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2013 Ford Escape



  • Hey Shark,
    Did the cause of your leak ever get found? Mine started to leak again after the windshield repair and now they can't find any cause. Just wondering if you ever got told.
  • I just bought my car this past Friday and so haven't driven it much. (Escape 2013 Titanium with 2.0 engine) But the average mpg says between 13 and 15 mpg! That would be all city driving, not going fast but getting stuck at lights. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and so it is hilly. I am really concerned that the either the city mileage given is really overstated or the average mpg meter is off. I will be filling up my tank and logging the miles that way to verify but it has me very concerned.
  • - novascotiaguy

    Sorry about your continued problems. It sounds like Ford has determined that there is a common windshield problem and developed a repair procedure for it. Unfortunately, In your case it wasn't the problem or they didn't fix it right. Or maybe they are completely wrong about the problem. I think we got in there early enough that Ford had not seen the problem, so they just gave us a new car. We picked up our replacement Escape last Thursday. Our sale person said he had no idea what the problem ended up being. He said he didn't keep up with it. We never talked to the manager again. I'm inclined to believe him on this. We went through the NFCU buying service so our salesman was a fleet sales guy. He's sort of off in his own building. Its a good possibility he didn't stay in the loop and didn't really care about that car anyway. As long as we got our car and he could complete the sale and move on he really doesn't a stake in car we brought back. He did think it was still over in the dealerships body shop, which is interesting. I know that's not helpful information.
    Our new car is great except for some continued MFT issues. If those continue we'll be taking it over to the dealership and I'll ask the manager about the windshield.
  • Here are my observations/thoughts on the cars mileage. We've now had two of these cars and both performed exactly the same. We picked up our replacement on Thursday. So far we've put about 1000 miles on it. Ours is also a 2.0 AWD.

    ***These are all averages over a number of miles. All with the AC on and with regular gas****
    - On the interstate going less than 70 I can easily get 28 ~ 31 MPG.
    - In the rolling foothills on route 29 between Lynchburg and Charlottesville I got around 25 ~ 26 MPG at 60 ~ 65 MPH.
    - On the Colonial Parkway in Williamsburg (Very flat), cruising at 50 MPH, I got 33 MPG.
    - Over 70 (the speed limit in Virginia is 70) the mileage drops off to about 27 MPG
    - My wife is a Sysco rep and drives around all day in town, easily putting 50 miles a day on the car. The average mileage after several days of that is 24 MPG. For comparisons sake, she drove and Explorer rental for about a month and put about 1200 miles on it. Its mileage was pegged at 20.5.

    Here are my thoughts after a week.

    - The cars sweet spot like most cars is around 55 - 65 MPH.
    - If you leave it in S mode it will never shift into 6th gear. I usually accelerated in S mode and then shift into D.
    - Above 75 MPG the mileage really drops off.
    - I tend to accelerate fairly quick off the line and then settle in to a constant speed about 5 MPH over the speed limit, but I don't tailgate, so I keep my speed consistent and I use the cruise control. However, according to my wife I drive like an aggressive a-hole. I still average about 26 in the car overall.

    The MPG is very dependent on driving style and conditions. I know that people do not want to hear that. I would look at the cars Eco driving score and see what it says about your driving. I've been breaking this thing in so I've been driving conservatively. And I've actually been making a conscious effort to maximize the mileage(despite what my wife thinks). I think that if I just zoned out and drove like my natural inclination as a lead foot, my mileage would certainly be worse, but not anywhere near 15 MPG's. My G37 was rated at 18/23 I was able to get 29 MPG out of it but I also got as low as 5 MPG. Going 140 or redlining it at every stoplight will do that.
    This issue puts me in mind of a Top Gear episode where they test drove an M3 against an Prius. They drove the Prius like a bat out of h311 and the M3 just had to keep up. They got better mileage out of the M3.
    How you accelerate, how you brake and how close you follow the car in front of you makes a huge difference.

    I'm not trying discount other peoples experiences. I'm not walking in anyone else's shoes, and I'm on my second Escape because of problems myself. However, In my experience with 2 examples of this model I can easily achieve or exceed the advertised mileage.

