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2013 Ford Escape



  • ksufootballksufootball Member Posts: 11
    Then what in the world caused the lines are your headliner?
  • johnnyumajohnnyuma Member Posts: 54
    We decided on the 2013 Escape Titanium AWD. We appreciate the input.
  • flgal07flgal07 Member Posts: 2
    Hey!! I have been reading alot. I have a brand new 9/12 2.0 Ecoboost SEL I bought last night. I am trying to find out if I am the only one that has this VERY LOUD idle sound like a small diesel engine even if the A/C is not on, etc. I turned it on in the drive and in the garage and you can't even have a conversation when standing next to it! I didn't notice noise due to cabin while test driving. Is this normal?? So Far I Love It. Also bought at 2013 Explorer Limited last week. That is REALLY nice. Different engine, can't compare.... should I contact the dealer about this noise?
  • bdymentbdyment Member Posts: 573
    If it that loud, something is wrong. I would contact the dealer at once.
  • cbc410cbc410 Member Posts: 20
    No. It shouldn't be loud. My Titanium is very quiet. Go back to the dealer.
  • cbc410cbc410 Member Posts: 20
    Does anyone else have problems getting the entertainment section to select your phone so you can play music through it via Bluetooth? I have an iPhone 4s. Also, when we added my daughter's phone as the non primary, it stopped being able to select my phone for music altogether so we had to take hers off.
  • escapeismescapeism Member Posts: 39
    edited September 2012
    I have the 4s and no problems playing music via bluetooth. When you try to play music, on your phone go to the page that shows the song playing(I think that page) and at the bottom you will see an icon for switching between playing over bluetooth or not. The one thing I can tell you is make SURE your phone has the latest firmware and is clean as a whistle without extra crap on it. Let me explain myself. When I paired my iphone 4s to my new Titanium for the first time, everything was fine. Then, about a week later I tried using the voice command to make a phone call. Didn't work. So I go by the dealer and we both try everything under the sun to make a voice prompted phone call. Nothing. So I get home and call Sync and thank goodness I talk to someone who just recieved an interoffice memo about a glitch. Apparently when Sync imports your contacts, if any of them have those cute little smilely faces ( gif file or similar icon) it messes things up. Well, my daughter had put hearts and smiles next to her contact name. As soon as I corrected that, did a hard reset of the iphone, did a master reset of Sync, everything works perfectly.

    What I'm saying folks is the Sync guy I talked to says people are calling in complaining, but not realizing that their phones are corrupting the Sync system in some way or another. if you don't format a USB drive or SD card before you stick it into Sync then Sync might pick up a cold or get the sniffles. Hope this helps someone, cause I won't get those 2 hours of my life back.

    PS. I'm running on iOS 6, the latest.
    PSS. Even my texting works!!
  • dwaindwain Member Posts: 1
    This is kind of a surprise to me that your 2.0 AWD has the ECO feature I have a FWD 2.0 but the "flower" is grayed out. In the owners manual it mentions the vehicle come with it enabled but must be turned off at the dealer. During my first 1,000 miles my avg mileage has been 22-23 mpg. Is the eco acceleration/anticipation found on another screen or on the main home screen?
  • sportclimbersportclimber Member Posts: 5
    edited October 2012
    I have had my Titanium for 5 days now. 800 miles and am some sort of Jedi Eco Master (just kidding). I frequently have all leaves green on Anticipation and Speed, hard to do as our speed here in Colorado is 75 MPH. The Leaf screen is to the 'right' of the MPG screen (just right arrow over to next screen).
    I really like this car and have seen 54 MPG going DOWN the mountain and my last tank, real world was 25.2 MPG from a long mountain trip.
    I'm still experimenting with the SPORT shifting for better miliage.
    I also have a late 'A' series build and sun roof but, knock on wood no leaks yet!
  • cbc410cbc410 Member Posts: 20
    What ever happened with this inquiry. I still am getting around 16 mpg all city driving with some hills.
  • cbc410cbc410 Member Posts: 20
    Thanks for the information but I don't see what you mean about the place to indicate bluetooth. Is that on the song page in iTunes?
  • escapeismescapeism Member Posts: 39
    edited October 2012
    Yes, I think on the "now playing" page" lower right corner you should see an airplay icon. You can tap that and select which source to send the audio to. You will get all the sounds back. I know its confusing, but its usually a setting somewhere. Let me know if you have success or failure.
  • jlrahnjlrahn Member Posts: 7
    I am driving the titanium model and I got 35 miles to the gallon driving to work this morning on the highway. I'm averaging 30 miles most of the time. It depends a lot on the driver. My husband gets in it on e weekends and it goes down to 24-25 miles because he likes to punch it because it picks up speed so quickly. I absolutely love this car. I have had a lot of makes and models and this car exceeds all of them. I Never had a car before that came anywhere near the mileage quoted on the sticker let alone 8 more miles to the gallon over the projected. Hybrids are not offering much more than this.
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    Adapt the DFI design aspects of the Ecoboost engine to the hybrid HSD configuration and you would likely see 50 MPG.
  • escape13escape13 Member Posts: 3
    I am looking to buy a 2013 escape titanium FWD and noticed that the incentives in October went up from $1,000 to $1,500 which is valid till Jan 2, 2013. Does anyone know if these incentives will increase towards year end as part of a year end sales event or is this highly unlikely considering that this offer is valid through January?
  • 2013escape12013escape1 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2013 SE with a sunroof and roof racks. I parked it uphill with the front of the car above the rear of the car. The leak was in the same location (called the A pillar).

