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    Did you use the SS mode a lot? Do you like to go between auto and SS frequently during driving? I'm trying to see if there is any correlation between use of SS and onset of tranny problems.
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    Yes I do. At leas 50% of drive time is on SS.
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    that kind of debunks any theory that frequent use of SS mode leads to premature tranny failure.
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    Well I hate to post this for fear that another thread will catch wind of it, but,,, my '01 CL trans crapped out just short of 36k & 35 months old. After almost 30 year of cars, this is my first car to have transmission problems. Something I expected from a Ford NOT Honda/Acura. At least I knew it could/should happen.

    Symptoms were just after backing out of the driveway & putting it into D, I got a loud thunk, kind of like missing a shift on a manual. A few miles later, after shifting from 2nd to 3rd the RPM redlined & whined, it did this 2-3 times on the way back to the dealer.

    Here the kicker, I had just picked it up from the shop (same day 4-hours earlier) after an oil-change, balance & rotate. The rotors are becoming another real problem (3-4 times now), I jokingly said to the service rep that Acura needs to extend the warranty on the brakes/rotors like the transmission. I must have JINX it, needless to say it has greatly lessen my opinion of Acura Q&A. My shop has 1 other TL/CL waiting on a tranny in front of me. At least my dealer has free loaners, so I'm not without wheels.

    Bodble ::: your front seat rocking are some bushing that need replacing (requires new & improved parts to be ordered). That was one of the other thing that was on my list to fix.
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    Re: front seat rocking. You mean the squeaking/creaking that I was complaining about earlier? It only makes the noise when the seat is empty though. So I'm not sure is it is rocking. It seems to be coming from the hinge between the seat and the backrest. It also comes and goes, though mostly comes.

    And it's ironic that you mentioned rotors 'cause at a bit under 16,000 miles, mine is starting to have very slight shudder when braking under light pedal pressure.

    I have not experienced any of the tranny symptoms posted by others, but there is the occasional hiccup that makes me wonder.

    Most of all, it makes me wonder if I shouldn't dump the car before real symptoms start manifesting themselves.
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    I did have rotors done early on when I got the car. I am thinking within 15000 miles of owning the car. Back then, i thought it was just great of Acura to re-surface the rotors and throw in a set of new pads for free. Now I know the real story. Didn't realize it was an on-going problem too.

    I have to say, I am also dissapointed in the quality of this model Acura. It must be the US plant. My wife had a 99 accord which I specifically picked out with a "J" vin number (import model). It drove 4 years with no issues at all, but then she only drove 20k in 4 years.

    Bodble2, noticed we have the same taste in cars. Did you already get the RX330? We love it. Dont anticipate as many issues as the Acura.
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    No, I haven't pulled the trigger on the RX330 yet. I'm looking to get one in the summer BEFORE they switch to the Canadian production plant! I think I should go talk to my dealer soon since there may be a waiting list for one. It's almost certain the CL-S will be traded for the RX. Our other car is an '02 Accord V6. And while it is not the fastest nor most exciting thing on wheels, I find it to be incredibly practical and satisfying as a transportation tool -- an automotive Jack of all trades. Having to choose to retain the Accord or the CL-S, it's a no-brainer for us.
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    bodble2 :: I think the seat problems are all related. The tech knew exactly what the cause & solution were.

    I'm also thinking of un-loading my CL before it depreciate too much. And going back to Toyota/Nissan/Mazda 3 manufacturers of which I have never had any serious problems. I’ve pretty much scratch off the up coming TL off my list.

    According to the other CL site, the transmission may/will re-occur.

    The other problem with Hondas is they get stolen like crazy.

    I really do like the new RX330, just not sure I want to spend that much $$$. For an all-purpose vehicle, I'm thinking about the Mazda Tribute (plus 5year 0%, 4/50k warranty). It has been on the market 3 years, getting some of the bugs worked out of it. I know that the Tribute is not all rosy, but I don't think any manufacturer is totally immune to problems. At any rate I’ll get a fresh warranty.
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    Hi everyone,

    I am in the process of purchasing a new CL in Texas. Then, I will drive it to California, where I work. But some people told me, even with the higher TTL and price, buying directly at California still would be cheaper. Is it true?

