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Infiniti JX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I just received a quote for a 2013 JW AWD with premium, illuminate kick plates and splash guards. MSRP of $48,645; selling price if I finance with Infiniti of $44,112. APR of 2.8% I am in Los Angeles. Let me know, this is the lowest price for this car I have found.....there are not a lot of AWD in California available.
  • Sewellgsm, thanks for your reply. After numerous emails traded with my dealer, I finally received the build sheet for my car today. Interestingly, it WAS ordered the following business day after I put my deposit down. So I am wondering why the hassle with providing me a copy of the order sheet? I am thinking that it is due to a seriously incompetent salesperson.

    But now, I have a problem. They added 3 items to my order that I did not want: rear bumper protection, illuminated kick panels, and splash guards. I really didn't want those and they do not appear to be "pre-requisites" to any other items. How difficult would it be to get them removed from the order?

    We want the JX, but all this hassle is really leaving a very bad taste in my mouth. I'm on the verge of just cancelling, getting my deposit back and spending almost twice as much on a MB GL class. My buying experience with MB has been spotless and I am just tired of the hassle. I am very surprised since the buying experience from Infiniti / Lexus was supposed to be the best.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
  • It does not seem like they custom ordered it....more like they found one out there that met your specs (or most of them)...and traded or bought it for you.

    Custom order should have been exactly what you depending on how far along it is, they might could cancel those items.

    I will say the rear bumper protector and splash guards come in handy. :)
  • pjamesepjamese Posts: 15
    What LA or So Cal dealership was offering that? thanks
  • Glendale Infiniti. I was able to get them down another $200. Plus for financing through Infiniti financial services I got first two oil changes free. We ended up leasing. Good luck!
  • tims2ktims2k Posts: 9
    We're looking at a new JX configured the way we want it and the car does not exist on the West Coast. The dealer we're working with said he could order it and would give it to us at invoice. Now they're offering $1K below invoice.

    Is anyone else seeing offers close to this? I'm surprised they went straight to invoice, makes me wonder what the bottom line acutally is.
  • I think the 1K below invoice is because Infiniti is providing $1K incentive back to dealerships. It's approaching year-end, and manufacture needs to meet sales goal. In addition, JX's direct competitor - brand new MDX is not that far way. Keep us posted on your buying experience. Thx.
  • pjamesepjamese Posts: 15
    edited October 2012
    I got $5k off MSRP (which was 43510) on base AWD JX this month in So Cal but had to finance through Infiniti. When I asked about a FWD with just Premium Package they could only discount that $4k. I had no special buying program, just went back and forth for a few days with them.
  • Yes, in order to get the $1K incentive from Infiniti, they need you to finance from Nissan. This is also listed on I am getting intenet quotes around $44K for the AWD with Premium pkg from couple central NJ dealers.
  • I wanted to let everyone know what I was able to get on my new FWD JX 35 since the forum was helpful to me in making purchasing decisions.

    I was able to get the following vehicle:
    FWD JX 35
    Emerald graphite
    Roof rails and cross bars
    Drivers Assist
    Theater package

    In order to get roof rails, had to get the car from a dealer out of state. Delivered the car to our home on a Saturday morning.

    $47,000 OTD (includes $4K for trade - 2001 FWD QX4 with 114K miles). Gave us wheel locks free of charge.

    The local dealer came down to $46K if I bought one off the lot but hubby wanted roof rails and the emerald graphite color.

    I probably could have done better, but was happy with the overall deal given our time constraints.
  • Can you share what dealer you bought it form?
  • Offer on the table for JX35
    Deluxe Touring
    MSRP 56700
    Sale price offer 53470
    3yr lease/15,000/mo
    Residual 57%
    Putting 4K down and paying fees up front, and first month (just because).


    Good deal?
  • Sewell, if VPP is typically "D Plan, then what is "A Plan"? I believe D plan gives you invoice price. So how much better is "A Plan"?
  • Hello, I just got my JX35 AWD Base with Kickplate for $42,100 OTD(Included TTL), it was very nice working with Tim from Metro Infiniti, I'm high recommend that you look for this guy if you ever plan to buy one in the South Cal. I actually got a same deal from Glendale (Kate, straight pricing very nice lady to work with) but the car is in Parkway, and their sales manager Michael(Who is very hard to work with and he tries to trap me into getting the car from him for 1.1k more) won't let her have it, so I ended up getting it from Metro. So if you ever shop around here, Glendale and Metro would be your best choice in terms of pricing and customer service, and again don't waste your time, DON"T GO TO PARKWAY, their sales manager Michael will BLACK FACE on you. Good luck on your buying :] :shades:
  • asd4asd4 Posts: 3
    Infiniti lost several 100s of JX in hurricane Sandy which may tighten supply in the short run. If you have a quote from first week of November and need to buy soon, check to see if your dealer will still honor it. 200000-vehicles-could-be-scrapped/2012/11/12/d41638ca-2d01-11e2-b631-2aad9d9c73a- c_story.html
  • A Plan is $1250 better below invoice before incentives.
  • My dealer tells me A Plan is only good for vehicles on the ground, not factory orders. Is this right?
  • xchenxchen Posts: 3
    edited December 2012
    I just purchased my JX-35 Base FWD for 40500 out of door from infiniti of tampa on black friday.
    This is the only dealers in my area, so I don't have a bargain choice. Still I think this is a very fair price.

