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Honda Accord CVT Problems



  • I would say that describes the problem perfectly. My car has about 2900 miles, and today the problem seemed worse than before.

    One owner has said he will pursue this as a Lemon problem. Another responded that it's only a lemon if it is not built correctly, as opposed to poor engineering. I wonder about that. Certainly seems that it's conceivable that ALL examples of a certain model are indeed lemons.

    I have not been to the dealer yet about this, but will make an appointment tomorrow.
  • Another thought on this issue: some owners with only a few miles on their cars are not reporting the vibration. Is it possible that VCM does not engage until the engine is broken in, perhaps at 1,000 miles? I did not notice the vibration when I test drove a car with a couple of dozen miles. Granted, the sales person keeps up a friendly chatter which could drown things out, and we were not usually running at the critical RPMs.
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    You have to argue in court that all V6 VCM engines are lemons. Not Accords only. The V6 VCM was installed on Pilots (2009 and later), Odysseys, Crosstours, and Accords. That's a plantation of lemons.

    It's interesting that Acura management said "no thanks" to the VCM technology. And they have lots of Honda V6 engines on their Acuras.
  • I am beginning to suspect that the vibration I am experiencing, while perhaps related to the VCM, may be associated with a certain vehicles (e.g., a certain production run). It appears that not all owners are experience this.
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    My wife for instance wouldn't feel a thing. Even if some pistons would be missing. Or a tire would be flat. Madonna CD ... sunshine ... who cares about some shaking ?? Some massage is always welcome !

    Me ... probably I would feel what you feel. It would drive me crazy.

    It's very driver dependent. You have to drive a couple of VCM cars by yourself. You can't trust what unknown people say on this website.
  • As you noted, I did not feel the "vibration" during a pretty long test drive. In fact, the vibration did not occur until about two weeks later. Since that time, it has been consistent in the same ~1600 to 1800 RPM range, as noted by others in the forum. Although not mentioned in the forum, the vibration does not occur until the engine warms up. I assume that the VCM does not engage until the engine reaches a specific temp. Has anyone else noticed this? I have also contacted Honda and let them know that this vibration certainly does not feel "normal". I was told, I would get a call back in a couple days. I will anxiously wait by the phone!
  • The Acura RDX has VCM on it's six cylinder. I believe that is the only model.
  • stevpstevp Posts: 1
    Dear quality4us,
    Will you please post the Honda tracking numbers for the screeching audio and the vibration when in 3-cylinder mode problems. I am very interested in buying an Accord Touring IF all the sexy features work properly. I would like to be able to track these two issues myself. Frankly they are deal breakers for me for this car.
  • jmaxejmaxe Posts: 198
    Precisely why I wait until late in a new model year or yr 2 to buy.
  • Let me preface my comments with the fact that I am an avid Honda enthusiast, and have driven Hondas for years, in addition to purchasing 3 for my children over the past 5 years.

    I test drove an Accord EXL V6 with Navi yesterday. The car was absolutely beautiful, and the different, yet subtle exterior styling changes really work. When I got in the car, I was extremely impressed with the luxurious feel the car has to it. Absolutely loved the dash layout, and how comfortable the car was. Didn't care so much for the push button start (not sure why the auto industry has created a need for push button start). I'd prefer not to have it in my car. I also didn't care for the right side mirror camera; I really don't think I can ever stop the habit of looking over my right shoulder, regardless of the camera or not. Other than that, Honda really hit the mark with overall exterior and interior styling.

    But, most importantly, the very first time I pushed down the gas pedal, the car stuttered at first, and then started to move along. It did it several times during the test drive. I was disappointed, and then I thought that I have never purchased a first year new model production Honda. Jmaxe brings up a great point. And, it is one that I preach all the time. Yet, I simply got caught up in the moment of purchasing the 2013 Acccord. However, I didn't get it. Hopefully, they will get the issues sorted out, and I look forward to test driving a 2014.
  • albert72albert72 Posts: 180
    All - I have had a Honda with a 6 cyl VCM for years with no vibration issues and car has nearly 40k on it. There is a counterbalancing system in this engine to compensate for the imbalance when the cylinders shut down.

    Issue with the '13 Accord is that the 6 cyl engine is new - it is part of their earth dreams program where the engine is more efficient. This engine will be going into other honda and acura products so in time, they will work out any vibration issues but as a first year product, it may take time to find a workaround.
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    edited February 2013
    Man ...

    "... there is a counterbalancing system in this engine ..." !?!