    It does have an annoyingly tiny gas tank though. 15 gallons? Come on Ford!
  • Have you driven to E & filled up? I just did, needle at E & 8mi to empty on computer readout, got 13.3 gallons into a 15.1 gallon tank. My old escape got 15.5 to 15.7 gallons at E on a 16.5 gallon tank. That's almost an extra useable gallon on the old model, ridiculous. :mad:
  • Yeah. It gets better mileage than any other car we've had, but we have to stop for gas more often. I've run it down to about 16 miles to empty. 13 gallons is sad. 18 gallons would have been fine. Oh well, I didn't engineer it, so who knows what precipitated spec'ing such a small tank. Maybe they found it acceptable on the "volume" 1.6 liter engine.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706

    Each gallon of gasoline weighs...7(?)lbs....
  • al63017al63017 Posts: 149
    Titanium 2.0 fwd. Just filled up and using a calculator my mpg was 26.642 over 232 miles of 80-90% highway driving. Display in car shows over 27 mpg and close to 28 so seems to be about 2 mpg off on my car. I hope things improve for you and have very little consistent city driving in my routine. When I do I try to anticipate when practical and safe a way to adjust to the flow of traffic so I do not have to accelerate very hard and fast to change lanes and or get to where I am going. Not something that can be done in all cities or all of my situations during rush hour. Safety is first concern and mpg next when rating only those two things. I too have had a few pure Interstate trips where I have seen just over 30mpg and just under 30mpg depending on if I am driving below or above 70.
  • Thanks for sharing the MPG folks. Info is much appreciated. Mine should be here any day now. And I could care less about my compression ratio. No offense guys, just say'in.
  • Thanks for the detailed information. Sounds like you do a lot of highway driving. Mine is all city and I live in hills so go up and down a lot. I just drove my 2001 Volvo wagon on the same course and it got 10% better mileage than the Escape. Don't think that should be the case since its mileage is not rated even as high as the Escape by the EPA. So I am at less than 13 mpg for driving around the city, without steep acceleration or idling in traffic, but there are hills. Anybody have any experience like that?
  • My 2.0L SE FWD w/tow pkg took 37 days from order to delivery. Got it on Tuesday.
  • Actually its just the opposite. As a sales rep my wife puts 400 to 600 miles a week on a car, almost exclusively city driving. It just happens that we took a trip with the car the first weekend we bought it so that's where a lot of my highway data came from. With her weekday driving pattern she got 20.5 on an Explorer with the V-6 in the last month. She's getting 24 MPG in the Escape so far this week driving for work. The traffic in Hampton roads is awful. Between 4 - 6 pm It can take a hour or more go a few miles, the traffic is pretty much always heavy the rest of the time and people around here can't drive, so its constant stop and go. We don't have hills however. That may be your issue, but 13 MPG? People on the Ford Raptor forums claim better mileage better then that. After a few fill-ups and trip computer resets, I'd take it back to the dealership. Or, you could trade it in for a Ford Raptor. :shades:
  • Some of you may have seen posts on here where the new Ford Escapes are leaking in the roof area and people are finding water stains on the headliner.
    My Escape is at the dealership for the second time right now for this issue. The leak is caused by a bolt that fixes the roof rack onto the vehicle roof. It is improperly sealed and letting water through. My dealer has tried fixing it twice and is now trying for the third time by putting mastic around the bolt. They tried this once and it didn't work.
    Ford customer service has been next to useless to me during this, so I'm glad my dealer is trying to get it right. I have been told categorically that under no circumstances will Ford replace this vehicle. Quite the statement considering that I seem to have purchased a sub-standard vehicle. Seems there is no recourse other than arbitration and Ford said if I went this route they would no longer help me.
  • So what I have gathered from the replies so far is that our Escape is getting much worse MPG than it should. I know conditions and driving habits do play a role in helping or hurting mileage.  But as I said in my original post. The wife drives over 90% highway and has the Eco award for acceleration and anticipation.  And according to the manual that is supposed to mean that you are driving the vehicle as good as possible for the best fuel results. 

    I took it back to the dealer and here is what is happening so far.

    The dealership admits we should be getting a lot better MPG and they claim Ford is very interested in our case. Not only the bad MPG but also the electronic issues I reported seemed to peak their interest.  They will be taking the escape for an all day (4 hours if they get the same MPG we get) test drive so they can put a full tank of driving while connected to a computer that will apparently track everything with the engine and electronics. So much so according to the service manager that it will track each cylinders exact use of fuel. I am skeptical but I will post any pertinent info I get so if there are others experiencing lower than expected mpg they can contact their dealer or Ford. 


