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    It will not turn off until you open the door. There is nothing wrong with it. I thought the same thing at first but when you open the door it will turn off
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    I didn't believe my wife when she said the radio stayed on after she'd shut down and exited the vehicle... but I saw it msyelf yesterday. I also saw the radio turn it self on at the end of a phone call (when it wasn't on before) and then refuse to shut off on two separate occsasions. Wife says if you press the 'M' button of the steering wheel repeatedly for a minute or so, eventually the power button will work... but she usually just turns the volume down. Seriously?? Ford people read these forums... so where are the answers? They know it's broken and they don't know how to fix it... yet they continue to sell new vehicles. If the new ones don't have the problem, then I want one of those. I paid for it, damnit. Ford has made it clear, though, that the radio and MFT not working as advertised is just an inconvenience, and they won't be taking any extraordinary action to make owners happy. I think they know it's too late to make me happy... but they won't need to worry about it anymore after this vehicle.
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    I have an 05 and a 2010 Escape,the prices are up quite a bit. Might be looking at a new one
    but even with x plan and 1500 discount,still seems high to me, if you want to load it up.
    Might as well get an RDX with a nice high mileage v6.
    Really will have to research these new ones.
    Old Mike
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    I have had the same thing happen to me a couple times. It seems like it looses connection with itself. Not sure what to do about it. Hopefully they will be working on a software update.
  • cbc410cbc410 Member Posts: 20
    Yes, that happened to me once and a couple other times the radio came on on its own and I couldn't shut it off. I eventually got it turn off but don't know what happened. Must be a connection or software issue.
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    No I haven't, but thanks for the info! I may way until I see a jailbroken version of iOS 6 before I upgrade though.
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    1. As others said, the radio shuts off when you open the door.
    2. Nav is an option. My SEL doesn't have it either. Besides that, who needs an expensive nav system when you have to pay to update it every year and your smartphone updates automatically for free...
    2a. Sync turn by turn directions are great. Tested it a couple of times and was impressed. Also the Sync app for your smartphone is pretty cool.
    3. I like the soft touch of the dash and door panels too. Actually, I'm pretty impressed with the build quality of the interior altogether.
    4. Yeah they don't slide, but they do recline. Not sure if the CRV does that...
    5. ANY new car stereo you have to take the time to learn how to use it. Even your CRV. Just sayin', don't knock it until you take the time to learn it.

    That being said, I have experience some delay from the touch screen. Not sure what that's about but it acts like it is having trouble processing information. It did not do it at first so I may stop by the dealership and see if there are any others experiencing the problem.
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    Did this research myself. A fully loaded Titanium comes out to about $36,000. An RDX with comprable equipment comes out to about $42,000. RDX is also redesigned for this year so will likely have the same type of first year bugs that the Escape is having. I opted to build an SEL and got it for $28,000 with the $1,500 customer cash rebate. I did not even drive the RDX because, for my dollar, the Escape offers much better value. So I suppose you can take my comments with a grain of salt...
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    Are you still having the exhaust problem? Bought a new Escape Sat. and today, Mon. it's back at the dealer to be checked. We let it idle for 5 mins and thought it smelt like exhaust. THis morning, let it warm up 10 mins and I could not stand the exhaust smell. Hoping to have it solved by end of the day. Let me know how you made out.
  • cbc410cbc410 Member Posts: 20
    Did that work? Put mine out in the rain last night and it leaked in the same place. Dealer said it was the caulking around the window and will be having a glass guy come out tomorrow and recaulk. Will see if that works or not
  • cbc410cbc410 Member Posts: 20
    Did the sealant revision work? Mine just went in the shop today for the same leak (only on the driver's side) and they are recaulking the windshield. Sounds like they have a protocal of first windshield, then roof rack and then sealant. Lemon laws in California only give them four chances before they have to replace or refund car.
  • escapedrescapedr Member Posts: 7
    How do yo turn on the eco mode?
    All I see is a grey disabled flower on the gas mileage trip screen.
    If I select right arrow, I get perfect eco mode score no matter how I drive.
    There should be a way to activate it so I see partial flowered on the gas millage screen.
  • barney001barney001 Member Posts: 3
    The calendar in my Titanium is off by a day, and it seems that the GPS sets the clock and no adjustment is possible. Does anyone have a fix for this?

