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Nissan Pathfinder Maintenance and Repair



  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    Swap a known good bulb with the suspected "bad" bulb"
     If the good bulb does not function in the "bad" socket, then there's a problem with the socket or the wiring. If the good bulb works properly, then the problem is the bulb. Plug the "bad" bulb into the known good socket to verify.
  • markxpmarkxp Posts: 4
    mikej: My clock does the same thing. It will luminate sometimes, then goes blank. I have the same vehicle as you, 2001 LE. It is really annoying. It seems to be off more than on now. It will stay off for weeks and then reappear for a few days, then off again. I talked to my dealer and they said the only fix would be a new clock for over $200.
  • My 2001 Pathfinder LE (47K) now has the dreaded ERR2 problem with the Clarion 6 Disc CD Changer. I called the dealership and they want >$500 to fix the problem. Are there any aftermarket CD changers that can work with the Bose head unit by direct connection (not through a modulated FM signal), and do I have to buy a special adapter? Any help on this matter is much appreciated.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Go here for more info. : They can repair the unit and claim the repair sticks. They don't appear to like changing out the unit for a non-stock setup. I have to agree staying stock might be good. On the other hand, some of the newest aftermarket stuff is pretty tempting. It is hard to get "standard" electronics to work properly with the Bose system. Bose puts the amps. at the speakers (a "good thing") and uses very low impedance speakers (also a "good thing"), but both are "non-standard". A proper replacement would require replacing everything (I've done this on an RX-7 Bose system). It can be an expensive alternative, but you can get a much nicer system.
  • I would love to purchase this 01' PathFinder LE @ 108,000Kms listed for $21000 CANADIAN + taxes with one year warranty (not bumper-bumper just engine) to be used for my family. I am very hesitant because of the listed price which sounds too good to be true though (is it?) that I may be making a mistake. If I was to apply the years of depreciations it seems to be just fitting and I am not sure I hope I am right. I will also be able to purchase an extended warranty for 3 yrs/30,000 kms. Right now it is the 108,000 kms mileage it has that bothers me alot. I did some research on 01' PF vehicles all seems to be leaning on the + side. Please HELP!. Much appreciated.
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    I had the cd changer replaced once under warranty with a factory rebuild & one repaired by the place PATHSTAR1 is speaking of. Interestingly though, when I asked them what the chances of it breaking again I was told they can't insure it won't as they replace the entire internal mechanism, but with the same factory parts. They do warranty the changer for one year. Mine was repaired in 11/03 & I haven't had any problems since then.
  • joe233joe233 Posts: 43
    you should try getting a replacement clock from the junkyard if possible. The link in message #1078 shows pics of how to pull out the vent/clock housing. I had to do this to fix my CD changer lockup. I saved $$ by pulling the CD changer my self.
  • My 04'LE 4x4 gives only 11 to 12 miles per gallon
    its less than 5000 miles. Mostly drive in 2WD mode. I do not have a supercharger or turbocharger
    My 01 SE 4x4 consistently gave over 16 city and 19 highway. i had over 80000 miles before i traded in

    Dealer says they cannot diagnose a problem unless Service engine soon light shows up. Is this true?

    what else can i do to check. I also feel more engine noise. Does anyone have similar problems

  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    The exhaust pipe on my '01 PF recently developed a leak where the pipe coming out of the front muffler connects to the pipe going into the rear muffler. The local Nissan dealer quoted me $980 for the repair! Even though the mufflers themselves are in good condition, they told me I had no choice but to replace the mufflers because the mufflers and pipes are each one piece. On top of that they charged me a diagnostic fee of $42.50 to put the truck up on a lift and give me a price! My next stop was at a local Midas Muffler shop where they told me the same thing and quoted a price of $796, and they proposed using a generic rear muffler that would have had the extreme end of the exhaust pipe bending to the side (as in the pre '01 PF's with the 3.3L engine) rather than coming straight out the back as is the case with the '01 to '04 model years, so the installation would not have looked original. At least there was no charge at Midas to give me a price. Finally I went to a local Meineke franchisee that does a lot of custom exhaust fabrication, and his solution was to weld in a 6" long sleeve to replace the rusted ends of each pipe as well as the flange and gasket that connect the pipes. The cost?...$50.00. He told me that the problem is common to many Nissans, not just PF's.
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    My '01 PF is going to need front brakes soon. Has anyone here had new front pads installed on their PF? What was the cost? Did you need to have the rotors turned? Anyone suffer from noisy brakes afterwards? I've heard that if you don't specify OEM Nissan brake pads that some of the aftermarket pads cause squealing brakes. Thanks in advance for your help.
  • Hi I have the same problem with my 98 pathfinder - the only difference is that I notice the smell when I stop the car. It usually comes from outside but sometimes I can smell it inside the car too. If any solutions, please let me know.
  • Hello, I have a 98 Pathfinder SE w/87,000 that has developed an intermittent brake pedal noise. The noise could be described as a tick or a click and occurs almost immediately after my foot touches the brake pedal. It does not happen all the time, maybe once every 7-10 times I use the brake. The noise it makes also changes in tone intermittently. Sometimes it is barely audible and other times it is fairly loud. I cannot tell if the noise is electrical or mechanical. When I hear the noise I'm pretty sure I can feel a very slight vibration on the pedal as well. I cannot reproduce this noise in my garage. It seems to only happen on the road. The noise is definitely inside the cabin and as best I can tell, coming from the brake pedal itself. I have replaced both the brake light switch and cruise cancel switch; both are attached to and activated by the brake pedal. I have also replaced the clevis pin, which attaches the brake booster rod to the pedal. None of the parts fixed the problem. I have also applied grease to all metal-to-metal connections on the pedal. Just prior to this noise starting, one of my boat trailer taillights shorted out and blew the tail light fuse as well as destroyed the tail light converter for the trailer wiring. I have replaced both, everything seems to be working fine now, but the noise persists. I don't know if the problems were related or just a coincidence. I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem and what you did to fix it. Thanks.
  • I found a replacement clock at the junkyard for less than 1/2 the price of a new one. Installation was pretty easy by pulling the vents. I have an 01 LE and I have not experienced any problems with my bose head unit (yet). Thanks!!
  • I recently had my front brakes serviced at 85,000 kms (51,000 miles) New pads were installed and the rotors turned. Rear brakes were fine (75% good). There was no noise afterwards. Routine maintenance. Cost about $400.00 CND
  • I have recently picked up a new '05 PF XE. The other day I noticed my speeds was 80mph but cars was passing me like I was sitting still. I drive this highway all the time and have a pretty good idea how fast people drive and it's typically not more than 80 (too many cops).

