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Ford Ranger Maintenance and Repair

pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
your Ford Ranger Problems. Good luck and thanks for your participation. ;-)

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  • My '99 Ranger V-6, 4 sp auto will not shift into lockup until at least 50 mph, even at "hot" operating temps. It used to shift into lockup at 35 mph. The dealer says 50 mph is normal and cannot find anything wrong. Anyone have an idea why the shift point moved to 50 mph? Any control I can have the dealer check? Thanks.............vk
  • saarisaari Posts: 11
    I have a 2001 ranger xlt extended cab,4x4.4.o, 5 speed auto,16inch tires, with 4.10 axel. I have only a minor problem, the gas gauge doesn`t read correctly. It drops like a rock! When it says 1/2 full it only take 6 gal., Empty, 12 gal. Thats 6.5 gal. still in tank! My gas mileage on trip was 18.5 during the first 1000 miles. I hope it wil get a bit better after break-in.
  • I have the same setup, with the same problem. After 2500 miles, I'm getting 18.0 hwy. Thinking about a tonneau cover. Will it help?
  • The anti-theft system on the ignition of my 2001 Ford Ranger intermittently fails. Other electrical systems are operating (lights, radio) but engine won't crank. The 800# Ford reps say they get frequent calls about this. I had to stay at a motel when travelling because of this failure and the motel clerk said I was the fourth new Ford owner in three months to stay there for that reason. Unfortunately, none of remedies the 800# reps gave me to reset the computer worked. Any ideas how to prevent or solve the problem?
  • I have a 2001 Ranger 4X4 extended cab 4.0L with shell. I have the same problem with the gas guage. I have 7000 miles on it and have yet to get over 16mpg on the highway with cruise control set and get about 12-13mpg in the city. Premium gas only raised it about 1mpg.
  • I was looking at a 99 ranger 4x4 with the 3.0 engine and the auto 4 spd trans. When test driving I noticed that when I slowed down to a crawl I could feel a thunk in the drive line some where, then when I took off from a stand still I felt another thunk. Is this normal for a ford? I am not used to fords so I am wondering if this one is about to have a problem. It had 31k miles on it.

  • I just turned in my vehicle from a 2 year lease. The truck never had any problems but I never had any confidence in it for some reason--it just didn't seem very solid I guess.

    There was alot of slack in the drive train. It did feel like the ujoints were starting to go. The only other problem was odd front tire wear.
  • hciaffahciaffa Posts: 454
    Gaston3....If you purchase this Ranger tell the dealer to correct the problem. Seems to be a common problem with the Rangers. It happened to my 98. If you go to and review the TSBs its listed there. (#11)TSB #99-13-4 thumping and bumping felt on acceleration(and it happens when you come to a stop) they replaced my drive shaft. I hope this helps.
  • frey4frey4 Posts: 30
    my 2000 ranger has a significant amount of driveline lash at takeoff: a gentle but obvious mild "tug" in the front, then the back, as the gears mate and take the slop out of the system...i'd say normal in almost any 4X4. i wouldn't worry about it. you have a lot of gear teeth mating in that driveline; even a little clearance will result in some lash.
  • kit1404kit1404 Posts: 128
    I had a 1998 Ranger 4X4 with 4.0, 5-speed auto that was the only Ford I have ever owned that was a lemon. The engine was bad - rebuilt by a dealer I trusted - engine still bad again. My point here is I have a 1999 F-150 4X4 with 5.4 and all the good stuff including big tires/off-road package. This truck gets within 3 mpg of the Ranger all the time and has all the power in the world, not to speak of so much more comfort. OK, it costs about $5,000 more in real dollars - XLT Ranger fully loaded vs. XLT F-150 fully loaded. No way do these trucks even begin to compare for that difference - the F-150 is truly twice the truck. Check out the Ford rebates - at least in our southwestern area - the F-150 is the only one WITHOUT a rebate. There is a reason why it is so popular - it my be the best truck and value compromise out there. Just hope Ford keeps up the good develpment dollars with the F-150 - the Ranger sure could use some too.
  • I have been having a problem in my 1998 Ranger xlt 5spd mnl trans truck with the lights. When a passenger gets in, the overhead lights like to stay on. After about 20 mins, they blink out, as the should normally. The door open dummy light stays on too...anyone know anything?
  • Go to the Ranger III subject heading and read from entry #317 (I think) to follow my dilemna on driveline "bump". Just an hour ago, the dealer finally told me the spline is not mated properly at the yoke on LOTS of extended-cab Rangers and that its a manufacturing problem. After my warranty replacement of same, she drives tighter than new. My opinion is that backlash (or "frontlash" on take off, if that's a word) is NOT normal for a small truck, small engine, relatively short wheel-base, low miles, blah, blah, blah. This is a Ranger (and Mazda) parts manufacturing problem that you shouldn't have to just live with. Put on your best mean-face and go get a new shaft for free.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Sounds as if the switch on the door latch is sticking.
  • My '94 Ranger failed to startup recently. After some debugging work, I found out that the fuel pump is not turned on during startup. The fuse is fine. I can also make the fuel pump running by jumping a wire directly to inertia switch. So the problem must lies somewhere in the circuit between the fuse and the inertia switch. I have a Haynes Repair Manual but could not find any wiring diagram about the fuel pump. Does anyone know how the fuel pump is wired, or where I can possibly find the wiring diagram? Thanks in advance!
  • saarisaari Posts: 11
    In responce to Valance. I have a toneau cover on my ranger and haven`t broke the 19 mpg yet! Have you or anyone driven the truck low enough so the gas warning lite comes on? What is the true reserve?
  • david6david6 Posts: 75
    I have a 2001 2wd, and I find that even when I drive for a while on empty with the "check gauge" light on, I still have 3 gallons left in my 19.5 gallon tank (based on needing 16.5 gallons to fill the tank), and if I fill up when it first hits "E" and the light comes on, I only need 15.5 gallons to fill, leaving a reserve of 4 gallons! So now I ignore the gauge more and more. The problem is that one of these days I'm actually going to run out of fuel! But like I say, the lowest I've gotten is still 3 gallons away from dry. It would be nice if these were calibrated better, like for 2 gallons reserve, IMO.
  • I have the SAME PROBLEM with my 1994 Ranger 2.3.