    Other than this minor issue, my wife and I are very pleased with the vehicle. On a recent 1400 km trip we averaged 8.2 litres/100 km (regular gas), driving between 100 and 110 kph. The route was about half flat and a half hilly.
  • escapedrescapedr Member Posts: 7
    that's strange. I would reboot the system. Which brings the question how do I do that? I don't know but it is possible. I crossed a timezone and the clock updated within 5 minuites. That gas mileage is consistent with mine.
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    I factory-ordered a new Escape. For some reason the dealer could not locate a black SEL with moonroof, tow package, grey interior, and a 2.0L! I wanted the $795 Nav package, but was told I would have to buy a $2,000+ technology package to get it. Same with the roof rack - buy the expensive cargo management package to get it. It turns out that while I could not have the roof rack as a separate factory-installed option, it is available through the dealer's parts department. Go figure! It turns out that the roof rack has a 40lb load limit with the moonroof, so I probably won't bother!

    My two beefs are:

    1. Car was built in Louisville on October 17, but it will be nearly 4 weeks before it is delivered to me.

    2. I would like the nav maps without the frills of the other technology add-ons. And news on its availability as a dealer upgrade?

    Looking forward to the new vehicle which is replacing a 2003 Explorer (175K miles).
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    I have a new Titanium escape, all options but trailer package and leather interior. I love the thing. Just drove from Seattle to Tucson, it was more comfortable for both my wife and me than my Audi A3, handled great, had plenty of pep. BUT

    The navigation system only takes voice commands when the car is in motion. Why can't my wife enter destinations etc. on the screen while I'm driving? The voice recognition system needs help. I ask for the La Quinta hotel where we are staying in Twin Falls. (They take pets at no charge!) The nav system doesn't recognize La Quinta no matter how you pronounce it. So, I cancel and revert to asking for a list of hotels in Twin Falls, La Quinta isn't on the first page and the touch screen doesn't respond to a touch request to scroll to the next page. (I think the verbal command is "next page" but I'm not sure.) By this time the "feature" of not allowing me or my wife to use the screen - austensibly for safety purposes, is contributing to a road rage frame of mind. Why can't the thing at least sense when someone is in the passanger seat and allow the screen to work then?

    The manual, by the way, is minimal and at least sometimes wrong.
  • robr2robr2 BostonMember Posts: 8,863
    2. I would like the nav maps without the frills of the other technology add-ons. And news on its availability as a dealer upgrade?

    Nope, the nav is sold only with the 302A technology package.
  • reh999reh999 Member Posts: 3
    I am having a problem with engine fumes being sucked in from the engine compartment through the air intake for the heating and air condition inlet, which is located next to the wiper blades.
    This is very noticable when sitting at idle, not while driving.
    Has anyone else smelled these fumes when idling and taken their Escape back to the dealer about the problem?
  • clk5clk5 Member Posts: 3
    We had our 1st new Escape for 2 days and took it back to the dealer because of exhaust fumes in the interior. Turned out it was a cracked turbo charger and we likely would have gotten monoxide poisoning had we kept it. Anyway, it was fixable, but we chose to take our 2nd new Escape. That's been two days ago, and we are loving it. Like yours, ours was noticeable when idling.
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    For all of us Yankees that have no clue when our Canadian friends give their mpg in metric the above link will convert for you.

    When are they going to get rid of the metric system it makes no sense at all.

    I have some great Canadian friends and they are some of my favorite people so pulling your leg a bit.
  • dan5678dan5678 Member Posts: 28
    Took a test drive today. Ignored the myFordtouch since i'm not interested in that distraction. I was not able to locate anything that looked to me like a "real time" mpg display on the screen that is between the tach and speedo;which i'm let to believe is in all models with or without mFt. All I found appeared to be a total mpg.

    I see in the pdf of the owners manual on the motorcraftservice site something about "ECO mode". That looks like what I'm interested in, can anyone reading tell me if that is only a mFt function or does that show up on the smaller screen that comes in an SE also?

