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Acura CL



  • har1bushhar1bush Posts: 207
    as far as the maintenance goes, Acura would be a whole lot cheaper to keep in the long run... Even if MB gives you 4 years free maintenance, when that runs out and you still have the car, you will regret and the 4 year advantage will disappear in a hurry.
  • mrdeeenomrdeeeno Posts: 53
    that's not usual 3 month/3k miles or whatever comes first's has an oil change indicator, so you can only get the 'free' maintenance when the car requires oil changes.

    i don't know how mb does it, but i think audi's is the same and i wouldn't doubt that mb's is the same also.
  • I agree with others that the rear end of the CL is its most attractive asset (but without the spoiler!). I also like the rear trunk panel shape. Says classy euro sport sedan to me. In fact I'm struggling between the TL and CL. I really want a four door but I really like the looks of the CL.
  • har1bushhar1bush Posts: 207
    bmw's has an oil change indicator, so you can only get the 'free' maintenance when the car requires oil changes.

    so what's wrong with that? As far as I know, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and some other manufacturers are not charging for the regularly scheduled services for a certain period of time... But like I said, compared to the maintenance cost of these cars in the long haul, they will seem rather irrelevant.
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    Joe - Here are some reasons for not getting a CL

    Heavier doors
    only two seats in the back and no rear A/C vents
    not as many changes for 2002 as the TL

    Then again, the CL is more "personal" and you won't see as many on the road (harder to avoid the cops... hahaha)
  • mdanielmdaniel Posts: 47
    I'm not sure how heavier doors is a minus. They have side impact beams which is good. I've never had any trouble opening or closing the doors. The CL does have rear vents. They're under the seats. You can see them from the rear when you side the seats forward. And besides, I bought this car for ME, not the occasional back seat passenger.
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    I'd say that because I know some people don't like heavy doors when opening and closing - not considering it as a safety issue in this case. Also, the fact that it is longer would make it harder for some to get out in a parking lot or garage.... I've driven several coupes before so I know what I was getting myself into. Too bad that some people regret it because they overlooked that when they purchased.

    As for the rear vents, I think it would be more comfortable for the rear passengers if they could adjust it. Not a big deal in a coupe though.
  • mrdeeenomrdeeeno Posts: 53
    of course there aren't going to be as many changes as the 2002 tl...the tl's last change was in 2000 (5 spd auto and side airbags).

    the cl is only a 2001 model, why should it receive as many changes for the next model year as the tl that's been out for 2 model years without a change?

    and the doors aren't that heavy. i've felt heavier doors on sedans (560sel) and other coupes (sl500, a lot heavier AND longer). i've had no problem opening or closing my doors in most parking spots...but then again i choose spots that i can open my door wide...if i can open my door wide, that means that the cars next to me can't ding me.
  • har1bushhar1bush Posts: 207
    but isn't this guy comparing the CL to the new C-Coupe? I thought that's what he said. I wouldnt count on Mercedes to make light doors, especially on a coupe.

    haha I don't know where you're from mrdeeeno, but back out in a place called a big metropolis, you can't afford to choose a parking spot according to their size.
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    that's why it might be a bette choice for joeandcarol to pick the TL over the CL.... more changes.... some people might prefer the updated styling of the TL
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    Just to show how different people's tastes are:
    I prefer the front end styling over the rear. I also think the car looks better with a spoiler.
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    I, too, prefer the "base" leather over the "S" leather. It is much classier, and appears to be of higher quality. That is one of the reasons we chose a base CL, and not an S. Plus, it's really the wife's car, so exsessive power was not a priority.
    However, I will put my dislike for the S leather aside, when I return my Impala and get a TL-S. Horsepower wins over seating surface. I'll be driving that one!
  • cyber_xcyber_x Posts: 37
    I think the CL looks better with a spoiler as well - much better, in my opinion. To me the tail end looks kind of bland without one.
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    Funny... I used to think that a rear spoiler would look nice on the CL.... I got used to the clean look without the rear spoiler. I cannot justify spending several hundred dollars for better looks on my car. I think most street cars are better off without rear spoilers.... underbody kit..... now that's another story...
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    Bland. That's it. The spoiler spices it up just right for me. My wife won't go for it, though. It's her car. She's entitled.
    I will be getting a spoiler on my TL-S, though. That's for sure. Definitely. No question. (If she says it's OK. )
    Underbody kits? Nah. Not for me. I think they're for kids looking for that rice-rocket gang banger street racer look. The 2001/2002 CL/TL's aren't Civics or Integras. They are in a different class and, as such, should be adorned accordingly, IMHO. The same goes for 21 inch rims and tailight kits. To me, it basically shows the same taste and class as those huge tires and raised drive kits on pickup trucks and SUV's.
  • cyber_xcyber_x Posts: 37
    I think you can get the CL spoiler for cheaper elsewhere (compared to the factory price), no? I haven't looked into the CL spoiler specifically, but for most other cars you can get parts cheaper (~$150 unpainted) via third-party distributors.

