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  • if they doi have a few suggestions. i love this car, its my second one, i had an se sedan, now have a zx5.
    1. HID light option
    2. place other than the center console to hold small items
    3. a deeper, change holder. at quick turns or accleration, the change flys outto the right of stright out.
    4. a QUIETER blinker - ITS TOO LOUD. the 2000 blink tick tock was so smooth and soft. not this new one.
    5. a bit more chrome touchs on the exterior, maybe inlayed into the 5mph bumpers on the sides, back bumper - maybe only offered on zts? itd match the back strip on trunk, and maybe a bit in front as well. a few bucks'll make the car look classier

    not too much to improve, its a great litle car, love it.
  • Please reimburse me for all of the rental car money spent while trying to get my 2001 Focus ZX3 fixed.

    Please fix the transmission, non- retracting seat belts, stinking air conditioning, extreme squealing brakes, clunking steering noise when turning the steering wheel to the left or right, louder and louder crunching noises when going over bumps in the front suspension, broken fuel pump and the burning rotten egg smell in the cabin of this horrifying car.

    Please make my car safe and reliable. (I'm serious!)

    Please buy this car back - it's the right thing to do.
  • Hi Liz,

    I hope Ford and Santa are good to you this Christmas...

    Did you read my post to you in "Ford Focus" concerning the TSB on the "burning oil smell"?

    I'm rather amazed that the dealership didn't give you loaner cars. :(

    See ya,
  • Thanks, I did read your posting about the TSB.
    As soon as I drove the car home from the dealer, I called Ford Customer "Service" about the burning oil smell because the dealer had only offered to spray some deodorant on the car. They told me about this specific TSB. However, after trips to three different dealers, they all say that they cannot reproduce the problem and refuse to fix my car.
  • Liz:
    Seems that the Ford service folks have not been very fair with you... I'm sorry to hear that. Why should they have to "reproduce" an odor? It seems if there's a Technical Service Bulletin out on a car they should be more than willing to perform their duties, and make the repairs no questions asked. Here's a copy of the note I left you at "Ford Focus".
    I hope you get your troubles solved,

    "Customer says that there is a burning odor in the car, also sees soot under hood on the hood separator. SERVICE BULLETIN NUMBER 14846 applies for burning odor from oil seepage at cylinder head exhaust manifold bolts. Performed above repair, OK now."
  • Happy Holidays.

    Please redirect me if this is the wrong forum.

    I have a 2002 Ford Focus SE (special package) with the Grabber Green, Mach 6 disc cd system, 16" alloy wheels, 2.0 DOHC, etc.

    I LOVE THIS CAR... BUT....

    I purchased it 7/6/02 and it has 10,607 miles as of 12/28/02. I commute 80 miles round trip/day.

    I had problems with:
    1. Burning oil/gas smell in the cab.
    2. POOR MPG.
    3. Windows squeaked badly.
    4. Gas light came on too soon (over 1/4 tank).
    5. Most of all the drivers seat is VERY uncomfortable, especially in the thigh area.

    The dealer has taken care of all of the problems (after making me wait to bring it in). The dealer told me the MPG would improve after 6,000 miles (lie).

    They replaced the fuel pump in hope that it would improve the gas mileage (slightly). They also replaced some wiring to stop the gas light from coming on too soon.

    The drivers seat just doesn't seem to "hold" me! That drives me crazy. I have to firmly plant the cheeks a certain way or I slip out of the seat during turns.

    I absolutely LOVE THIS Car, except for what I've noted. It's fun to drive, turns on a dime, nice acceleration, great sound system, etc.

    I would buy another Focus if they make the drivers seat more comfortable.
  • I have a 2001 Focus sedan. Came with leather seats, installed by the Ford dealership. Added about $1300.00 to the cars price tag.

    I noticed when I first bought the car that my lower back and hips were causing me a heck of a lot of pain, took aspirin and all that. After a couple weeks of this pain, and finally realizing that the pain might be caused by the seats of my car I bought a $15.00 seat cover with built in lumbar support. After it's installation I suffered no further pain.

    Shame to cover $1300.00 seats with $15.00 seat covers, eh?

    So, hey, Ford! Hows' about some lumbar support in the Focus seats? (Please!)

    See ya!
  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    seats get lumbar support.
  • thats been one of the biggest complaints by car critics, the seats. i love em, i'm a skinny rail so i fit in like a glove, and they hold my in tight turns, along with fast ones. but yeah, they do need lumbar support. vw's have the "dial-a-lumbar" comfort dial, like in the 2002 passat i have...just crank that sucker for more comfort or less if thats your liking. seats do come withe lumbar support, but not exactly finely tuned to each of our needs. but for 17 grand i can live without great lumbar support till my next small car.
  • jayguyjayguy Posts: 6
    I've got a 2002 SE Wagon and so far we really like it. I think Ford has a real winner here but there are a few improvements that would really make me eager to buy another:
    1.)60/40 seat BENCH to make the 60/40 backrest actually practical to use.
    2.)Tachometer offered on ALL models with Standard Xmission, not just the ZX versions.
    3.)If Ford offered their Diesel engine in the US I think they would be amazed to see how many units they would sell.
  • a redline on the tach!!!!! what the hell happened to a redline on the tach???lol, that and make HID lights an option on higher end focus'
  • jsfocusjsfocus Posts: 16
    The mechanic at a BC ford dealership said he's never tried modifying the turn signal.
  • jsfocusjsfocus Posts: 16
    When I test drove the 2003 ZX5 hatchback, the sound from the turn signal caught me off guard. It was much toooo loud. So much so, that I dreaded having to use it. In comparison, my 2000 Ford Focus ZTS sedan turn signal has a nice sound and perfect volume.

