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2014 BMW 4-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience

kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,564
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Tell us about shopping for a new 4-Series!!


Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs


  • zoombie99zoombie99 North JerseyPosts: 260
    I ordered a build for my 428x lease in September. The lease was based on invoice plus $750.00. I think you can do better today on cars on the lot and some have reported buying close to invoice.
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  • rmt3rmt3 Posts: 37

    When will you have information about the 4 series convertible?

  • pwgscpwgsc Posts: 1

    Recent build of 428i Xdrive coupe: White paint, M sport & Premium package, heated front seats,Nav system
    Dealer added $349.00 window tint, $49.95 nitrogen as non requested adds

    MSRP $51,775.00 Discount $2050.00
    Total sell $49,725.00 plus his adds
    $1500.00 cash down - 36 month lease at 15K/yr mileage

    Almost fell out of the chair laughing
    Monthly lease payment --$696.94/month
    Residual - $31,065.00

    I think I am done with BMW-what are your thoughts?

  • konacougkonacoug Kailua-KonaPosts: 196

    Not a good deal obviously...if you walk into a dealer, I wouldn't expect to get a good deal...The best way is to build your car online, get the invoice price, add $500 and send out email offers...that way you can avoid all the dealer add on bs. Also, you did not include pertinent info about the deal, money factor, acquisition fee, doc fee, etc. I would expect, that the dealer jacked up the base money factor rate, that alone could increase your monthly payments by $50.

  • bmwgrrrlbmwgrrrl Posts: 18
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  • agentbb007agentbb007 Posts: 10
    edited March 2014

    Placed my order for my 435xi yesterday, super excited should be here in June. Here's the numbers I got for 10k miles 36 month lease, in Utah. Thanks for the numbers kyfdx! BTW BMW Financial are buying the last 3 months of my current X6 lease. I should also mention this is my 4th BMW from this same dealer.

    • MSRP: $63k
    • Negotiated Price: $60,168
    • Acquisition Fee: $925
    • Adjusted Cap Cost: $61,093
    • Money Factor: 0.0013
    • Adjusted MF with 7 Deposits: 0.00081
    • Residual: 63%
    • Monthly Payment with tax $721.80
  • I just ordered a 428i convertible yesterday (7% below MSRP). They have a production schedule so mine is slated to begin May 1, 2014 with delivery mid-June. I wanted to get the xDrive but those don't go into production until July w/delivery in September according to my dealer.

    If you're looking to get one, your best bet is to go to, email like 10 dealers even if they're kind of far from you and see what their best offer is. That's what I did. And that's what I did w/my last 2 car purchases. I like the "email negotiating" because you can be a little more direct/blunt via email than you would be in person. It also saves time when you actually go into the dealer b/c everything is already worked out so you just have to sign the papers. I was in/out of the dealer within 30 minutes…and that included having them appraise my 2011 328i convertible.

    When you send out the emails, wait to get replies from all of them. The first dealer replied that due to the high demand, they can only do MSRP. The next offered $2,000 off. The third said $4,100 off (7%). I had several others reply that they would match that offer if anything fell through. I was expecting to get low-balled on my trade in but they were straight up and offered me blue book. I am usually against trading in cars b/c you can get more on the street but didn't feel like dealing with trying to find a buyer for $24k. I was in/out of the dealer within 30 minutes. The entire experience was great -- Elmhurst BMW (Illinois).

  • raghavraghav Posts: 10

    Hi! I haven't bought a car in 8 years, so this is internet negotiating all new to me! @cubbies1980‌ did you just email dealers asking for their best offer? And regarding ordering, I am surprised that dealers are willing to discount the price for custom orders? In my correspondence, they naturally encourage you to visit them to see what they have in stock (assuming that is the best chance for the biggest discount). And in the price negotiation, do you just ask for reduction in Total MSRP, or on specific items (e.g. Premium package) closer to Invoice?