    The dealership said it was caused by the roof racks where they are bolted onto the roof and they injected silicone to repair it. It took them two tries to fix it, as the first fix did not pass their water test. It hasn't rained yet so I haven't confirmed that they actually fixed it.
  • vdm123vdm123 Member Posts: 3
    I've had my 2013 Escape SEL since the end of June and I'm unfortunately not happy. The MFT system has too many bugs and the technology package has proven to be more annoying than anything.

    Here's a brief list of problems:
    -radio comes on by itself
    -radio can not be turned off
    -radio mode cannot be changed
    -radio display does not show current radio station selection
    -radio presets are blank
    -nav system shows incorrect location
    -cannot select destination programmed in navigation 'Favorites'
    -cannot enter destination address in nav system
    -steering system makes knocking noise when moving slowly in/out of parking spaces
    -cross traffic warning system provides false alarms
    -cross traffic warning system is overly sensitive
    -intermittent wipers do not operate properly
    -dashboard light dimmer control has little or no effect
    -voice recognition frequently does not recognize words (especially for selecting a destination)

    I have gotten in the habit of taking pictures and video of the various radio and navigation system malfunctions. When I took the car back to the dealer the rep cut me off as I was describing the radio problems, saying Ford is well aware of these and does NOT have a fix. All they can do is disconnect the battery terminals for 10 minutes to reset the system.....everytime. This is clearly NOT a repair, it only delays the problem for happening a week or two. And the problems have recurred after the reset :lemon:

    The service rep also noted that he has a Ford too, a Focus, and that the cross traffic warning system is distracting instead of helpful. I cannot parallel park the car without first remembering to scroll through the dashboard menu to turn off the feature, otherwise I am subjected to a constant, loud alarm from passing cars on the other side of the road, which is very distracting and annoying. I need to scroll through a menu list to disable this feature EVERY time I drive the car since the feature is turned back on every time the car is started. The same goes for the obstacle warning alarm, which alarms for everything from a 4 inch parking curb, to street signs 3 feet to the side of the car, to the street surface itself when pulling out of my driveway. These have served to do nothing more than become everyday annoyances when driving the vehicle. Not to mention that every time you plug in an ipod or mp3 player, the vehicle lectures you on safe driving and using the voice commands (which don't work well). Note that this is not just for the first time or two you plug in an mp3 player, its EVERY time. Should I buy multiple ipods so I can one in the car permanently and one to use everywhere else? if Ford thought plugging an ipod is such a big possible safety hazard then they should not have offered the feature. Too bad I didn't think to bring along my ipod on the test drives, take the car into the city to parallel park, and drive it around for a week or two to wait for the bugs to show themselves.

    The MFT system is bug ridden. While it does have some good features there are also several improvements that are needed to make use much easier and prevent driver distraction. After three months of using the MFT I would never buy another Ford.

