my vehicle last October 7 and now, approximately five months after purchase, I am having all this trouble with the malfunction indicator lamp (i.e., "service engine soon" light). So, I took the vehicle to Nissan service on March 24, March 31, April 7, April 14, and April 28 to have it corrected, but to date, the dealer has failed. As I said above, this dealership has attempted to repair this nonconformity four times (five visits total). I have kept a summary of details and notes that I have compiled describing each of my five visits to the dealership during the months of March and April, and I may eventually post it here. But basically, under VA Lemon Law (other states somewhat similar), if a nonconformity significantly impairs the use, market value, or safety of a vehicle, and has been subject to repair three or more times by a Nissan dealership and the same nonconformity continues to exist, then you can send Nissan Consumer Affairs a letter serving as notice of their final opportunity to correct or repair the nonconformity. Unless they are able to correct the nonconformity within 15 days of the receipt of this letter, then you can request that they accept return of the vehicle and refund the full purchase price under the provisions of the Virginia Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act. In addition, pursuant the statute, you can request that they refund all collateral charges and incidental damages (in my case, $1,300 of aftermarket accessories better be refunded!). You can also get compensation for mileage, expenses, and reasonable loss of use necessitated by the attempts to conform the vehicle to the express warranty. If you don't like what they offer, you can sue and get attorney's fees and courts costs.

    Basically, I had no idea that my vehicle was legally a LEMON until I read the statute and talked to others, including a friend who is a lemon law attorney. But, I am sure glad it does qualify (score one for the consumer), because the frustration that this is causing is at the point where you lose confidence in the vehicle (and/or the Nissan service dept.). Hey WT, maybe I should have bought that 4Runner after all! . . . but I am trying to keep perspective here. I will report here everything that happens so that you all have some idea of how Nissan treats their customers in these situations. I hope it is as good as the manual states, but I have now had more trips to the Nissan dealer for this problem with this, my first new vehicle, then I ever had with the three used Hondas of the past!

    Did Consumer Reports miss something here? :/ Even if they can fix this, how do I keep the faith (as I've put it to others) once the statutory period for Lemon Law expires (18 months) and the standard warranty ends at 3 years??? Could you imagine having this thing occur during the rest of the vehicle's life and actually having to pay to fix it?? And the temporary sunroof thing really does a number to you - has anyone had this happen during an initial operation after the dealer has had to disconnect the battery (to install the new gas tank)?

    All comments, feedback, and questions welcomed.
  • Hello Mjohnr99,

    Its really sad to read your post. You were so satisfied of your purchase and you even helped me keep the faith when I experienced doubts about my choice.

    So far I've been luckier than you (I'm touching wood here...). Aside from my poor radio reception problem (minor...) the ride has been very smooth so far and smoother than when I got my 4Runner (remember that I had been to the dealer over 5 times to get an issue fixed too when the 4Runner was brand new...)

    Judging by some of the problems you've described maybe it is an electrical problem afterall. Maybe that the onboard CPU fails to receive some data because of this and then triggers the "service light" because it is not sure was is going on.....

    Anyway, I wish you all the luck possible to get that issue resolved to your satisfaction.

    If you plan to change, I just hope you'll be able to drag this long enough to be able to pickup a 2004 4Runner with all the "new model" issues fixed.

  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    I think the 4Runner comment was a little tongue-in-cheek, as yes, the first year issues would be killing me as well. But, I still feel like I am on the ropes of patience here with Nissan. As you know, one of THE MOST IMPORTANT issues for me throughout the 4Runner search and then defection to Nissan was reliability and staying out of the shop for even the littlest annoyance - I was so spoiled by Honda that I sought out another Japanese vehicle that I thought would be on par with Honda, Toyota's Runner, etc. This, unfortunately has gone beyond little annoyance into BIG PAIN . . . they are tearing apart my original vehicle for repairs that are obviously not the source. :< (I don't ever like the idea of people tinkering with things as they originally came from the factory. Now I have an entirely different gas tank . . .). Since, no one else has chimed in about a "service engine soon" light that they couldn't get fixed on a 5 month old vehicle after 5 visits to the dealer, I have to think this is a flook and maybe I did get a Lemon. Before I would want them to tear out the CPU, I would want them to live up to the statute so I could start from scratch (if they were really nice, they'd give me something for all this hassle, but I know that's dreamin'). I am trying to keep perspective, the jury is still out, and am I still hoping they will be able to fix this with some sort of major dispensation now that I have a vehicle that received unneccesary repairs and will always wonder whether that light will come on past the 30K warranty mark. Aaargh. The sunroof thing I don't even want to think about (am I really the only one that has experienced that temporary flook?).

