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Nissan Pathfinder Maintenance and Repair



  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    I had the same OEM tires on my 01 LE. Comfortable but noisy. They were cracking and had very little wet grip left at 38K miles. Very poor treadwear. I noticed they slightly wore on the outer edges but only on the front tires(maybe due to end of treadlife). If you recently replaced your front struts then you will need an alignment.

    Replaced them with Goodyear Fortera HL edition in higher profile P255/70/16. No alignment needed. Raises the pathy 1". Rides just as comfortable. Little to no road noise from tires on concrete and none on asphalt. Great grip in snow, rain, and dry pavement. Not to mention the awesome aggressive sidewall appearence. Cornering, braking, and acceleration performance very slightly degraded due to larger profile tire(moot point in OEM size 255/65/16). Normal tire wear after 10K miles on them.

    LTXs are good tires also. Did your dealer put your pathy on alignment machine before he told you it was normal?
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    Check the battery if you have the correct amps for the power load of your vehicle. That may effect electrical component operation.

    Buy a used master window switch from a junk yard. They are a lot cheaper. Call for new and used prices. Easy to swap out.

    A/C. Check the condition of your evaporator core. It is under the glove box dash area if I am correct(black box). It is problably dirty and clogged by debris such as leaves. Do you park under trees alot(you shouldn't, leaves and debris fall on AC intake and clogs the system)? Use compressed air to clean out your evap. core and the drain tube that goes to the bottom of your truck. It maybe the drain tube that is clogged and causing water to leak into the cabin.

    Your AC will perform better after this clean out.
    Good luck.
  • bpiazzabpiazza Posts: 5
    Try the fuse under the hood marked taillights. I had same problem and that worked. Bob
  • bpiazzabpiazza Posts: 5
    Any ideas on how to get the Bose radio light back on. ? All other lights are on except the radio light. Not sure what to do. Thanks Bob
  • bpiazzabpiazza Posts: 5
    Does the radio have a separate fuse within itself that would control the light? The radio works but just no light. Thanks
  • newmannewman Posts: 11
    I just brought a 1995 pathfinder xe 4x4 it has some buttons on it that i dont know what it goes to. If somebody knows where i can access a book online about the pathfinder it will help
  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556

    It only goes back to 1996. If 1996 is not a major redesign then it could be very similar to 1995.
  • impy102impy102 Posts: 2
    First post so bear with me. I just purchased used 97 xe 4wd, 96,0miles. Good shape,good price,$5.500. Want to know of any know problems from you experts. I've read on "shimmy" but bsides that anything to look for, as I'll bring in to have gone over. Thanks!
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    Issue: Vehicle may occasionally feel unstable and "wobbly" at highway speeds under certain acceleration/deceleration levels.
    Cause: Worn bushings on the rear suspension links (aka control arms)
    Fix: Replace control arm bushings (or the arms themselves)

    Issue: Timing Belt Replacement Interval is 105,000 miles. Only 9,000 miles to go before you're due!

    Other than the steering wheel "shimmy" you mentioned (caused by improper tire balacing), I can't think of anything else that's either relatively common or often misdiagnosed.
  • impy102impy102 Posts: 2
    Thanks explorx4. I do need the wheel balance as indicated so many times in this newsgroup. That info was quite informative. No wobbles. but yes I'm aware of timing belt. Probably won't wait on miles - How about getting "service engine" light out? Bad censor? Any thoughts? So you think I did ok on purchase. First non-American purchase - not familiar at all with product, but this site as been most helpful!
  • Hey everybody, my name is Jon and I just joined. I just bought my first SUV last April, a 2002 Nissan Pathfinder 4x4 SE, I got it with only 18k miles on it!!

    Over the past four months, I've noticed that the front end suspension is a bit tempermental. I just had new tires (4 Yokohama Geolanders HTS) put on at Tires Plus (owned by Firestone) and ballanced as well as a front end allignment done last Sat. The next day, I noticed some knocking and vibration coming from the front wheels. Turns out, they forgot to balance the wheels when the new tires were put on. After leaving, I still noticed the same noise and vibration. Today, I took it to the Tires Plus near my office and had them check it in which the manager did the work himself. The ride was much better but the knocking noise during braking was still present.