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    Just curious about your thoughts on the new TL, and why you would eliminate it so early. The photos of the concept TL look promising. The fact that it is shorter than the current TL is a plus. Not sure though how closely the production model will follow the concept. If the new TL comes with AWD as an option, I would be first in line.
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    bodble2 :: Oh I like what I've seen & heard about the TL so far, as I did when the CL hit the market. And the new TSX looks good too. I'm just not one to take another chance & get burned if Acura does not get it right again. The CL was their first crack (in the USA) at a 5-speed AT. Not sure if they could get a TL/awd right or not.

    Sure seems like they have been doing their level best to supress/hide any & all bad press regarding the transmissions/rotors. Just not sure whether to simply take it as a little bad luck or what. Sure gives me a sour taste in my mouth.

    I can accept a few "one-time" small problems, but the re-occuring, or the major ones!!! Maybe everyones trannies are not as solid as they use to be, I don't know.
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    I also just started to notice some slipping from gear to gear on my 2002 CL Type S at 40,000 miles.
    I see that Acura extended the warranty to 70,000 miles on transmissions for this model, most likely because of this.
    The problem seems to be that it stays in gear too long and then jumps up or downshifts to the next gear.
    I'm starting to think about trading it in now since I'm having too many odd problems like this with this car. I bought it thinking that Acura and Honda would be virtually trouble free.
    Problem is that its depreciation rate isn't all that good either.
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    since you own both the CL-S and RX. Do you suffer from (power) withdrawal symptoms when you go from the CL-S to RX?
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    bodble2, I actually dont have a type-S, spent the $2k on the nav instead. But, I personnaly did not think the type S was that much different to drive (I think due to the extra weight). With that said, I think the RX330 is an extremely fast car/wagon for it's size. Plenty of power, so, in short, no. I have not had power withdrawals... :)

    I think it's the way it is geared (transmittion wise), but the RX is a little shift happy, as in it likes to stay in high gears. Otherwise, I enjoy both cars.
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    Got my car back yesterday. So glad to dump the Jeep Liberty from Enterprise. But then Acura paid for the rental so I should not complain. CL was in the shop for 9 days.

    They changed the tranny and ECU, I beleive this is the chip that controls shifting. Tech told me that early replacements were tranny only, but Acura found out the chip is the culprit for the problems. Supposedly the chip is allowing the tranny to shift too hard. Which I agree, I always thought the original tranny was extremely fun to drive with. Tech said that they are re-calling the early replacements to come in for a new ECU also.

    With the new tranny, it is a remanufactured unit. Supposedly, case is old, but insides are new. It drives a little differently. Shifting is smoother, more german car like. Doesn't mean it's slower, just not as aggresive. And I think it tends to stay in the taller gears a little longer. But I think using SS can fix that problem. That's all folks.
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    Color me impatient.

    The wheels have been put into motion... it looks like I'll be trading the 6MT in sometime in late July. The car has been supremely reliable, and works as advertised, but in the course of 14 months and 16,000-odd miles, I just haven't "bonded" with it.

    If anyone is looking for a pristine, well cared for Aegean Blue (Non-Navi), at about that time, let me know! Bone stock except for a Momo short anatomic shift knob & matching shift boot, both in black leather.
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    Try Vandergriff Acura in Arlington TX, or MacChurchil in Ft Worth.

