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Nissan Pathfinder Maintenance and Repair



  • Rather than having to go through the usual state inspection process, NJ allows the selling (new cars only, not used) dealer to certify that the car meets inspection standards. The sticker is valid for 4 years. I don't beleive that dealers in neighboring states are authorized to participate in the program. I'm fairly certain that if you buy a new car from an out of state dealer, when you register it in NJ you are required to have it inspected, even if it's brand new.
  • dlb1dlb1 Posts: 1
    2003 6cyl Pathfinder w/4 wheel drive. After starting and putting in drive, when I stepped on the gas pedal there was no response. The engine did not rev up the car was moving forward but at idle speed. I tried all different forward/reverse, 4 wheel, etc re-started the engine, the engine is running fine but no response stepping on the gas! Had vehicle towed and the next day the vehicle is running perfectly. The day before this happened the service engine soon lite came on (and is still on)
    Thanks for your help! :sick:
  • It seems to appear in a lot of older models. Have wrapped the jack in foam, wedged the spare latch under the bumper, but it's just there ?? as you have done, been to shop many times, they are baffled. Note, I have a nissan pickup also, which clunks when turning corners, nothing found when up on hoist, guees they are haunted
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    Sounds like the throttle cable linkage or something in the throttle body could be broken. I don't see how having it towed (but not repaired) would have solved the problem.

    Have the Service Engine Soon (MIL) computer code read by a local Autozone or Advance Auto Parts. It could also be the throttle position sensor.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    I wonder if the exhaust is hitting something. They do move around a bit.
  • rs4rs4 Posts: 25
    I have the same issue. It was diagonzed to be the pivot of the Parking brakes. This part is under the truck. The dealer had fixed it for me I'm still getting it. Need to take it again
  • Hey, saw your message. I have an 03 pathfinder SE, had the exact same problem. Went in to Nissan service they reset the computer, did some diagnostics and it worked. Next morning went out, same problem. Had to have it towed to the Dealer.

    In short, the problem was the electronic throttle and it had to be replaced. I was out of warranty and for some reason (to avoid a recall?) they paid for a rental car for me for a week, did the repair free of charge and paid the towing bill.

    Make sure you get it fixed properly. There appears to be no quick fix and it will leave you stranded somewhere if it is not repaired properly. Also, depending on your warranty status, if you raise the issue you should be able to get it fixed free of charge. They did that for me and I was expecting to pay for the repair.

    Good luck.
  • hey guys my sister pathfinder suddenly wont cranck up it has 5000mileage and it has this weird icon an OIL PAN WITH 80 temp number ! what is it ?

    plz help

  • tmeeks; went back a 3 rd time . this time they changed the air plenium intake valve. that was not it either. fourth time tomorrow... regional rep. is going to call the dealer 9/10/2005. bbb auto line is my next step.
  • thotthot Posts: 1
    My boyfriend said when he drives specially on the highway, it feels like his 1998 Nissan Pathfinder SE is not accelerating properly. The speedometer says he's going 65 mph but it feels like he's car is much slower than that. Does anyone know what's wrong with his vehicle?
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    Maybe it needs a tune-up? He can verify the speedometer accuracy with either a GPS receiver or by checking against another known-good speedometer (ie. another car pacing his vehicle).
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    Only 5000 miles? Have it towed to the dealer for a warranty repair.
  • I have an 02 Pathy SE that I recently purchased. I love it and when I first purchased I swear this problem was not occurring. When crossing over cracks in the interstate or lines in the road I hear a very low rumble coming from under the Pathy in the back. It almost sounds like the spare tire is loose because the noise is very rubbery, like a very deep "boing". Have checked the spare and it doesn't move at all. I notice this more when going faster or carrying more people, especially in the back. The Pathy drives and steers tight, and the suspension seems to be fine. I've been under the SUV and I don't see anything out of place.