    I would bet $1,000 that you have no clue what you are talking about. A mechanical counterbalancing system, to compensate for the 3 dead cylinders, would be extremely complex and costly. With or without VCM, the engine is basically the same. They stop feeding 3 cylinders, and I think they disable the valves. The coupes (2012 and 2013) have a VCM V6 if they are automatic, and a regular V6 if they are manual. Do you think Honda developed one engine for the the automatic V6 coupe, and another engine for the manual V6 coupe ?! It's absurd.

    They installed some fancy engine mounts (to allow the engine to shake freely, without transmitting too much vibration to the car body), and an "active noise cancellation" which is a signal sent to speakers which cancels some of the engine noise (not the vibration obviously).

    I never understood why some people post, when they have no clue what happens under the hood. It makes the discussion more confusing, and less interesting.
  • mawdmawd Posts: 3
    I've been toying with the idea of trading in my Camry next year and going back to Accord (still my second car). But I have to admit, after reading these "early adopter" posts, I'm having second, third, fourth, etc. thoughts ... This is one of the most disappointing threads for a new car that I've read in a long time - and that includes Chrysler (say no more!)

    Seems as though Honda needs to get new software developers for the dashboard system and ... I can't imagine what the deal is with the CVT.

    I want to honestly thank all of the posters here for giving me a "heads up" on this car.
  • REF: 138
    Can you provide some pluses/minuses for your current 2012 camry SE? Toyota has some awesome lease deals right now that i am reviewing while i wait for Honda to offer something on the Accord. For example, the 2012 Camry SE Limited Edition that retails for $27084 can be leased for 35 payments of $250 (6.5% tax included) with zero down. i realize that TFS does not include gap insurance and there is a $350 disposition fee but wow, what a deal...
  • mawdmawd Posts: 3
    Sure. Here's what I'd say. At the time I was buying (Fall of 2011), it was hands-down the best car on the market in its class - neither the new Fusion, nor Altima, nor Accord had yet appeared, so the decision was easy. I never liked the Sonata (though I have to admit I might have looked more closely at the Kia Optima had I thought about it - very sharp car with a very nice interior).

    I had no idea, BTW, that I'd end up with a Camry. I went looking for an Accord, but the last generation was such a ponderous, poorly-equipped barge that I crossed it off my list with little additional thought. Nothing made me sadder; I've been a Honda guy for years.

    That said, here are the pluses to the Camry SE: very roomy, extremely quick for a 4-cylinder, excellent 6-speed automatic (very smooth shifting with little lag), paddle shifters (for those so inclined), idling so smooth I sometimes forget it's running (went shopping one day with the car running the entire time I was in the store - YIKES!!! - came out and tried to restart the car), nice handling with well-weighted steering (biggest surprise for me, given my experience with rental Camrys of the past), nicely firm ride, and extremely comfortable front seats with lumbar support on the driver's side.

    From what I've read here, Toyota is much more competent with respect to electronics. My car has the Entune system, which I'd highly recommend. It comes with Siriux/XM, GPS navigation (if so ordered), backup camera, a fully-functioning bluetooth implementation (I have had two iPhones pair with it flawlessly), a very fine six speaker stereo system (Panasonic), no static (LOL), and software for monitoring your gas mileage real time if you'd like. I also think the car looks nice in an understated way. Also, the brakes are excellent - very well weighted and much more communicative than on my Accord.

    Cons: You see yourself coming and going 15,000 times a day (LOL)! I really wish the car still came with a 6-speed manual (discontinued this year, a sign of the times), gas mileage - while good - isn't what I'd hoped (@33 highway and 24 city), handling - again while good - isn't as responsive as on my old Accord (I'd like to drive a 2013 Accord to see how it feels).

    Otherwise, I really can't complain. So far, with 14 months of ownership, it hasn't given me any troubles (very Toyota). Only time will tell. At the moment though, I'm quite satified.

