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Ford Focus Owners Tell Ford What you Want!



  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    Starting '05, Ford replaced the Euro-designed dash w/ a new one & different building material. At warmer temperature especially w/ the heater on, the air coming out of my charcoal-color dash smells like MELTING RUBBER. That makes all passengers nauseating & quite sick. So the windows have to be opened almost all the time! Ford better find a better plastic for the air ducts or something, & replace my defective material soon.

    I spoke to other Focus drivers, & they felt the same way!

    Otherwise, my '05 ST is a wonderful car, & only a BMW E36 can match it's driving experience. By the way, bring the heavier Euro-spec power steering here, at least for the sporty ST model.
  • f0rdsuxf0rdsux Posts: 2
    I bought a new 2002 Focus ZTW for my wife with projector beam lights, the dealer installed wiring is no good ( found out when the dealer replaced a bulb) and Ford won't do anything to offset the repair cost of their defective wiring. Their customer service is brutal, and the attitude of their staff is enough to ensure I will never buy another Ford. I made a point of being low key and polite to no avail. These people don't get it, service keeps customers, and they just lost one who gets a new vehicle every couple of years. It saddens me to buy an import, but I can't see sticking with Ford when they reacted to my concern with disdain.
  • rapidrickrapidrick Posts: 70
    Suggest U channel your energy to writing Ford in an unemotional manner and relate your experiences with the dealer. Make your case and let them know the DEALER is who is driving you away from Ford. If Ford doesn't care about customers who have legitimate concerns with the people selling their cars, they look to lose millions of dollars and layoff lots of people and close lots of factories.
    Oh wait, they are doing that... :blush:
  • mikusmikus Posts: 109
    What's up with backseat headrests? None on hatchback, none on wagon. Do they have them on sedan? Six years passed since Focus introduction. I wonder how came that Ford has not been sued yet for intentional endangering the lives of back seat occupants.

    Make backseat headrests standard equipment and issue a recall to install headrests on all manufactured and sold Focuses.

    Also, the split seatback with non-split cushion? Truly idiotic design. Apparently, engineers who worked on Focus body and suspension and those who worked on seats and safety were two different kinds of engineers. This is sad because Focus is generally a very well designed car with perfect handling, good looks and useable and airy cabin.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,859
    i agree about the one piece lower rearseat cushion, although the seatbacks are split.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • rapidrickrapidrick Posts: 70
    "What's up with backseat headrests? ... I wonder how came that Ford has not been sued yet for intentional endangering the lives of back seat occupants. "

    Uh, getting a little carried away are we? Granted, they are a great feature, but an "intentional" act? Cripe, it's your choice, buy a wagon that's got them.

    Oh, and if you are truly a safety nazi, you'd refer to them as head restraints, which is what they are, not headrests... ;)
  • iglooheatiglooheat Posts: 32
    my 93 saab has back seat head restraints ... ford could have done it by now. At least the integrated version should be in place. The focus rear seats are only safe for children in car seats. Maybe they will be in place when the new fusion-like front-end hits, which is when I plan to look seriously at a focus wagon.
  • iglooheatiglooheat Posts: 32
    While we're talking about items that we want, why no option for a navigation system? Civic has one and I'm sure some other small cars have them as an option. My ideal ride is a premium small domestic car. Since that's not avail., I'll take a manual trans focus wagon with all the safety options, heated leather and navigation.
  • mikusmikus Posts: 109
    > Uh, getting a little carried away are we? Granted,
    > they are a great feature, but an "intentional" act?
    > Cripe, it's your choice, buy a wagon that's got them.

    Head restraints (here, I called them properly) are a standard safety feature on all cars, front and back seats. Saab, Mercedes. Heck, even Matrix. By the way, European Foci (first and second generation) have head restraints on the back seat.

    I just bought a used Focus Wagon a week ago. Used Matrix about the same year and mileage costs about twice more. If the price difference were 20%, I would buy Matrix with no hesitation, a better thought out car. Focus is pretty well designed as well, but one can see cost savings everywhere.
  • The door paint is exposed right there and gets scratched by the repeated opening of the doors. Only a few paint colors wouldn't show these scratches by peoples' fingernails. I have found some gaudy chrome aftermarket bowls, but I would rather have something that blends in, not stand out. The scratches all over the bowl area stand out enough. Surely someone at Ford has noticed this by now...
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,859
    just about every vehicle has that problem.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • Yes, explorerx4, you are right. Just about every vehicle has that problem. Maybe it should be fixed. Maybe the highly educated engineers at Ford have the technology to come up with a solution to this problem that has baffled mankind for decades.
  • homeykathomeykat Posts: 11
    We have a 2001 Focus :lemon: that we bought in 2002, we just replaced the engine for $5000. We didn't want to replace it, but it wasn't paid off yet so we really had no choice. Also we had just put $1200 into the car a month before the engine drama. We change our oil every 3000 miles, we take care of our cars! Between all the recalls and all the repairs this has been the worst car we have ever owned.

