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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz M-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi, Sorry I'm just getting back. Was out of town. I paid $28,000.00 for my 2003 ML350 Inspiration model. It has 26,450 miles on it. I LOVE THIS CAR !
  • ez2doez2do Posts: 9
    Were you able to negotiate on the price or was the dealer firm ? What features does the Inspiration model have ?
    The 2003 ML350 that I am looking comes with M1 package, Bose, 6 CD changer, front heated seats and rear DVD. I am totally oblivious to the pricing so I apologize for being ignorant to readers. The original mfg warranty will expire on Apr07 so I will have to purchase an extended 1-2 yrs warranty between $1.8k to $2.5k additional.

    Thanks in advance for the info.
  • Best price found in Boston area:
    2007 ML350
    Premium 2 pkg
    Heated seats
    6 Disc Changer
    Capri Blue (Metallic)

    Price: $47,000
    Out the door: $49,631 (MA tax of 5% plus some fees)
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    hswartz1 - Do you mind tell me where did you get your ML? Dealership name is just fine. My family member is interested in ML350. Also, I am surprised that there is no 6 disc in-dash CD changer.
  • Inskip Mercedes in RI was where the quoted offer came from.

    The CD changer is in the glovebox on these models, not the dash. The glove box is rather easy to reach - it is better than the old trunk version they were putting into their vehicles. Plus, the changer plays mp3 cds while the in dash does not.
  • I am also looking to buy a 2003 ML320.I live in the Boston area. So far the mileage is 65k and priced around $15k from a private party.the car is silver color and black interior. it has all the options except navigation system.All the car services were done through the MB dealer in westwood MA.It had one owner so far.The exterior is in excellent shape. It only needs new tires.
    Can anybody tell if I am getting a good deal at around $15K or not .?
    thank you
  • mschafermschafer Posts: 317
    Get a readout of the service history on the truck. The dealer can do this for you.
  • mkbdmkbd Posts: 8
    I was just offered the following deal and I would like to know anyone's thoughts:

    ML 350 w/premium I and 6cd changer MSRP $46,695
    License, "rental surcharge??", tire & battery fees $266
    Bank charge $1,095
    Dealer fee $599
    Cap reduction (after asking for quot w.$0 down) $986
    Upfront taxes $192
    Disposition fee $595
    39 months
    12k miles/yr ($0.25/mi over)
    $566/mo + tax
    Also offered first $5000 & fist 1000 miles over "wear & tear" policy for $675
    Thoughts anyone??
  • mschafermschafer Posts: 317
    You'll probably stand a better chance of a good answer in the M-Class Lease Questions Forum.
  • cneffcneff Posts: 65
    I've been using Morristown MB for years, they have leased to me 3 and serviced 4 MBs to date and I am very satisfied.

    Service has been very good which is what really counts when having one of these cars. To get an MB loaner (C-class and sometimes the C350) you need to make an appt and get there early in the morning otherwise it is a Camry which is not bad as they are usually brand new. Just happy to have a loaner.

    You really need an appt for service but I've shown up a couple times with some glitches and they've done whatever they could to assist..right on the spot..usually those fixes happened in less then 30 mins and I'm off.

    I find Morristown fair and honest, both sales and service, and they are courteous to my Wife. I am still interested in MB because of the good service there.

    I tried Audi once and that was/is the last time...felt like I was the enemy and that was at multiple dealers - all Northern NJ.