    I hope this has helped.
  • van123van123 Posts: 14
    We bought a 2013 EX Accord with the 4 cylinder engine in November. We currently have 4350 miles on the car. I couldn't be more pleased with it's comfort, performance and features. We have taken trips of 500 miles with it 3 times and it is also my daily driver. I can't feel the hesitation some have written about. The 4 cylinder is more than adequate for me. I would truly recommend this car to anyone who asks and wouldn't hesitate to purchase again. My wife has a 2007 Special Edition Accord which we also love. Great cars!
  • mawdmawd Posts: 3
    Thanks for the feedback. Glad you haven't had the issues people talk about here. I still think I'll wait until the 2014 model year to even contemplate a trade in (really more like 2015 in all likelihood).
  • Great response!
  • This has happened a few times now. On my 2013 EX-L accord, Sometimes the radio will read my incoming text's, and other times it will not (tried 2 android phones that are on the approved list). Also, I've hit the disp button to bring up the front screen menu, while turning the dial to select a mode, the screen will change brightness but will not let me select a menu option (phone, radio, system, ect). Resetting the vehicle seems to fix it but it still comes back. Sometime hitting the source button on the wheel will fix it too? Rather annoying.
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    Thanks !
  • fair2usfair2us Posts: 26
    edited February 2013
    I bought my 2013 automatic Honda Accord LX sedan in November 2012 for $20,840 plus TTL. I thought it was a fantastic value until I spent more time in it. I am feeling the same jerking, stutter when gently accelerating from 5 to 40 mph. In fact, I think it is actually getting worse with the more miles that I put on it. I was told by my local Honda dealer that this is a common problem with the new Accord engines. The overly stiff ride also has worn on my nerves. Keep these things in mind Accord shoppers. Honda has NOT fixed these issues, nor are they taking care of their loyal Honda buyers like myself.
  • Has anyone been able to find a Honda dealership that is able to find a solution to the jerking and hesitation that the 2013 Honda Accord sedans are having issues with? I have a 2013 automatic Accord LX that was purchased in November 2012, and I know this stutter when accelerating from 5 to 40 mph is actually getting worse on my vehicle.
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    I don't think I saw any complaints about jerking / hesitation on this website. V6 owners complained about VCM vibration, but no jerking / hesitation. Do you have the 6 cyl or the 4 cyl ?
  • I got this from one of the Accord geek forums. Edmunds won't let me link to it but the info is worth reading:

    "Thanks everyone for the great information. The thread should help many make the decision which may or may not be the same as mine.
    I think the main points are:
    1. Make sure it is Honda Care and not some Fly by Night Company.
    2. You do not have to get it at the time of sale.
    3. It is usually cheaper to get it from a different Honda dealer. was the cheapest of the ones I looked at.
    I've a strong believer in being self insured. I get insurance for catastrophic things like health, home, and auto accidents. Auto accident is more that should I get sued up the wazoo then auto body damage. Being self insured means sometimes I will have to pay but over the long run, I will be well ahead. I was concern about the DI and CVT but the power train warranty which comes with the car is 5 years/60k miles. I also believe in Honda engineering.

    Peace of mind means different things to different people. To me it means not spending money for something I did not need or want. I often spent money on things I did not need but wanted.
    At this time, I decided not to get Honda Care."
  • I had a Camry LE (?) from Hertz as a car rental for 10 days and wasn't too happy with it. I think the cost cutting is still quite evident even if they improved it. If you touch the roof you feel almost no fabric and the seats feel pretty thin and hard. At the front bumper I saw they used plastic screws and one came loose.

    Just been at dealer last week to checkout new Accord and I think difference is huge especially with the (more expensive) EX-L. But best to check it out yourself. Finish is lot better and as good as my Acura I'm driving now. Haven't done a test drive though yet but supposedly it drives lot better than Camry (which feels to me little bit floaty and steering feel is not very direct).

    There are always some problems with new cars. You could certainly wait a year or so until some issues are fixed but also remember forum is mainly about reporting problems so you don't know how widespread it is.
  • The first post showed jerking at low speeds for 4 cyl. Then later on there was the VCM vibration for 6 cyl. So both issues were reported by several.

    Not sure if there's any TSB yet for those or if Accord is even working on a fix (and how many vehicles are affected).
  • I have a 2013 Honda Accord sedan 4cyl. When I brought it to my local dealer, they told me that this was normal, but I am almost positive it is worse today than it was a few months ago. As I type this to you, I am waiting for Honda customer service to give me a call back. I hope they will give me some information that is helpful.
  • I assume you have the CVT. Have you joined one or two of the Accord forums where many informed owners post their experiences? I haven't read that much negative about the CVT. Try vtec dot net and drive accord dot net
    When was your Accord LX built?
  • A Customer Service Agent from Honda, by the name of Brittany, asked that I bring my Accord to my local Honda dealership, Orr Honda of Hot Springs, and ride with a technician to make sure that they are experiencing the same hesitation, stutter, jerking in acceleration that we have concerns about. When I am able to do so, I will let you know what I am told.
  • I have a 2013 EX-L with Navi. I thought at night if the car was unlocked by the remote the headlights would come on. Do they?
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