    My grandfather retired from Ford, I am a Detroit girl and I have tried so hard to support Ford. If Ford wants to hear from me listen up....Make a quality automobile and I will buy it. We have owned 4 Fords and only 1 of them wasn't a money pit.
  • loolalaloolala Posts: 19
    has been good. The only thing that is not working at this point is my rear wiper. I didn't even bother to fix it. Otherwise, I just have no complains with 100K+ miles on this car. I never have problem with gas mileage like many others (32mpg consistently on 5 speeds) and I change oil every 5000 miles per the manual. Anyway, I would like to see the 2nd generation Focus available in the US. If I am buying a car now, I would go for the Madza3 as it's the 2nd Gen Focus!
  • I have been trying my best to buy American, and to buy a Ford. I would like to help them in a time of need.
    I'm pretty easy, too, I like plain cars.
    But if Ford thinks they can sell a car in 2007 without rear head restraints or even an option for Head curtain airbags they are clearly not in touch with reality.
    Driving to work today in my soon to be gone Corolla, I looked at each car I passed to see if there were no rear head restraints which would hopefully make me feel better for getting a 2007 Focus ZXW SES wagon without them.
    Guess what, the only cars I saw without them were Crown Vics and Tauruses!!!
    Suzuki Reno: got 'em
    Hyundai Elantra: got 'em
    Kia whatever: got 'em!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?
    This is insane, so my alternative small wagon is the Chevy HHR but why buy an American car if they are gonna make 'em in Mexico???!!!
    Hello, Honda? I'll see you tomorrow with my checkbook.
  • "But if Ford thinks they can sell a car in 2007 without rear head restraints or even an option for Head curtain airbags they are clearly not in touch with reality."

    Back in 03 I went through the same thing--the VW Golf/Jetta Wagons were edging out the Ford. However, got a smokin' deal on the ZTW and it has been perfect since then, no regrets. :shades:
  • We own a fully optioned 2005 Focus ZX4 ST. It has some real strengths in drive train, handling and interior packaging. In my ST everything I touch (the leather seats with perforated suede, the door grip, the leather-covered steering wheel and gear shift knob) feel and look great. But the look and sound is still economy car. For example, road noise (primarily tire noise and not wind) is intrusive at speed. The trunk lid is not lined or finished on the underside.

    Someone is going to recognize that with the public's changing taste in favor of small cars that there is room for a premium small car that is sporty, efficient and luxurious. You can find a sporty premium (Mini and maybe the Mazda 3) and an efficient premium (the Prius), but so far no one is really doing luxury in an efficient, sporty package.

    Saturn may be poised to gab this sophisticated space, but the next Focus should do so. When the Focus was first introduced to the US it was a standout car. The next generation has to be a standout as well. An average or me-too car won't work. The next Focus has to up the refinement level even if it is more expensive. People will pay for excellence. Elements to be included: five-star safety with full-boat active and passive safety features; independent suspension; variable valve timing; 5 or 6 speed automatic; dual zone automatic climate control; perfect power seats with every adjustment possible; and great sound isolation. Navigation has already been suggested by many and is appropriate for a car tailored to the urban environment by ease of parking. And finally, the next Focus has to avoid early recalls and deliver a reliable, failure-free ownership experience. I've been very happy with my 2005 but the early years' track record tarnished the great reviews like C&D's top ten rankings.

    Hit it out of the park, the transaction price will follow. Decontent a superb car for the entry level, but the top of the line must be the best sport luxury choice in the small car space. Consumers are desperate for the luxury they've come to expect in a smaller, more efficient package.
  • I have something to tell Ford. Tell your official service departments that they will be arrested if they try to sell brakes that don't need replacing. And tell them that they must not charge a $50 service fee if I have my car towed to them (at only 4 months old) because it won't start and then they could not replicate the symtom. Did they think that I some kind of disease that forced me to imagine that my car would not start?
  • markus5markus5 Posts: 102
    My basic 3 yr warranty is over next week. I am considering the Idea of one of the ESP packages that ford is selling. :confuse:
    I bought new and used FORD products for many years. I like them or obviously I would not come back. One of the things that ford has done extremely well historically was to find or create a market. Except for the Edsel just about any car they introduced into a market segment was extremely successful and ussually class leading in sales. The latest examples were the Taurus and the Explorer.

    I read in a very good article in the NY Times yesterday, about the Taurus as " a remarkable success in the late 80's will be a " footnote in Ford history" . Last Friday was last car off production line.

