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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz M-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience

sshowittsshowitt Posts: 137
edited January 2014 in Mercedes-Benz
My M/B dealer is Viti MB in Tiverton, R.I. They are a single store dealership with customers in all of New England and New York. All cars are sold at MSRP, no additional markups for hard to get vehicles. Their service is impeccable, never a hassle or any unexpected charges. No matter how you are dressed or who you are, you are treated with respect by all the employees. Their only fault is that they give Toyota Corollas for loaner cars.


  • I bypassed two closer MB dealers to purchase three MBs from this dealership. It is by far the best MB dealer in the WDC area and I can't speak highly enough for it's superior customer service. It starts with sales (Gregg Eisenber) and ends with Peter Gregori in service. These people know how to take care of their customers...tell them Bill Shaw sent you. :-)
  • SilverStar or Helms Brother... which is better?
  • I use MB of Pleasanton and am very happy with them. Their parts guy, JR, is a wealth of knowledge.
  • gpvsgpvs Posts: 214
    Anyone have any service experience from this dealership? What loaners do they provide?
  • On the Big MB list last year, a poster had taken his W140 (I think) into ASC for some service work and an oil change. After reviewing the invoice, he discovered that ASC had added Slick 50 to the oil without his permission and charged him an exhorbitant fee. The engineers on the list told him not to drive the car one foot further (because of the potential harm Slick 50 can do to an engine I guess) and have the dealer flat-bed the car back to the dealership to flush the Slick 50 responder even recommended that the dealer should overhaul the entire.

    In any event, I have avoild ASC for this and other reasons posted to that list. I live closer to ASC and HBL but go to EuroMotorcars because of it's reputation and extremely high level of customer service. YMMV.
  • mtsangmtsang Posts: 70
    I am in the market for a ML. Does anyone have sales and service experience (and tips) with MB dealerships in Northern New Jersey? Thanks in advance.

  • biker5biker5 Posts: 199
    I'm talking about the Service Advisor, he is very helpul and knowledgable about his proffesion.... his name is Richard. The only down fall was their loaner car I always get a compact car like chevy cavalier, mazda protoge. But they said that they are giving ML320 as a loaner car, I ask them where is it...They say is all gone..what a bummer.
  • gpvsgpvs Posts: 214
    Thanks for the advice. On another note, what kind of loaners do they provide? Do they use enterprise like ASC and HBL? I used to bring my Disco to HBL since I work in that area and a lot of times the loaners are in really bad shape and very small, even when you request a bigger one, if they don't have any left, you're tied with what they have. I don't really mind driving a small car if I don't have to bring my kids with me.
  • It is my understanding that Euro uses MB loaners if you're lucky enough to be one of the first to get there in the AM. After that, they use brand new Enterprise loaners. I've never ever had a "beater" car as a loaner and I've arrived as late as 11am to drop a car off. On Mon and Tues, they send out as many as 75 cars. So schedule an appointment on Wed or Thur if possible when the service workload is lighter.

    I also understand that Euro is one of the top five MB dealers in the they can not afford to send out beaters as loaners.

    I do not work for them, but am a very happy customer. Hope this info helps.
  • gpvsgpvs Posts: 214
    Thanks for all the info. I will definitely schedule my first service with them.
  • Those boys in Alabama still have a ways to go. I have a ML320.
    1. First Day home it wouldn't start, had to be towed back to the dealer! Bad starter.

    2. GPS didn't work--and, yes, we followed the directions..i.e. driving around.

    3. Cup holder fell out in open position. Had to order a new one.

    4. Window had adhesive that continuously brought glue to the surface.

    5. Dash vent for Heat and Air came unsnapped and had to be replaced.

    6. Foot panel on passenger side is falling off.

    These are the manufacturing problems that we have endured.

    As for the engineering problems, the dealer states that the "vehicle has an inherent problem
    of idling too fast. Don't dare take your foot off the brake for a second when stopped.

    After noticing the transmission slipping much more than any other vehicle we've ever owned, dealership told us that it always happens when cold.

    Cabin heat cannot be adjusted for comfortable climate for all occupants (east coast climate)

    Major problem with telephone technology. We paid 2200 dollars for a phone that's incompatible with most used services today. I was told, "too bad" you paid for a phone that works, you got a phone that works! Mercedes admitted that they slipped up on that technology and let it get ahead of them.
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    We bought our new C at this dealer, we did get a new 01 ML loaner, but when we got it there was only 1 left. I was told they have 80ML loaners, if you go in on a Sunday you'll see them. Some are out long term, some 2-5 days or even weeks. There seems to be about 30 for the 1 day appointments. You need an early appointment to get one, 8:30 at the latest, if you want one I'd make a 7:30 appt. Who was your saleman? Ours was Ron and we were very satisfied with his services. In the service area we've delt with coulette, she's a bit condescending, I'll ask for Richard next time!
  • biker5biker5 Posts: 199
    Hi! Bill,
    Can you believe that I didn't buy my ML from this dealer and they treated me nice, The reason why was, when I was shopping around for my ML I test drove one from them and started talking about the price of the vehicle, they are insisting that they can't give me the ML below MSRP I tried to negotiate because I knew exactly how much is the invoice price of the vehicle and the option I wanted. The bottom line we didn't make a deal.So I tried the internet buying experience and its really works with the help of this site In short I got mine at MB Laguna Niguel we just willing and dealing thru email and we got a deal they even pick me up from Chula Vista where I live to thier place and gave me 20% off of all accessory I bought that night. Plus I have a one free full detail every year.It's just a little too far from us here, but maybe if I have a long day off I can take it to them. Anyway, Try Richard next time. Are you going to 2nd SO CAL Run?. I'm thingking about it.. I went last year. Have a nice day..
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    I'm hoping to go on the fun run! It all depends on where it is, if it starts in the Malibu area I doubt it, it would be 200 miles just to get there. If it starts in the Orange county area then I hope to go, I only wish it was a similar route to last time!!! I suggested a Temecula Start, but I guess that was too similar to the last one.
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    I just completed a Schedule A service at this place. They did a pretty good job and even
    replaced the blower motor which was some-times making a hardly noticable rattle. (under warranty). However, when I mentioned the updates to the latches and stuff like that, he brushed
    me away and said that Mercedez-Benz would contact me about any upates. I didn't push the issue too much.