    Besides the obvious and numerous bugs in the MFT, the "safety" features designed by Ford sound good on paper but in practice they have made driving the car an annoyance. I'm a fan of technology and I'm a bit of gadget geek but was Ford anticipating that people are so inept at operating a motor vehicle that they need constant harassment at the slightest provocation?

    I had a couple American cars back in the 90's. Both were mechanical nightmares and I stuck with Japanese cars since. I was excited about an American car, and particularly a Ford when I bought the Escape this summer. But unfortunately for me its turned out to be yet another poor quality product from an American car company.
  • escapeismescapeism Member Posts: 39
    This is the exact reason I ordered my Escape Titanium without Nav and without Parking Tech Package. Only got the roof and tow package. Very happy with mine, and its my first US car since 1983. FYI, if you are plugging in MP3s and they have any corruption or non compatible file types on them they will mess up the system. I found out the hard way and once I formatted and rebooted I have no problems
  • barney001barney001 Member Posts: 3
    We are getting 10 Litres/100kms or just over 23 US mpg in a mix of city and highway driving. The highway portion is a mix of freeway and undulating secondary highways. We just passed a 1000 kms on our Titanium 2.0 AWD.
  • vdm123vdm123 Member Posts: 3
    I have to disagree with the statement that people's "phones are corrupting the Sync system". That's simply not the case. People's phones are not transmitting viruses to the Sync system. What is happening is that the Sync system is not designed to accommodate standard design features of the various phones on the market. In other words, the Sync system has glitches and shortcomings.
  • al63017al63017 Member Posts: 149
    I am sorry to read new owners having problems as there is nothing more exciting than getting a new car and having problems sure takes some of the excitement off the experience. Stick with it and hopefully with some help from the dealer and FORD you will see some light at the end of the tunnel. These problems should be corrected. I think at some point you have to ask to talk to a Ford Regional Manager that serves a region of dealer ships if things do not improve.

