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Nissan Pathfinder Maintenance and Repair



  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    Yes, you still have bumper to bumper warranty, 36K miles or 3 years. That means everything that is a manufacturing defect they will fix. You should have no problems. If they resist, make a note and make them take note you were there and be persistent. Sometimes one visit is not enough. Call Nissan USA if needed. Good luck!
  • aggieg15aggieg15 Posts: 1
    I have been looking everywhere for a solution to this - I hope someone here can help.

    I have a '94 Pathfinder and there are speakers on the ceiling in the back. They look like 5x7s, so I tried to install some JBLs by myself. They were too thick and are hanging out about half an inch. Crutchfield says there are no speakers that will fit 1994 Pathfinders. Is there anything I can do (like buy a installation kit) that will fix this? Thanks.
  • pathy04pathy04 Posts: 27

    I had a 01 pathfinder and traded in with a 04 pathfinder, i'm about to make my first oil change, i saw about the purple products in a truck channel

    What brand and type of oil do you recommend?. I have used Mobil 1 filters and oils in my 01 SE that worked well.

  • danpf1danpf1 Sunny CaliforniaPosts: 90
    pathy04, I use full Royal Purple Synthetics in my 2001 LE auto AWD Pathfinder. I use 5W-30 in the engine, Max ATF in the transmission, Max Gear 75-90 in the front and rear differentials, LSD formulated and synchromax in the transfer case. I also use Mobil oil filters. I have driven about 1,000 miles with the synthetics and everything is working good, no noise from differentials and the transmission shift is very smooth and engine is very quiet, except when hitting the gas peddle hard. You can order Royal Purple on line and get free shipping.
  • pathy04pathy04 Posts: 27
    Thanks danpf1,i will try and let know...
  • bthom07bthom07 Posts: 4
    My service engine soon light is on. Is there any way to pull the trouble codes from the pathfinder without taking it to dealer or buying a special tool? Most of my other vehicles could use a jumper wire or turning the key to "on" three times would allow codes to read from the check engine light. Is this possible with the pathfinder?
  • danpf1danpf1 Sunny CaliforniaPosts: 90
    Yes there is a way if you have their manual it will tell you how to do it, but it is a lot easer to scan the trouble codes with a trouble code scanner or reader. They cost under $100.00 and will pay for it self the first scan. They are easy to use and can save you at least a couple hundred dollars the first time you use it. I bought a OBD I and II compliant reader for under $200.00, the first time I used it I saved $600.00 in labor and parts and when you finish you can clear the trouble codes with the scanner with one push of a button.
  • pathy04pathy04 Posts: 27
    I recently installed tow-hitch(Draw-tite)and added a bicycle carrier(Thule, model # 944).

    The distance between the tailgate and bike-carrier looks too-long. is this normal?
    Also the distance between bumper and two-hitch seems not right. see link below

    Any help is appreciated
  • laundryguylaundryguy Posts: 89
    It's the non-AC one, apparently the one where the gas is atomized? Not very knowledgeable in this area - but warned it was expensive to change. I assume it is the EVAP cannister.

  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    The canister isn't hard to replace if you're handy with tools and don't mind spending a half hour on your back under the truck. If the contents of the canister have disintegrated then yeah, you're looking at some pretty major costs. You can buy a new canister online at or at substantially lower prices than your local dealer. Whether you do it yourself or have a pro do the work, buy the part online and save yourself some $$.
  • bsorsbsors Posts: 2
    I just purchased a used 2001 LE. It has the entertainment system. I can not figure out how to operate it. It does not have anything in the manual and it did not come with a separate manual. I figured the AUX switch was to be turned on. When I turn that on the LED light comes on the flip down monitor. I can not get the VCR to turn on. I hit the power button and nothing happens. Do any of you have any thought or suggestion on this? Thanks,
  • vcvcvcvc Posts: 1
    Did you get this problem resolved? I have the same problem with the same car and replaced the front struts, rear shocks, did alignment, tire balancing, and still swaying. Now, the shop is telling me that my tires have post separation that is causing the swaying and all needs to be replaced. Can you give me your thoughts. Thanks.
  • derekpderekp Posts: 3
    I have nissan path 2002 . When i drove home from supermarket the light check engine soon pop up . Right now i have 42 k miles . I went to the dealer and he sad next week bring so we check it.Just to find out what wrong will cost over 70$.Plus more to fix problem . Does anybody can help how to check by yourself to fix this .The warranty just end at 36k .thanks
  • derekpderekp Posts: 3
    My nissan path 2002 has problem with brakes .Right now at 42k miles i have the same problem i had last summer at 26 k miles .Dealer fix it on summer 2003 and now happen again . Front rotors needs to be recut to eliminate vibration of stering wheel when braiking from high speeds like 70 miles .I ask if its whorty to fix it or put new pair of front rotors .thank you or advise .
  • lrdumaslrdumas Posts: 1
    I have a rear oil seal problem, the dealer said that it would run around $900. Has anyone replace there seal for less.
  • blawsonblawson Posts: 19
    I know this sounds silly, but make sure your gas cap is screwed on correctly and that it is tight. A loose or faulty gas cap can cause your check engine light to come on.
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    The swaying of your Pathfinder is caused by worn bushings on the rear lower links, not by shocks, struts or tires. When the bushings crack, rot, or otherwise lose their shape, it allows the rear axle to rock back and forth. When the right and left sides rock back and forth in opposite directions, this allows the rear axle to "steer" the truck.

