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Nissan Pathfinder Maintenance and Repair



  • iluvmy01iluvmy01 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info. my dealer is trying to charge me 261.45 for these repairs, I will check with another dealer in the area before having them done. Also thanks for the explanation.
  • cindym3cindym3 Posts: 2
    I'm having to fork out $500+ to replace my 2 intake sensors at a Houston Nissan dealership!! I can't get my '02 Pathfinder inspected until the SES light stays off. I think Nissan has the sensors set so sensitive that the slightest build up causes them to default - what a money maker for Nissan !!!
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    I will have to agree with that. I too have SES lights come on occasionally and then go off by themselves.
  • sheena4uksheena4uk Posts: 2
    I have 53,000K on my '01 Pathfinder. I live in Virginia Beach VA - made an appt. at the dealer (Hall Nissan) for this past Friday - ended up getting a suggestion from yahoo groups site to take it into Advanced Auto for a FREE diagnostic test. This is where I found out the Code. It states P1145, Fuel Metering. The Advanced Auto tech reset the SES light and I went on my way. Cancelled the appt for the SES light at the dealer but still had to get the state inspection - they call it a "free" state inspection, but since the Pathy has been out of warranty - they ALWAYS seem to find "something" to make the "free" state in inspection not so free. Last time it was the tires - THIS TIME - belts. Said my belts were cracked. I find that hard to believe and should have ask them if I could see them, shame on me. Anyway, $170 later I obtained my "free" state inspection, with replacement belts.
    The SES light has not came back on and unless it does, I'm not too worried about it. Refuse to take it back to the Nissan Dealer - feel that the minute I walk in there they're out to get me.
  • sheena4uksheena4uk Posts: 2
    I had the ERR2 code about 1 month ago. Found a place on the internet Excellent customer service, had my CD player back in my Pathy within 2 weeks. $225. The dealer couldn't even give me an estimate! Did you fix your's yourself? If so, how did you fix it?
  • truck runs great for the most part but started havin intermitent problem after installing new Air Iduction Valve (filter) was puffin moisture out the tail, now puffin black...could it be just the o2 sensor or AIV.Help. when the truck is running good it is running good...when its bad, stalls out and cant afford to just dump the gas through...( oh ya not oil problem, can smell the richness of unburnt fuel.) Need some insight on Air Induction Valve...
    thx, need the help
  • smithmiscsmithmisc Posts: 2
    I have an '02 Pathfinder with 20,000 miles. Sometimes when I put the key in, it won't turn at all, it's like the car isn't recognizing the key or something. If I keep putting the key in and out for a few minutes, eventually the car recognizes the key and it starts without any problems. This happens maybe 1 in every 20 times I start the car and happens when the car is parked on flat terrain as well as steep terrain. I think there is something wrong with the connection between the programmed key and the starting mechanism. Thanks for the help.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    I just checked the "ESM" (Electronic Service Manual). As I suspected, even without key recognition, the engine should crank. The computer just will not fire the fuel injectors (Vehicle Immobilizer).

    If your Path. is a manual, check the clutch switch. The clutch pedal must be all the way down and activate the switch to supply ground to the ignition switch before the starter will engage.

    If your Path. is an automatic, check the "Neutral/Park" switch. It must supply ground to the ignition switch for the starter to engage.
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    With the key removed, the steering column will lock, but only at certain locations. The ignition cylinder will physically not rotate if there's too much tension preventing it from moving. Wiggling the steering wheel back and forth while turning the key usually gets it done.

    Try it yourself. Turn off the truck and remove the key. Now, turn the steering wheel by hand (it will be really hard) until it locks. It could take up to 1/2-turn of the wheel. Feel how much tension there is against the locking mechanism?