    This forum was so helpful when I first started to consider buying this vehicle. To sum up my experience the vehicle has been flawless. I use my Samsung Note Smartphone daily for all kinds of things. MFT and SYNC both work for whatever I try to do. My back up camera when backing out of parking places has been a huge help. I would not want to own a car without one. I also appreciate the extra help the blind side/cross traffic alert to help with lane changes on the inter state and again would not want a car without this. My mpg over those 2500 miles of 60 per cent highway and 40 per cent city driving is 26.2 calculated with a calculator. Pure inter state trips are a few mpg better and pure stop and go city are a few mpg less. I do not have the leaks, extra annoying alerts and other issues. I am most grateful for that. I drove Honda's for years and they were only change the oil and buy gas vehicles for me. This Escape is as good as any Honda I have ever owned. I add this note for others viewing this board for I certainly had some trepidation after reading this forum and the problems. I also hope this helps owners with problems see that they can get to a problem free vehicle if Ford helps them. I imagine there may be 20 or 30 thousand of these on the road by now and suspect many are problem free. The Honda forum I used to read has their share of problems also. I usually fade away from these forums in a few months after buying a car as most people do not post good news and use these as an outlet to help solve problems and report problems which is very helpful. So parting with some good news. This forum helps you evaluate a car when driving it so you can look for problems before buying vehicles. You would have no clue what to look for if you had not viewed the comments on these forums. Thanks to all of you posters for your help!!! If I had it to do over again I would buy this vehicle again.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    edited October 2012
    Thanks for the report. Maybe you can visit the Ford Escape Real World MPG discussion and repost your mpg findings so far to help seed that discussion with 2013 posts. Thanks!
  • tim156tim156 Member Posts: 308
    Thanks for the positive and optimistic summary. What you wrote is exactly what I've experienced, including the percent freeway/city/mpg's. I couldn't have said it better myself. Happy motoring.
  • flgal07flgal07 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks MUCH I was worried as I bought mine manufactured in 9/12. I have had NO problems pretty much sums it up what you said! I had evaluated the Edge extensively and didn't like it. On a whim tried the Escape and fell in love. Bought without much thought to quality issues and it worked out fine despite reading up on it after the purchase. I have had it 3 weeks. Mixed driving. Works great. Don't be scared folks!
  • titanium2titanium2 Member Posts: 1
    I bought a new titanium . like the car all but the windsheild has about a 6 inch section through the middle that is distorted. I took back to dealer they acknowlodged it. Brought another new escape around an it had similiar distortion. Ford reply is they all have its the way the car's windsheild is made. I dont agree with that.
  • lateralglateralg Member Posts: 929
    Is the 6" section horizontal or vertical?
  • mck588mck588 Member Posts: 12
    Does anyone know if Blackberry is compatible with the Titanium handsfree and/or text feature? It's very hard to figure out by reading the Ford website. My salesman said he thought all phones except iphones were compatible. When I double-checked and asked about my Blackberry, he said he wasn't sure about that one;(
  • jlrahnjlrahn Member Posts: 7
    I have a iPhone and it is compatible. I have had no problems. The Internet specialist at my dealer said that all androids will work also.
  • jlrahnjlrahn Member Posts: 7
    All I know you don't want to have to replace this windshield. A rock hit mine 5 days after I got it and it cost me 700 dollars to fix it. It made me sick. But I love the car
  • escapedrescapedr Member Posts: 7
    It will work with any Bluetooth compatible phone, which is all current phones
  • automelon48automelon48 Member Posts: 105
    edited October 2012
    I have a BB 9900 and it worked fine when I rented the Escape. It was able to read my texts to me and I was able to send a text through the system as well. I am sure I did not explore every possible feature, but all the features I tried, worked. My Escape was just built this week, so I will not be taking delivery and trying all the features for a few weeks.
  • jrock83jrock83 Member Posts: 10
    Did you talk to your insurance company? Where I live glass replacement is mandatory and free (IE included in your policy).
  • jlrahnjlrahn Member Posts: 7
    Yes and it was not in my policy but is now.
  • pam70pam70 Member Posts: 3
    Does anyone have radio issues? I have had my Escape S for almost 2 weeks and sometimes, not all the time, when I shut the car off the radio does not cut off when I open the door. The service department said they did not know how to fix this.
  • usa1fanusa1fan Member Posts: 68
    edited October 2012
    We've put over 750 miles on it in that time. It's color is frosted glass with the lighter interior, and it's got the 2.0l, panorama roof, backup sensors, and cargo packages. I wanted the parking package, mainly for rainsense wipers and the backup camera, but our dealer couldn't find anything within a 100 mile radius that included that option package, on SELs or Titanium's! (Yes, the self parking would be cool to have, though we rarely, almost never parallel park any more)

    Normal driving is getting around 23-24 mpg's, and with more restraint, around 27. It seems to like cruising between 60 and 65 best for economy, but with 70 mph speed limits, and the turbo, that's no fun at all..

    It'll be interesting to see how it does this winter, assuming we get winter this year.
  • ghostpepperguyghostpepperguy Member Posts: 6
    I've had my 1.6 SEL for about 3 weeks now and just love it. I especially noticed how much quieter it is than the Honda Pilot I had been driving. But there is one little quirk that I'm curious about. When you open the tailgate the interior lights come on as expected. But the tail lights as well as the front amber parking lights also come on. I called the dealer and they said it is a normal function of the vehicle and not a wiring issue. Anyone have any idea what Ford's thinking is on this. I was told that after a period of time the lights would go off. I tried it for about 5 minutes and they still were on. Will be a little weird when tailgating at Miller Park next summer.
  • usa1fanusa1fan Member Posts: 68
    That's the courtesy lighting. I'm not near our car right now, but I believe the feature can be customized through the settings menus in the car.
  • usa1fanusa1fan Member Posts: 68
    Not all features are supported with all phones. For example, a Virgin Mobile Triumph running a custom 2.3.4 Gingerbread Android rom worked with voice-to-text and text-to-voice messaging through our Escape, but a Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S Showcase running a slightly newer version of Android OS (NOT custom) did not. I found a list from Ford, which I used to pick my latest phone (upgrade time anyway): _30.pdf

