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Mazda Protegé



  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    The ES has a firmer suspension than the LX, not sure about the LX2.0.

    The new promotion started 5/3/01 or 5/4/01.
  • djmax813djmax813 Posts: 30
    To make a long story short, A local Mazda dealer quoted me 15900 for a loaded auto es w/premium pack, mats etc. That sounds fair enought but maybe not now that i am reading about some s-plan. can someone please explain what it is and how I can use it?
  • I think it really is normal for the ES suspension to be a bit stiffer than the LX. I have an ES, but never have driven an LX, so I really can't give you a comparative answer. However, I completely understand what you're saying. There is probably a little bit of a tradeoff between ride comfort and better handling, but personally I think it's well worth it in the case of the ES. One thing you should definitely do if you haven't done so already is check your tires' air pressure. I think 32 psi is recommended. After I got mine home from the dealer, 3 of mine were 35. It did help, albeit slightly, as far as ride comfort was concerned, to lower them to 32.

    Regarding the rebate, I think it only started about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks ago (I bought mine one week ago), so you probably missed out on it. You could call Mazda N.A., though to find out the exact date it started to be sure you aren't entitled to it.
  • stevewpsistevewpsi Posts: 7
    Do you own a 2001 Mazda Protege ES? Have you test driven one? If so, have you experienced an unusually bumpy ride or tight ride. Please advise. Do you think there is a problem with the car that I am driving. The dealer said it is due to a tight suspension system.

    I picked up the car April 30, maybe Mazda will honor the rebate for the moon roof. That would amount to another $700.00 dollars. I believe it is an issue with Mazda, not the dealer.

    Please let me know your thoughts on both issues. Thanks.
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    Not yet (not until the dealers care enough to return my emails).
    Unusually bumpy? That's subjective, but my reaction was that the "average" person would not like it.
    Probably not.
    Probably correct.
    If it makes you feel better, drive another ES to compare. But if you "hate" the ride, you hate the ride. But I guess you prefer that there's actually something wrong. That way, there's hope.
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    I bought the Pro LX 2.0L in April and I know what you mean about a bumpy ride. The Pro LX has suspension similar to the ES since it has the 2.0L engine.

    After I got about 400 miles on it the suspension seemed to soften up a bit, the struts softened up. Over rough pavement you will feel the bumps. On smooth pavement it rides fine. And on expressways and Interstates when you hit patches you don't notice them as much as when going at slower speeds in town. You are over them and gone.

    Part is the suspension, part is the short wheelbase, and the stiffer struts. You get use to it. You also learn the streets that have bad pavement and drive to miss most of them. Some streets I travel have a lot of manhole covers,I take the passing lane to avoid them and noticed that other drivers in cars with softer suspension also do that. Everybody hangs left after a certain intersection.

    hkchan: I got the heater fixed this morning. The technician who installed the cassette player left a cable disconnected. :D

    vocus: I, too, have that problem with the cruise control stalk...hitting it when I turn the wheel. Put in a request for a “standard” CC on their next Protegé in a letter that accompanied the return of the Mazda survey.

    Mazda uses some old technology and its parts to save money. The cruise control stalk idea is old, on the first cars that got cc. So is the D4 cutoff button, Ford’s have had that for years on cars, vans and trucks with AT.

    hkcham: “If you think there’s something wrong, then there’s hope.” Good line! LOL

    And if the steering wheel jumps up and down, there IS hope, the wheels are out of balance. Have them checked.

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I can relate to the slightly stiffer ride. I used to have a 1999 DX model (same underpinnings as the LX 1.6) and traded it for a 2001 ES. I do notice the ride is a little firmer over rough roads, but don't mind because I gained alot in handling prowess. If you check the article on Edmund's about the ES model, you will notice it has stiffer stabilizer bars than the rest of the models because it's the sporty model. So, yes, the firmer ride is an ES-only trait. But take an off ramp rated at 25 mph at 50 once, and you will not mind the stiff ride anymore. :)
  • stevewpsistevewpsi Posts: 7
    Thank you for responding. Do you feel the bumps when you drive?; I will call it a hard ride. The ride is not that comfortable, but the car handles great. Does that make sense?