    I love body kits. Actually, I currently drive a "rice-rocket gang banger street racer" car with a body kit and spoiler. 19" rims and no taillight conversion though. ( offense taken and none intended) Only major drawback about body kits, in my opinion, is that most of them are fiberglass, and the polyurethane ones tend to be ugly. Fiberglass cracks easily under stress, which looks ugly. I plan to modify the 3-series BMW I'm buying soon as well, but no body kits unless I can find a good polyurethane one. Definitely big rims though. The TL has a fairly nice factory body kit available, and I think the CL would look nice with one as well.
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    Hmmm... I should say that the rear spoiler is not ugly, IMO. However, I can't see myself taking care of it and paying for one. Same goes with aero kits. I like the TL's look with the front/rear spoilers plus body kit. I notice that the Accord coupe's rear end looks smaller with the rear spoiler. Yes, I think that you can find a couple of places on the net who would sell the spoiler cheaper.

    cyber_x - all you really should get is the sports package. The current 3-series looks nice without any add-ons. I know I guy who drives an M3 with a spoiler and another guy with an M3 without spoiler.... the car without the spoiler looks smoother.

    It's funny that the Altima SE has a factory body kit while the Maxima SE doesn't. (they might have changed it)
  • cyber_xcyber_x Posts: 37
    ...yeah, I don't think I'm going to get a body kit on the BMW. I haven't seen any good ones yet, and I also want to be able to drive the car normally without worrying about scraping all the time. I'm definitely getting bigger aftermarket rims though.

    I think the CL spoiler is $800 from the factory, right? That's just ridiculous. Reminds me...the other day, I went with a friend (shopping for a CL-S) to the Acura dealer. They had a RSX-S on the lot, with a set of 17" chrome (or maybe polished) rims on it. The dealer markup because of those rims was $5,000! I just had to utter a big "WTF" when I saw that. I wonder if people actually pay for stuff like that. Coincidentally, they also had a TL-S with 17" rims and factory body kit behing the RSX, sporting what I believe (if I recall correctly) was a $6,000 markup ($2,000 for the kit, $4,000 for the rims).
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    There's a big difference between 19's and 21's.
  • fuzupfuzup Posts: 4
    The base for the C-Coupe $25,000. When I put all of the options to equal the CL-S it is around $30,000. The CL-S might be a little quicker, but how much does that matter? If I can't go flying down the road, why does it matter? Plus, as dumb as it might seem, I am very careful when I drive as so I do not waste gas. I can't afford it. So, I don't peel off from a stoplight and the stuff like that. I guess a four cylinder would be better in that situation. I really don't know, and that is why I brought it up. Plus, now that I’m thinking about all of this, I believe that the base CL w/ nav., a spoiler and wood kit is more like what I would get. What do you think that I could get for a CL with all of those options? I’m thinking that I would try to get invoice on the CL w/ nav and try to get the dealership to just through in the other two options for free. Do you think this is possible?
  • dee35dee35 Posts: 11
    I just got a 2001 CL-S on Saturday. Got the bright red beauty sitting in my garage. First red car I ever owned. I sure hope it's not a cop magnet! I paid $400.00 over dealer invoice and got the splash guards and pin striping for free. I paid $695.00 for the spoiler with brake light. I had to bargain for that price. The dealer wanted $850.00. It was worth it to me. I think it makes the car. It completes it. I thought it looked kind of plain without it.

    I LOVE this car! It's so much quieter than my old GTP and handles like a dream. It's got every bit as much guts, without all the noise that went with heavy acceleration. This car is so smooth and so quick, I constantly find myself doing 80 mph on the highway. Speed limit is 55-65, so I have to be careful. I just don't feel like I'm going that fast. I have to use the cruise control just to stay out of trouble! My radar detector is firmly secured to my windshield just in case I'm not paying attention or if I want to have some fun!

    As far as the doors are concerned. I drove a Grand Prix GTP coupe for 6 years. You wanna talk about heavy doors! Plus they were much longer than the CL's. I guess perspective depends on what your comparing it to.