    Now insert the key and try to start the truck. It won't budge, right? Turn the steering wheel to release the tension on the igniton lockout and the key turns easily!
  • atuttleatuttle Posts: 1
    I found this old complaint (#367) about the powerdown windows. Mine does the same thing. Driver's side rolls up then comes back down about 1/4 of the way. Nissan has fixed it twice only to have it return again. Any others with this problem or a solution? Thanks.
  • Can anyone send part of their service manual that tells how to change the coolant in a 2001 Pathfinder. I am having problems finding the two engine drain plugs and I am about to go on a trip. Thanks much for any help.
  • Thanks to pathstar1 and xplorx4 for the helpful tips!
  • caleb2caleb2 Posts: 3
  • see a recent issue of popular mechanics magazine. they did a story on frozen spark plugs.
  • 96trk96trk Posts: 2
    PROBLEM SOLVED! I removed the heat shield on the exhaust, and the manifold was cracked. The O2 sensor was trying to over compensate for the air being drawn into the crack, so once it was hot, it ran lousy and blew blake smoke like crazy.
    Hope this helps someone else too.
  • Anyone had this problem with the Bose 6 disc changer?
    When I turn my Pathfinder off while playing a CD, the CD will continue to play. No sound comes out because the stereo/tuner is off, but it will continue to run (and change to the next CD when in "all" mode). Noticed this the other day when I got in my car and the CD I was just listening to had advanced to a later song. When I turn the car back on, I have to turn the stereo off and then back on to get the sound back. Obviously the CD player is getting power when it shouldn't be. When I turn the stereo off before shutting down the car or turn the car off in AM/FM mode, the disc number lights will stay on, but the CD won't continue to play.
    Any help/guidance would be appreciated. I just had this refurbished/rebuilt a few months back, and it is covered under warranty, but I wanted to see if there was something obvious I am missing before I have to pull it out and be without if for a few weeks...
  • dmonizdmoniz Posts: 15
    Hi John,

    I just bought this same vehicle for my son and had the same problem. Even though it drove fine from the dealership I bought it from in RI, I took it to my own mechanic in Mass. He found the timing was off by 10 degrees. No idea how that happened since it was fine all the time I test drove it and for a week or two after we took delivery. My mechanic also found the tranny was overfilled and drained it down to a normal level. Once again, there were no shifting problems or stalling for the first few weeks. With the timing accurate and the tranny fluid corrected, the truck runs great. Hope this helps.

  • Hi

    I have an 02 Pathy SE with 82K miles that recently began consuming 1-2 qts of oil every 3000 miles. This seems like a lot. Dealer shrugs it off to high mileage. Are other people adding oil between changes and if so, how much?

  • sandra3sandra3 Posts: 2
    95 Path...88K miles...overheated...mechanic replaced water pump and timing belt for $600...when he put coolant back in, he said head gaskets are blown...need new motor and suggested getting one from junk yard...repairs start at $1500...I have 2 small kids on 1 income, and don't have money to spend, so I need to know if I should sell it AS IS, or let it sit in my driveway for 3 months until I can save up enough money. HELP
  • dmonizdmoniz Posts: 15

    My opinion is to sell it as is. If you get a junkyard motor, there's no guarantee that one will be okay and troublefree. If you try to sell it on ebaymotors or through your local paper, I'm sure you'll get offers. Letting it sit for any extended period is not good for it either. That can cause problems.

