2013 and earlier-BMW X1 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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Tell us about shopping for a new X1!

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  • sbpwjmsbpwjm Member Posts: 15
    First of all thanks for creating this discussion thread...

    My wife and I were shopping the 2013 X3 against the 2013 GLK... and then decided to wait until the X1 showed up to make a final decision.

    The X1s are starting to show up in dealerships now... literally just started showing up this week (week of August 6th) and we'll go look and test drive this weekend.

    Haven't talked pricing yet but it looks like we could load up an X1 pretty well even using the M-package as base and come in less than a sparsely configured X3.

    We'll know more this weekend... maybe it will come down to pure size.
  • hcsfohcsfo Member Posts: 1
    My wife test drove an X1 over the weekend and loved it. She said it was perfect for her, as she wanted something a bit taller than her current 528i, and thought my X5 was too big -- the X1 was "just right." I asked the dealer where we test drove for a price quote on the xDrive 2.8 M Sport model, mineral white, leatherette, and tech package. Three days later, nothing, so emailed another area dealer where I got my X5. Got $1000 discount, then asked about leasing and got additional $1050 financing rebate. On this forum, got the money factor, residual value, and mileage -- got dealer to match the terms: .00145 money factor and 15,000 mileage allowance w/57% residual value. Original quote was .00185 and 10,000 mileage allowance w/60% residual value. Overall, was really easy to deal with and now my wife is eagerly awaiting her car!
  • kernickkernick Member Posts: 4,072
    You could even do a little better - 7% off MSRP if you do European Delivery.
    I'm considering that option, as I then can get the exact model and options I want, not just what happens to be on a lot.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 216,417
    You don't have to do European Delivery to get exactly what you want, though... you could just order it..

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  • kernickkernick Member Posts: 4,072
    I just did the TMV for the vehicle in my area, and the discount is approx. 3%. Seeing it's a newly introduced vehicle here in the U.S., it might be sometime before the TMV and any discounts equals the European Delivery pricing.

    I'd take the 7% and the free registration and insurance, avoiding the costs of a rental and visit Northern Italy, Switzerland, some of the Riviera, and Bavaria of course. May or Sept. would be nice. (the Ocktoberfest is actually in Sept.). I'm going to a dealer in 1.5 weeks, and I'll feel them out on what sort of deal I can get each way.
  • tirpitztirpitz Member Posts: 5
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    Today drove both a 2009 3 series wagon and the X1. They both have advantages and disadvantages, but for me the X1 being newer and without the miles on the clock was the winner. The salesman said they were not haggling much on the price, understandable since the car just came out. I had actually sat in one at another dealer and heard the same thing- no discounts available.

    I am not going to actually buy one for a couple of months, both to save up for a larger down payment and to see if enough arrive that dealers here start to mark them down a least a little off MSRP. Right now TMV in my area (near Los Angeles) shows about 2% discount.

    And if I did not have a 3 years old to worry about I'd 100% be doing European delivery and make a vacation out of it.
  • buyabuya Member Posts: 74
    But is the European trip paid for or you've to pay for it? 7% off MSRP and get a paid vacation just to tour the manufacturing of your vehicle is cool.

    How is the 4-cyl AWD compared to the non-AWD and the 3.0 engine model? I had a 4-cyl turbo sedan decades ago and it was a fine car. Liked it a lot. But the style looked dated quickly.

    What would be a good deal for the 2.0L and the 3.0L 1x in Sept. and Oct.? Thanks for any input.
  • tirpitztirpitz Member Posts: 5
    Did the deal for an X1 sDrive28i. The catch is there was no car around or in the pipeline that had the exact option/package mix that I wanted. So I ordered one built to order. It is supposed to go into production by the end of this week with delivery in 7-8 weeks (roughly Thanksgiving time). After talking to two dealers who said they were unwilling to do much below MSRP I found though a BMW forum a nearby dealer willing to offer the car to me for $500 over invoice. Given that the car was just released to the US market in August I'm very happy with that price. Basically amounts to $2,000 off MSRP.
  • maverick26maverick26 Member Posts: 1
    Hi Tirpitz,

    I am planning to buy an X1 and would like to know from which dealer you got that price.
  • tirpitztirpitz Member Posts: 5
    New Century BMW in Alhambra, CA.