    Good luck
  • Yesterday I ordered a 2007 ML 350 for my wife from SF Mercedes through RB, their Internet Advisor. Rather than going to the end of the line, RB was able to modify to her specs one ML of several they had on order from the plant. It will be built on May 8th and arrive at the dealer 3 weeks later.
    The MSRP (window sticker) is $54,224 without any “junk” fees at all such as an advertising fee, prep fee, paint stripes, etched windows, or even a DVF fee (Dealer’s Vacation Fund).
    The total price including being trucked to my driveway outside of Reno is $49,329. California law prohibits operation of a new vehicle in state before sales tax is paid and the purchase of a temp movement permit. Reno sales tax on this purchase is $518 less than SF sales tax compared to the estimated trucking cost of $170 which is included in the price.
    When I called RB I asked for $1,400 under invoice which he agreed to without quibble. When he couldn’t find one to fit my wife in the Bay area we decided to order.
    At this time last year we purchased from SF Mercedes a 2006 ML 350 from Bay area stock for $300 under invoice, also trucked to our driveway on a flat bed wrecker truck. Everything was in order and the SUV arrived in perfect condition less a little road dust and bug splatters. I’ve never been to the SF dealer or to SF for the past 15 years. SF Mercedes constantly ships new cars to other states.
  • Just purchased a brand new ml 350 White/Macadamia Leather interior from Phil Smart Mercedes Benz in Seattle. This dealer was able to locate the above combination where none of the others we talked to could find exactly what we wanted. The White/ Macadamia leather was very scarce. We were tempted to go to Los Angeles and get a Mb tex interior one for 5K under MSRP as quoted by Cars Direct, but by the time we paid for trucking and not getting what we wanted, which was the Macadamia nut leather. It was 2k under MSRP where we settled with Phil Smart here in Seattle. We have purchased two other MB's from them and have been very happy with their customer service. The Service Department is first rate.

    The MSRP including trucking was $51,995. We paid 49,995.

    We opted for the P2 package, heated front seats, and a trailer hitch.
  • pasi100pasi100 Posts: 6
    I ordered my M-class in December 2006 from my local Mercedes dealer here in Europe (100% owned by DaimerChrysler), to be delivered in April 2007. My dealer called me yesterday to inform me that the car has been manufacturfed and is on the way to my dealer. By the way, he said, the price has gone up by 3000 dollars, annual increase. I protested but the general terms and conditions allow the dealer to increase the price by 8%, without buyer's consent.

    I did some research noting that Mercedes did not have any price increase since I bought my car. The price list on the Mercedes website is still the same price list applied in my case! So there was no price increase! The dealer lied!

    The dealer has the right to increase the price between the order date and delivery date (included in the general terms and conditions) but the justification for the increase (annual increase) was simply not true.

    Could this have happended in the US? How would you have reacted in the US?
  • mschafermschafer Posts: 317
    I suppose that it could happen. However, a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, the Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs and a threat of a lawsuit for breach of contract (the offer to buy is a contract signed by both the buyer and the dealer) would probably get them to hold to their contracted price - unless there had been an official DCAG corporate price increase.

    If that's not possible in Europe, I would go to another Niederlassung.
  • oiakouoiakou Posts: 26
    So, did anybody get any good deals lately? I am interested in buying, but want to find a dealer that will give a good price without too much haggling...
  • kimcorkkimcork Posts: 4
    I just ordered a 2007 ML320 CDI for 6.5% below MSRP in New Jersey. I shopped around the NJ area, and was satisfied that this was about the best I could do. I had several offers for about 3% under MSRP.
  • tyresmokertyresmoker Posts: 266
    How did you "order" the vehicle??...the order banks are closed on the '07's.
  • kimcorkkimcork Posts: 4
    I found a dealer that already had a CDI on order (for themselves)--they can modify the options on an existing vehicle until about six weeks prior to build date....same as post #223 did.
  • stetsonbustetsonbu Posts: 14
    Hi Kimcork,

    6.5% below MSRP sounds pretty good. What is the name of the dealership you ordered yours through? I live down in MD, but would possibly consider driving up there to get a better deal.

    How do you like your new ML320 CDI? I'm also looking at the 2007 Acura MDX, but like the idea of getting a diesel engine to save on MPG, especially knowing the gas isn't getting any cheaper!