    Thanks again. It is good to get a prospective from another ES driver. What color do you have? I have the seabreeze green.
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    I agree that the O/D button is old (83 Toyota Camry?), but what's the newer, higher-tech, more-expensive alternative?
  • stevewpsistevewpsi Posts: 7
    Thank you for responding. Do you feel the bumps when you drive?; I will call it a hard ride. The ride is not that comfortable, but the car handles great. Does that make sense?

    Thanks again. It is good to get a prospective from another ES driver. What color do you have? I have the seabreeze green.
  • The S plan is part of Ford's "Partner Recognition Program," through which participating members can purchase Fords or Mazdas (among others) at special, no-haggle discount prices slightly below invoice. The easiest way to participate is to become a member of the EAA (experimental aircraft assoc.). Go to:

    for details.

    You should be aware, though, that it may be tough to get a loaded ES under the S Plan, as dealers' participation is voluntary, and they are becoming increasingly resistant to selling vehicles under the plan that they would have a hard time replacing .

    That price you were quoted, $15,900, is $1,121 under the invoice price of $17,021 for a '01 ES with premium pkg and auto (exactly what I have). I'm thinking that this offer includes the $1,200 in rebates currently in effect for the car. My S plan price was $16,827. Subtract the $1,200 rebate and my price before ttl was $15,627. That's only $273 difference on a car that my guess is they're not gonna let go on the S plan. However, it wouldn't hurt to ask the dealer if they'd sell it that way. Keep in mind it does cost $40 to join the eaa, so that's a net difference of $233. IMO the price you got is pretty fair for a great car! Just don't let 'em gouge you on doc fees and dealer packs. The S plan prohibits them from charging you the doc fees over and above what it costs them to pay to have the car titled in your name and for the tags.

  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    The newer, high-tech, more EXPENSIVE alternative is the SportShift used by Dodge, Audi, VW, and others. Wonder what those cost to repair? A regular AT is easy to trash, those would be extremely expensive to replace. =P

    So, old and reliable isn’t always bad. Especially if it is cheaper.

  • I have the black mica color. I definitely do feel what you're describing, but to me it's really not uncomfortable, and again, well worth the tradeoff for the good handling you get. You can't have it all in a car in this price range, but this is getting pretty close!
  • rsparrowrsparrow Posts: 60
    from Canadian Driver... hadn't seen one in red yet... looks good!

  • tocantocan Posts: 118
    It looks even better in person!!!

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I got my 2001 ES Premium Pkg. w/automatic and cassette under the S Plan. They had just gotten the car in that day, and I bought it that night. I have the black too. It's good looking when clean, but that's next to never. :) Anyway, they didn't bulk at selling me the car. But, they did make it clear they wanted to close the deal quickly or else sell the car to someone willing to pay MSRP for it. Too bad, it's mine now. :)

    Will turn 6000 miles tomorrow. Trouble free and still LOVING IT!! :)

    ZOOM ZOOM!!!
  • theparallaxtheparallax Posts: 361
    I just slapped this together messing around on my computer...ever notice how the IS300 and new WRX look similar to the Protege between the A and C pillars? I said this a while back but here's a better pic...


  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    FYI...the suspension on the LX 2.0L is NOT the same as the ES. The suspension on the LX 2.0 is the same as the LX and DX grades with the 1.6L

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Kinda knew that. I will take the upgraded suspension though, for its handling. BTW, how's it going with your DX model? You still have it?

    I looked on last night for the front bumper/side skirts from the Sport 20. By the time I would get done with it all, it would be like $2400. Never mind now. Don't have all that money laying around. :(
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    is that one - in white?

