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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz M-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gottabeegottabee Posts: 10
    anyone have any comments on rusnak of pasadena or calstar motors in glendale for their service? or any better ideas in the general area?
  • I saw some posts about buying a 2002 ML and thought I'd share my personal success story. I went down to my local dealer and was quoted MSRP for an order - they seemed more interested in trying to sell me a 2001 model left in stock. I made the mistake of giving the salesman my phone number and I finally told him to quit calling or I'd never buy there again. I have bought two MB's previously - a 1998 ML320 and a 1999 C230. Both vehicles involved the usual grind of back and forth to "the manager" and focusing on the payment instead of the sale price. I saw a post a few weeks ago about the internet manager at Mercedes Benz of Bakersfield so I called him. I gave him the vehicle I want: 2002 ML320 Black Opal/Charcoal/M1/M2/M5/Bose and he just gave me a flat quote of $1000 over invoice. No haggle or anything - the guy just went to bottom line. I called my local dealer back and they assured me that there must be a mistake and I was probably buying a 2001 model. So of course I called Bakersfield back and he sent me a written quote by email on the 2002 model. Needless to say I'm pretty jazzed waiting for my new 320 due in October. If you are near California you should hook up with this guy - very easy and nice to work with. Doesn't even sound like a car salesmen. My dad is working with him right now to order a G500 for delivery later this year. If anybody is interested - here's the guy I am working with:

    Ron Hoff
    [email protected]

    The more we support dealer sales like this will eventually change the way the whole business works. Tell him I sent you...
  • sport320sport320 Posts: 11
    I brought my ML 320 in for a number of small issues. Occasionally when starting the car the fuel gauge would not register any reading, the drivers window would intermittently not operate, and I smelled something burning when driving from time to time (all hard to find things I guessed). The dealer replaced the window switch and the fuel sender (more about this later), and found a small leak in the transmission fluid which they believed was causing the burning smell.

    It has 25,000 miles and I was surprised when I was told I needed new front brake pads and rotors as they were 95% worn, I was told the back brakes were at 40% and could wait longer. I am used to brakes later closer to 40,000 miles but this is my first SUV so maybe they don't last as long. I had them replaced and picked up the truck. The next day I smelled gas while driving and when I pulled over to a gas station (the gauge was visibly dropping) gas was pouring out and across the undercarriage.

    I called 800-for-merc and they were very helpful and arranged for a tow truck to take me back to the dealer. The dealer told me that a fuel line had ruptured and blamed it on damage caused by the bad fuel sender that they had replaced the previous visit. Personally, I wonder if a fuel was just not properly re attached. I was also surprised that they didn't fill the tank up for me. It had approximately one gallon of gas in it when I got it back.

    Anyone have comments? Are other people going through brakes as quickly?
  • alg70alg70 Posts: 2
    Any positive experiences in Essex County?
  • brdrbrdr Posts: 7
    I had to change brakes at 20K and 45K on my 98 ml320. Had the tranny replaced as well at about 25K. After the 45K brake replacement I wrote to mbusa. They just gave me the usual runaround like the best materials are used, blah blah blah. Needless to say very disappointed....
  • Hi
    I have to say I have not had good experiences with Keyes Mercedes. 1) They never have enough loaner cars. 2) They had my car at least 2 weeks before telling me what the problem was and how it could be fixed. and 3) They have fixed or installed factory items incorrectly more than once and 4) They take the "blame the other guy" attitude whenever there is an issue - it's always someone else's fault - Mercedes USA, the warranty company, the guys in the back, etc. and they don't take responsibility for their part in the problem.
    I will say that they are very smooth and polite when they are doing all of this, so beware.
    A regretful Mercedes owner
  • I own a '99 ML 320 with 75K on the odometer which was purchased new and has been well maintained throughout its life. It has been expensive to maintain, e.g. brake pads wear quickly, the build quality is poor, and beginning about 10k miles ago, major components are failing. These include the entire instrument cluster, door locks, A/C compressor, rear hatch lock. Compounding these problems are such things as fuel level indicator which is unreliable, door locks which seem to have a mind of their own, and interior door insulation which leaves a sticky residue on the drivers window whenever it is lowered and raised. The dealership here in Atlanta (RBM) is hopeless and full of attitude. Is this an isolated incident or fairly common with these vehicles? This was my first - and last Mercedes Benz. It's absolute rubbish. MB, take a lesson from the Japanese and learn how to build quality vehicles.
  • sj9197sj9197 Posts: 3
    Could anyone recommend quality and customer friendly MB dealers in Central New Jersey, please?