    This pic shows the lower link that contains the worn bushings (it's the grayish bar connecting the axle to the frame, just forward of the rear wheel, and this pic shows the actual lower link, after it's been removed from the truck.

    New lower links can be purchased at online Nissan parts dealers such as or for about $91. Get quotes from suspension shops for removal and replacement of the links.
  • This is not to suggest a solution, but to report a similar problem with my 95 Niss Path 95 with 113K miles.
    There seems to be a sudden loss of power after going for about 20 miles. At 55 - 60 MPH, The tach jumps to 3600 rpm from 2600 rpm. After this, there seems to be no power accelarating from a stop. Recently on a long drive, when this happened I gave it a rest for about 20 min., I was able to start and accelerate normally but the problem re-occured after about 10 miles. I had to finish my trip at 55 mph / 3500 rpm. Any solution to this ?
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    The problem you described sounds like a transmission problem, assuming you've got an AT. AT temperature increases the more you drive, and if there is slippage in the torque converter heat will build up more quickly. The extra heat could be causing the problem. First, check your transmission fluid level and condition. Next, take your truck to a transmission repair shop to have them evaluate it. Be sure to tell them the symptoms. It might help to bring it in while it's hot and exhibiting the problem, so the behavior is reproducible.
  • land2206land2206 Posts: 3
    My 2003 Pathfinder LE hesitates at highway speeds (60-80mph). It is particularly bad when driving up hills on highways. (similar to an engine miss) I have taken it to the dealer three times and they can duplicate the problem, but cannot find any error codes on the computer or any other problems. I've tried different types of gas and grades to no avail. Any suggestions? Ideas?
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    is probably caused by one of two things -
    1. Water in fuel tank - remove with alcohol (disolves water and water and alcohol mix burns in engine).
    2. You are triggering the knock sensor, cutting back power to protect the engine. Try higher octane fuel.
  • rabi504rabi504 Posts: 15
    Hi every body
    I have been a proud owner of PF se for little bit over a year,never have to take to dealer ;unlike my Honda Civic. Recently I start to noticed rattling sound coming from dashboard,which I have heard with my stethoscope. It only does while driving over little bumpy road either high or low speed. I am not sure what to do?I do not want dealar to take my whole dash board a part,and mass things up,but it is going to be very hard for me to live with the noise. Any word of wisdom would be appreciated
  • ...this is encouraging news about the replacement potential. I'm wondering if I have the same problem; my 98 SE's engine light came on and Nissan had to replace the "carbon canister." They said it was a laborious process and set me back $410.00. Not even a year later, it's back on again and Nissan says it's the same problem. I'm pursuing ways around it now and I looked on the site "xplorx4" posted and couldn't find a carbon canister for a Pathfinder?? Can you advise or recommend a solution for this costly labor? If the canister can be replaced by me (handy with tools), how then can I cancel the service engine light in the dash? Hopefully, my hands are not tied at this point.
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    The part you're looking for is called the EVAP canister or on, the "vapor canister" under the emissions heading. Before ordering, however, contact the dealer from whom you're ordering to confirm the correct part. On your truck the canister is located behind the left rear mudflap and is attached to the body with a few bolts.