    Would appreciate your help!
    [email protected]
  • kimcorkkimcork Posts: 4
    Hi Jason

    I ordered through Mercedes Benz of Princeton; not sure they have any more available for order--but imagine they have a couple in inventory. I don't have it yet--it will be built the week of 21 June, and I should be able to pick it up around 4 July. I wanted Capri Blue or Barolo Red with a black interior, P1, and a hitch--and that combination did not exist anywhere (they can "see" every car that exists in the US, and every car coming down the line down in AL). I have an acquaintance down in the DC area who bought one of the first CDIs and is really thrilled with it.

    I checked with 4 other MB dealers in the area, and none of the others could order a 2007--all offered to order me a 2008--price TBD.

    I think if you're not fussy about color combos/options the deals will get better and better through the summer--my deal with Princeton was a good for both of us: I got exactly what I want, and they sold one of the last 2007s that'll come off the line well in advance. By Aug, when the 2008s are due to come out....they'd have to discount that 2007 more.

    By the end of the year last year, they were discounting the ML350s significantly (3K below invoice in some areas). In addition, if you don't mind buying a not quite new truck, 2007 fleet cars are just becoming available. I haven't seen any CDI fleet cars, but there have to be a few.

    Overall though, I think the CDI is more scarce than the 350. Probably they aren't making as many...and because of its better torque and the price of gas, lots of us are taking a close look. I also think it's worth noting that MB had a "friends and family deal" for employees during April...but none of the diesels were included, and that when I tried to use my insurance company's "negotiation" service, they told me the CDI is a "hot seller" and to expect to pay MSRP.

    There's good info on about the options that will be available on the 2008.
  • paxtonkpaxtonk Posts: 49
    Does anyone know what else to expect above the Edmunds invoice price? I was told "$2500" under invoice, but would like to figure out what invoice is before going back in.

  • paxtonkpaxtonk Posts: 49
    I did everything via email and had a great experience.

    Purchased a 2007 ML350 Alpine Rain / Beige
    Premium 1 + CD Changer

    MSRP $47,395
    Selling Price $42,000

    Purchased from Mercedes-Benz House of Imports in Buena Park, CA.

    We dealt with the Fleet Manager, and like I said all via email.

    The car was waiting out front when we drove up. The only bad experience was with the Finance department, I don't want to go into details but I just tried to keep telling myself "You got a great deal" because this guy was just spewing BS left and right.

    Good luck all.
  • kimcorkkimcork Posts: 4
    Since it's so difficult for us to be absolutely certain about the invoice price (and we seldom know about the holdbacks), I think it's useful to calculate discount from MSRP...posting #234 got 11.3% below MSRP (!), I got 6.5% below MSRP on a special order.

    Based on one of the conversations I had with a sales rep, I think invoice is around 7% below MSRP, but it will depend a bit on how many options you buy.

    At the end of last year, the discounts were deep.

    I think if you can get more than 10%/$6000 below MSRP, you're making an excellent deal.
  • shailenshailen Posts: 2
    Hi Kirmock,
    can you email the name name of sales person or sales manager you worked with at Mercedes Benz of Princeton . I am also interested in doing a special order for ML 320

    [email protected]
  • vincechingvinceching Posts: 1
    premium 3, leather, sport package, 19" rims, dual rear dvd, 6 disc cd, and the lighting package.

    msrp sticker is $65355

    dealer is saying they will do a no profit deal (i dont' believe that) and sell me the car for $60,600 out the door with tax and license. i'm in norcal so tax and license is approx 10% of msrp.

    mercedes is giving the dealer $3000 cash for every ml500 they sale. supposedly i'm supposed to be getting all of that. edmunds says mbenz gives 3% holdback on total msrp.

    do you think i can do better? i really don't think they are selling the car with no profit when mbenz is going to give them $1650 ($55,000 x 3%)

    do you think i can do better?

