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Ford Focus Owners Tell Ford What you Want!

melissamelissa Posts: 27
edited August 2014 in Ford
Use this discuss to let Ford what you want changed on the Focus.


  • I would love to have the option of upgrading my front passenger seat to a easy entry seat. That is , one where all you need is one finger to have the seat back flip forward and the entire seat slide forward.
    I just had a passenger in my back seat tonight, struggle to exit from the rear. This happens all the time. Embarrassing.
  • I'd like to see an all wheel drive zx3 available that would be priced well under the Subaru Imprezza. For those of us living in snow country this would be an excellent alternative to what we have available now. I currently have a Subaru wagon but servicing is a pain since the nearest dealer is 60 miles away. Seems like rural America always has a Ford dealer nearby. I did buy an 01 ZX3 instead of a Subaru this time but kept the 96 Sub just in case the zx turned out to be a lemon. (the price of the zx3 made this possible-didn't need the trade in to afford another car) I actually like driving the zx3 more than the Subaru. I find the seating position much more comfortable. I agree with the previous posting that an easy entry front seat is a much needed improvement. If Ford really wants to make the Focus a true "world car" I think they are going to have to compete with the products offered by manufacturers like Subaru and Audi and try to do it better and cheaper.
  • zx3beastzx3beast Posts: 661
    i want a rebate for all the wasted time in the
    ford dealerships waiting for recall work to be done
    correctly.they need a better system to facilitate
    parts delivery in a more timely fashion.
  • I love this car, but I think the seatbelts are so inconvenient. I have to reach back to India to grab the dang thing. Also, I agree with the prior post about the easy entry, personally I would like to have it on the driver and front passenger seat. I always have to readjust my seat after I throw something in the back, it's a pain. Even my prior car, a very basic Honda Civic hatch had the easy entry feature.
  • Come on ZX3beast, a rebate? I'm still waiting for my stainless steel mug and I think my ZX3 was one of the first to get that recall fixed.

  • Yes, yes, yes!! Ford even has had it in other vehicles.
  • zx3beastzx3beast Posts: 661
    pat, with the rebate i will buy you the mug. better yet, ill send you one anyway.rebate or not! just let me know where you want it sent.
  • I tried to give Pat my mug, and he wouldn't take it :)
  • zx3beastzx3beast Posts: 661
    you can send pat the mug, i will send his beverage of choice.
  • Coffee with good company!
  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    Order in June - get by December.

    7,500 unit production run.

    Here is the official site:

  • maureen9maureen9 Posts: 8
    I would really like to see a more efficient parts delivery system. I have owned my Focus for 62 days and it was in the dealership waiting for parts for 24 of them. I haven't had a chance to wish for anything else, but the easy entry seat would be great. By the way, what mug?
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    Ford gave a stainless steel coffee mug to many of us with 2000 model ZX3s after the first recall (fuel pressure sensor) as a way of saying "sorry for the hassle". I've had several more recalls repaired, but no more mugs have appeared in my mailbox. Between the deal I made on my car (about $50 under dealer invoice), and all the recall services and rental cars charged back to Ford, it's hard to imagine they made any money on my car.
  • pcleveland2pcleveland2 Posts: 516
    What mug? My biggest complaint. And I want it to come from Jac!
  • zx3beastzx3beast Posts: 661
    if you think about it, they did send you jac. know what !
  • pcleveland2pcleveland2 Posts: 516
    Yes, seems I did get a e-mail to that reference.
  • phowell1phowell1 Posts: 35
    Rebates would be more than great and owed. When the car is sitting waiting for parts it shows poor planning and enginering by FORD. They get paid like everyone else and down time is $ start billing your dealership and Ford for down time eventually it will go to court if enough people pass it and a judge who has had warranty night mares himself will make them pay for you inconvienace and lost time. Then it is set we can all hold Ford or any manufacture responsible for their own shotty workman ship. Now there is no way to get them to pay for what they do to the consumer
  • zamulinkzamulink Posts: 1
    I have had my 2000 Focus for 8 months. And in the past 3 1/2 months it has been in for squeaky brake service. What is Ford doing to STOP this noise? I am embarrassed to drive my car. I think something should be done! Don't get me wrong, I love my Focus. It has alot of room and it drives so smooth. But the brakes are annoying!
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    zamulink, there have been several TSBs issued on the topic of brake squeal and noise - tell your dealer to look them up! I understand the rear brake shoes are being replaced at no charge with an improved compound when a customer complains of rear brake noise. You didn't specify - are your front or rear brakes making noise? I have also read that Ford has reformulated the front pad compound due to noise and dust complaints. Have your service person do some research, or find a better service department.
  • jjc5jjc5 Posts: 16