    Seems like maybe the sort of thing that might merit a video on the tube that is you, but I don't see anything there that looks like it applies to Escape.
  • usa1fanusa1fan Member Posts: 68
    I haven't seen anything like an instantaneous readout in mine. All I could find is the trip AVG display.
  • sportclimbersportclimber Member Posts: 5
    I haven't found an "ECO mode" as yet. So far, all I can find is the little green leaves to tell you how you are doing. I have seen "Advanced Eco Master" so far but it was gone fast as this is a fun car to drive.
    I seem to be getting 22 (mostly) to 25 with 2000 miles on the odometer.
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    Took it to the dealer and they wouldn't touch it. Ford knows there is a problem but doesn't have a fix yet. I also had the TPS light coming on and the passenger air bag off light on when a full grown adult was sitting in the passenger seat. I didn't trust the system and traded out of it. They told me there was a fix if it had my touch but it was a base model.
  • dan5678dan5678 Member Posts: 28
    So...... are these green leaves on the dash display of an SE? SEL? Unobtanium? model? Actually i have a scangauge in my mazda5. Presuming that OBDII jacks have not changed in the last 5 years using that is another option.
  • tim156tim156 Member Posts: 308
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    There is no "eco mode" setting on the Escape, or any Ford as far as I know, that places the car in a fuel saving mode. The Eco Mode feature is more or less a feel good display that informs you of your driving habits. The more leaves the better you are managing acceleration and braking techniques. If you gun it off the line, or don't use the deceleration fuel cut off by taking your foot off the accelerator and coasting to stops, (hurry up to stop) fewer leaves will be displayed on the anticipation and speed displays.
    As much as people have been looking for and complaining about no instantaneous mpg display, the mpg display on the Escape indicates average mpg's. I read somewhere a long, long time ago, that it updates every 5 miles to display the new average. That cycle may have changed since I read that, because my 2013 Escape mpg display changes constantly, it obviously drops with heavy acceleration and increases steadily when I get to cruising speed on the freeway.
  • southtxsouthtx Member Posts: 14
    To fix the date, go to settings and make sure both GPS and Daylight Savings Time are 'on'. Mine were both set to 'off', and in a few minutes the date had corrected.
  • vdm123vdm123 Member Posts: 3
    I continue to have radio and navigation problems with the MFT system. On my second trip to the dealer they admitted that there is no repair for the malfunctions until Ford issues a software revision. They noted on my receipt "no repair available". They also noted that performing a master reset does not repair anything, it only serves to delay the malfunctions for a few days or a week and wipe out any presets I programmed. I going in to the dealer again since I am now getting new malfunctions, complete failures of the nav system and error messages saying the SD card is bad. After my fourth trip to the dealer I will send a letter to Ford. By Maryland law they will have 30 days to repair it or I file a lemon law complaint. A law firm I spoke to said many people have filed lemon law complaints against Ford for the Sync system and most opt for a payment from Ford, typically $2,000 to $4,000. If the problems were related just to the radio and nav system I would consider it, but unfortunately I have other problems too, noises and knocking from the steering and hyper-sensitive cross traffic and parking obstacle warnings to the point of making this car quite annoying to drive in an urban environment. Unless Ford can fix these glaring flaws I don't want a replacement from them.
  • panther30panther30 Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know what the button with the lock is on the center consol on the titanium model. It is across from the hazard button but the lock button can not be pushed.
  • sportclimbersportclimber Member Posts: 5
    Took me 3 weeks to figure it out... it lets you know the doors are locked. It cycles as you lock the doors... I wonder how much that light cost Ford? :confuse:
  • tinycadontinycadon Member Posts: 287
    it's just a light letting you know the doors are locked/unlocked. If the light is on, doors are locked, if off, doors are unlocked.
  • coldnfrostycoldnfrosty Member Posts: 25
    I wonder if anyone has an understanding of ordering/shipping out of Louisville? I noticed that my factory order was built on 10/17 and shows as still "waiting transit." While another vehicle destined for the same dealership shows a build date of 10/23 and is already "in transit."

    What's peculiar is my vehicle is listed with a delivery date of 11/9 and the other vehicle is 11/10.
  • barney001barney001 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks. I have the Daylight Savings Time setting 'on'. However, I have not been able to find the option for setting the GPS to 'on'. I suspect finding that will solve my problem. Any advice on menu to follow? I don't have the Nav system.
  • usa1fanusa1fan Member Posts: 68
    Those of us without GPS don't have that option. It would be really handy, because my click has recently started to show the wrong time after sitting overnight- something Ford evidently knows about and is working on, but that it is telling owners "with navigation" to use the GPS setting to address in the meantime.
  • hughnwpthughnwpt Member Posts: 2
    While I am very pleased with my 2013 Escape Titanium, the traffic information being delivered to the navigation system from Sirius does not seem to work.
    The yellow and red highway traffic indications do not show up under the route.
    The travel times don't seem to be adjusted for traffic information.
    During rush hour, many of the local streets are highlighted in yellow as if the traffic information has incorrectly been overlayed onto the side streets from the main streets.

    Has anyone been able to get the traffic information working properly???
  • hughnwpthughnwpt Member Posts: 2
    The system seem to be able to adjust the volume level on the voice commands but the volume level on the navigation directions and "bells" remains excessively high.

    Any ideas on how to permanently lower the volume?
  • coldnfrostycoldnfrosty Member Posts: 25
    Status is now "in transit." Finally!
  • lateralglateralg Member Posts: 929
    My clock is unreliable. I don't have the Navigation option, but the vehicle does receive GPS information.

    If you go to "help" > "Where am I", you'll get latitude and longitude readings. This suggests that it's receiving and interpreting very accurate time signals. There's apparently a disconnect between that & the clock.
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    "..more or less a feel good display.."

    No, with the level of electronic, computer, controls in moern day vehicles there are literally a myriad of firmware implemented features that could be added to get an actual "EcoMode" result.