  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    Initially when I bought the car, I emailed a few ML owners in NJ and a lot of them did recommend Ray Catena. I didn't use them cause, they didn't offer a loaner car as I didnt' buy my car from them. If you live nearby and dont' mind taking a cab back, you can try them.
  • mtsangmtsang Posts: 70
    I have been getting my MB service at Globe MB in Fairfield NJ. They use to provide loaner even for the $50 oil change. They've cut back. Now they will give loaner only for "major" maintenance work.

    I will check out Ray Catena for my next MB. Thanks for your feedback.
  • I bought my ML from Millenium in Bridgewater. If it is moderately convenient for you, I would use them. My sales rep was Dale, who came from Ray Catena before. I had what seemed to be trouble initializing the Tele-aid; after insisting it was a verizon/AT&T problem I took it in, got a C230 loaner and picked it up with MB insisting it was a carrier problem in the area; 2 days later I was in Pennsylvania, tried and was able to set the Tele-aid, so Milenium was right, the problem was not MB nor the dealer, but Verizon/AT&T. Have not been back to the dealer since (2k Mi.).
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    diwc240 "MB C-Class Owners: Meet the Members" Feb 28, 2001 5:33am

    Vans, SUVs, and Aftermarket and Accessories message boards
  • lsl1207lsl1207 Posts: 6
    At 26K so far I've needed new brakes (10K) , New Navigation system (25K), and a new transmission (26K). Next time I'll buy Japanese. Also, Autohaus MB in Pompano , Florida is the worst dealership I've ever dealt with. They can't fix the cars on the first visit and they're not very nice to service customers.
  • fried13fried13 Posts: 7
    Anyone have any comments about Benson Motors in Annapolis, MD? Just 60 days into ownership of a ML430 and looking to move my (personal) fleet to MB. All and any comments would be appreciated.

  • primitiveprimitive Posts: 20
    InterCar MB in Newton. Friendly, knowledgable, fast. Smooth experience with my first repair.
  • bertram60bertram60 Posts: 113
    was overly cooperative during FSS A service (13k miles). Had a lot of little things done; A service, sunroof was getting covered with grease, alignment, activate fog lights, brakes squealed, A/C wasn't cooling, class three hitch installed.

    Loaner was Chevy Cavileer through Alamo at dealer. I upgraded (sort of) to a Grand Prix for $10. The Pontiac had just been recovered from a theft, but was in excellent condition. I think dealers want you to appreciate what you have, as I hated this car!

    I wasn't going to have MB install the hitch, but when i started checking, no one was comfortable with removing rear bumper skin. $285 for parts, $219 for labor!!!! Yikes, double what I paid on our last truck for a Draw Tight class III, but cheaper than fighting with some shop to get the bumper skin repainted or replaced after they destroyed it.

    BUT, A/C problem ended up being major and required car to stay for five days! (dropped off Thursday, picked up Monday). New parts had to be flown in from factory, then a wiring harness was pinched and caused balance of electrical system to fail! When I went to my service advisor (Farrel Gerber) to ask MB to pick up the $50 for rental upgrade he said he'd just deduct something from the bill, and boy did he. Total bill was $326.48!!!! Hitch was on MB! I paid for labor ($219) and alignment ($89) plus tax. That was it!!!

    This great experience was only marred by a less than stellar cleaning job (car was spotless when dropped off, all they did was run a chamios over the car and park it under a tree with some eager birds in it, and arriving home to find that remote locks/alarm won't work with keys due to electrical system being disconnected for so long. I just need to run car by and have them reprogram alarm/keys which i've been promised is a five minute proceedure.

    All in all what could have been a catastrophie was turned into a wonderful expereince, solidifying my relationship with the dealer. I will be back for service and to get an ML500.
  • bombetsbombets Posts: 2
    Hi ... I just wanted to let everybody know how great this dealership is. For the past year I have been bringing my 2000 ML 320 to this dealership for regular service and also those unscheduled visits to fix minor annoyances. They have always treated me well and their work is excellent. Occasionally they would send me surveys to fill out and in return I get free goodies like key chains and for the last survey I did I got a free detailing job worth $149.00 and to top it all they provided me with a E-320 as a loaner while they were detailing my car. All these pampering and I didn't even buy my car from them. So if any of you ML owners are not too happy with the service you get from your current dealership and your withins driving distance, I highly recommend MB of Calabas ... and if you do come, try to hook up with my service advisor named Bill Horvat, he is one of the best.

    later then
  • I honestly have to say this is the best Mercedes dealership on the east coast. They will go above and beyond for their customers because customer satisfaction is #1. I purchased my 2000 S500 there and they have always taken care of my G-Wagen when i bring it in. Unlike a lot of benz dealerships, they are not snobby or mean. They do have the best loaner cars, before they had an on-site enterprise rental car which rented out chryslers and ford SUVs for free. But now they have new 2001 E class and M class rental cars, which i think is very neat. They have a wide selection of Mercedes and i would recommend it to anyone.
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