    I think that the Focus may soon be doomed as I see in these posts. Back in the late 60's I had another ford, an English Cortina GT that also went extict although that one was planned as they waited for the arrival of the much inferior Pinto.

    It is ironic that it was the memory of that Cortina that came to me so strongly on the unplanned test drive of the Focus 3 years ago. Ford should market this car to people who really like to drive. Even "Consumer Reports" magazine which is not philosophically oriented to be enthusiastic about driving, mentions in their reviews of that elusive quality of ride and handling dynamics. ( It is if nothing else a factor in safety they recognize) ;)
    Ford is not without fault: They did not back this car up or take responsibility but chose to save money in certain design aspects, one of them being the Side Mirrors and some of the other soft molding pieces. I had to replace my Front rotors at 25 K and I should have insisted that they pay for it. Pirellis were crummy but that is not their fault. However one of those assymetrical tyres was incorrectly mounted at the factory. ( The dealer said after 25,000 miles It could not be proven.
    Bottom line, If I see a nice 04 station wagon (I hate the dash treatment on the 05 models), it just might be the replacement for my wifes' 95 Explorer.

    The revised 2008 Ford Focus was revealed today (01/07/2006) at the Detroit Auto Show (North American International Auto Show for purists).

    I haven't seen any interior shots or driven one, so my comments are tempered. The changes on the outside are mostly cosmetic to make the car look longer and leaner without much more than surface detailing differences. The roof line appears unchanged. The wheel arches are less of a separate architectural detail, losing the hard circle edge and instead blending smoothly into the fenders. Commentary claims substantial improvements in noise control and sound deadening with different glass employed among other strategies. The 2008 Focus body doesn't wow, but neither does it offend. The back side and rear three quarters views have a bit of the Subaru Legacy. The front end and front fenders seem busier and a bit less refined. As the current Focus looks better in person than in photographs, I'll reserve final judgment.

    It's still an open question. Is a revision of the current Focus platform enough to be competitive or is it a false economy? I'm sure the development costs are less than an all new model, but ultimately it is sales, growth and profitability that Ford desperately needs. Can this restyled and mildly re-engineered Focus regain sales momentum and increase transaction prices? I drive a Focus and am a fan, but I'm reserving judgment. The exterior of the 2008 is not enough to make me run out and replace my 2005 with a new Focus.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    The only compacts with Driving dynamics equal to or better than the current Focus are the Mazda3, the Civic, and the new Rabbit and the Focus is still competitive and way outshines the Corolla, the Cobalt, the Caliper, the Koreans, and the new Sentra. The Corolla and the Sentra do not even offer 4 wheel independant suspension.

    Focus costs significantly less than a Mazda3, Civic, or Rabbit. After rebates, a Focus SE 4 door Auto is under $14,000!

    Photos of 2008 Ford Focus
  • The pictures of the newly refreshed 2008 Ford Focus interior look to be a promising upgrade. The simplification of the model line down to two body styles and only two engines (both 2.0 liters) probably makes business sense as complexity is expensive. The simplification unfortunately means the enthusiast focused 2.3 liter ST sport model is dead.

    The Focus does have great driving dynamics. (It's why I own a Focus ST.) But the styling has to get people into the car to experience the difference. My question is not about driving dynamics (which should be even better with a stiffer chassis), but about whether a mild re-engineering and reskinning is enough to grab consumer attention and revive sales.

    I'm not thrilled with the new exterior, but the new interior may just have the style for people to notice.

    The expected all-new 2010 model will have to contend with the new Saturn Astra that will almost certainly be more of a driver's car than the Japanese and Korean competitors. 2010 is too long to wait for a total redesign, but it's too late now for Ford to change.

    It does sound like a new B-class (next size smaller) will be coming to the Ford line-up in 2008 or 2009.
  • negreanegrea Posts: 1
    Hello!!! I have a Focus and recently I change a light, and I deconnect the batery. After that I cannot use the radio-cd. I have the key code for that but I do not know how to enter it. Can you help me, please?
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,859
    not much buzz here on the new focus. i have a 2.3 zts, and think it is a great engine, very torquey.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • The enthusiasts are not happy about the re-engineered '08 Focus. Ford drops our favorite 2.3 liter engine and denies us the well received European Focus. Message? For the next couple of years, enthusiasts are not a Focus target market. Will Ford be around in 2010 to win some of us back with an all new Focus? Or will Ford try to win enthusiasts in 2009 with a new B-class car? Will anyone be left who cares? Ford's failure to sustain and support successes with real replacements is killing it. Taurus was left to languish on the vine, surrendering even competition for the top sales slot. Now Focus and Ranger are fading to anonymity just when fuel economy matters again. Ford cannot survive on just the F-150. Style and quality drive transaction price. The only virtue of the 2008 Focus is low development costs. Ford cannot save its way to profitability. People have to want to buy. Ford is killing the passion.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    How many $19,000 Focui (Focuses) do you think Ford can sell? Thats more than an SE Fusion with the 2.3L

    I'd like to see Ford with a true B-segment entry so that the Focus can be moved a little up market.

