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Infiniti JX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Not getting near those discounts in the Midwest. In Wisconsin, getting quotes from MSRP to $1000 off sticker. Had to drive 3 hours to Chicago suburbs to get $1300 off sticker, plus some freebies. Stock here is scarce and the dealer I bought from had the color/pkg combo I wanted (Motor Werks Infiniti of Barrington, IL). IMHO, the JX is worth what they are asking for it, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the MSRP climb a few thousand dollars ( hell, a loaded Toyota Sienna has a sticker of $46,000!)
  • digital_bdigital_b Posts: 129
    edited April 2012
    I went to a dealership that I will eventually lease from on monday. spent 2 hours there having my leased infiniti ex appraised and driving an m and a jx. the m was a disappointment and eliminated from consideration. the jx was a dream. what a vehicle. drove with 18 inch rims almost exactly as well as my 01 lexus ls 430 which is the best car I have ever owned. told the salesman that I was only there to get information and because they wanted to assess my vehicle. after the test drive was told there are NO programs associated with the jx at this time which isnt a surprise since its new and successful. not surprising. the advice I read and will follow is to wait a few months until the prices come of msrp. same situation as when I got my lexus IS 350 back in 06. so dont whine about the prices not falling immediately. this is a good vehicle and the dealers are going to win at this time and in the near future. also I noticed that the packages are grouped in such a way that you cannot get all the features you want without getting some you dont. I hope infiniti fixes that aspect. the dealer also tried to jam prepaid maintenance and other crap into a lease. 2500 down on a 52000 vehicle for 739 a month. insane. had to fight laughing in his face. but my lease isnt up for 11 months so I have plenty of time to wait. dont act like a little girl and you wont be sorry.
  • I am also in the marker for the JX. From what people are saying on this forum, it sounds like there is a lot of hype for the JX (or true demand for the car--- it is hard to tell).
    With so many options out there, (MDX, better handling--- but JX has better interior design for families), the decision to pay sticker for the JX seems like a emotional buy rather than a logical choice.
    I wonder if people out there know that the Pathfinder 2013 looks exactly like the JX on the inside.
    I am kinda torn between the full price JX, 5-6k off for MDX and possibly a 10k cheaper 2013 pathfinder.
    Is everyone paying close to sticker for the JX? If I can get 3-4k off, I would get the JX.
    As for someone saying that a Sienna is 46k--- and Infiniti will increase JX MRSP... I don't think so--- with competition from MDX--- people in Southern Cal are getting 42k for mdx tech (with navi)... I think Infiniti is doing just fine with marketing, don't create the hype for the dealers--- we don't need consumers competing against each other.
  • I'm not sure why you think it's overpriced. First, I've owned several Nissan cars and one Infiniti over the past 15 years. There is no comparison between the 2 concerning ride quality and fit and finish, regardless if the JX and the new pathfinder share the same frame. I don't believe the MSRP will increase, but, yes my wife's 2011 Sienna Limited FWD loaded had a window sticker of $46,400 (I can email you a photo of it if you'd like to see it). Personally, I think the MDX is an outdated vehicle: I considered one in 2007, but went with the Lexus GX470. Fast forward to April of 2012, and the MDX is basically the same vehicle as it was in 2007. It's up to you to decide if the new Pathfinder is worth waiting for, but even if you do, that won't sell for much of a discount for at least 4-5 months. Additionally, I think if you are willing to wait, you will get a better discount on the JX as it will have to compete against the Pathfinder.