    I would recommend visiting the Bimmerfest forum (Google it) and contact one of the sponsors there for a quote. There are multiple sponsors in California. If you are elsewhere you can check for one in your area. You will need to know the exact configuration you are looking for and you will have to decide whether you are willing to order a car from the factory and wait the 8-10 weeks that might take.
  • fjs0808fjs0808 Member Posts: 6
    Looking at a BMW X1. Great car. Liked the car w the Navigation. BMW dealer here said he could get one for us w the color combination my wife wanted. Went to close the deal... no navigation. We said no. They weren't happy. It wasn't what they said they were going to get!! Now they can get car, but want $ 1000 and a signed purchase agreement. Said it's "standard." Wasn't the first time around... so Is it?? Going to go to another BMW dealer, but I don't like handing over $$ and signing papers on a sight unseen vehicle. I usually buy off the lot. "TO ME," and I could be wrong, but signing a paper and giving them $$ puts the consumer at a disadvantage. What's to stop the dealer from crying.. we can't get that car anymore, another dealer took it, BUT we have this car here on the lot...... or we can order it for you and get it in 3 months........
    Thoughts appreciated.
  • tirpitztirpitz Member Posts: 5
    A deposit to order the car is reasonable though not every dealer asks for one. But you probably shouldn't have to do more than $500 and you should make sure the money is refundable.

    Under no circumstances should you sign a purchase agreement before you see the car. The dealer should have you fill out a credit application to get you approved for financing the car with BMW financial. You do not have to use that financing in the end if you can better their rate, but the dealer has to have some assurance that you are actually capable of paying for the vehicle.

    You are doing the right thing- going to another dealer. If you really want to buy off the lot you might want to wait another month or two for X1 inventories to build up. The cars only started arriving here in the US in August. Around me most of the cars are either very stripped down or have the combo that gets you the $399 lease rate and that does not include the navigation.
  • fjs0808fjs0808 Member Posts: 6
    Initially when we left, after the debacle about the car, the salesman said $ 500 to get the actual car we want. He called me later to say $ 1000. I requested the Purchase Agreement to read; never to sign. Salesman said they were only for the store.. He finally relented and emailed it as an attachment (don't ya love email and scanners). It was brutal. We may have to wait as you say. My wife is pushing to get "something." She hates dealing with buying cars.
    Thx for the note.
  • cartman503cartman503 Member Posts: 24
    Hi car man! I wanted to get clarification on BMW's holiday and loyalty rebates. My as built MSRP is $45995 and we agreed to do $1000 over invoice. My question is does the rebates take the price down further? The dealer is saying my price of $41500 is not possible.
  • scl1scl1 Member Posts: 1
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    Hi, I am thinking of getting a new X1.

    I'm a foreigner, I studied in a US graduate school for 2 years, and recently got a job and Social Security Number. I don't have a 'real' credit history, as it's been only 2 months since I started using my credit card(I only used a debit card when I was studying). I'm on my student visa now, which expires in 31 months, but I'm pretty sure my employer will file for a working visa in the next year.

    I've been browsing the web for a small SUV, like Merc GLK, BMW X1, Audi Q5, Honda CR-V, Mazda CX5, and so on. So far, I test drove X1, GLK, and CR-V. And I'm more inclined to get X1, as it was the cheapest among the expensive cars. (+design, fuel economy, fun to drive, ...) Anyhow I'm considering the basic sDrive28i with minimal options.(heated front seats, and maybe the sunroof)

    As my status is unusual and I only have $10,000ish for a down payment, I'm thinking of financing, or even leasing if available. I filled out credit application at those three dealers. Every time the dealer told me I should file the application to give me a quote, and the rate, and I thought that's normal procedure. I just wanted to see how much I should expect to spend and if I'm eligible for a lease. Here question comes. Did I make mistakes? Have I provided too much information and made my credit rating even worse? Shouldn't they be able to provide the quote and rate, having data on my employment, salary, rent?

    I just dropped the contacts to Merc and Honda, as anyway I didn't want those cars, and I'm talking with a BMW dealer. As we dicussed the term in front of his monitor, he had shown me some arbitrary rates, and some quote $1,000 above its invoice. He still hasn't given me specific quote and rate, so I asked him by email for the numbers we saw, as I hoped to crunch numbers and figure out what I should do.