    A Focus SE with Auto and Convenience and Sport Pkgs is under $18,000. With discount and and $2,500 rebate, you are under $15,000 which is less than a Nissan Versa S.

    Ford needs to decide WHAT THE FOCUS is suppose to be, right now its kind of bastardized. Its not really a B-segment car, nor does it compete with Civic, Mazda3, Rabbit.

  • mschmal asks a great question. What is the Focus supposed to be right now?

    Is it a C-class to compete with the Golf/Rabbit/Jetta? e.g., a small family car in the compact class. In size and driving dynamics, the Focus is a Jetta competitor, but not in list or transaction price.

    Is it an overgrown B-class to compete with the Hyundai Accent, e.g., a sub-compact car. The B-class in America has a lot of new entrants with the new Accent, Nissan Versa, Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris and updated Chevy Aveo. In transaction price (not list) the Focus competes against these smaller cars.

    The new Focus may provide more car and safety than the B-Class competitors, but not higher fuel economy.

    Can the Focus image be polished enough to be cool to the young buyers drawn to B-class cars? Or will it only catch the value-conscious who are not image conscious?

    How to design the next Focus depends a lot on the answers. If it has to compete in the B-class price range, Ford better build the next Focus somewhere other than high cost countries like the US, Canada or Germany.

    Should it be practical as a family car (a C-class attribute) or more geared to the two front seats (a B-class attribute)?

    Can the sporting version of the Focus overlap the midsize cousin (the Fusion/Milan) in price? Are Americans willing to pay for sport at the expense of rear seat and trunk room?

    Stay with the upright family friendly architecture or go more low slung like the Civic?

    How much should fuel economy drive design? Or driving dynamics? Do prospective Focus owners really care about the superior driving dynamics? Corolla gets by with a twist beam rear axle and no one complains. The Civic has no back seat compared to the Focus and no one complains.

    Does Ford need a car in between the new (as yet unnamed) B-class and the Fusion? Is it in between in price or in between in size? Features? Fuel economy?

    Can Ford afford such model diversity? Complexity is costly. I understand why the Focus model line was trimmed for 2008.

    All I know for sure is that while Ford has to save money, saving money by delaying competitive model replacements won't work. Ford can't save its way to profitability. It desperately needs a real and sustained sales hit beyond the F-150. The re-engineered Focus for 2008 is like a defeated army regrouping behind a delaying action. It is not a counter attack. I guess we have to wait for 2009 (the B-class) or 2010 for the new offensive.

    Can an independent Ford hang on that long?

    At minimum list prices have to move closer to real transaction prices so that people are making real value comparisons. If Ford could point out how much more car for the dollar they are getting with a Focus compared to the B-class price competition (size, driving dynamics and safety especially), they'd have legitimate attributes to market.
  • zxwzxw Posts: 10
    The original Focus became an "everyman's car" like the Charlie Brown of the auto universe. You wanted sporty ? you got the ST ... you wanted a tuner with untility ? you got one of the zippy hatches ... you wanted basic, you got the omnipotent 4 door sedan ... you wanted great utility in one of the last true wagon styles, you got the wagon ... now of course there will be no more wagons or hatches which is a true loss. And further proof Ford continues to lose their way, giving up more of their heritage. For all you auto trivia fans out there ... 9 out of the 10 all time best selling wagons have been Fords.

    The '08 Ford seems to be so refined and diluted now. As if the original concept has gone to finishing school and stayed far too long. With only 2 of the original 5 body styles remaining, this is 3 less reasons I wouldn't consider another Foci. The new Focus has lost all the desirability and charm of the original concept and from the outside seems to be just another trick Escort from the '80's. How retro is that ? But at least Ford threw in the great lounge lizard Mustang mood lighting on the dash ... the old Escort barely had a headliner light if I recall ... and we can all play our classic Meatloaf tunes on our in dash MVP players ... "I can see Paradise by the dash board lights... " Ford has always been able to field a good wagon, a good small car, and usually both ideas in one design ... but the '08 Focus isn't going to be one of those cars ... at this time, Ford seems to have definitely lost their way. A real American tragedy. IMHO, of course.

    ZXW Robb, owner of the one of the last Foci wagons ... "Big Blue".
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    but we have an older demographic.

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