    * 2007 Mercedes-Benz M-Class Prices & Equipment
  • kim128kim128 Posts: 2
    I am looking to buy a 2006 ML350 with Navi, out the door for no more than $40,000.00 (I've been approved for $40,000 anything above that will be out of pocket, which I don't have). My problem is a currently have a SUV, owe 17,000 on it and the dealer will only give me 7,000. So am I dreaming?
  • kim128kim128 Posts: 2
    Ok, so 2006 was not in my reach. Dealer offered me a 2005 ML500 Special Edition, with 37000 miles. Sale price was 34,900 and dealer offered 41,500 out the door including taxes, fees, and paying off the 17,000 loan. They will throw in all weather mats and car is certfied..Is this a good deal?
  • 0435004350 Posts: 26
    You're still upside down but should be OK in about
    4 years, depending on the length of your new loan and
    if you keep this vehicle and don't put a ton of mileage
    on it (ie., 25000 miles per year or more), during that time.
  • jfertljfertl Posts: 36
    Looking to purchase an ML500. I have received an offer of $1,000 below invoice for 2007 Ml500. Is this a good deal. I believe the dealer is getting $3,000 back from MB. I do not know what holdbacks may be involved.Thanks.
  • kaistringkaistring Posts: 2
    I sent out a price quote request through one of those websites and received quotes from all the dealers except from the San Jose dealer where I bought my previous ML from. I decided to call Smythe giving them the lowest quote I received (42K) from Fletcher Jones and letting them know that I need to buy within 48 hrs. The manager called me back a few hours later presenting a “returning loyal customer” discount beating my lowest quote by a few hundred. Just before he called, another bay area benz dealer actually offered me an even lower quote ($163 less), but we decided to go with our San Jose dealer simply because we really like their service dept a lot better (Smythe). I’ve been relatively lucky with my previous ML, it has been a real pleasure to own purely due to the Smythe service, I hope they will maintain their great service. I'm not a car buff, I just want a good SUV with a good service.

    My new ML 350 2007 with premium package, CD changer MSRP 47,395, Invoice $ 43,413. I purchased below invoice for $41,683 including destination.
    We drove to Smythe in the evening to inspect the car and drove out the new SUV 2 hours later, it was so quick and painless. :shades: I bought the extra ELW Benz warranty for 3 additional years 100K (no deductible) for an extra $4120 (I paid only $2450 for the 4 extra years warranty I bought for my old ML).

    Off subject: Originally I wanted the BMW X5 but our lawyer neighbor told me that he finally got a prorated refund for his new 7 series lemon after a long battle & painful series of unsuccessful dealer repairs. Another told me that his X5 engine cracked while being serviced by the dealer, for which the dealer told him it's not uncommon after a few years! Another X5 owner told me that his car dashboard came loose! The two nearby BMW dealers in our area just ruined the BMW ownership experience mostly due to incompetent repairs, cars sitting unrepaired causing long service delays, cars returned dirty and frequent cheap japanese lender cars despite being promised for BMW lender cars on the phone. They lost their BMW master technicians after their corporate owner AutoNation cut their salaries and reduced their Christmas bonus to a frozen turkey.

    The Porsche Cayenne would have been my first choice for style even with its low JD power satisfaction rating (due to initial debugging repairs). The Porsche emblem is what makes it different from the VW Touareg. I decided against it when the salesman emphasized that the simple Cayenne is made for the mass not for their typical Porsche clientele. I became concerned how their service dept is going to treat me if they have that attitude during sales.
  • agwagonagwagon NJPosts: 11
    Up $1,000 y/y for base 320CDI and 350. Up $3,200 y/y for 500 (going to ML550). Also, nav/camera are now included in Premium 1, which is $3,750.
  • naielnaiel Posts: 3
    Kaistring, which website(s) did you use?
  • parakramparakram Posts: 2
    You can use to send quotes to multiple dealers.
    Also, you can try to get an idea of the price.

    Do a TMV research of the vehicle price and come up with what you want to pay. Know before hand what options you want, how much you want to pay and how much deviation from your specs will be acceptable to you.

