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Mazda Protegé



  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    where does a six-cd changer go into?
    does it replace the cd-reciever or fits behind it or in the trunk?
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    looked to me like a mini Mercedes when I saw one on the I-95. coming close, i realized it's a Pro!!!
  • Sorry about chat last night! I brought up the whole issue of the reminder and trying to be there and then I never showed. Sorry...parents were in town and they were looking for a new car. Ended up looking at Nissan Pathfinder (Chilkoot special Canadian edition). They wanted the Tribute, but don't trust the first year model or Ford. Sorry again about not showing up!!

  • wow, i had no idea that edmunds offered a chat room! i'll be sure to attend the next one!

    i pick up my vehicle in exactly 5 hours so i'll let u all know how those scratches came out (hopefully, it'll be blended nicely like yours, chicagopro)! for sure, i'll demand documentation on what was done to the vehicle in case the new roof paint fades or flakes! thanx all
  • Yep, Chat every Thursday at 7:00 pm MST for us Duh.
    Good idea getting documentation. I hope it goes well for you! Hopefully I'll see your Pro around town some time!

  • Hi all, it's been awhile since I've posted, I'm still lurking though. I've been driving my 01 ES since the end of February. No problems. Nice to see enthusiasm continues! I might be looking for snow tires like several others, too.
    Honestly, ever since I took delivery of the Protege I'm not very interested in pricing anymore. Maybe I'm afraid I could get a better deal now!
    Since there's always discussions on gas mileage I thought I'd post some coversion factors so we North Americans can compare apples with apples.

    #kilometers/ #liters X 2.824809538 = Miles/Imp Gallon.

    #kilometers/ #liters X 2.352145833 = Miles/US Gallon.

    Since your last fillup you travelled 424 km. You top off your tank, it takes 40.2 litres.
    424/40.2 x 2.342145833 = 24.7 mpg (US).

    If you want to convert units for just about anything (area, volume, etc) I can suggest a shareware program (fully functional in free version) called 'Master Converter', version 2.53 or higher.
  • Thanks for the conversion factor Norcan!
    So that means that a few tanks ago I got 25 mpg (US) (mostly stop and go traffic). Then on a recent trip I got 33 mpg (US) (mostly highway travel).
    I've also noticed that mileage varys greatly depending on which gas (i.e. different gas stations)I fill up with. Shell I've noticed is brutal for my Pro. Petro-Can is ok as is Safeway. I'm gonna give Shell another chance, mostly because you can get airmiles for filling up with gas!!
  • Hey jstandefer, thanks for the advice for helping me clear up that hazing on my steering wheel. The questions I have now, and I'll take all advice, is what type of cleaner should I use on the chrome accents of the car's body. Should I just use soapy water? Is it bad to use my kitchen liquid soap when washing the car itself? Can I just go from washing to drying to Meguires (sp?) polish without using the Meguires cleaner?
    When I bought the polish I noticed that there were dozens of other products labeled as primer coats, cleaners etc.

    thanks again
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,763
    ... I didn't get to see you Mazda folks last night and give you the invite...


    Hey, it's Friday! Just a reminder that the Friday Freeway Chat & Trivia Game chat is on tonight (5-6pm Pacific/8-9 pm Eastern). Hope to see you there!

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  • now, i'm really ticked off...

    i went to pick up my car, and whoever did the "blending" blended a piece of dust or something under the paint! it looks like there's a zit on the roof of my car! all the dealer said was "look, i'm sorry that this happened, we'll take it in again and get it taken care of...and i'll personally inspect it to make sure it's done right"

  • Oh my....that sucks soooo much Duh!! Which "dealer" (person) were you dealing with? I can't believe they did that to your Pro...I have no idea what kind of recourse you have. He's obviously gonna fix it...but what kind of job. Maybe you can tell them that you're going to take it to another shop and send them the bill. That's about the best that I can suggest. Good luck Duh!!

  • my 5-spd 99 protege has seen lots of shell, petro-canada and esso gas stations.
    shell seems to work best for my car, followed by petro-canada and then esso.

    using shell, the pro has gotten 42mpg quite a few times (mostly hwy driving). i've noticed that the pro simply runs smoother and accelerates briskly with the shell stuff.
    i've also used sunoco a couple of times but then decided against it ...didnt want to lower my mpg by using the alcohol oxygenated stuff.

    i'm kinda stuck on shell for now ..but wouldnt mind trying petro-canada during the winter, since i've always liked their winter-gas.
    i stay away from esso due to extremely high sulphur content in their gasoline.

    i diligently monitor my mileage ever since i got the car, and my average so far is 38mpg (dunno how that translates into U.S. imperial figures)
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    it has always had a bad reputation in the States for ruining engines. Eats rings for lunch. ;)

    I use BP gas and my LX 2.0 seems to like it. Use to use Citgo, but not many stations around any more. Notice the mpg seems to be going up,fewer fuel stops per week.