    I decided that I better take it to the Nissan Dealer in which they found that I had a bad strut on the front driver's side!! I do not understand how a strut could go bad at only 23K miles!!! I do not hit curbs, potholes, or run offroad (yet, hee hee hee!) so there's no explanation I can think of on my part.

    Anyway, it was covered under warranty and I now have a great ride. Has anyone else had the same or similar issues I've recently experienced??


    Jon Y.
    Snellville, GA
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    I have a '97, and it has had very few issues. There have been reports of O2 sensors needing replacement occasionally, and I've heard of others having miscellaneous "check engine" light problems, but they are scarce.

    The only "check engine" light issue my 97 LE has had involved the EVAP canister (a part of the emissions system). I ignored the MIL lamp for too long, which exacerbated the issue, making the repair much more complicated. I made the repairs myself.

    Other than that, I know of no serious problems with this vehicle. The VG33E engine is bulletproof; my truck has over 127K miles on it, is fluid-leak-free, and burns no oil.
  • newmannewman Posts: 11
    Thank you jiamin that helped out alot.
  • Did you ever find a solution to your problem? I have the exact same symptoms. Mine is a 97 PF 4WD LE with sunroof. Only the driver side gets wet.
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    Well, after three weeks of no SES light (turned off by itself after week of being lit, IVTC and O2 sensor codes). It has returned. It came back on in the same situation as before. Long Texas highway driving (4-5 hours) and after a fill up from a rural gas station (gas cap was made tight). The light returns. Back to AutoZone I go for a SES light code check. The saga continues.

    I will wait to burn off the gas in tank and then worry if SES light still on.

    '01 LE 49K miles
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    Autozone pulled the DTC code. It was the O2 Bank 2 Sensor 2(P0160) again. It seems long highway driving triggers this code(more than 4-5 hours highway). No noticeble degradation in performance or fuel economy.

    Looks like a trip to Nissan parts and a new O2 sensor in the near future. It might be because the O2 sensor is on its last leg but I think it is a ECM software glitch.

    Anyone replace their O2 sensor(s) and it is still problematic(SES light still lights up w/ that code)??
  • Code P0160 has been a frequent visitor on my 2001 LE, the SES light comes on about every 500 miles or so.
    Working on the old adage that 90% of all electrical problems are caused by faulty ground connections I looked around and found there is a ground strap connecting the RH Three Way Catalyst to a heat shield. The heat had been sufficient to crystalize the braided strap and it had parted company with the connection.
    As the 02 sensor works on a one volt differential I figured every little helps, anyway that pesky light has not appeared again in over 1000 miles. Keeping my fingers crossed. Check that strap in any case.
  • cpavgocpavgo Posts: 1
    Hello, I've got the same problem with my 2001 Pathfinder CD changer. I was able to eject my CDs but that was it. What was the resolution of your problem? What did it cost you? At a Nissan dealer?

    Thanks for the info.
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    Thanks for the reply. I have the same recurring condition with that DTC. Now, you mentioned that it might be a sensor ground wire. That would make sense in my fault condition. Long driving would cause it to heat up tremendously and cool down quickly when I make stops at gas stations. It is after the fill up and driving that the SES light appears 5 to 10 minutes later on the highway (when the O2 sensors heats back up again).

    I orignial thought it was bad gasoline or an old OEM battery causing the fault. Anyway, can you paste a picture of that connection or tell me exactly where it is?

    Is it on the drivers side or passenger side catalytic converter pipe? I thought P0169 DTC is the bank 2 sensor 2. Bank 1 is the passenger side(or the RH)?? Got my bearings confused.

    What did you do to remedy the damaged ground strap?