  • veeikleveeikle Posts: 13
    Prestige MB paramus nj........great dealership...
    salesman...ask for with Billy....both my wife and I have cars from this prices were sharp...service is excellent...loaner cars are plentiful...and if their is a problem,the general manager is available!!
  • My 2002 ML320 has 1700 miles. I started having paint problems approximately two months ago, on both fenders, driver's side door and all over the hood, especially close to the windshield. What I'm about to tell you all is like a nightmare.

    When I first noticed these chips they were like water spots. These water spots slowly bubble up and crack open. I can see all the way to the metal now. Dealership claimed that only way to take care of this is to paint the hood (hood was the first place where paint started bubbling)and this would be covered under warranty. After days of driving back and forth, wasting time on the phone I agreed. Car came back looking really good. I was ready to forget about this small problem and enjoy my new ML. 2-3 days later, believe or not the spots came back and eventually paint starting chipping again. This time on the fenders as well. I called the dealer to make an appointment. The service rep tried to give me the address and the phone number of the paint shop they used! Yes, you are reading this correct. Anyway, I managed to make an appointment. This time they said the southeast rep for MBUSA will be there.

    Well, MB rep called me on the phone before my appointment and asked me what the problem was, and once I explained him over the phone, he says "since it's already painted, it's an issue between you and the dealer".

    When I went to the dealer, this time, MB rep, service manager, service rep, salesman and a few other people were present. They looked and looked... and decided to paint it again. When I showed them paint problems on the fenders and driver's side door, service manager said the fenders were painted in the first time! Without my knowledge, and continued to tell me that the paint shop might have done a bad job. This is my brand new 2002 ML 320 that we're talking about, please do not forget!

    This was approximately two weeks ago, since then dealer offered me a new car, asking for $9000 on top of my car. I said no, not a single penny. They have persuaded me to have the car painted a second time, because I simply had no choice. I said yes, one more time.

    Well, I just got my ML back on Friday. It is absolutely horrible! They (paint shop) spot treated (painted) all those chipped paint spots this time. There are spots where it looks like they used a brush. I did not drive off the dealer's lot. I asked for the GM of the dealership. I really do not want to make this a novel, so I'll try to finish it quickly. After some very rude comments, he (GM)suggested that he will take a hood, fenders and a door from any same color car I want on the lot, switch parts with my ML and he will make me a happy customer. Is this unbelievable or what? I told this GM that I would never switch faulty, painted parts with another car, and make my problem someone else's problem.

    I've been in touch with MB - Montvale, New Jersey. The rep on the phone immediately asked me to not to deal with the dealer any more and get in touch with the southeast rep again. I'm in the process of meeting with him. If he takes too long to get to my city, lemon law is just around the corner. I love the ML, but HATE this dealership.

  • wep2wep2 Posts: 6
    Contemporary Motor Cars, Little Silver, NJ
    Talk to Terry, great guy, have your Edmunds $$ figures with you. Just had a great experience w/service department, too. Had some minor problems fixed (warranty covered), got a great loaner car E320. email me @ address in my profile.
  • rio5rio5 Posts: 1
  • janoojanoo Posts: 15
    Sorry to hear that you are having problems with your ML. Would you mind telling me what year your ML is and what extended warranty you got on the car, was it a merecedes warranty or an outside one? Did the warranty cover everything. Reason being, is that I just got my ML320 2003 2 weeks back and I need to keep an open mind is to what headaches if any, that I can expect. And if Merecedes extended warranty fits the bill or any other extended warranty. Any feed back you give me would be appreciated.
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 318
    It's a good idea to get MB's extended warranty. Just like getting a new car, make sure you negotiate for the warranty price.

    I have a 2000 ML and have experienced some of the problems mentioned in post #46. Leaking steering system, broken seat molding, broken glove compartment, bubble armrest, misaligned fuel door, + the worse... melted roof insulation. There was glue all over the roof lining. It took the dealer about a week to replace the lining.
  • janoojanoo Posts: 15
    thank you for the feed back, I appreciate it. I have decided to go with a MB extended warranty, even though it is costing about $250 more than a Heritage bumper to bumper warranty. I feel that I will be able to sleep a bit better, with this type of warranty.
    Sorry to hear that you have been having problems with your ML. When did you discover all these problems? Hope that they were covered under the original warranty.
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 318
    MB ext warranty gives you a better (or should I say a more "honest") coverage. One other thing to keep in mind... you can only take your car for service during the workdays if you have an outside warranty company (usually don't open on Sat & MB service advisors can't verify your warranty coverage). With MB ext warranty, you can have your car serviced anytime. Also, MB will cover you up to 8 yrs while most of the private warranty covers only up to 7 yrs. Make sure you bargain for MB warranty. Don't pay the full price.