    Good luck.
  • sandra3sandra3 Posts: 2
    Thank you, dmoniz...i appreciate your advice...I'll check out ebaymotors.
  • 65gto65gto Posts: 1
    Just got a close out on an 04 Pathy, and really love everything about it except the wind noise around the front pillar at speeds above 45. Anyone else have this problem, or is it because I immediately installed window shades (the ones that install over the top of the exterior of the windows) so I could leave the windows cracked open when the car is parked. Never had them cause wind noise on my other rides. Thanks for any feedback.
  • ocbrad1ocbrad1 Posts: 2
    Goat, I've got an '01 SE, and I've got a ton of wind noise around the A pillars. My cruising at 85-90 doesn't help, but I don't have the shades. I would think it is just a design issue. For some reason I remember reading tests from the car mags from back in 01 when the 3.5 was introduced, where the writers noted wind noise. I know yours is fairly new, but be sure to check the window seals for wear and tear.
  • ocbrad1ocbrad1 Posts: 2
    My second post here. I've got a 2001 SE 3.5 2wd with the 5mt. I love the vehicle, it hauls :) , handles very well for an SUV :D , and has an outstanding interior :shades: . My problem is clutch life. I just rolled past 130,000 miles, and I'm looking at having to put a new clutch in AGAIN! I did the clutch at 75k, and it's starting to slip again. I've been driving sticks since I was 16 (I'm 34 now), and I've never had a problem like this. My other clutches (Mazda 626 Turbo, Honda Civic, Acura Integra) have all gone past 100k. My Pathie's life (unfortunately) has been mostly freeway, and early I had to deal with LA/OC stop and go. Shortly after replacing the clutch the first time, though, I moved from OC to San Diego and my commute is much smoother. Still a load of freeway, but very little stop and go. Has anybody else out there noticed extreme clutch wear? Next vehicle will be automatic (drove an '05 LE...sweeeeet), but I'm too upside down due to mileage to swap out at this time. The clutch has to happen...I'm just wondering if 65k-75k is an appropriate clutch life on a Pathie. Thanks.

    2nd question, I'm thinking about adding Sirius (gotta get Howard Stern for the GF), but I've heard rumors that Sirius' west coast coverage is kind of spotty. Anybody from metro So Cal that can confirm or deny? Thanks again.
  • autumnbautumnb Posts: 3
    Oh my gosh! We have just been through a nightmare with our '01 LE Pathfinder. The speedometer began working sporadically so my husband took in to the dealer we purchased from. They said it would cost $900 to replace the whole gauge unit. He then took it to an experienced Nissan mechanic who ran diagnostics and said the same thing so we let him do it. No sooner did we drive off the lot when it stopped working again. The mechanic contacted his old buddies at Nissan and they decided it was a sensor problem. Then they said the car had no sensor. Then they said there was a short in the wiring harness. Then the mechanic decided it was bigger than him so he just took the car to his former Nissan dealership and left it there. They decided that the car DID have a bad sensor and ordered a new one but received the wrong part and had to reorder. Another $1200 and 23 days later I have my car back. I am beside myself. We cannot get the money back for the original part because we didn't go through an authorized Nissan dealer. Now that I look around, I'm wondering if this shouldn't be a recall item. Please, anyone else that has had this problem, speak up!!
  • autumnbautumnb Posts: 3
    See my message #1613. Good luck.
  • autumnbautumnb Posts: 3
    See my message #1613. Good luck.
  • ftdftd Posts: 2
    What is considered the right and left sides when replacing O2 sensors? I have Googled and searched and read through tons of forums, yet I can not find this explained. Either I just missed the explaination somewhere, or I am not searching well enough.

    Having read through this forum, I figure I probably have a bad sensor. MIL light was on, I had it cleared, I refuled, put some Techron concentrate in, but the light came back on in about 7 startups. Autozone read the codes stored in my ECM to be P0158 and P0159, both for rear O2 sensor (Sensor 2 Bank 2). But is that right or left when it comes to ordering a replacement? I would definitely like to replace the sensor my self to reduce the cost, and then see if I can have the dealer reprogram the ECM under the 80,000 Mi warranty.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  • toad517toad517 Posts: 2
    I'm towing a 3200lb boat and have severe sag at the back of the vehicle (to the point of being very dangerous). The tongue weight is fine and the 3200lbs is the total weight of the boat and trailer. I was told that a product called Timbren will solve this problem and was wondering if anyone out there has experience with this product or if they have any other suggestions.
  • tsheptshep Posts: 2
    I too have been adding oil and am not happy about that. I have a 02 with 63 K on it, I started adding oil between charges around 35K. I called two dealers, one said that because the VQ engine is an overhead cam, the oil stays on top of the engine. The other dealer had no clue, and wanted to do a leak down test. I use Mobil 1 5w-30 and I add about a quart every four to five weeks.
    Would be interesting to see if other Nissan cars/trucks using this same engine are having the same issues.
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