    Thanks a lot deebardac.
  • The ground strap is located 28" forward of the main muffler where the exhaust pipe connects to the TWC flange, about level with the middle of the passenger door.
    As a temporary fix I opened up the connector, cleaned up the braided cable recrimped and soldered the connection.
    I am looking around for a different ground strap to replace the OE, one that would be more resistant to heat.
  • mmz5944mmz5944 Posts: 5
    I just had to buy a muffler for my 01 PF. It was $300 plus because of some supposed valve in the muffler. I could not find one in any aftermarket to replace it with. Only 40K miles. I called Nissan and got the "oh we are sorry that happened but you are out of luck" speech. I too have had a shimmy for 40k miles, just got used to it. That is what they want you to do. Disappointing.
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    Caseybragg, I have never been able to identify the source of the water leak. I have used the truck very little over the summer, and it's been garaged, so it has not been an issue. But after Labor Day I will be using it again, so I really do need to figure out a permanent fix. I'll post the solution if I'm able to resolve the problem...please do the same if you are able to.
  • rabi504rabi504 Posts: 15
    I have been a proud owner of PF se since 2004, so far I have 19800,miles on it Never have to take it to shop. recently I started to notice a rattling noise coming from dash. The problem is it does not rattle when it is cold out side,it rattles most in the evening when it was out side in the sun for all day.I have located the position where it is coming from,and if I push that spot with my fingure ,it will stop rattling.I have posted it before,but nobody answered it.Please tell me if some one experianced same,if you did,did you know how the dealr fixed it.I will appreciate any advice before I let dealr mass with it.I am from houston area,could any body tell me which dealer have the best mechanic who knows what is he doing.
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    How do you paste a picture in the post? Anyways, I found the ground strap. You had a great description of the location. Still connected and not loose. No visible sign of rust or crystalization of the strap. Just has that slight oxidized look on the strap and the bolt/nut on the TWC flange is rusted but, the bolt on the heat shield is ok.

    I don't see anything wrong with it(unless rusty bolt/nut is non-conductive). I noticed that there is a Nissan TSB for the MIL with DTC code P0160. See summary below.

    Anyone know the TSB details or have fixed the problem using this TSB(cost or covered beyond 36K miles)?

    Technical Service Bulletins Summary

    Make: NISSAN
    Year: 2001
    Service Bulletin Number: NTB02006
    NHTSA Item Number: 628220
    Summary Description:
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    Where is the rattle coming from exactly? Previous year Pathfinders had a TSB on a dashboard rattle.

    I am in Houston and have used Baker Jackson South 610. The previous service managers (I think Gary Lee, now at other Baker Jackson Nissan North location) were nice but they have since changed and not as nice. It is a crapshoot now. Haven't been back recently. As always, be stubborn and persistent with dealer service depts. I do not see a published TSBs for your year model problem.
  • joe233joe233 Posts: 43
    Can some provide tips on the best way to tie down cargo to the factory roof rails? I have a 2001 PF wit the 2 side to side rails that slide front to back(not the rails that makes a square w/PF logo). What's the best way to tie down an ice chest or something like that? Do you butt the front and rear rack against the cargo? Can you just use plain rope?
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    Generally it's a bad idea to secure large heavy items to the roof of your SUV. Large items with high frontal surface area will create significant drag, reducing fuel efficiency and handling, and may even fly off the rack if not properly secured. Heavy items change the vehicle's center of gravity, decreasing cornering performance and handling, and increasing rollover risk.

    If you must secure items to the roof rack, adjust the rails so that the load rests on the rails (instead of the roof), and if possible use at least one of the larger, raised rails to butt up one end of the item. Use rope or straps to secure the cargo. Bungee cords do not work well unless they are VERY tightly stretched. Wind resistance can often overcome a bungee cord's holding power if there's any significant elasticity remaining.
  • Hi
     I just want to thank you, for taking time to respond to my problem.
     It is coming from right behind the air vent on driver side.I have contacted Advantage nissan and Nissan central,according to them both rattle is not covered under warranty,unless they find some thing wrong. Any how,I will take to Advantage Nissan in League city on next wednestday.Wish me luck.
     Thank you again.
  • I have a 2002 SE with the Bose 6 CD in dash player. So far, whenever I have gotten the ERR 2 msg I have been able to retrieve my CD's and the player has continued to work. I expect that one day, it may go out for good. I have a few questions about replacement steroes.

    1. What aftermarket systems have people used?

    2. How did the replacement system look cosmetically, given the Bose system takes up a lot of space?

    3. I know there are ways to keep the stereo steering wheel controls functioning with OEM attachments (Crutchfield carries them, maybe others too). Has anyone gone that route? How did it work?
  • I am getting ready to. gonna order the pac swix to keep the steering wheel controls, and gonna get the kenwood kvt-715 dvd w/sirius tuner. should be a nice upgrade! that unit is expandable and can control a nav system, and 6cd changer, as well as have a tv tuner for the ultimate road machine!
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