    BTW, the major difference between is300 and proEs is width and low height - when you see it in reality ;)

    but yes the is300 and Es surely look like their designer used the same inspiration ;) :)
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    of the DX and I needed to get out motorcycle riding, so I'm back in a truck. Hopefully, I'll move into a P5 when things change a bit at home. Do you think a P5 will pull a trailer? hehehe

  • unmarkedcarunmarkedcar Posts: 162
    Hey guys. I have been out of town for a few days. I took a trip to va from GA on the 11th. I drove my lx 2.0. No problems at all. My wife slept most of the way. She said it was a nice ride. She usually can not sleep in a car, but this time she got her blanket and pillow and just chilled all the way. The only bad thing was, I got a cracked windshield. A rock hit my car so hard that I thought that I drove over something. The funny thing is, that there was no other cars around. I guess it came from outer space wooooooh woooh. I was so mad. My wife told me to turn around and go back home, if I am going to spoil the trip. She told me to not worry and just get over it. " things like this happen all the time" <----she said. But this is my baby. I am not going to replace the windshield for a while. Has anyone else replaced a windshield on a protege? how much was it?. I was going to call SAFELITE, but have not had the time. I had this done on my 98 civic and it was about $170.00. Do you think that they may scratch the body of the car (when they replace the windshield?
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    Wouldn't your insurance cover it (with a deductible)? Some places have coupons for the deductible. They prefer that you get your insurance company to pay for it and they reimburse you for the deductible instead of you paying for it yourself, not because they're nice, but because they charge the insurance company more for the same replacement.
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    It&#146;s still bumpy. In that case, I&#146;m so glad I didn&#146;t buy an ES, my kidneys couldn&#146;t take THAT
    much pounding. Most older people don't want to feel bumps at all, I&#146;m an exception. I didn&#146;t buy the Pro for the handling, but I do enjoy it.

    I bought the Pro, instead of a used Accord at the same price, for the warrenty, reliability, and styling. The size and interior trim quality. And to get away from Honda&#146;s high service bills.

    unmarkedcar: Did they scratch the Civic? Check with your in surance company, they may pay part of it.

    It may have been a kid throwing a rock.

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I had the windshield replaced in my 1999 DX, but did not pay for it. A truck threw a rock and hit my car, and I called his company from my cell phone and told them about it, while I was still on the road next to the truck. Anyway, the replacement cost $305.26 and they did not scratch the paint or anything in the process.
  • unmarkedcarunmarkedcar Posts: 162
    No they did not scratch the paint on my civic, but I was just concerned. I really like this car and am planning on keeping it. I know that they use metal tools to remove the old windshield, so I was kind of scared. Do you guys think that I should replace it? I know that this kind of thing happens all the time. I do not like to claim stuff on my insurance. Last time I paid for the windshield myself. I think allstate would want me to pay the deductible $250.00. I called safelite and they wanted $290.00 to replace it. The crak is about 9 inch long and is on the passenger side.
  • conheadyconheady Posts: 77
    Back in december an SUV threw a pebble through my windsheild on the passenger side. It actually put a hole in the glass and I found the (possible) pebble when cleaning out my car a few weeks ago.

    Luckily the insurance company paid for it all.

    It should be against the law for some SUV's and trucks to have such a high clearance and no splash gaurds.
  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    Almost every insurance policy has "glass coverage" of some sort. It differs from your regular coverage and deductable.

    I knowwith mine, if I have my windshiesd busted by road deprise, it get's replaced. My only expense is a $50 glass deductable no matter what the windshield costs. This does NOT effect your insurance rates.

    Call your insurance agent!
  • gitarzangitarzan Posts: 66
    I think the Audi A4 has a pretty similar look to the Protegé. There's been a couple times I thought an A4 was a Pro' until I got a little closer.

    That Euro compact sedan profile is pretty ubiquitous and shared by many non-USA compacts. It's a good look and therefore highly copied, emulated, derived from, inspired by, etc.

    I drove a 2001 Stratus about 200 miles yesterday. What a boat, when compared to my nimble, modest little Protegé. The Protegé just keeps on impressing and pleasing me.

    And, when I drive my old Caprice it *really* feels like a boat. Talk about a lack of road feel...
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