    This is my first time with a Unibody vehicle and I'm wondering it I am just a little more sensitve to the typical noises associated with this style of frame. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.
  • I noticed on our long trip(1200mi) last year that our 01 pathfinder started using oil. I have 53K mi on it and it had not shown any usage up till that time. Now every long trip we make out west I can count on adding a quart of oil. I have used Mobil1 5w-30 since we put 3K miles on the pathfinder . I know the synth oil makes a 10-12% improvement in gas milage, and lets the engine run cooler. I don't understand the usage. I've used synth in all my cars since it first came out. I never had any of the other cars "use" oil like this though.
  • you are probably leaking oil through your head gaskets. Synthetic is thinner than regular oil
    and this could be the cause. try searching some of the dedicated nissan forums.
  • Hi,
    I also have a 2005 pathfinder SE with a rattle coming from the passenger side. I posted in the regular nissan pathfinder forum & two other people replied with the same problem. While my dealer has been unable to fix the rattle, they said their dealers diagnosed the problem by using a special microphone system which localized the rattle to a point where the firewall meets up with two other panels. The went on to say that the only way to get at the rattle (according to the dealer) would be to drill open the welds. Both are refusing this d/t safety concerns. They said there are nissan engineers working on the problem. As for me, I still have this terribly annoying rattle which comes from the passenger side (sounds like a tapping noise) it gets worse the longer you drive the truck. Strangely, it is absent until you have driven for about 15-20 minutes. After this I also have the added bonus of a constant squeaking noise coming from somewhere under the front of the truck. After my third visit to the dealer (who has been very friendly so far) a tech rode with me and heard both noises but could offer no suggestions as to what might be causing them.. I have yet another appointment next week. Will keep you posted. Good luck!
  • Engine service light burning steady. Code reads 1140. Will not reset. 2001 SE Pathfinder, 45k miles, runs fine. Gas cap seated properly.
    Request advice.
  • Hi

    You can access Pathy Technical Service Bulletins for free at this site:

    I believe there is a TSB for 02's on "bottoming out". You may want to have a look at it.

    Good luck
  • My daughter's car has had the same experience...occasionally a very big blast of smoke comes out when it's started...can't pinpoint when it's going to happen...besides that the car runs well. Dealer tested it, couldn't find anything wrong. Of course, while it was there, the car started like a charm.
  • Your left bank intake timing sensor has failed, a common problem with this vehicle. But it should be covered under the 80K mile emissions warranty.
  • Have a 1994 Pathfinder SE. It idles at around 500rpms which is much less than it used to. What's worse is when I start it, it jumps up to 1000rpms but when it tries to settle back into it's idle it dies. So when I start it, I have to mash the accelerator a bit and slowly let off to idle speed. Also, it stalls slighlty when I press the gas to go at a green light and sometimes when I run the AC and pull up to a red light, it dies. Could this simply be an idle problem? Thanks.
  • I have a rattle that seems to be coming from under the dash, sounds sort of metallic. Haven't been able to pinpoint it. I also have a rattling drivers side window when it is down to about halfway. Annoying though i am waiting to take it to the dealer for it's first oil change. Be happy you didn't have my problem, i had rain coming into my PAthfinder and they couldn't find the leak for 6 days!!! I had the car for 5 days, they had it for 6. At least that got fixed but what a pain in the [non-permissible content removed].
  • This is common in alot of cars, it sounds like a low bass wind bufffeting. It is not really a problmem, it is just the wind coming in one window at a high rate of speed, and having no where to go so the pressure builds up and it "buffets" against the interior of the vehicle. Opening another window, or popping up the sunrood should help.
  • please help b4 warranty expires - Prob starting my 02 path


    my pathfinder wen i start it sometimes hesitates for 2-3 seconds before it finally kicks in and starts up, it sounds like its trying to crank during those 2-3 seconds

    but this only happens 4 out of 10 times , its been hot out here in NY so its nothing to do with cold, my warranty is going to expire in 15 days and the stupid nissan service guys said they cant find nothing wrong with car, i think they just saying that to make me wait till it gets worse n loose out on my warranty , i just bought the truck n dont know bout its past history, bought it from a nissan dealer , now it has 40k

    please if anyone could help me out i would appreciate it , thanks
  • jgeojgeo Posts: 1
    when headlights are turned on, the brake and bettery warning lights come on. What is the cause?
  • I beleive it is the O2 sensor. It should be covered by the warranty
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    The brake and battery warning lights are tied into the alternator charge circuit. Your alternator is dying. It can't supply sufficient current to both charge the battery and light the headlamps.
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    Check this link for help on code P0171.
  • while I am accelerating, even when I am on the highway, the truck just completely looses power and the engine stalls. I look at the RPM gauge and the needle is just dropping down then the dashboard lights come on and the car is off. I just had the distributer changed , the spark plugs , and the computer. Please help me it is still happening. :sick:
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