    The fact is that Infiniti has a decent crossover on their hands with the JX, and they know it. Dealers here in the midwest can't keep them on their lots. But like all new models, interest will eventually fall as will dealer pricing. I bought one now because I needed to make a switch. With a car loan from PenFed @ 1.9% interest for 60 months, the savings of waiting was negligible vs. interest rates climbing in 6-8 months.....
  • needajxneedajx Posts: 3
    I think you have to look at the MSRP as the introductory price. I have heard from multiple dealers that a price increase is on the way in the couple months. One of the first posts in this forum alludes to the same thing. I have a 2007 MDX and just put down a deposit on a JX35 today. I love the MDX but I wasn't going to buy a car in the last model year and I couldn't wait until next year. By waiting until next year, Acura left the door wide open for Infiniti to take market share. Overall, the price they are charging isn't far off from the MDX and the car has significant upgrades. I can tell you that I couldn't even find a model to test drive in my area. They can't keep them on the lot and most cars are sold or have a potential buyer before they arrive. I don't think it is over-hyped because the buzz and activity does exist. I guess we will find out for sure over the next couple months but this is what I experienced during my purchase.
  • I "misspoke" when I said overpriced. Infiniti prices for the base and packages are almost exactly like the MDX. (JX premium AWD is 47.5 and MDX tech is 47.5 tech)...
    They were going after the MDX and Audi buyers---
    What I should have said was that without any discounts, the JX is overpriced when negotiation is factored... So, the question is do I want to pay an extra 6k for the newer model of the JX... over the MDX.
    If I can manage to get 2-3 off the sticker the JX would make sense.
  • spicydocspicydoc Posts: 14
    Going through postings in the MDX forum. It seems that the MDX tech package can be purchased in the 41k to 42k range. I got an initial offering of 42999 for tech package and 48299 for the advance package without any bargaining yet.

    For JX to sell well, should it be at a lower price than MDX?
  • why would you sell a superior product at a lower price? This isn't wal-mart.... There is actually more to pricing than most consumers realize; it's more of a science than an art. Pricing a "luxury or premium" product too low can actually have a reverse effect on sales because the target consumer group senses there must be a reason it's so low. I think that the JX is properly priced for the current market. Like any new model, dealers are not willing to negotiate too far from MSRP, and frankly, they don't have to. With every new product, there is the "early adopter" buyer that is willing to pay the premium price. As the newness wears off, you will see the JX selling closer to invoice.

    Take the Toyoyta Sienna minivan that I bought my wife last may. When it was released 9 months earlier, they were mostly selling at MSRP. I wasn't willing to pay MSRP, so I waited. I was able to get an almost $47k minivan for $40k by waiting. There will always be a price to pay by being an early adopter.
  • spicydocspicydoc Posts: 14
    I was just posting an observation for people to think over.

    However, if you work for an Infiniti dealership (sorry if I am wrong, but you sound like so), then this is not a fair discussion.
  • spicydocspicydoc Posts: 14
    There were quite a few messages here to try to create a hype for the car / price and seemingly tyring to get the price up.

    I am quite bothered by this. Since this is a new model, I would not be surprised that Infiniti has people here to try to manipulate the market to get a higher selling price for the years to come.

    I posted the above original message to remind people the selling price is higher than a very popular competing car that was top-rated - not that I like the other or not, neither that I do not like this car (I have not looked at one yet).
  • needajxneedajx Posts: 3
    I think it is as simple as looking at a 5 year old model or a brand new car. When the Acura comes out next year, there will be similar discussions. The Acura model has basically the same technology as it did 5 years ago. The JX has 5 years of advances built in. I have a MDX and I love it - but the 2012 is the same as my 2007. You are going to get a deal on the Acura becuase it is the last year of this model. It is worth $5K for the upgrades? That is a valid discussion point. For me, it was. For others, the Acura may be a better value.

    This is a message board for people to specifically discuss this car. People are here because they like or are interested in the car. In general, people are paying MSRP because that is what the market dictates and what dealers can get. I am not sure what other information you are expecting to see?
  • spicydocspicydoc Posts: 14
    this is a board for people to find out about prices and value. I posted a comparison with Acura MDX to counter those trying to get its price higher.

    Yes, this is a luxurious car. The other poster and you should remind to get rid of this forum more than reminding me that this is not Walmart kind of shopping. According your answers to my posting, luxurious car shoppers need not to bargain.