    I thought our 20 MPG was bad. I think you should return to your dealer also and talk to them. The first thing I asked my dealer was for a loaner to drive for a week to compare. That was not approved so we are going the route of all the testing that they want to perform. Maybe you will have better luck asking your dealer for a loaner to compare. Who knows? Hopefully this time tomorrow I might know something more and will post an update.
  • escapeismescapeism Posts: 39
    edited September 2012
    I have seen a couple of folks talk about this problem on this forum (I think this forum, I'm getting my forums mixed up!). You folks should compare VIN numbers just to see how close they are together as far as the production line. Especially the last 5 digits of the VIN.
  • This is the first one we had (the leaky lemon):
    Ordered 6/5/12
    Manufactured on 6/29/12
    Delivered on 7/19/12

    The replacement vehicle (Hopefully not a leaker):
    Ordered on 7/23/12
    Manufactured on 8/13/12
    Delivered on 9/5/12

    Both were 2.0 AWD Titaniums with the panoramic roof.

    - novascotiaguy
    I'm sorry to hear that Ford is blowing smoke on this. They need to own it and resolve this to YOUR satisfaction. I really hope it works out.

    I think my MFT problems were related to turning on the Gracenote indexing. MFT reads the ID3 tags anyway, and I've got embedded album art. I turned off the Gracenote and no more crashes.......for now.

    -Re Gas Mileage
    I looked at the current total average MPG since we got our Escape last Thursday. The odometer just clicked over to 1000 miles. The average MPG is 22.8. I asked my wife how she's driving since 2 days ago it was at 24.5 MPG. She admitted that she's been making people eat her dust. It seems to have that effect on people. I'm thinking we will be getting less than the advertised mileage and enjoying every minute of it.
  • I am going to take it to a flat part of the area this weekend and see if the mileage improves. If not, then I will go back to the dealer. If anyone has experience driving hills in town, I would love to hear what your experience is with mpg.
  • My new 2013 Escape (SEL 1.6 with Roof Rack and Panoramic Roof) is also at the dealership for the 2nd time for a leak somewhere causing water stain on the passenger side headliner. The first time around they thought maybe it was a leak by the roof rack, but I also was told it was the windshield seal. They repaired both I was told. The next time it rained the same stain and wetness appeared inside my vehicle.
    They just informed me they think it is the 'sealant' that is used by Ford - that it may be "bad sealant". They said they are re-sealing everything with different sealant to fix the problem and are in contact with Ford. It sounds like they believe this could be an issue for many Escapes that used this 'sealant' (maybe it was a bad batch, etc...).
  • Please post your VIN so we can see how close in production it was to the other roof leak poster.
  • What is your VIN number with the leaky roof. Want to compare the number to other leaking roof production numbers.
  • 1FMCU9HX8DUA39646
  • Hey, novascotiaguy, please post your VIN # so we can compare to the other two VINs with leaky roofs.
  • Dude... I owe you big time. I had an SEL 2.0 with a bunch of options on order, but after reading your post the Titanium was almost the same price. My SEL had been on order for almost 4 weeks. I called my salesman and they found a Titanium 2.0 with the options I wanted. Eight days later I was driving my new Escape Titanium and I love it!! I basically got everything except AWD and parking camera. I'm still trying to figure out all the controls, like the light switches on the left side confused me. I could not figure out what the dimmer buttons did. I wish there was a place set my phone in place and not the cup holders.
  • Check pg. 146 of Owner's manual for fuel tank capacity & calculating fuel economy.

    The advertised capacity is the indicated (fuel gage) amount, plus the empty reserve.
  • al63017al63017 Posts: 149
    @dirtyharrywk---Good for you. I have been very happy with my Escape. Just a little over 3 weeks now and just over 1000 miles. It has been flawless. MPG around 27 overall with probably mostly highway driving but not much pure long haul Interstate trips or pure city stop and go city driving.

    There is a button that looks like a padlock below the button that says sound on the area below the radio display that sometimes lights up. Have looked in manual but no idea what that it is for. It is directly across from the emergency flasher button. Maybe somebody will see this and know what that is for. It could use some more cubby holes for things but you like me will adjust and figure it out.
  • I'm with ya on that. I couldn't figure out what the button is for either.
  • I believe that button is the door lock indicator.
  • tinycadontinycadon Posts: 287
    edited September 2012
    So does that mean when it gets to E on the gauge there's still another 1-2 gallons left in the tank???
  • I just ordered a sun visor phone holder to be able to have my phone out and not be in the cup holder. It works great. The one I got was made by Arkon (IPM511) for my iPhone 4s.
  • al63017al63017 Posts: 149
    That makes more sense than what Ford told me or guessed. Perhaps a air bag off indicator was their shot. It does look a locked padlock so it should mean locked something I would think. I am going with that.
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