    I know Vandergriff discounted mine and i bought it 3 weeks after intro of the 3.2 cl. Others still think they can get MSRP+markup on a CL that's already discontinued.
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    At first they said they had ascertained that the problem was due to some defect with the 3rd gear clutch pack or something like that, and that it was a problem with the supplier. Now they are saying it's the ECU?! Why don't they recall all the cars to replace the ECU then? I hope this isn't the Honda spin doctors at work.
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    I gotta hand it to Acura & my service dept., my trans died on Thu. eve. 5/22, they ordered the parts on Fri. Mon. was Memorial Day, & my car was ready Wed. eve. Turn around was 3-business days.

    samang :: I also notice that my CL is not as snappy as it once was. But the question is, is the problem truely fixed or is it prone to happen again ??

    I'm trying to decide, whether to keep it or cut my loses and move on.

    Can anyone advise ??
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    Just a word of caution, I was sold a CL-S that had hail damage, Texas is known for hail damage, need to look closely. Dealers would pull your leg. Some damage is minor but car cannot be sold as brand new according to Texas Law.

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    My 2001 CL-S bought in March 2000 VIN 2667, was totally trouble free until I noticed a hesitation when shifting from 2 to 3 in auto mode. I took it to Acura and was told I would be getting a new tranny. In reality the old tranny was shifting from 2 to 4 and skipping 3.

    I was given a 2002 TL-S loaner and the tranny was replaced in 4 days. That was March 2002. Since then Acura has extended the warrantee on the tranny to 100,000 miles (2 weeks after I purchased the 7yr/100,000 extended warrantee). Since then I have had NO problems what so ever!. I just turned 43,000miles. The original Michelins are still good, but will be replaced soon, as a safety precaution. This car is truly a joy to own and operate, I get 22 to 25 mpg average around town. Think twice before dumping your CL or CLS, its a dangerous world out there.
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    alarmpro :: do you think Acura/Honda has really got the tranny problem(s) FULLY resolved?? It sure seem like there some, who have had the problem re-occur. Only time will tell.

    And you're right, one does NOT want to trade one set of problems for another. I got 4-years left on the tran warranty, but 1 year left on the standard. And it is looking like brakes are going to be an on-going issue.
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    My thought are, if tranny dies again before 100k mi, i get a new one yet again. If it dies after 100k mi, I will have to fuss a lot to get it fixed for free. Most likely they will pay a part, I will have some out of pocket. It's an ongoing problem, I beleive you will get taken care of.

    I can't afford to cut my losses, need the car to run another 5 years to pay off other car before I can sell.
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    Now you all know why I bought a first generation 1999 2.3 CL with five speed manual.
    I knew the new model was not going to offer a manual trans, and that's what I wanted.
    The first gen (97-99) models also had auto trans issues. The Odyssey (not so) mini van also has had trans issues.
    I looked at the then new Solara back in summer of 99, and discounted it because of the sloppy manual shift linkage.
    What I learned was: If you want an automatic trans, buy a Toyota, if you want a manual, buy a Honda/Acura.
    Our CL has been trouble free, except that the radio tuning button on the steering wheel does not work when the wheel is straight. I have to turn the wheel to get it to work. Didn't get it into dealer before the warranty expired.
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    Well I've looked [not tested] at the new TSX, it looks nice but a tad small inside. However I did test drove a Mazda-6 w/ the sport package & just the 5sp/4 banger.

    I came away very, very impress. For $20.8 vs. $26-27 for the TSX, Mazda has made a huge turn-around. Plus Mazda warranty is 4/50k, and now includes loaner cars. Not over crazy about the center console, but could live with it.

    Anyway it has got me thinking. Is this a big step down ??
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    If you by a 6 or TSX you'll probably take a hit on re-sale on the CL. If I were in the market right now I would probably be thinking VW Passat or Mazda 6. The Mazda 6 is proably heavily discounted because they are not selling as well as Mazda thought. The TSX for not having a V6 is not a good value to me but you are the one buying.