    People are here to shop, not to hear why this is not Walmart or why they should not bargain. Do not waste our time.
  • spicydocspicydoc Posts: 14
    Acura MDX offered an incentive on Apr. 26, according to this site on Acura MDX forum. I received a call from Acura sales that he would reduce the above offer by $750. Again, no bargaining yet.

    the other poster, who bargains at Walmart though?

    would go look at JX too.
  • brifromwibrifromwi Posts: 7
    edited April 2012
    doc... you're missing the point. Regardless if it's Infiniti, Ford or Toyota, there are very few dealers willing to knock down the window sticker price on a new model that has been available for 2 weeks. And no, I don't work for Infiniti.... I'm a businessman with an MBA from the University of Wisconsin.

    When I bought my Lexus GX in 2007, I also looked at the newly redesigned Toytoa Highlander.... Same deal as with the JX, dealers would not negotiate from MSRP because it was a new design. I said screw it, and bought the GX for $4500 below sticker, which ended up being only $3500 more than the loaded Highlander at the time.

    My point is that inventory is low.... Dealers are selling the JX before they roll off of the delivery truck. With that in mind why, as a dealer, would you sell a product for thousands less when you have customers willing to pay MSRP or close to it?

    I understand where you are coming from, but I think your expectations on price are a bit inflated (at the moment)..... For some reason you seem to feel offended at the fact that Acura is offering all sorts of Incentives without bargaining, and Infiniti is not. This is business 101... When you have a product that is threatened by a new competitor and the competitor's product is superior, the only action you can take is to reduce the price.

    Value is subjective. If I bought an 2012 MDX for $1K under invoice, I'd still feel I paid too much because the design is dated. Think of it this way... 5 years from now the 2012 MDX will look 10 years old because it was outdated in 2012.
  • foodyfoody Posts: 11
    I thought I'd throw this out there.... If you are in the military, active or reserves, you can get the VPP pricing. Check out the Infiniti/Nissan VPP website. Offer ends 30 Apr 12. Good luck!
  • goose01goose01 Posts: 6
    I negotiated the price of my jx in late march for what ended up being about $1500 over invoice.(about 3k off msrp). When I picked it up the invoice price had increased about $150. Not sure if this increase had made it to the msrp yet. As for the demand, I'm not sure it's as strong as some would like you to believe. I went to the auto show in jan and was informed that by the end of the show they would have a deposit on every jx in the first delivery batch (about 20). Went to the dealership in late march and they had a base awd jx as a tester. Was informed that they still had 1 available that I was interested in. Ended up gettingone transfered from another dealership. Went to pick mine up April 19th and they had sold the tester but had 3 or 4 available for sale from the first batch. These were the only ones they had received so far. Realized that a deposit on a future car doesn't really mean squat. I had been surprised that anyone would put a deposit on a car that they had not even seen in person let alone test drove.
  • digital_bdigital_b Posts: 129
    with the fed saying months ago that the prime rate will stay where it is thru 2013 you are incorrect with interest rates rising.
  • digital_bdigital_b Posts: 129
    speaking of availability, I went to the local dealer on the weekend that the jx became available. there was one on the lot and it was a demo. went a week later and there were 5 on the lot, the original tester and 4 others of varying options and colors which all had 'sold' tags on them. went on the 29th and there were 7 or 8 on the lot, none with sold tags on them, plus the same black/graphite demo. I think the heat is fading already. the dealer I visited last monday called me on the 29th wondering if I would make a deal if they were 'aggressive'. havent even opened the email yet; I will in the morning. I know Ill be corrected if I am wrong but I am guessing theres 15% markup on this vehicle which if I am correct would mean you can get 5k off on a deluxe touring/tech which by the way is priced exactly as an mdx advance and still give the dealer a healthy profit. time will tell.
  • I'm surprised people are in such a hurry to waste their money on this vehicle. First paying anything close to MSRP is a ripoff, then these Infiniti's depreciate horribly in the first year alone. I was looking at an M that's lost $18,000 dollars in value the first year. If anything, I would lease this JX if it interested me that much.
  • foodyfoody Posts: 11
    edited April 2012
    We were able to use VPP, so we feel fortunate. If we didn't have VPP, I would have waited until the dealers were willing to negotiate. You should be able to pick one up for invoice to invoice+$500 once the hype cools off. That's what we did when the '11 QX56 showed up. No matter what, the dealers ALWAYS make $$$. As the saying goes, "good things come to those who wait"!
    BTW, the JX35 is worth every penny, IMHO!
  • dengdengdengdeng Posts: 2
    JX35 AWD with Driver, Premium, and Theater:
    49K - close to 3K off of MSRP in Nashua, NH.
    Also gave me equity in my RX350 lease which was due next week.