  • I wouldn't do anything more til you get some legal advice. lawyer listing in yellow pages have a lot of them with FREE initial consultation. I was concerned about their possible hack job. Any attorneys here that could steer him in the right direction. I'd leave the car there and tell them not to touch it til you've consulted an attorney. Man that sucks big time . I don't know what to say.
  • I sure as hell wouldn't let them touch it again. I had some stinko work done on my contour and wouldn't sign off on it. There's some kind of person that inspects shabby body work and writes up a report on it. That's what I had to do but the when and where escape me now. If I can find my paper work I'll post the details but I'm not sure I have it any more. I imagine it really shows up on black. IMO don't let them touch it!
  • Another possibility;Mazda National Customer Assistance Center (800) 222-5500 Here's what I'd do if I called them. I'd tell them I trusted them to do it right, they messed up big time and they're not getting a second chance. I'd tell them I want to take it to a body shop of my choice and they foot the bill. It's not your fault they screwed up. Now that I think of it when I was young and naive I took my '70 Mustang Mach 1 to a Ford dealer on University in St. Paul. (I know there's someone from the Cities that posts here.) They damn near didn't do anything right. I wouldn't sign off and my insurance company told me to take it to a shop of my choice. Since then I've NEVER trusted a dealer body shop again. I think you're almost in the driver's seat if you don't let them intimidate you. Stand up to them and let them know you won't back down, IMHO.
  • to save money on a better sounding stereo, you may want to try what I did. I bought a subwoofer and it's enclosure. I also had an amp installed under my seat. The enclosure is about 12 inches tall, slim and about the length of the larger opening in the trunk (you can fold down the '40' rear seat with no pass-through obstruction. Thus, it is not bulky or in the way. Also, it is a snap to take out. The sound is great if you love a good bass. With time, I plan to replace the original speakers (cheap, paper and one way). This is obviously too late for me but does anyone know if this will void the warranty in any way?
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    replacing speakers in today's cars. I read an article on that which said modern cars have computer chips mounted in the doors and side frame for remote access, electric locks and mirrors. Speakers with large magnets can ruin the chips.

    Ask your dealer if any chips are in the doors before going to an audio shop.

    This is another fowler3 tidbit. ;)

  • The sound in my 2000 PRO-ES sounds pretty good to me? However, I've never been a huge audiophile. Now,... what I would really like is a CD changer! My wife, she can care less! She actually listens to top 40 radio, in her 2000 PRO-ES; yuk! BTW, what kind of music does everyone listen to in there PROTEGE's? I'm 43 years old and I grew up, listening to Classic Rock on 8 TRACs during the 70's, lol! Nothing like driving your "OWN" first car listing to KANSAS, JETHRO TULL, AEROSMITH, and LED ZEPPLIN! The 80's, I moved on to New Wave.
    Had to have the POLICE, RAMONES, U2, SMITHEREENS, BILLY IDOL, and THE ROMANTICS. The 90's, I got old! JIMMY BUFFET, JAMES TAYLOR and Talk Radio. Now, I listen a little Country (MARTINA McBRIDE & THE DIXIE CHICS), new U2, and best of all, I revisited some of the great Classic Rock artists (ALLMAN BROTHERS, THE ROLLING STONES & TEN YEARS AFTER)!! What kind of CD's do you folks buy?

  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    I just bought a 01 LX 2.0 and feel the sound system is good, not great. Actually, for a factory system it's not bad. Honda has terrible audio systems in their cars.

    I'm the same age as you and had an 8-track in my first car, a 72 Plymouth Duster with a 225 slant 6, a great engine that lasts forever. Unfortunately, 70's mopar products were rust buckets.

    I'm stuck in the 80's and listen to: The Smiths, Thompson Twins, OMD, English Beat, Depeche Mode(old stuff) and the Pet Shop boys.

    Lately, I've been enjoying some modern Jazz...Rippingtons, Paul Taylor, Peter White and Earl Klugh.

    Hope the younger members don't find us terribly boring:)
  • I'm thinking of adding a modest amp with the $$ I save from not getting a strut tower brace. :o)

    Here's some of what this 53 year old is carrying in the car now: Lynyrd Skynyrd (pre-airplane crash); Fleetwood Mac, Jethro Tull, Crosby Stills,Nash and Young, John Fogerty, Blues Bros the movie soundtrack, Janis, Z.Z. Top.

    I sure hope duh_ster gets his problem squared away. He got jacked around royally.
  • chicagoprochicagopro Posts: 1,009
    Duh_ster: Hope you get the scratch/paint issue resolved. VERY frustrating, I'm sure.

    Larry: Thank you for posting a question for us non-gearheads.

    In the car right now are the following CD's: Stevie Wonder, Sly & the Family Stone, way old Aretha Franklin, Cranberries (Irish rock), Proclaimers (Scottish rock), Elton John, Leisure Dynamics (my brother's band), Jane's Addiction, Bach cello concertos, and the new U2 album (which I didn't like at first, but the darn thing is like crack--the more I listened to it, the more I wanted to listen to it, and now I've got practically all the songs memorized, even though some of them are just plain dumb!)