    The one I get is a black one, MSRP 42100. The sales person's name is Abe and he said will honor this price for any of my friends.

    Tampa is not the cheapest place to buy a car, so I guess you can probably beat this price elsewhere.

    Good luck.
  • No...all vehicles are "on the ground" eventually. That is total BS.

    Now - a dealer does NOT have to participate in selling vehicles at VPP - that is their choice, but they should just say they don't want to do it and not make up stuff.
  • We have been looking at the JX and MDX. The JX has an edge with features etc. And if I just price out what I want on the JX it is similarly priced to the MDX. What I'm finding is they have added tons to all the cars in inventory in our area...we want just : FWD, Premium Package, Maple Accents, Roof Rails and Cross Bars. All the dealers have is this car with additional packages and accessories that I don't need and don't want to pay for. The cars they have outfitted with extras take me outside my comfort zone price wise.

    Is anyone else experiencing the same thing? Does the end of the year mean they may be willing to make better deals on the models they have that are loaded?
  • Hi 15Maggie1, I am totally agree with what you are saying, as I am experience the same situation. I am in the north-eastern region, ALL the JXs they have are pretty much with at least 3 packages, normally Premium, Theatre and Driver Assist. This makes the JX way pricier than MDX (currently I have MDX with Tech pkg). I am eligible for the invoice price thru Plan D, maybe that's why dealer is not willing to negotiate a bit more. So to answer your question - I don't think dealers are willing to make better deals, as demand is considered high, at least in NY/NJ areas. Please keep us posted on your further buyer experience. Good luck!
  • You can custom order your own JX from any dealer, we order once a month at the beginning of the month (usually around the 5th or so) and it will take about 2 months for your JX to arrive at the dealership (since they are built in the US). This way you can get exactly what you want and nothing you don't want. :D
  • We have never leased a vehicle before but are going to lease our next one. This is the price I was quoted and wondering if its a good deal or not.
    2013 Infiniti JX AWD MSRP 57,105
    savings 3,905
    adjusted sales price 53,200
    trade value 22,500
    trade difference 30,700
    trade balance 17,100 (5400 to the positive)
    tax 2,041.55
    doc fee 75
    license fee 630
    capitalized inception fee 936.16
    pride adjustment 5400
    total cap cost 48,736.16
    39 month 15,000 lease quoted $546.05 a month with $1251.05 due at delivery for 1st payment and registration fees
    Residual percentage 0.57 and money factor lease rate 0.00146
  • we have 2 price quotes for the car we want:

    JX FWD Premium Package only, maple accents, roof rails, cross bars.

    $44,590 for one that has a few extras we didn't want that the dealer has in stock (cargo protector, kickplates, tow package)

    $45,830 for one that a dealer found elsewhere that they will trade for and transport here

    We are very much struggling with the decision. We like all the JX has to offer, but we were not wanting to spend this much. We wouldn't even have considered the JX if we had known the premium package ($4,950) is pretty much a must (pushes that price outside our comfort zone). Our other choice is an Acura MDX, which prices better and folks seem to be getting great deals on.

    Hoping maybe the end of the month comes and someone gets desperate to sell us a JX...
  • So I'm in TX and looking at a black jx with java interior.
    Packages - premium, theater, deluxe touring, technology
    Accessories - splash guards, illuminated kick plates, cargo area protector, all season floor mats, interior accent lighting.

    Price - 52,800 + TTL

    Not sure if they're including the $1000 ifs incentive, they didn't mention needing to finance but you never know.

    Is this a good deal?
  • We bought just before Thanksgiving. We leased but the agreed upon sales price was 51,728.77. I think we did not have the interior accent lighting or the splash guards, but did have the kick plates and cargo protector.
    We're in VA near DC.
  • What dealership are you referring to in Texas? I am also in the market for a fully loaded JX.

  • I am getting deal on 2013 Infiniti JX 35 AWD with premium package, Driver assistance package, Theatre package and splash guards, illuminated kick plates, cargo area protector for 47.9K(including destination charges) + tax. Is it good.
  • Look like you are almost 2K under invoice. That's pretty good to me.
  • I'm in Austin, talking to them. What about you? I'm seeing better prices in other places around the country but not much data in tx
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