    Well, thanks for your comments WT. I am hanging in there and trying my best to look on the bright side. But, even the best of us can succumb to that feeling "never to buy a Nissan again" based on (only) our own one personal experience. [Reminds me of a friend who swore to stick to Japanese and never to buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee again after a zillion trips to the shop in 3 years of ownership.] But, still keeping the faith here (after all I have been through, the irony of this happening to me at least gives me a good laugh). In the end, hopefully others will benefit by knowing how Nissan handles such a situation with me in case they ever have to deal with corporate . . . I'll keep you posted.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Been off the site for a few months, and just got back (with a slightly different user name for now - I was Pathstar). Just got back from a trip from Edmonton Alberta to Courtney BC (on Vancouver Island). If you read through the message base you will see I also had the dreaded "service engine soon" light - and it turned out to be two O2 sensors. Other than that, my 2001 LE has never been to the dealer (and they don't like that). I do all my own servicing (lubing and checking things). After this last trip to the coast, I'm still very happy with this vehicle. The power is amazing, and the fuel economy is not too bad - burned 14 l/100 km on worst tanks and 11.2 on best tanks - the best mileage was on hwy 99 from Lilooet to Courtney (and on the return trip). Very steep hills etc. in heavy mountainous terrain, but slow (80 km/hr max legal). Worst tank was faily level (in Alberta) but fast at 110 km/hr max legal. I use 92 octane 10% ethenol fuel (Mohawk).
    How happy was I when driving? On the end of the first day (I like to stay in Lilooet) appoaching my overnight stay, I had it off cruse and was just driving a "comfortable" speed, not paying too much attention to the speedo/GPS on 99 (legal limit was 80 km/hr - 50 MPH) as it was the end of the day and I was getting tired. I got "bleeped" by an RCMP moving instant on radar, and when I looked down I was doing 110 km/hr (cringe) on a wonderful winding road. In a 4300 lb SUV! BTW, I didn't get stopped, though I and the two vehicles following were very nervous all the way to Lilooet (and slowed down). Appearantly we were not stopped because we were wearing our seatbelts (April was seatbelt month in BC). Go figure.
    Not to recommend speeding or anything, which I rairly do anyway, it was just so comfortable at that speed and I was enjoying taking the corners.

    David - record still clean (knock on wood)
  • pauloscar1pauloscar1 Posts: 2
    The beep was corrected by replacing the radio. It seems to be fine.
  • texamau1texamau1 Posts: 42
    Does any one know how to re wire the foglights so it can be use with the parking lights only (instead the low beam)?
  • wcrolandwcroland Posts: 26
    I have a 2003 LE and I think my sunroof has a problem, dealer says no, and haven't had time to look on the lot and try out. When you push the slide for the sunroof to open, it opens up like you hit the venting switch, closes, then goes back, it does the reverse when you want to close it. I don't remember my 2001 doing this? Can anyone verify how their 2001 and 2003 work?
  • My 2003 Le does that too.

    I tought it was strange. Maybe there is a good explanation..

    Anyone ?
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    What the last two posts describe I think is perfectly normal behavior. Mine has always done that "up and down" before sliding back to open or forward to close; same with those on the test lot. It seems consistent with the manual and doesn't cause any inconvenience. Basically, I think it is a non-issue and just how it operates on the sun roof track.

    What IS strange, however, is the temporary problem I had where the one-touch open and the tilt buttons were "switched." I never experienced it until they disconnected the battery to replace the gas tank (see description in post #656 above). In my post above, I describe how the buttons temporarily kind of "reversed functions." It only happened that once and has not happened again. A friend of mine who test drove one of these kinda' remembers this also happening to him on the dealer lot back in October, but not sure. Hopefully, I will get some sort of answer from Nissan on this in connection with my service engine soon light problems.

    Have any of you with 01s or 02s experienced this temporary reversing of the buttons? Maybe after a battery disconnection?

    P.S. Was going to update all on status of Lemon Law stuff, but out of time; basically, turning lemons into lemonade . . . and you Nissan owners will be pleased to hear of my treatment by Nissan Consumer Affairs and Nissan Arbitration . . . at least so far. :> Very encouraging. [I can tell you though, if I did not know the issues, do the research, written the letters with pages of attachments documenting everything, etc., etc. then I do wonder if everyone would be where I am. But, then again, it pays to do your homework and then let the facts and law speak for themselves.] I will update shortly.

    For now, anyone following lemon law issues and wondering whether you need to be an attorney to tackle them (you don't!) should send a blank E-mail to with the words "Lemon Law Document Request" in the subject line. You will receive a terrific document in a reply E-mail from an Edmunds user who shows you all the ropes, so to speak. Hats off to Edmunds, as I found this info in a very old post somewhere here on the Town Hall!
  • twelsh140twelsh140 Posts: 7
    I have a 2003 Pathfinder LE which takes for ever to cool. Local dealer has been great since I have purchased 3 pathfinders to date. The gas and all sensors are normal. Dealer has indicated its the number one problem with the new nissans any suggestions.

