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    I call bs on this bc the base is more than 265$! 3729$*.63= 23492! 3729-23492= 9798$/36 = base of 272$ add MF and taxes yr in the 3's easy!
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    Msrp -2600$ equals invoice roughly then minus 1900$ for incentives, and negotiate further! I'm looking at a 48k$ performance trim and got them at 470$ a month 470$ due at inception for 36 mo, and 15k miles
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    You can think whatever u want, but I assure u this is not BS. That is the total monthly payment as stated in my post.
    If you had any clue you would know sometimes it doesn't always add up exactly as the numbers present themselves. They did up my GM earnings to 3k, gave me the 1k loyalty cash, and also found me another 1k from somewhere, possibly because I lease another Caddy (11' SRX), so I wasn't going to dispute the final cost. Definitely the best deal i've ever had on a
    lease. Great dealer.
    That is what I pay every month, nothing else. :)
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    Hi ewellsie. In July, Cadillac is offering 0% financing for up to 5 years or 1.9% for 6 years or $2,000 cash or a special lease program on the 2013 ATS.

    Ally's July base lease rate and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2013 Cadillac ATS 2.0T Premium with 15,000 miles per year are 1.0% and 59%.

    General Motors is currently providing a $900 cash incentive on leases of the '13 ATS.

    The numbers for a lease of a 2014 model are 2.35% and 61%.

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    Hi kainnyc. Please see my previous post for an idea of what the offers are like on this car in July. Thanks.

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    Hi mbsuns. The $2,000 cash incentive that you've seen mentioned for the 2013 ATS is not available on leases. There is a $900 cash incentive that is compatible with the special lease program. If you're in California there's another grand on top of that. If you are currently leasing a General Motors product add another grand.

    The payments for a 24-month lease of this car will likely be more expensive than a 36-month lease.

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    The money factor went up on the 2014s? That is really disappointing, coupled with the fact that there no lease incentives on the 2014s, might just have to get my deposit back and move on from the ATS.

    Is that 2.35% and 61% for 15,000 miles?

    I assume the 12K miles would be the same interest rate, but 63% residual?
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    It looks like the ATS could be a big cost saver. They had a current lease offer for 299 with 0 down on the 2.0T standard. However, It was a conquest deal and I do not have a lease. I only have a paid for jeep cherokee.

    Anyway, looking for some help on the negotiation because the 2.0T with Cue system and sunroof were quoted tax in (6% in FL) on the low 400s or high 300s with 1700 down. I am very familiar with the standard MF and residual used to calculate. However, I was looking for some advice on using truecar pricing in the negotiation as well as finding current incentives that would apply to me. If I can get the payments at a significant savings over the BMW and Audi I am ready to move on it. Located here in southern florida 33435.

    What is the best deals you have heard of without lease conquest on the 2.0T standard with CUE audio and Sunroof or the 2.0T luxury? I'm looking for the lowest total out of pocket not lowest monthly. Also what is the July residual and money factor. I'm going for a 36 month 12k miles lease. Also the local deal said they don't have disposition and dealer fees. Not sure I believe it. Are there any miscellaneous fees I should know worry about?

    Sorry if this is the worst way to ask the question I'm kinda new to this. I normally don't negotiate much and buy.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    MSRP $39,000 ZERO DOWN.... IST MONTH FREE ....FREE IPAD ....
    $317 MO. 36 MO. 10,000 MI.


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    kd1007 Thank you for the reply

    Wast this with a conquest deal of a current lease? 39.000 MSRP. What model? Do you know the money factor?
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    That's what all car brands do! Always
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    Has anyone rec'd any good deals around the Charlotte area? Looking for a 2.5L with Cue, Nav for my daughter. Lease for 36months with no or little money down. Thanks.
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    Leased a 3.6L with cold, sunroof, CUE and driver awareness package last week, it was a demo car, metallic gold(hated the color but had to compromise) with 4k miles. Leased it for $380/month for 36 months @ 15k miles/yr. They paid off the remaining payments on my earlier lease, Nissan Altima which was around $1500. Im still wondering if I got a good deal or they ripped me off! Please help.
    FYI: I was eligible for GM pricing
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    Do you know what the rates are for August on the 2014 ATS 2.0T Premium 12k/36mo, and if there are any incentives available?
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    i'm not super familiar with ATS pricing but that sounds like a great deal.
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    First post, be gentle.

    I have never leased before, but think that I am a candidate as I generally get a new (and used) car every 2-3 years and take very good care of them. The only thing I really grasp at this point about leasing is to first negotiate the price like you are purchasing.

    I currently own a 09 Lexus IS250 and have about $4500 in equity in it, which I plan on rolling into the lease.

    I am interested in a ATS Performance 3.6 with AWD which lists for 46,363. True Market value in my area 12550 is around 42,000. There are currently $3,000 in incentives which I am also entitled to. I am not sure at this time what the residual is, but from what I am seeing on the boards is somewhere around $29,000.

    Based on this information, is it possible to give a ballpark figure on what my monthly payment would be?

    I was hoping to get a 36 month with 15,000 per year.

    Thank you!
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    Based on a call to Cadillac Marketing, there are no incentives available currently for 2014's and they are not expected on new models and no private offers available. This on top of the lease money factor going up with the residual remaining the same, which obviously translates to higher payments.

    I'm afraid this car might no longer be the value it once was, I'm second-guessing my order and might just cancel it and look elsewhere.

    Really disappointing to get stuck like this because they don't bother to stock any non-boring colors at all the dealerships for 2013s.
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    Big time ditto on the colors. I even asked a dealer if they purposefully made lots of silver, black, and that weird gold color cars to annoy me! He wasn't amused. I finally gave up and leased a G37.
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    Ford will cut the C-Max hybrid's fuel economy rating to 43 miles per gallon in combined city and highway driving from 47 mpg. The company said it also will send refund checks for $550 to customers who bought a C-Max. Customers who leased the car will get refunds of $325.
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    I was looking for residuals and money factors for the 2.0T ATS Luxury and performance in RWD and AWD versions for a 24 month 12k mile lease. If there are attractive numbers for either a 36/39/42 month (or whatever their "special" term is) I would be interested in knowing them as well.

    The GM website shows $3000 in rebates when you build a car, but the only ones I can find are $1000 for employee, $1000 for conquest, and $1000 for loyalty which cannot be combined. What gives?
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    Would someone kindly post the current lease money factors and residuals for the 2013 ATS: 36-months and 10K & 12K miles per year?

    Thank you.
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    I'm sorry, but we don't have any information on the 2013 model..


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    Thanks for your reply. Per dealer, 2013 model is no longer available to lease.
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