    Actually, I expected the ML to have a some probs even before I bought the car. Knowing the ML is the safest SUV on the road (govt crash test, roll over, off-side impact test) is enough reason for me to make my decision.

    I enjoy and LOVE my ML. Hope you will too =)
  • Reading unusually many problems ML series have, I start being scared by my plan to buy an used MB (a 1999 ML430) the only one I can afford. Seemingly everybody keeps the car only for the period covered by warranty. So if the original 4 yrs warranty is gone for the one I liked, could I buy extended warranty (for 8 year-coverage you talked before) if I buy it ready used? Is buying pre-owned ML430 a bad idea? Someone was mentioning better a Kia than MB, which is very scary. At their price, the MBs should last better longer not just 4 years. And not 8 years either. I had/have a 30 year car: a 1972 Pontiac Firebird Formula (classic "muscle car"), and never had problem except for the random stopping by police because of its shining yellow with black stripes. But I cannot use it going uphill to the little PA house I have just bought during the snowy winter. Please clear me up re: extended warranty on purchases of used cars (still under factory warranty) and about how much they cost to buy. Thanks.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    This discussion in FWI has been archived, but you may glean some useful info from it.

    Used Car Warranties

  • jjjgongjjjgong Posts: 2
    I just had maintence done on my 99 ML320 before our vacation by Atlanta Mercedes dealer RMB. The dealer charged:

    $365 for spark plug change
    $389 for fuel filter change

    Is this what peoples been paying for?

  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    Check the Edmunds Maintenance Guide for service cost in your area.
  • njexpressnjexpress Posts: 170
    Brilliant white, with Java leather, M1, Sunroof, Bose and heated seats (no special paint;0) )
    40,000/= even, including tax, title and registration. Very courteous servie except for some "attempts" at the very last moment that got ironed out amicably.
  • I own a 2000 ML320 and have been very dissapointed with the vehicle. I have had all the classic problems listed on this board. In the last 6 months: Air sensors, catalytic converter, sun roof, windows, rear wipers, check oil light, check engine light, etc. etc. Mercedes has really dropped the ball with this vehicle. However Keeler of Latham NY has been great. The are always polite, apologetic and prompt. They always have great loaners and fit me in almost immediately. They are making a potentially horrible situation into a bearable one. I am looking to trade the ML for an E class w/ 4 matic.
  • I bought new ML320 2000 it has 51k miles, the wife drives it. It has been to the dealer so many times I cant recall.

    The dealer refuses to sell me another car, and MB in 2000 sent me a 3k refund check for my troubles with the vehicle.

    Im skeptical of the MB mechanics.

    The wife wants a new ML500.
  • khoonkhoon Posts: 85
    just curious, what are people paying for the ML350 these days?
  • h2fanh2fan Posts: 27
    Anyone? No one is buying these any more?
  • bill3bill3 Posts: 1
    Could anyone suggest me what would be the fair price to buy '98 ML320 in Toronto? My neighbour wants to sell it. Mileage: over 100k. Don't know much about the car. I also hear that many Pros and Cons about this car. Any other suggestions are also welcome. Thanks, Bill in Toronto
  • carcarcarcar Posts: 19
    Just in case anybody's looking for a ML350 in Southern Wisconsin, right now International Autos is selling theirs for $5000 below MSRP!! Thought it was a good deal, although I'm not in the market.......additional information check the Milwaukee Journal!
  • sahar516sahar516 Posts: 2
    Does anyone know how to value a 2004 ML 350 with miles on it? I am looking to buy, but don't know how to rate it with 4-9k miles on it. The guides only go up to 2003. There was one with 7500 miles on it, with the comfort, trim, & sunroof pkge along with heated seats. The price was $35995. Was that a good price? What about one with 5500 miles, Comfort, trim, sunroof AND the entertainment pkge. It lists for 37 or 38? Is this a good price. How do I negotiate ? Do MB dealers haggle??
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