  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Congratulations! I got my red beauty on 3/28/01 and already have 6800 miles on it! I CAN'T stop driving it! I, too, absolutely LOVE this car. I think it's the best car I have EVER owned since I was 16! If you click on my name above, you can go to my website and see those past cars.

    Luckily I just returned from 18 days in FL AWAY from my car. That has helped to keep the mileage down. The car stayed in the garage here in CT.

    I know what you mean by watching your speed. It's so quiet that doing 80 feels like 60. My radar detector is also plugged in!

    So far, NO problems! Only been to the dealer ONCE for an oil/filter change for $9.95! Was I ever surprised!

    I look forward to 42 months of trouble-free driving. So far, so good. Hope you have the same.

  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    fuzup - the C coupe that you're taking about is significantly smaller than our CL. So the handling would probably be better. Usually, there's a big difference in smoothness between a 4 cylinder and a 6 cylinder engine. The smoothest 4-cylinder that I've driven was a Camry. Anyway, even with my leadfoot I've managed to average around 24mpg in mixed driving. The premium CL is a nice car and you might be able to negotiate extra stuff for the 2001 model.... who knows.

    Dee - don't worry about the red color. I managed to avoid a ticket when I missed a motorcycle cop camping out under a bridge. I guess I probably slowed down enough so that he just didn't bother with me.

    Weird noise - I noticed a couple of times that when my car is in the garage, there would be a noise that sounds like a cat. Now I surmised that it was probably just my car having a little heartburn.
  • I was at an Acura dealer today and the subject came up about a 6 speed manual for the CL. The salesman told me he had expected it but the new 2002 brochure does not list it as a choice. He claims there will be no manual for 2002. Does anyone know what the status of that choice is? Will there be a manual.? Someone back in July stated that a dealer in Cinn. had order codes for it. (this was on
  • mrdeeenomrdeeeno Posts: 53
    the 2001 brochure didn't have the blue exterior color for the cl type s...but there is now a blue available for the type-s.

    dealer's guesses are probably less accurate than ours...most aren't enthusiasts, they just sell cars. and it's surprising that they don't know much about the cars they DO have.

    my dealer (worked for the dealership for 2 years) told me i have exxon headlights (being sarcastic, i said, "so they offer gas AND headlights now?", and he actually said, "yes.")and the strut tower bar was to prevent the engine from entering the passenger compartment during a crash (so i asked, "if i need to depend on this bar during a crash, why don't most cars have this standard?" and he said, "because it's a special metal.").
  • har1bushhar1bush Posts: 207
    hahaha that's hilarious... especially since I've been following the Honda Accord Coupe post where a car broker claims to have much more knowledge than anyone posting messages there BECAUSE he sells cars!
  • I like the "special metal" for the strut tower bar. They must bring that salesman out only for special promotions. I have tested a number of new vehicles and almost always a manual trans. model. Its amazing how every salesperson I have dealt with ALL claim to drive manuals just like me. They are all my buddies. Gives me a warm cozy feeling. I'll take two!!!
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    The key is to do all your research online, take test drives, and only use the salesman as the person to order the car from.
    It's kind of like going to a restaurant. Check out the menu, ask others that have eaten there, be familiar with the type of food they serve, and you only need the waitress to place the order with.
    So, a car salesman is basically a waitress with a tie.
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    I saw a new Type S at my office building... too bad it was a TL :) Actually, I've seen more TL Type S around here than I have another CL Type S.... what's up with that? They are so hot off the lot that you can't find one to test drive without an appointment.. shesss
  • mrdeeenomrdeeeno Posts: 53
    a sedan will probably always sell better than it's coupe counterpart, especially at $25k+ ranges.

    it's just that there are more people out there that care more about practicability, or if not, the potential that htey'll need it later (my grandma wanted me to get the tl 'cuz i'll have a family soon...I HAVE AT LEAST 5 YEARS OF FREEDOM LEFT!)

    i don't think that's a bad thing though, it just makes luxury coupes more exlusive (clk will always be more exclusive than a c-class, especially last generations c, mb's cl will always be more exclusive than the s-class, volvo's c70 will always be more exlusive than the s80 or whatever model it was based on, lex's sc will always be exlusive to pretty much their entire line, and acura's cl will always be more exlusive than the tl).

    i think the least exclusive from it's sedan counterpart would be the 3-series, but i'm sure the sedan still outsells the coupe.

    and from "exclusive", i mean "seen less often".
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