    "Detuning" the DBW throttles response to accelerator pedal position comes immediately to mind. In the case of the EcoBoost engines slower onset, shallower slope, of rising turbo boost might satisfy the driver's need for POWER and at the same time render a substantive FE improvement.
  • usa1fanusa1fan Member Posts: 68
    Good point. I never considered that, for the GPS to be accurate, the car has to have accurate time stored somewhere, even when it's showing two-and-a-half hours different on the clock's display.

    On a related note, I knew that our cars still have GPS, even without the 'navigation,' because it's why we can upload turn-by-turn from MapQuest. I don't like that Ford won't allow a purchase of the navigation sd card (and possibly a dealer installed software update) to enable the navigation fully. All the hardware seems to be there, just not the software and maps. I guess they're determined to get their $795, even if it shouldn't cost nearly so much with all but a bit of software and the maps already in the cars. I could see making it available for two or three hundred dollars, similar to some higher end dedicated GPS units, but not $800.
  • howardpmhowardpm Member Posts: 28
    Anyone have a Titanium AWD and notice the escape is idling heavy? When I'm at a stop light the Escape seems to shake, with the windows down it also seems a lot louder then I remember. I've had it into the shop once and they said the Engine Mount was defective, and they replaced it but it only seems slightly better.
  • tim156tim156 Member Posts: 308
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    That's good to hear. Depending on where you are, 3-5 days by train, 1-2 days at the holding yard, 1 day to deliver, 1 day to prep, it will be to you in no time.
  • tim156tim156 Member Posts: 308
    OK, that all sounds great, but it doesn't change it from a display that is nothing more than a method to monitor your driving habits to assist you in achieving better mpg's.
  • coldnfrostycoldnfrosty Member Posts: 25
    The sticker says "convoy." I checked this morning and the status remains "in transit" but the delivery date is now pushed out another week to Nov 17. First Nov 5, then Nov 9, and now Nov 17. I am only a two day drive from Louisville.
  • southtxsouthtx Member Posts: 14
    Well, nobody from Ford told me anything about how to fix the clock... I figured it out quite by accident. What Ford told me was that the clock/navigation/MyFordTouch not working correctly was an 'inconvenience' and not a safety issue, and they'll get to it when they get to it. And in case anyone is getting a 'vibe' here, no, I'm not over it yet. :mad:
  • pzampzam Member Posts: 19
    I've owned my Escape for a few months now, and am an avid reader of the various forums. Here's my take:
    1) Many Sync systems lock up every few weeks. There is no way to manually reboot other than disconnecting the batter or pulling fuses. The system reboots after every 24 hours of use. Since a lock-up usually doesn't shut down properly, it usually resets the next day. Ford knows. Plenty of people have complained. They either can't fix it or choose not to.
    2) Cross traffic sensors are very sensitive. Mine regularly thinks that my boxwood and mailbox are oncoming cars. Again, I doubt there is a fix.
    3) There are other bugs. If you have a Titanium with Nav, try doing a route with the "Intelligent 4WD" display screen on the Information Display. It never updates the route. Again, maybe they'll fix it sometime.
    4) If you have a trailer package, don't use LED lights. It isn't compatable with them. Ford has LED's all over this thing, but I guess they don't think any after-market suppliers are smart enough to use them.

    I really like my Escape when it works correctly, but I just had my 5th service visit and some problems still remain. Luckily, I have a great dealership! But if you want a car without bugs (or a company that solves them), I'm afraid you bought the wrong vehicle.
  • escapeismescapeism Member Posts: 39
    Please explain why it isn't compatible using the 4-pole flat socket hook-up to a trailer with LED's.
  • pzampzam Member Posts: 19
    When you lock the vehicle, the rear lights stay on for 30 sec. or so. The trailer hitch power does too. So far so good. But when the tail lights go out, the power on the hitch flickers for about 20 seconds, causing the LEDs to flicker. Eventually they go out. Usually. I've had them stay on for an extended period some times until I lock/unlock the vehicle. Dealer verified that this happens with other Escapes, and is a function of the module. (No more relays -- now everything is a "module"). Hitch light manufacturer confirmed that problem exists with some Fords, Mercedes', and Jeeps. Ford Technical confirmed that their hitch is 'not compatible' with LED trailer lights. Is this nuts or what? Ford uses LEDs all over their new cars. I guess it's a stretch for them to think that others might as well.
  • escapeismescapeism Member Posts: 39
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    So to be clear, are all the issues only when you shut off/lock the vehicle? Does everything work (brake light, turn signals) normally when driving? Thanks for responding so quickly.
  • pzampzam Member Posts: 19
    Correct. Hitch lights appear work. They just flicker for a half minute or so during shut down. Note that I am just using a lighted hitch step, not an actual trailer, for whatever that's worth.
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