    Anyway I have like 12,400 on my 02 CL(I have the Base not the Type-S) so I hope I don't encounter any trans problems. Car has been solid and reliable. I don't plan on dumping my CL like everybody else here is. I am extremely happy with it. I just got an oil change done too. I have to take the car in too repair hail damage in July. I am not looking too foward to be renting a car.
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    I have to admit.
    Despite the tranny problems and lossing the car for 9 days, I still love my CL. Except for a few door dings, it still looks new in the parking lot and in my garage, even next to a new silver rx330.
    I don;t know about ya'll, but I am keeping my CL!
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    I testdrove the TSX. I would caution anyone who's been used to the low-end torque of a V6, especially one with the power of the CL, to really think about it before buying the TSX. Around town I found the TSX to be sluggish. The 6-speed is a bit better, but not much, IMO. Plus, trading down is generally something I would not recommend, unless dictated by finances. I've come to really fancy the memory seats, reverse-tilt mirror, auto-dimming mirror, etc.
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    Heck of a curtain call: - _id=6705

    I guess there are two ways to look at it. On the one hand it's the most powerful FWD you can get. On the other hand, it's the slowest 370hp coupe ever. Hmm.
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,519
    that if I were to unload my CL in favour of a sedan, rather than go with the TSX, I would hold out for the new TL.
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    The automatic transmission problems are a real surprize and real black mark for honda... Fortunately I've never bought an automatic car in my life... I have a 6 speed...
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    I am not sure what to make out of this auto-trany situation since I own a 6 sp manual CLS. I wonder if Honda out-sourced trany work, normally the manufacturers do this to save cost, they give contracts to the lowest bidder & consumer ends up paying for the downstream problems.....

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    I don't think Honda out-source the entire tranny. They buy components from suppliers but the design and manufacturing is all theirs.
  • joeandcarol2joeandcarol2 Member Posts: 152
    I have a 6 speed also and am not concerned. However this is hard to believe that this happened to a honda/acura. From what I can tell it mostly happens to people who drive their cars a bit hard. That is not an excuse, the tranny should be able to deal with the 260 HP, if that is what is in the car.
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    The SS transmission actually debuted way back in 1997 with the redesigned Prelude, and those of us in Prelude circles know well that the transmissions started showing a tendency to fall apart almost immediately. I remember posts on Prelude boards from several years ago (like 2000) of people asking whether the all-new CL (which apparently had the same transmission) might end up susceptible to the same problems since apparently the SS was having trouble handling Prelude's by-comparison measily 195hp and 153 ft-lbs.

    Honda definitely deserves a black eye for this. Prelude owners struggled with this for a long time, getting accused of brake torquing and paying for replacement trannys until the much higher profile, mainstream CL and other owners started to experience the same things.
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    Waht is a good price for a 6-speed with Nav ? Is it below invoice yet?
  • joeandcarol2joeandcarol2 Member Posts: 152
    I purchased a new 6 speed w/o nav for $1,000 below invoice in march. You may have missed the boat though as 6 speeds are becoming rare (and maybe more expensive?). There is (and has been for sometime) a $1,000 Acura to dealer incentive right now.. My dealer gave it all to me.
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    Hi all,

    It's been awhile since I posted (under dee35), so thought I would check in.

    Well, my bright red CL-S will hit 26,000 miles soon. Other than a few minor paint chips and scratches, I have had zero problems with this car. It rides like a dream and has tons of guts even on regular gas! I Zaino'd it about 18 months ago and it is still absolutely gorgeous!

    I hit a 3 inch deep pothole this winter and my low profile tire blew out, but I'm told that's very common with this type of tire.

    I'm sure it's time for new brake pads as I have a consistent shudder at moderate braking. I don't think that's too bad for the mileage, though.

    I love this car!

    Unfortunately it's time to let it go. My husband was promoted and his company minivan became an Intrepid. We don't need two cars. We really need an SUV, so I'm moving on to an MDX. That's the only way I will let my CL go. None of the other SUV's can compare. Once you drive an Acura you're spoiled for life!

    I'd love to sell it direct vs trade, so if anyone's interested.....I'm in the Akron, Ohio area.