    The curious part about your issue is that the canister has "gone bad" in such a short period of time. My guess is that it's not actually the canister, but possibly a valve elsewhere the system. The "engine service" code that shows up tends to indicate a general fault with the emissions system, rather than a particular component.

    If you had the canister replaced within 12 months/12K miles the dealer should honor its 12-month/12,000 mile parts/labor warranty. Hopefully you still have the receipt.

    FYI, the service engine light can be reset by merely turning the ignition key to "ON", then disconnecting the negative battery cable from the battery for a couple of seconds. Remove the key from the ignition, then reconnect the battery cable. (This process merely ensures that any residual electrical energy is dissipated.) Be sure to write down your radio presets before doing this! ;)
  • Awesome, thanks for the info, xplorx4! I'll do some calling and confirming before ordering the part. Might have to pry to the Nissan guys further about why the canister has failed so quickly. I've got the receipt buried somewhere and will check on the warranty status.

    An odd warning came from the Nissan Service Tech. I asked what would happen if I continue to drive the truck w/o fixing the issue and he said, "it'd get so clogged up that after a while you wouldn't be able to put gas in it." I told him I've never heard anything like that, wasn't quite sold on the notion. But honestly, I wouldn't know what the consequences would be. ?

    Thanks, also, for the advice on the service engine light (and radio presets!). PS: I checked out your website, good stuff. Love the pic of the torqued, white Pathfinder in the dirt; a true SUV.
  • quahaugquahaug Posts: 1
    I have the same problem but with just over 50K. It's the oxygen sensors in the exhaust system. I was quoted a price of $500 to replace both sensors.
  • ...found my receipt dated 14 months ago actually, just over the 12 months, of course. Here is, verbatum, what the dealership quoted as the problem:

    "EVAP purge code - cleaned purge lines as per tech bulletin - RETEST - code returned - test valve -- internal malfunction - repl valve and retest."

    The "valve assy - cont" was listed as $209.35 in the parts list. After looking through my receipts, I realized that when I first purchased this 98 SE, the service engine light came on the next day. They honored that and replaced the carbon filter, valve or whatever they called it. Then almost two years later the light came on, which led to the above info. BUT! First they mention it being a simple fix for 180.00 to replace a valve, including the diagnostic. Not bad, so I went for it. They called me at work and said that that didn't end up being the problem so I'll need to pay an additional 200.00 or so. I asked if I could get a break since they mis-diagnosed the problem and got my committment based on previous info. They said no, and added that it would be more expensive if they had to put the vehicle back together and start over another day...sigh. They got me. So, they did the extra work and now here I am, 14 months later with what another Nissan dealership tells me is the same problem.

    Other than this issue, the truck is bulletproof!
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    Well, if the code is indeed the same as before (i.e. an EVAP purge code), it could be any of a number of issues. If you'd like, shoot me an e-mail at "" (remove the underscores) and I can give you some additional tips. I can check the service manual to see what the recommended fix is.
  • okbowlerokbowler Posts: 3
    Purchased new SE 3 weeks ago - last week after driving for the first time while dark, no dash lights or console lights when headlights are turned on. Dealer replaced faulty dimmer switch. Worked fine for 2 days and now the same problem. Any ideas???
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    I have a 01 LE w/48K miles and the Service Engine Soon light came on after lots of driving on I-10 in Texas. I remeber punching the gas to pass a semi truck and few minutes later the light came on.

    Took it to Autozone to plug in their OBDII scanner tool for free. It is a free service from them. They gave me two codes. First code is for a Throttle Position Sensor is intermittent signal. Second, the O2 sensor bank 2 sensor 2. That is the driver side O2 sensor closest to the Catalytic Converter is intermittent.

    Thinking that is was a one time faulty code. I disconnected the battery and removed the fuses for the ECM and Service Engine Soon light still exists. I read on the web that the engine needs at 2-3 driving cycles to reset any codes and turn the MIL(Malfunction Indicator Light) off. I will give it a week before I start replacing parts. I will test the battery/charging system next to see if that is the root of sensor malfunctions.

    Dealer wants $60 to hook up to their scanner to diagnose even though I told them what the codes were. Are the 02 sensors covered under the TSB or other warranties? Anyone replaced their 02 sensors out of warranty??

    How hard is it to replace the Throttle Position Sensor/ oxygen sensor and what is a good price for those parts? Where can I buy the least expensive parts?

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