    Unfortunately, I am undecided between the 3 series vs. 4 series ... but I am confused by all these cars categorized as "SULEV" - are they inferior in power due to emissions?! (I apologize if this is the wrong forum for this question)

    Thank you for your help!

  • I would like to lease a 2014 435i convertible asap but was hoping to find out what prices/rates these are going for this month. I am new to leasing so I am hoping to find out what is considered a good deal and forward it to the surrounding dealers to match....Any advice on what I should ask for? Thanks in advance!

  • MichaellMichaell ColoradoPosts: 65,426

    @jmcginn84 said:
    I would like to lease a 2014 435i convertible asap but was hoping to find out what prices/rates these are going for this month. I am new to leasing so I am hoping to find out what is considered a good deal and forward it to the surrounding dealers to match....Any advice on what I should ask for? Thanks in advance!

    I'm not in the market for a 4-series, but you can use the pricing tools at the top of the screen to figure out what they are selling for in your neck of the woods.

    Then hop on over to the "4-series Lease Questions" discussions and we can set you up with the relevant info (MF and residual).


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  • I ordered 428i Convertible on Apr 15, it went into production on Apr 16 and I am expecting early June delivery. Here is what I got:

    Mineral White Metallic with Saddle Brown

    • Prem Package
    • Luxury Line
    • Cold Weather Package
    • Driver Assistance plus package
    • Tech Package
    • H/K Stereo
    • Parking Asst.

    Total $60,650 - After some negotiations I got it down to $58000 + 2300 (taxes/fees) - 60,300 OTD

  • miami_danmiami_dan Posts: 1
    edited April 2014

    We took delivery of our 435i in Munich on 3/10/14, drove the car for a week in Gernany, Switzerland, Austria, & France, then dropped it off in Paris on 3/17/14 for its shipping back to the US. Purchasing through the European Delivery program took 7% off the base price of the car. Then you can still negotiate with the dealer, who too another $2K off the total price.

    This was a great experience and I highly recommend it.

    US delivery should be around 5/3 at the dealer we purchased from. The car reached Brunswick, GA by ship on 4/21 and is being prepped.

    The wait I'd killing me.

  • I am planning to purchase a BMW 428i xDrive through ED program. Here is the offer I got:

    Glacier Silver Metallic
    Coral Red Black Leather
    M Sport
    Premium Package
    Tech Package
    Driver Assistance Package
    Driver Assistance Plus Package
    Cold Weather Package
    H/K surround sound system
    Power sunshade

    Total MSRP is $57000 and the ED selling price is $48700, is that a good deal?

  • notsob7notsob7 Posts: 2

    I negotiated a selling price on a 428 conv. build in March, for delivery most likely this month. The $1,000 incentive being offered in May, can I re-negotiate the selling price or am I out of luck? Thanks.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,564

    You might be able to... but, you'll also have to take the lease program offered in May, if you get an incentive from May..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • jonnyzliojonnyzlio Posts: 5
    edited May 2014
    Changed some stuff @kyfdx‌ , and that's the final deal
    428i Black metallic, sport line, premium package, navigation system, cold weather package with black kidney grill & 15k mileage per year
    Accessories Total 220.00

    Net Total 50,420.00

    Destination Charge 925.00

    Total Suggested Price 51,345.00
    $2100 due at signing including first month payment and fees with monthly payment $590 for 36 months with taxes rolled through monthly payment. I was initially offered $572 with 12k/year and everything else the same, do u think it was a better deal than the 15k one??
  • shin2sxshin2sx Posts: 3
    edited June 2014

    Paid $61,475 + 4% tax in VA, 199 dealer processing fee (MD), + fees

    so basically 2k off and 1k incentive....

    OTD: $63,289.

    seems like I did pretty bad comparing numbers to what others are paying?
    I had to order this, so it started production last week..

    was this a bad deal?

    2014 428xi Convertible
    Options: M sport, Technology, Premium, Driver Assistance, Driver Assistance Plus, Cold Weather

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