    I had the inertia switch replaced in September.
    I had the fuel pump replaced 2 weeks ago. The mechanic dropped the tank, tested the power wires to the pump, and was getting FULL and PROPER voltage. The pump would not work. He replaced the pump. Then 2 days ago, I couldn't get the truck started for the life of me.
    The next morning, as I was arranging to have it towed, i tried to start it and it started on the FIRST TRY!!!! What the hell is happening.

    e-mail me at [email protected]

    I'm bringing the truck back to the mechanic next Monday to have him look over all the wiring and see if he can find out why this problem is happening. I don't know a damn thing about electronics/fuses in cars.
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Posts: 301
    replacing the relay.
  • what is it, where is it?
  • OK
    my 1994 Ford Ranger 2.3l is at the garage right now.

    The mechanic just called and said the "relay" was rattling, and showed signs of overheating, so he replaced it.

    Hopefully this will solve the problem of intermittent fuel pump failure.
  • Would anyone happen to know the part number for the drive shaft replacement on the extended cab rangers?
  • kelhoggkelhogg Posts: 1
    I bought a new 2000 Ranger four cylinder, 5 speed in late '99. About 6 months ago, I noticed that once in a while, there was a clunk when I disengaged the clutch before coming to a stop. It only does it about once in every 4 or 5 stops. The dealer let me test drive a new 2001 Ranger equipped exactly the same, and the new one did it too. They said there has been no tsb issued for this problem. The driveshaft has been removed and the spines re-greased with teflon grease, but that didn't make any difference. Otherwise, the truck is perfect. Anyone else have this problem and know how to fix it?
  • careyb1careyb1 Posts: 1
    I have had my Ford Ranger for five years and have during the last two years had multiple electrical problems... a seat belt alert beeper that won't go off, a windshield wiper that comes on in the middle of the day, a light that won't go off and now a heater that works sometimes and doesn't work other times. Anyone else seen this?
  • lex1374lex1374 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 a/ 3.0L V-6, 4-speed automatic 4x4. When I have a cold start my overdrive light flashes and tranny will not shift out of 2nd. After I turn the truck off and re start the light stays off but the shifting into 3rd is very harsh and no overdrive?? My truck has been at the dealer for 29 days now!! The dealer tells me maybe 3 or 4 weeks Ford should have a tranny re program available, in the mean time keep the stop and re start program going. Any info or help. I have done a fair amount of research but any info will be more than welcome. PLEASE help me. Thanks a lot.
  • btaggartbtaggart Posts: 1
    nerangrdrvr wrote that he had problems with the lights staying on whenever a passenger was on board.

    I virtually guarantee that it's the switch on the passenger side door. I had a Dodge Intrepid - same problem. Turned out the little plunger switch was not quite long enough, so I drove a screw into the end of it, effectively lengthening the switch by the thickness of the screwhead. Worked for 100,000 miles afterwards...
  • Hi. I'm new here.

    I am looking at a 1999 Ranger king cab 4X4 for 15,900 with 33,000 miles. 4.0 litre engine, auto transmission. Does this sound high to you?

    Have there been any problems with this truck?Anything problem areas I should look for/at/on this vehicle?

    Also, the truck has 245/75R16 tires on it. Can you install bigger tires on stock rims? What is a bigger (taller) size for these? How big before needing a lift? What is a good lift kit for these for under $500-600?

    Thanks in advance.
  • lucky45lucky45 Posts: 1
    Did anyone fix it mine does same thing?

    Open hood
    lock doors and close.
    unhook and rehookup battery.
    open with key to reset?

    Been told it will fixit but have not tried it yet!
  • bobhohbobhoh Posts: 6
    Hi. I just purchased a 1999 Ford Ranger Standard Extended cab pickup. Since I have had it I have noticed that it idles very rought, sometimes "shuddering" at lights to the point that the whole car wiggles. I have been told by the dealership that this is NORMAL for this pickup and that the computer shows no problems with it. Does anyone know if this is common for this vehicle? I don't want to keep taking it back to the dealer if it is.

    Thanks in advance for any and all advice of this problem.
  • lisa54lisa54 Posts: 11
    We recently purchased a 96 Ranger with 47000 miles on it. Shortly after filling with gas for the first time, the check engine light came on. We brought it into the mechanic, and the diagnostic code was something to do with the fuel line. He switched the light off and suggested that the gas cap may not have been put on right and if the light went back on to get a replacement gas cap.
    The light went back on after about 25 miles. We replaced the gas cap and brought it back in. He turned the light off again and drove it for a while. The light just went on again.
    Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks in advance for any help.
  • hciaffahciaffa Posts: 454
    This is a common problem for the Rangers with extended cabs. You get a shuttering feeling when coming to a stop or when accelerating from a stop. I don't have the TSB number but I had mine serviced. I has to so with the extension flange used on the extended cab driveline. Something about gresing the flange. I'm at work but when Iget home I will try to look for my service report. You can also try and look under TSBs for the trucks if not listed under 99 try 98 ( mine and this is where I found out about it)
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