    The mechanic at my BC ford dealership said he's never tried modifying the turn signal to decrease the volume, and wouldn't really know how.

    I wish FORD would offer its customers the choice of taking their vehicle in to have this loud and irritating tick-tock turn signal modified AT NO CHARGE. IT'S WAY TOOOOOOOO LOUD!!!!!
  • My 2000 Ford Focus station wagon is presently sitting in the dealership waiting for an engine. The car stalled and I was told the head gasket has blown up at 38000 miles. I want Ford to take responsibility for the lack of engine for my Focus and provide for a loaner car or reimburse me with my rental car fees. I ordered the part middle of Nov but I was told by my dealer that the part may arrive middle of January 2004. I have contacted Ford to get a loaner car but they refused and found out from my dealer that Ford wanted the dealer to shoulder the cost of a rental car which they refused. I ended up with no car and having to pay rental car charges.
  • jkidd2jkidd2 Posts: 218
    Maybe this refreshening for 2005 will help?

    Lose the annoying blinker tone, I'M BEGGING YOU!

    More interior lighting, especially in the back seat and cargo area (I have a ZX5).

    A cruise control that stays within its settings...mine goes 3 to 5 miles under and over constantly.

    Cruise Control LIGHTS on the steering wheel for night driving PLEASE!

    HID lights on something besides the SVT....or ST or whatever its gonna be called in '05.

    More storage between bucket seats where currently there is nothing....I use it to hold my Big Drink Cup (although everytime I have to brake suddenly, it spills into the passenger footwell! Argh!), since the cup holders are useless...I store my cell phone in one cupholder and my sun glasses in the other.

    Thats all I can think of...... :-)

    PS....I still love my 2002 Focus ZX5!
  • I'll second you on the backlights for the cruise control.

    I'd guess you have a vacuum leak--my cruise is tight (ZTW).

    The turn signal klaxon? It's grown on me... the only way to turn it off is get in the lever, which is not a good idea.
  • nedc2nedc2 Posts: 192
    To start with a tachometer should be standard on all models, not just the performance oriented models/packages. In addition, make an ST version of the ZXW wagon available. A fold flat front passenger seat would come in handy. And for those of us who are clumsy, and optional shiftable 5speed auto on the performance ST models, from personal experience I can tell you that it's really hard to shift a manual when you have one limb in a cast after some athletic misadventure;)
    And bring the C MAX over or build a version here while your at it.
  • After acquiring my new (to me) '03 Focus SE sedan last week with 14000 miles, I am overall quite pleased with the car.
    Highway mileage is 31 MPG with automatic transmission, which I think is pretty good during a midwestern winter considering my driving habits.
    I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one to notice the at first peculiar but now amusing to me turn signal "click" noise.
    I've also noticed the relatively lazy cruise control that slacks and then rushes to catch up over hills. I consider this acceptable, however, for a 2.0 litre engine on hilly roads.

    My one wish for future Focii would be the return of the key lock to the passenger door.
  • hotx3hotx3 Posts: 71
        Hope you got your car back without too much grief.
        I waging a similar battle - the dealer tells me I need a new head (not just gasket), to the tune of $2100 to cure a stalling problem. The TSB mentions carbon deposits on the exhaust valves. The head was replaced once already under warranty.
        Supposedly a new head would be a design improvement over the original head to prevent a recurrence, but Ford won't help with the cost. (What was wrong with the head used on the Escort engines?)
         Do you know of a group of similarly suffering First Year Focus Owners, so we could put some collective pressure on Ford?
  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    First of all, what TSB are you talking about?
    I'm not aware of any TSB mentioning carbon deposits.
    I would demand from the dealer to disclose the TSB number and provide the problem description.
    The zetec is an old, proven design.
    You can read at the "other" forum how much of abuse this engine can take without developing too many problems.
    As with any other brand few engines could be defective from the factory.
    Yet in your case it sounds like the dealer is trying to screw you over.