    Please consider these items for your redesign of the Focus:

    1. Folding side-view mirrors.

    2. Considering that people like wagons and hatches, perhaps make the wagon lights similar to those on the hatch.

    3. Allow advancetrac, 4 disc brakes, dark charcoal interior, and "sports" cloth on the wagon. Having a fully safe, and perhaps fun wagon will compete much more with the Jetta wagon. Parchment and the Medium grey are OK, but a bit boring. Plus, if you're doing a lot of hauling, the dark charcoal shows much less dirt.

    4. Lumbar support as an option in the wagon and hatchling. Would this mean leather seating surfaces? Maybe, but the "Ghia"-like upgrade would be warranted.

    5. Expand color choices for the hatch -- light sapphire blue is outstanding in the ZX5!

    6. Really work on the gas mileage to have it closer to the Japanese cars.

    7. And the most important item -- please split the darn rear bench so that owners truly have a 60/40 folding seat. I'm certain owners would pay an extra 50-100 for that standard item. Plus, one wouldn't need to worry about damaging the hinge in the back.

    Just a wish list, Ford!
  • jnmartinjnmartin Posts: 36
    silver bullet - not to sound too much like a dumb blonde, but someone told me that cars either have front or rear brakes and not both. When it got cold, I too noticed that my brakes squeal or ring and it sounds like it is coming from the front. Will this have to come out of pocket, or will ford replace them for me?
    The car is only 6mos old, and I think brakes should last longer than 6mos? Right?
    My friend said it was normal, and that it would come out of pocket. I looked at them and noticed that the area around them is rusting (or covered in brake dust???) and again was told that this was normal.

    I ask because you mentioned the brakes in posting #20 and you seem to know what you are talking about.
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    All cars made today have brakes on all four wheels - maybe your friend was trying to say that many cars have DISC BRAKES only on the front wheels, with DRUM BRAKES used on the rear. This is a typical set-up on small, inexpensive cars like the Focus. Unless you order the AdvanceTrac option, you won't get four-wheel DISC brakes on a ZX3. Okay? Now, all brakes are capable of generating some noise. Since the friction surfaces (disc and drum) are bare, unpainted cast iron, they will get a film of rust just sitting in a damp climate. This rust will generate a squeak when you brake, but is rubbed off rather quickly by normal braking. If you are getting a squeak or squeal everytime you brake, even after using your brakes for awhile, you probably have glazed pads (front discs) or shoes (rear drums), or some sort of contamination on the friction material. Generally, cleaning the brakes and replacing the offending pads or shoes will solve this problem. Who pays for this work is another matter - you need to take this up with your service manager. And yes, the black dust all over your front wheels is due to the pad compound Ford specified for the ZX3. Aftermarket pads (like EBC Kevlar pads) almost totally eliminate this problem - and they don't squeal, either. Hope all this helps.
  • maikimaiki Posts: 27
    I received my special ordered 2001 ZX3 last Thursday. In general I love it. Today I found something about it I do not love.

    I was backing out of my narrow carport this morning, and the passenger side mirror scraped against the post of the carport. (My previous car didn't have a passenger side mirror.) Most side mirrors would bend if that happened. Instead, mine fell off, dangling from a wire.

    I was not driving fast. It was not a strong impact, just a bare touch. Those plastic mirror housings seem very flimsy, not connected very sturdily to the car, and don't bend. So, the slightest touch breaks them off!