    This isn't guaranteed to be the latest, but is better than guessing, and it does at least illustrate my point that some phones work with some features but not others..
  • ghostpepperguyghostpepperguy Member Posts: 6
    Thanks. I'll take a look at the menu. I did set the timer for how long the headlights stay on after you shut the engine off. But don't remember anything about tail lights and parking lights being on when you lift the tailgate with the engine off.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTMember Posts: 15,685
    You might try looking up 'battery saver'. Ford has had this for a long time.
    My 10 year old Explorer has an occasionally balky door that leaves the interior and puddle lights on.
    Security has called me many times, so let me know some lights are on, but they do shut off after a while.
    some battery saver info
    2020 Ford Explorer XLT, 2019 Lincoln MKZ Reserve 1
  • ghostpepperguyghostpepperguy Member Posts: 6
    Thanks. I did find the battery saver feature and confirmed that the lights do go off after 10 minutes. I still don't see the purpose of having tail and parking lights lit when you lift the tailgate. But I guess it's no big deal.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    edited October 2012
    Please report your mpg for the 2013's in the 2013 Ford Escape Gas Mileage discussion. Thanks!
  • 02whttrib02whttrib Member Posts: 39
    Could it be to alert you that the lift gate is open from outside the car? Just a guess. On our RX330 the front and rear parking lights blink while the gate is closing or opening, but go off with a fully open/ closed gate.
  • jrock83jrock83 Member Posts: 10
    Is anyone else having any excessive tire noise coming from the right front? I think it is just the tire and will get the dealership to check it out if it hasn't cleared up in a few hundred miles.
  • jrock83jrock83 Member Posts: 10
    Can vouch for that. My iPhone 4 doesn't do the text to talk feature. Everything else seems to work though.
  • robr2robr2 BostonMember Posts: 8,863
    Have you updated to IOS6 and delete you existing sync connection and re-pair?

    This is what I was able to find:

    Thank you for your email in regards to your SYNC and iPhone.

    The Text Messaging has never worked with iPhones and SYNC in the past, because the iPhones did not have the Message Access Profile (MAP).

    Now that Apple has added the MAP with the new iOS6, theoretically the Text Messaging should now work, but we are still in the testing stages of the iOS6 to see how well the Text Messaging will work now. However, due to the fact that the Apple is going to release follow up updates for the iOS6, we do not have any conclusive results just yet.

    Please check back with us in about a month, and we should have more information on this subject then.


    Ford Motor Company
    SYNC Support Center
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    edited October 2012
    Sounds like Apple not playing nice with other companies as much as anything. Since they are pushing more into the car app area there's some competitive reasons for them not to completely integrate with other OSs running apps. Like focusing on getting their stuff to work and not worrying as much about the other offerings out there. Ditto Google.

    Plus Ford has their hands full trying to stay out in front. Early adoption teething pains.

    13 apps and counting for Ford (Detroit News)
  • skidmark69skidmark69 Member Posts: 1
    We have had our 2013 SE 1.6l ecoboost for about 3 weeks and 4300km. So far It has been great except for the Mytouch. I had a heck of a time syncing my htc desire phone. I finally got it when I dumped most of the phone numbers on the phone. It can't sync over 1000 phone numbers.

    The real issue thought is the whole My Touch system went blank for 2 days then came alive as if nothing was wrong. When it failed the radio worked but you couldn't change Channels. All the voice and touch controls didn't work as well as the screen was dead too. I will have to the dealer this week and was hoping if anyone has has similar issues.

    We took it for a weekend trip (1600 km) and the Escape performed great. The nav system performed as expected, the vehicle really is comfortable and handles well, and performance was impressive for a 4 cylinder engine. Mileage was around 30 mpg ( imperial gallon) which I anticipate will improve over time. Over all I am very impressed. I just hope the My Touch issues can be resolved.
  • almattialmatti Member Posts: 164
    I have the Ford Escape as a rental car (our Honda 2010 CRV was hit in the rear last week). I ahd the same thing occur to me. The radio wouldn't shut off - WTF was that!!. After I pulled the key out of the ignition and shut the door- it finally turned off. The car doesn't have Navi - it is a SEL. I will post my comments on the drive after a few more days and compare to the CRV. Initially, the dash is really nice, it has less room in the rear for sure and the rear seats don't slide back like the CRV, but I find the dash controls [radio] confusing and too complicated for the average driver.
  • escapedrescapedr Member Posts: 7
    It has been 3 or 4 weeks with lots of rain and a few car washes and no leaks. Ever since the dealer found nothing the problem has been gone. Strange, but I am happy its gone.
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