    The dealer told me that the CL is being discontinued next year. That's too bad. I guess people prefer the 4 door TL-S for practicality.

    Bye guys!

  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,519
    Didn't you have an unfortunate accident with your CL-S shortly after you bought it?

    Did you also drive the RX330? IMO, it is a better buy than the MDX UNLESS you need the 3rd row seats.
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    I am interested in a CL, they have great financing and pricing. Is it worth the bump in price from a CL to a CL Type-S? On the Type-S is the 6M reliable? Any known trouble spots? Is the Navi worth getting? I live in Birmingham AL and travel quite a bit, but normally to familiar places. Thanks.
  • luvmyacuraluvmyacura Member Posts: 6

    You have a great memory! Yes, 5 days after I bought the car some guy in a mountaineer decided to reach down to pick up a piece of paper while driving down an off-ramp. He hit the back of my car, putting a nice dent in my trunk. You'd never know, though. The body shop did a great job!

    I just got a trade in quote of 18,500 toward the MDX(which I got at 2650.00 under MSRP). That's a great deal considering you can't touch these SUV's for below sticker in some areas.

    I did look at the Lexus on Edmunds but the option grouping is really confusing. By the time I added the same options on that I had in the MDX, I was well over MSRP. That's one of the things I think is so great about Acura. They include everything you could possibly want for one price. It's a better value and more horsepower.

    Well, I'll be signing off now and hanging out at the MDX site. Have fun in your CL's! If "fastdriver" is still around, say hey for me!

  • fastdriverfastdriver Member Posts: 2,273

    Of course I'm still here! You have my twin!! Just gave it some Zaino this past weekend! Looks GREAT!! Sorry you're getting rid of yours.

    Still have a little over a year to go on my lease. Not sure what I'll get next since Honda is ditching the 2-door CL. I love the Infiniti 2-door, but I have THOUSANDS of $$$$ on my GM MasterCard! Maybe a Caddy CTS?? I like the looks of those too.

    Plenty of time to think about that.

    Hope all is well.

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    So far I have 12,800 miles on this car. I noticed a noise(maybe its coming from one of the vents maybe.) When I have the radio on I don't notice it. When I turn the radio volume down or off I do notice it. Its almost like a light machine gun noise. Other then that no problems.

    Still got to got to get the dings out of the car from a few months ago.
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    When I idle mine in gear (it might be there all the time, but I can only listen for it when it is idling), there is a fire cracker-like noise. I took it in a couple of days ago and they said it has to do with one of the drive belts. They had to order a pulley and I'll have to go in next week to have it installed. We'll see if that solves the problem.
  • carguy58carguy58 Member Posts: 2,303
    Yeah thats it. I might have to take the car to the dealer and get checked. I didn't think it was the serious. On my last car I had the A/C on and all of a sudden water started shooting down onto the front passaenger side floor. That was a 5 minute fix. My Dad said said something was loose that was making the water leak out. I guess all cars have their problems.
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,519
    Ask them to check the drive belts. Have them pop the hood and do a listen while you idle the car. On mine the noise was more noticeable when it idles in gear.
  • carguy58carguy58 Member Posts: 2,303
    and the hood was open. There was no fire cracker noise. I'm going to see this week what happens. Thats weird that one day it just does not have the fire cracking noise.
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    What have others done as far as loaner vehicles when you take your CL-S in for warranty transmission repair work? I've noticed delayed upshift and downshift gear engagement and some slippage. Its not really bad now, but annoying and I'm afraid it may get worse.
    Have the dealers supplied a free loaner car for you?
  • carguy58carguy58 Member Posts: 2,303
    I was riding with my Dad on Saturday night. I see a dealer that sells Honda and Mazda(Open Road Honda/Mazda on Rt 1 in Edison, NJ) and I see 2 or 3 01-02 CL's sitting on that dealer lot. 01-02 CL owners already rushing out to buy the 03 Accord Coupe or even possibly Mazda 6?
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