    While I was driving it started banging on the car. I got off the freeway, and pushed it back into place. On the freeway it fell off again, dangling, banging more against the car. All the banging left a lot of black marks (from the black plastic mirror) on the white car.

    I thought it might be covered by the warranty. It seemed defective, to fall off so easily. I brought the car to the Ford dealer service dept. in the afternoon. The service guy said that's not covered by the warranty. He said he has had to replace a lot of those, although the Focus was new in the States last year. He said the whole mirror houseing would need to be replaced, and would cost me around $275. (and mine is not powered.) That wouldn't cover the damage of the black marks on the body, which I have to bring it to a body shop for.

    Anyone else had problems with those mirrors? Any recalls? Class action suits? Such defective mirror housings should be covered by the warranty.

    What a pain! Less than a week after I got the car!
  • phowell1phowell1 Posts: 35
    All I want is for Ford to tell the truth about Focus gas mileage Mine is a 2001 and it sucks 18 to 20 in town and 24 to 35 on a trip. I have spoke to many people and they all have this complaint I spoke to the service manager here and he runs when he seed me he said he knows there is a major problem with the fuel useage but Until Ford does something or comes up with a fix he doesnt know what to do. He said his Ford rep said they know there is a problem but more or less have the idea so what. Ford you lie about the mpg at least on some you do maybe my engine was made on a Monday buy a guy with a hangover I dont know but this thing is leaving if the mileage doesnt get better and I will never by Asmerican again
  • jjc5jjc5 Posts: 16
    Just found out that the Focus wagon will be available very soon in a ZTS version, with all the amenities as such supplied. Finally, Ford listened! Would have bought this edition day one; however, the SE Wagon is humming along just fine.
  • jansajansa Posts: 5
    1. Fold-in side mirrors
    2. Real 60-40 bench
    3. Reasonable floor mats (you already make them)
    4. CD player that knows MP3
    No, 5. Solve front disc brake issues.
  • cgsangelcgsangel Posts: 79
    I think Ford should make as an option a black protective cover for the back bumper, like they have on the trucks, wagons and vans. The bumper is too vulnerable to scratches and damage when loading and unloading stuff.

    If there is an aftermarket cover available for this purpose, then I would consider getting one. If someone knows, please post a link or location.


  • I want a 2 door wagon. Like a ZX3 with the flatter roof line and wagon rearend. Similar to the Made In Detroit Show car.
    Main reason, I a big guy and the long door pushes the B Pillar back and gives me more shoulder room, not to mention that with the longer door I can comfortably rest my arm in the open window.
    Incidentally on edmunds it says all Focui have 103 in wheelbase's. anyone know if this is true? If so maybe I can just buy a ZX3 and then look for a wrecked wagon..
  • I took this gripe up with Ford last fall and
    got nowhere. In October they offered a 100k
    extended powertrain warranty on all 2002 Foci.
    This offer was publicized only in certain areas
    and not in others as Ford was in serious money
    trouble then which has now become apparent. Then
    Chrysler gave out 100k extended powertrain
    warranties on all 01's and 02's. Still in effect.
    I had an 01 bought on Sept 10 and when I asked
    if I could even buy the extended powertrain
    warranty Ford representatives first denied that
    any such offer existed for any Focus and that I
    could buy an extended warranty (I had one)They
    did not know the difference between an extended
    warranty and an extended powertrain warranty. I
    got nowhere with Customer Service who sends out
    computer generated autoreplies that give no evidence that anyone reads anything. Bottom line:
    I like the focus and when it dies, I go to
    another manufacturer never to return to Ford.I
    want Ford to know that.
  • w9rspw9rsp Posts: 1
    I own a Focus Wagon 2000 wit 9,568 miles on it.
    Notice that is has a lost of noise under body. Sounds like everything is loose and muting banging
    with poundind noises.
    Dealers of course states nothing wrong and not too worry. Tried to talk to Ford Headquaters etc. Waste of time
    Two recalls on this car thus far.
    Rear wheel seal and witers motor covers.
    Rather thing would not buy another Focus.
    Best thing about this car is the engine.
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