    But he answered that he cannot "go forward" without my documentation so I need to send him my employer's letter, copy of my visa, copy of my drivers license. It's ridiculous that he answered "Leasing at 30 month with $10K drive-off and your payment estimated at $205 amonth if BMW give you a good rate. Purchasing at 30 months with $10k down and your payment estimated at $915 amonth if BMW give you a good rate." so I asked again what the good rate was, and he answers "I can't give you any rate because I don't know what BMW will give you. I will need all the information BMW requested from you in order to come up with rate to structure your lease or purhcase." Is he right in this context? It feels very uncomfortable that the Merc dealer told me exactly the same thing. (And I ended up not having a quote)

    Do I need to send the documents to just get the quotes? Or should I walk away and find another dealer? If so, how should I approach them?

    I'm sorry for a violence with this long story. Thank you for reading with patience, and I ask for your advice.
  • CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Member Posts: 38,514
    Hey cartman503. Sorry for the delay in my response, I've had company for the holidays and things have been a little busy. The answer to your question all depends upon what you and the dealership negotiated. Chances are that the dealer included all available cash incentives in the price that they offered you, but that's not necessarily the case.

    In my opinion, $1,000 over invoice minus the cash incentive for an actual selling price of invoice is reasonable. $1,000 over invoice without taking off the cash incentive is really more like $2,000 over and a little high for my taste.

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  • minothorminothor Member Posts: 4
    My dealer is offering me 3% off MSRP and a $500 rebate if I purchase before end of the year. What do you think of this deal?
  • allanny13allanny13 Member Posts: 2
    Hi minothor,

    I got 5.25% off MSRP before holiday cash and I probably could have pressed for more to get closer to invoice (almost a 9% spread between MSRP and invoice for the car I leased). Since this is a new car it's pretty hard to get too close/below invoice, but 3% seems pretty weak to me...
  • leeshuckleeshuck Member Posts: 73
    I'm in Southern California and have seen prices of about $500 over invoice or even less. Work from the invoice price and get any available incentives. If you're going to lease watch out for dealer markup of the base money factor and other fees.
  • madayanmadayan Member Posts: 9
    We bought an Alpine White X1 xdrive 28i yesterday from Passport BMW in Maryland. The only two options were the panoramic moonroof and heated seats. MSRP was $34,995, paid $32,695 + TTL before the $500 rebate. So our net price is $32,195 + TTL. This seems to be around $300 to $400 (depending on the source) over invoice before the rebate.
  • mango39mango39 Member Posts: 10

    Just bought X1 sDrive with MSRP $34900 for $32K+TTL with Sunroof, Heated Seats, Power Seats, Wood Trim and let me know if it is a good deal. I am in Texas area.

    MSRP : $30,800.00

    Sunroof: $1250.00
    Power Seats $995.00
    Heated Front Seats: $500
    Wood Trim: $500

    Total: $34.940

    Got it for $32K + TTL.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 216,417
    Did you order it that way, or did they have that configuration on the lot?

    Just curious...

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  • mango39mango39 Member Posts: 10
    They have it configured that way.
  • buyabuya Member Posts: 74
    How did you like your car? Any regrets? Did the x1 interior bother you? Isn't power seats standard on the car, so why did you pay extra for it? I'm in TX too, so what was your OTD price and what's the color combination? Thanks.

    This is the only German brand I'll consider buying, but the nagging thoughts of high maintenance kept me away from actually buying it. Sitting at the dealership and waiting for repair/maintenance done several days a month is just too much, and I admired good trouble-free cars, like Japanese cars for their reliability. BTW, the Lexus I sometimes drive has issues with its penal lights too, and that's why I started looking at BMW again.
  • jp12687jp12687 Member Posts: 7
    Hey All,

    I just got a fully loaded x28 M sport MSRP of 46,350 for $39,200. That includes the $1000 Ride and Drive event discount from BMW NA.

    $490 a month (including sales tax) with no cap reduction..
  • tessie_winstessie_wins Member Posts: 6
    Anyone see the 2016 X1's arrive at their dealerships yet? Anyone place an order? If so, please detail your experience and price paid. Would like to place an order in Maryland, but am not sure how willing dealers are to negotiate since its an all new model.
  • MichaellMichaell Moderator Posts: 218,648

    Anyone see the 2016 X1's arrive at their dealerships yet? Anyone place an order? If so, please detail your experience and price paid. Would like to place an order in Maryland, but am not sure how willing dealers are to negotiate since its an all new model.

    Negotiate just like any other BMW --- 5-7% off sticker.

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