    Last week, i bought a 2007 ML 350 Pewter/Black, Premium1, Parktronic, Sports Package, ipod integration and heated seats == 43750/-

    2008 MLs are coming in so you might get a good deal on 2007 ML.

    In Bayarea, i would suggest Smythe European. I tried all from Pleasonton till Autobhan in South San Jose. Smythe was good in all its dealing. No pressure. Talk to [email protected] in sales.
  • naielnaiel Posts: 3
    Thanks for the great info. I will give it a shot. I am looking to lease, so I think I might have better luck with the 2008's since the residual will be so much higher. Sounds like you got a great deal though.
  • hammer3612hammer3612 Posts: 13
    I was wondering if there is any sites out there that has invoice pricing on 2008 ML320 CDI. I am trying to order one and want to figure what a good deal is. I have been offered 4% off of MSRP and not sure how that stacks up.
  • we want to downsize to a rx350 because the ml500 eats too much gas and I just got my job. the car has 18k k and and the MSRP was 63k when we bought it. it has pretty much everything on it, what's the best way to sell the car and get the best price? the car is in pristine condition.
  • what year is the car?
    list it on
    also try ebay

    have you looked at mazda at cx-7
  • Should the fees be the same at all Mercedes dealerships within CA? Does anyone remember what their fees were? I requested quotes and now I am kind of kicking myself for not asking them to specify the fees.
  • you did a decent job. don't you think you would be happier not knowing than knowing since there is nothing you can do about it now.
  • vgxvgx FloridaPosts: 40
    nabbed a 2007 ML350 in Central Florida this past week. Here are the details.

    Black Ext
    Black Int
    Premium II package
    Sport Appearance Package (w/5 spoke wheels)

    MSRP was $50,800 or so. Negotiated price down to $45,000 before taxes and all that junk. So basically I took $2,300 of the $3k incentive manufacturers are offering dealers. If you can find a 2007 still, they are going to be anxious to move it in the next couple of weeks!

    Good luck. =)
  • Hi VGX & BriClvr,

    What kind of front headlights are on the ML 350 if I do not go with the bi-xenon curving headlights. If I do not go with the curvy lights the price is 2k less. I mean, do the regular lights still show xenon or are they like some ordinary bulbs emitting a yellow (phosporous?) sedan kind of a light? Thanks
  • If you choose not to get the package with the bi-xenon then you will have halogen headlights. They will emit a yellow phosphorous light. I think that the Halogen lights will still do a reasonably good job of illuminating the road.
  • cneffcneff Posts: 65
    I have an 07 ML with the regular lights. They work fine, using the fog lamps helps even more. I've had xenons before (not on an MB) and I find them a mixed bag. Sometimes the light/beam appears to shake over harsh roads and I find the regular lights pick up deer eyes better - a real prob in my area.

    These days MBs regular lights are whiter, plus they use clear lenses now, different from the past. It really comes down to what is pleasing to your eyes at night. Go to the dealer at night and ask for a demo comparo.
  • Thanks all. I just got back after purcchasing m ML 350 2008, black on black from American Service Center in DC area. Paid 45,600 + TTP.......P2 package and heated seats!!
  • Just picked up a 2007 ML 350

    Premium 1 Pkg
    DVD Navigation
    6 CD changer
    Heated Front Seats

    MSRP: $49,745
    Invoice : $46,316
    My Price $44,495 + TTT+ $600 Dealer fee.

    With the '08's here I was able to get car for under invoice.
  • just got a 2008 ML350!!!

    Prem. 2
    Ipod Connector
    6 discs
    Running Boards
    Interior package (alantara and alum. inserts)

    46800 + Tax, title, etc.

    i think i got a fairly good deal, any opinions?
  • dngo1, what was the total MSRP? (Not including tax, title, etc.) Also, what dealer did you go to? Thanks!
  • What is the best price people are getting on 2008 ML350's? So far, I've been offered $2,500 off an MSRP of $51K. Wondering if I could do better? Thanks!
  • I've ordered a fully loaded ML320cdi(MSRP just over $60,000 from the Beaumont, Texas dealer) for 5% under MSRP. The Houston dealers wouldn't go below 4%. But, again, this is on the diesel, not 350. You might be able to do a little better than 5%.
  • Thanks for the info callmeh!
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