    Regarding the stereo: Don't have a lot to compare it to, but I'm very pleased with the sound in my 00 ES. While it was in the shop a couple of months ago, rental place gave me a freakin Stratus. Now THAT'S a sucky sound system!
  • advice yoop. i think i will take it to the shop of my choice to get it looked at. thanx for the support all! it really stinks how the lustre of a great car like the protege can so easily be tarnished by shoddy dealerships...*sigh*...i STILL like the car, even after all i've been through...
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I my glovebox, you will find Madonna, Janet Jackson, Tamia, Christina Aguliera, Gloria Estefan, and a couple 70s various artist CDs. I like a variety. :)

    I got my first speeding ticket today in my 2001 ES! I am soooo mad! I was caught going 85 in a 55 zone. :) The cop also blamed me for trying to illude him (I stopped literally 30 seconds after he turned on the lights), and said I was driving negligently. He only wrote the ticket for 66mph and not 85 though, and said it would be $70 and 2 points. UGH! Yeah, I need my insurance to go higher. It's already $200 a freaking month! I know, I know, slow down. :)
  • sfratsfrat Posts: 205
    I hear they only check your record when you're policy is up, so if you have a yearly policy that comes up renewal every July, then they won't check and find out about the ticket until July. A bit of consolation there, though not much.
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    I listen to Metallica, Dr. Dre (Rollin down the street in the Protege, sippin on gin & juice....just kiddin, I don't drink & drive), Snoop Dog, Too Short, Guns & Roses, Led Zepplin, Phish, Redman, Beanie Sigel, The Roots, Peter Frampton, The Doors, Eric Clapton (Protege, you look wonderful tonight) Tom Petty, Prince & The Time (local artists) Elvis, Curtis Mayfield, Frank Sinatra (The girl from Hiroshima), Fleetwood Mac, CCR, Run DMC, Rolling Stones, The DOC, jeez, I have just about everything but country but I won't list them all. By the way, how hard is it to hook up an amp to the factory deck? I'm afraid I will have to get new speakers soon because Snoop and Short Dog are about to blow these things up. Good luck with your car Duh-ster.
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    Just kidding...I mostly listen to Soft Rock stations and..well, I won't say what else, but most of the music is 50's and 60's. On trips I listen to cassettes. Haven't even tried the CD player yet. Keep forgetting about it, though I do have a few CD's. CD albums are a new thing for me, bought two Aiwa stereo systems a couple years ago: one for the home office and a larger one for the living room.

    I can't hear stereo, deaf in one ear, but do like it as Hi-Fi. What I hear mostly in the Protegé is the speaker in the right door and a little of the back speakers. The bass sounds good in the Pro I think. Much better than Honda audio, I agree.

    When traffic gets heavy, rush hour stuff, I turn the audio off. Have to listen for somebody's horn; watch for cellphone users looking out the top of their windshields; and lane-change dudes making left turns from the far right lane.

  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    You were talking about a lot of scratches on your ES, are there cats in your neighborhood? Cats love to get on cars and their claws can scratch the finish.

  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    a car. I noticed the paint on my 01 LX 2.0, Sand Mica, is only on the external surfaces. The underside of the trunk lid is a different color without the mica finish. Lighter in color, almost a grey.

    Honda paints underside surfaces the same as the external ones. If it's a metallic paint the undersides are also metallic,but not as glossy
    as the external finish.

  • I am new here, but have been reading for a little while. Ive noticed that most posts are very enthusiastic about the Protege. I hope I dont seem negative, but this is a review site.
    I recently purchased an LX 2.0 Auto w/ luxury package. Currently it is 2.5 months old, and has approx. 2200 mi on it. I havent exactly babied it in that Ive done alot of around town driving in it since I got it at 2 mi. brand new. The roads in Ohio can be pretty rough so theres plenty of hills, turns and just rough roads. I dont know what the deal is but since after like 1500 mi. it really has no pep at all between 1k and 2.5k rpm's. I havent really been pushing the car that hard. Ive hit the passing gear a a couple times just to see what it has. I have not been really that impressed at all by the cars power.
    Its not NY or anything here but traffic is heavy here and like I said the roads are brutal. I need this car to perform and it just hasnt lived up to the zoom zoom that its billed as. Saturns, old American mades and even Corrola's seem to blow right by me. Possible reasons-I changed the oil early(1500) as it used like a quart in the first 1500 to Castrol GTX. That might have been a mistake. The dealer said the car is shipped with Quaker state. I think I might change it again now with quaker state. Ive also been using shell premium gas.But Just recently put shell 87 in it for the first time. I dont know but I may be crazy but I just think the car is losing compression already and the auto tranny seems weak. I hope things work out with this car as I got the extended warranty and planned on keeping it a while. If not. I will mostly likely move back to Chevrolet for good.
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