    I suggest you consult another dealer.
  • hotx3hotx3 Posts: 71
        Isn't the Ztec name reserved for the DOHC design? This is the SPI.
        I don't know the reasons, but the first year Focus is not what you would expect, reliability wise. I thought it was the same engine as the Escort. In fact, I thought I was safe buying a car that had been produced in Europe for about 4 years. Was I wrong, along with a lot of others! Check the number of complaints on the NHTSA site - over 3000, compared to about 300 each for Neons and Cavaliers.
        I saw a copy of the TSB, complete with procedures for diagnosing the problem. The service rep said he wasn't allowed to give out copies, and I didn't ask for the number (still thought I could work with Ford at that point). I've taken my cars there for years, and doubt they would fake this document to cheat me.
        Thanks for your comments; I'd like to know what's going on and every piece of information helps.
  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    So you got the SOHC SPI.
    I just assumed that you have the DOHC Zetec under your hood because this is what the vast majority of the 2000-2003 models are equiped with.
    The SPI is a truly anchient design...
    It's been in production for so long (in its various forms and displacements)that it should have no reliability issues left at the time of your purchase.
    It's basically the same motor as in the older Escorts.
    The valve cover and intake manifold are different, that's about it.
    I did a quick search at the "other" ( SPI thread) board and couldn't find any reference to your problem.

    In fact, I thought I was safe buying a car that had been produced in Europe for about 4 years.

    The Focus had been introduced in Europe just one year prior to its North American launch.
    And guess what... It has won an award for best reliability among ALL cars in Germany in the 1-3 year old category - a first non-japanese make since 1987!!!
    The only problem is that the early N.A. Focuses are NOT the same high quality Euro cars.
    The American cars had been assembled out of the inferior N.A. cheaply sourced parts hence all of the problems.
    FoMoCo finally realized what they had done to the sure winner.
    From 2002-up the most of the glitches and quality issues were solved.
  • nedc2nedc2 Posts: 192
    The SPI, which is a revised version of the the engine which was in the Escort for Oh so many years. it's a 20 year old design and despite numerous incremental improvements has been problematic. It's an SOHC design with 2 valves per cylinder. The block used isn't as rigid as the Zetec's, which may have something tod with the head problems these engines have had. Both the Zetec and the SPI are being replaced for 2005 with an all aluminum DOHC I4 Ford calls the Duratec 20, which is a Mazda design, and is a smaller displacement version of the 2.3l ulev engine i the Focus, its also used in the Ranger and Escape.. I had head problems with the older 1.9l version of the SOHC 4cyl on my old '87 Escort, and I've known several other people who've had to replace heads on theirs, the version that made it into the Focus was much improved but still had many of the same basic flaws, insufficient rigidity and the problems of varying coefficient of expansion between the iron block and the aluminum heads. The engine was essentially dropped from the European Fords after the Zetec came out, but for whatever reason Ford felt it was good enough for their North American customers.
  • hotx3hotx3 Posts: 71
    Whatever the history of the head, Ford had revised the Focus version within a year and again sometime between 2001 and now. I have to believe that there was some change from the Escorts, and that more than a few engines developed problems.
        Funny thing is, I could have had a Zetec off the lot with an autoshow discount, but I ordered a car to get ABS and side airbags so I could hand the car off to my kids (son goes to college this year). Now I would be too worried to give it to him and would feel like a jerk if I sold this dog-of-a-car to someone else.
  • fdannafdanna Posts: 263
    I don't think they call people that hand off their lemons to unsuspecting buyers jerks... they call them used car salesmen :-) *rimshot*
  • nedc2nedc2 Posts: 192
    Make the ST package available on all body styles, and while you're at it, how about getting a 5 speed auto option to go with it.
  • Hi, My name is George and i have worked at a ford store for the last 17 years and i bought my wife a 01 focus. If you think you have it bad Ford replaced my tranny at 35k and the new one has gone already at 70k and with no help from ford or the dealer i work for. Try to sell these cars that make you a living and having one in your yard that you still owe 3700 on that won't move! .Iv'e been selling fords for 21 years and i have to tell you stay away from the focus! that why i think they put on a 5 year 100,000 warranty,because you will use it.
  • Parts delivery is important... in fact I have a solution that would cause a lot more parts to be available because of chassis and component sharing... from Ford! If the Euro-Spec model that came out with the Mazda 3 and the Volvo v40 & v50 were here you cold have your Focus serviced all over the place. With VW poised to launch a new GTI and Ford bleeding red ink all over the place, the best they have done is introduce the Ford 500?! Come on, and now the Fusion! Lame names for generic cars. The Euro-Spec Focus is so hot! It could be launched with little re-tooling... just shift from Right Hand to Left Hand Drive. We know it meets US Safety Standards because it is the same machine underneath by at least 80% as the Mazda 3 and the V40! I am telling you I have had a lot of foreign cars, but the patriot in me would love to say that I owned an American car, trouble is they are still playing catch up! UUGGHHH! I just want the REAL Ford Focus in the States! Go to the Ford UK website and check it out... soon you too will be trying to import the Euro-Spec Focus! Let's cry loud and often until we get the Focus we deserve, and at the same time we eat VW's wiring plagued, cool as ice GTI for lunch!
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    on my way to the airport.

    The car is smooth riding & refined. & the cab driver loved its handling.

    But you know what? This thing is wide -- more so than the Lexus LS430! Not a little car anymore.

    Here's how the sedan looks like:
  • maryx117maryx117 Posts: 1
    My needs are simple. I'm pretty happy w/my ZX3 overall, but would appreciate sun visors that are long enough to cover the glaring sun coming in the windshield/side windows. (my commute is east/west)
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