    Smooth process and great guys to work with! Very motivated since it was the end of the month.

    Good luck!
  • spicydocspicydoc Posts: 14
    went to test drive a JX. Here is my thoughts.

    The dealer had one demo, but does not have one for test drive. The one in the showroom did not look very impressive to me. It was a dark grayish kind of color - the exterior looks not impressive (another color, black or white, may make it look better in showroom?). The interior does not look expensive to me - the demo has dark color leather, which actually look a little cheap kind of leather to me (disappointed from impressions from pictures). The interior looks less luxurious than a MDX or M class.

    Did not even get to turn on the car - so I did not get impressed by its technology at all. The instrument panel do not look expensive (as expected from reading reviews) by appearance.

    If I test drive one, I may have a different opinion. If I see different color combinations, I may change idea. So far nothing to justify the much higher price than MDX, Lexus, both of which seem to be discounting price now (some people are getting MDX at $4000 below INVOICE).

    More JX coming to this dealership in mid May, then they would have one for test drive - do not know if I can wait that long. The dealer suggests may discount $1000 below MSRP with small room for negotiation. If that is true, there does not seem to be a desire to even come back to test drive unless I still could not make a decision then.

    The JX so far has a Walmart look with premium price to me (without getting the expensive packages, there is no reason to get a JX besides being a little roomier than MDX).
  • digital_bdigital_b Posts: 129
  • myml1myml1 Posts: 3
    First thing is JX is not cheaper over MDX. Fully loaded MDX and JX both end up with sticker price 56k(MDX you can get 5k incentive JX not sure)

    MDX has bigger engine than JX as well as power, torque
    JX seating arrangement is superior to MDX
    Technology MDX is a big winner, when its pick up auto cruise mode, picks up very smoothly and breaks smoothly, where as jx you can feel the vibration.
    Acura navigation is better and blind spot indicator is placed in a nice location next to the mirros, very useful.
    MDX handles and drives better.
    JX has more interior leather options
    as some one said in the forun mdx is upgraded in 2010 including the quality of leather. its not outdated to 2007, both are comeptetive but if you pay more than mdx its not worth it.
    mdx I drove 40 k miles, jx i dorve 1200 miles
  • shaolinshaolin Posts: 12
    The JX is not really a fair comparison vs the current-gen MDX, which has an outdated look. Let's compare the new MDX coming out next year vs this JX.

    I like the JX a lot and think it's a solid value (if you get the Prem package, you have pretty much all the important options). But I will wait for the new MDX next year before making a final decision. By then, JX price will decrease also.
  • brifromwibrifromwi Posts: 7
    It's obvious from your previous posts that you've had a chip on you shoulder about the JX from the beginning. Perhaps it is you who are employed by Acura? All I can say is to each his own..... To me the MDX has a busy plastic dash. I also don't care for Honda's styling in general (look at the new RDX which is basically a dolled up CR-V). That said, there is a reason that MDX is selling for $4k below invoice, because that's what the market dictates. There is a reason the JX is selling for close to sticker..... That's what the market dictates.....
  • jlwii2000jlwii2000 Posts: 6
    If you're waiting for the MDX redesign, you'll be waiting until 2014. I wanted to see what the 2013 MDX would look like as well, only to find out when I called the dealer that the complete redesign has been pushed to 2014 and that the 2013 model will be essentially the same as the 2012.
  • jlwii2000jlwii2000 Posts: 6
    Funny, my dealer said VPP was not available on the JX back in mid April, then again in late April.
  • foodyfoody Posts: 11
    That's ridiculous! Your dealer is lying to you. On the VPP website, it lists which vehicles are/are not available for VPP. The JX35 qualifies for VPP. I'd find another dealer.
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