    2. As for poor window performance when cold my dealer replaced the window gaskets they worked perfect.
  • acmeacme Posts: 1
    Re: to msg 561
    According to Discount tire Co. , Nissan doesn't make the hub ring that fit the rim of 2001 SE , therefore it difficult to balance the wheel even if doing road force balance on Hunter 9700 machine.
    Is it true, any one here having luck getting the shimmy and vibration issue resolve ?
  • I am getting about 14 miles to the gallon on my 1995 Pathfinder XE 2 wheel drive. I drive mostly in the city. It is supposed to get around 15. My tires are inflated to about 36 PSI. I know that is a little hight. Could that be contributing to the poor mileage? Does anyone know how I can improve my gas mileage?
  • sonardudesonardude Posts: 12
    I've had my 01 PF for 2 1/2 yrs and only use the CD player on trips. Tried to load the first CD and didn't get the green lights and subsequently got an "Err2" message. When I got home, I pulled the fuse to see if it would reset and that didn't help. Anyway, the dealer said that the changer has to be sent to Clarion at a cost of $300-$350. The PF has 38K miles on it, so Nissan won't cover it (like the mileage has anything to do with this problem). Anyone have any experience or suggestions with this?
  • rhymerguyrhymerguy Posts: 1
    Just bought a 2003 Nissan Pathfinder LE(floor demo) on July 2. It had about 6000 miles on it. About five min after I drove it out of the lot, the Service Engine Soon light came on and I brought it back to the dealer twice on July 3. They ran the diagnostic check and got a small emission leak (?) code which they attributed to the gas cap not being securely fastened when they detailed the car for me. The reset the indicator, I took the car out and 5 minutes later the light came on again.

    I turned right around and went back to the dealership and after meeting with the service manager and sales manager, will be dropping my car off on Monday July 7 for them to run a more thorough emissions diagnostic. They believe that there may be a pinhole sized leak somewhere and will be performing some sort of smoke test (?). I am hopeful that they will be able to correct the problem.

    I have been following mjohnr99's posts regarding his woes and appreciate the information regarding the lemon law statute. Obviously, I would prefer for them to offer to exchange the vehicle, but since it was a floor model, I believe this is unlikely.

    I'll be happy to keep every here posted with my experience with both the dealer and Nissan if this issue escalates any further.
  • tcb6tcb6 Posts: 1
    Replaced the two front sway bar links -this stopped a clucking sound when the Pathfinder swayed over bumps. Have a new sound-low cluck when the breaks are applied and just prior to a complete stop. Not consistent!
    Think I can feel the cluck through the break petal-breaks, rear links ???

    Any ideas?
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    Well, I guess enough time has passed, plus now Rhymerguy&#146;s post, that I should update the board on the SUCCESSFUL outcome and resolution of my &#147;service engine soon&#148; light situation. Strap on your helmets; this is a long post. :(

    Short answer: charcoal canister filter had a hairline crack (as I had asked them to check from Day 1!!!!!! (see my prior posts)), the new canister has completely removed problem, temporary sunroof operation was a non-issue, and in exchange for my hard Lemon Law work, I now own the top of the line, longest length, gold-preferred premium Nissan policies: 1) 100000 mile, no-deductible, extended warranty/service contract, and 2) 75000 mile scheduled maintenance service contract (oil changes every 3K, rental cars, the works). Yes, I am very satisfied with Nissan&#146;s treatment once I issued my demand letter with a draft Lemon Law Notice attached. I AM back to being a &#147;happy camper,&#148; and although I could have gone for more (a few months car payments, etc.), I decided these two policies that I negotiated were a fair outcome, given the problem was a &#147;service engine soon&#148; light and not something like some have experienced with transmissions, engines, etc. on some American models. These policies don&#146;t cost Nissan much from a company perspective, but their retail value is in the $ thousands $ (e.g., a 30K mile service at the premium level runs $550! What a rip!) &#150; so, I&#146;ll take them and go back to enjoying my new PF. Overall, I give Nissan an A for the professionalism and absolutely perfect follow-up that Nissan Arbitration displayed. If they are always like this, then I know why NSANY (Nissan&#146;s stock symbol) has jumped from the mid teens to 21 overnight. The key, as I said in an earlier post, is to arm yourself with the facts and information, document everything, do it in writing, and make clear demands. You do NOT need to be a lawyer; an on-the-ball consumer should be able to do the same. I will admit that Nissan Consumer Affairs didn&#146;t particularly impress me, as it wasn&#146;t until the demand letter writing stage with numerous attachments, receipts, etc. that things got moving with them and they started to pay attention. In the end, Nissan Corporate made good and made me whole and did the best under the circumstances given the fact that they had a service center that regrettably missed something that they maybe should have caught early on. Rhymerguy, you need to read on and consider your options; the fact that it was a demo is probably IRRELEVANT.
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    I just read your post, Rhymerguy. PLEASE take the time to check into your state&#146;s lemon law. There are TONS of web sites that have links to all the laws. It is not just the first owner of a vehicle, but usually any subsequent owner if the vehicle is still in the statutory period. This stuff is really not THAT complicated. Read the statute; see if you fall in or out. These are some of the most &#147;consumer protective&#148; laws around. If you are in, it is amazing what you can recover under the statute (lost use, all your aftermarket accessories, attorney&#146;s fees, mileage, etc.) for even the slightest problem like a check engine light (all it has to do is technically affect the value of the vehicle). Even if you are out of the statute, but say within your warranty period, there is enough ammo at these websites such that you could assemble your own demand letter based on another state/federal law (warranty, fraud, breach of contract, etc.). By getting the info, and putting it in writing, and making your demands, it will be much easier to negotiate from a position of strength. So, Rhymerguy, go check this stuff out!
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