    My thought is that since the new PF has some many different options for tires, that maybe the electronic speed sensor(s) are not programmed correctly for my tires. They are OEM though.

    any thoughts?
  • bd70bd70 Posts: 30
    I have an '03 LE which intermittently has a problem during startup. I would describe it as being like someone kicked my firewall as soon as the engine turns over upon startup. Doesn't continue, just happens the one time. Its intermittent and will be hard to reproduce, so undoubtedly its gonna be one of those problems that the stealer says doesn't exist. Anyone know what this is?
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    Windfalls, thanks for responding. Did you have the work done at a Nissan dealer or elsewhere? If elsewhere, any idea if they used Nissan brand pads? Thanks again.
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    bd, I have an '01 PF, and I may have experienced the same thing as you. I chaulked it up to releasing the ignition key from the START position too soon (before the engine was fully started) causing a engine misfire. I'm not at all certain about my diagnosis, but I have found that if I hold the ignition key in the START position a bit longer, it never happens. I would be curious to know if that solves your problem.
  • bd70bd70 Posts: 30
    Seems to make sense. I'll give that a shot and let you know. Thanks.
  • BHLBHL Posts: 4

    I test drove a 2005 Pathfinder SE yesterday. While the salesman was driving at about 60mph, I noticed a faint whistling noise, seems to be coming from the passnger side window. The sales said that noise is caused by the the roof rack. Anyone knows if that is true? Thanks!
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    come from several places. The door windows can leak a bit and whistle (not common these days). On my Pathfinder (2001 LE) the door seals can make faint wind noises. The rear window (hatch window) whistled on some owners - the solution there was new strut brackets. The roof racks can be noisy, depending on design. On the previous models we slid the front cross member back from the sunroof (or forward in my case) to keep the noise it generates out of the cab. I have an Amateur antenna on the roof of my Pathfinder, and it can whistle at certain wind speeds.

    If it's the roof rack I don't think it would be hard to stop the whisling - just change the aspect presented to the wind by adjusting the rack.
  • I just bought a 2005 pathfinder LE 4x4 and I do not heard any noises. I drive mostly highway at 60-70 mph and it is quiet. I have over 500 miles in less than 1.5 weeks. Have had no problems so far!!
  • I have never owned an SUV but have test driven several of them. I have decided on a Pathfinder but don't know whether to buy a new 2004 or a new 2005 LE. Any suggestions or advice?
  • The light pattern on my 2001 LE could be improved with a little tweaking. There appears to be only one adjustment screw and that for the vertical plane. Does anyone know if there is an adjustment for the horizontal plane?
  • bd70bd70 Posts: 30
    I haven't tried out an '05, however I have an '03 LE and love the thing. The '04s should be going out with great deals and they have slight enhancements over the preceding years of the same generation. I'd bet that some of the deals that you can get on a new '04 would make it worthwhile, and possibly make me wish I waited another model year to buy. I suppose it would come down to which body style you prefer and if you need a 3rd row. The new Pathys have a higher MSRP and I would imagine that with a new model and generation, and with some good haggling, you would be paying between invoice and MSRP. The '04 should be going for below invoice though and I believe that there is currently a $3500 rebate on the '04s (check pricing sites such as this one for a price). Good luck and let all of us know what you do and how you like your decision.
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    Why did you decide on the Pathfinder? The 05 is totally redesigned; you'll want to compare the 04 to the 05 to see if the 04 better suits your criteria than the 05.
  • I have the same problem on my 2001 LE. I went to the dealer and they could not find anyting. It sounds like a loose motor mount. I am going back to discuss the issue this Saturday - Nov 20th. I will keep you updated.
  • I just had my 01 LE PE changed in the front from the Nissan Dealer. I had the rotors tunred, which you should always do. I am running into a problem of squeaky brake when I fist drive the car. I am taking it back to the dealer to find out why they are squeaking.
  • bd70bd70 Posts: 30
    I am definitely hoping that is not the case. Sounds like a rape case with labor cost. As you more or less said, the dealer is not going to reproduce the problem and chalk it up to some kind of anomaly. BTW, it doesn't happen every time, and it hasn't happened since my post, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happens the next time I start the engine. Let us know how things go tomorrow.
  • How's the whistling noise? Is it solved? I have the same problem with my 99 Pathfinder. It developed @ around 67K. I have replaced the idler pulley and all the belts, and still the problem persist. If anyone has experienced this problem please post...Thanks!!!
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