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Toyota Tundra Problems



  • ndahi12ndahi12 Posts: 235
    A picture!!! That is all you can come up with!!! Where doe it say that this is a picture of a CAST piston? How do you know that this is a picture of a CAST piston?

    I saw these pics on Tundra Solutions. They belong to Dude Boy and even he could not tell is they are cast or forged.

    Listen little boy, you need work on your verification skills. LMAO
  • eric2001eric2001 Posts: 482
    Take a look at the picture. See the seam? That is a cast piston.
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    "The only problem is that Ndahl will come back and STILL claim it is forged. Oh well!"

    So sad. AK - I mean NDAHL You are completely unable to admit when you are wrong. If you cannot see the casting marks inside the picture of the piston - you should not be posting about pistons.


    "I saw these pics on Tundra Solutions. They belong to Dude Boy and even he could not tell is they are cast or forged"

    Actually this is from a post Dude Boy made a year ago:

    "Toyota says it's because of "hypereutectic" pistons. "
  • f1julesf1jules Posts: 288
    Only a moron would tow something on ice. Especially, up to the limits of the truck. You would have to have rocks in your head.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    That's very true....

    "You would have to have rocks in your head."

    Then could be nothing in the head....
  • ak4x4ak4x4 Posts: 126
    MOd: First off I never said snow. And due to your contrasting beliefs that a 4x2 will perform better in these conditions then a 4x4 you need work.

    F1:In Alaska everyone tows in any condition. Alaska is not a regular state as it would be in your mind. Just speaking freely if you had a 4x2 in Alaska it would be a waste of your money and you should have bought the Honda.

    So the way I see your comments everyone in Alaska should have a 4x2 Tundra,ford, etc cause according to two guys on an Edmunds review board there 4x2 will be better on Slick or Ice and snow covered surfaces. Take a look you can't even mount a snowplow on the front of a Tundra!!!
  • ndahi12ndahi12 Posts: 235
    Go to this thread. I have been asking the question about cast vs. forged pistons on the Tundra and no one can give an answer even with the damned pictures. Please read beofre you snatch a pic off a board. Dude boy posted the pics and he did not once claim that the pistons are Cast.

  • modvptnlmodvptnl Posts: 1,352
    Dude, you have to be the most dense human being on this board. When have I said, "a 4X2 will perform better in these conditions then(sic) a 4X4"

    I told you I could care less about your scenario.

    The bottom line is you wrongly said that a 4WD is rated higher than a 2WD for towing. You added the slick conditions later after being proven wrong.

    YOU even posted towing figures that proved you were wrong.

    I'm sure there are no separate towing figures for slick conditions.

    Look, you've made some stupid statements. The GM antifreeze ruining the rings causing a knock had me rolling. Your polished pistons or forged pistons adding horsepower was another joke. And the fact you won't admit the RATINGS are higher for a 2WD for towing is starting to make you look, well, foolish.

    Of course you need 4WD in AK. Of course I'd rather tow in a snow storm with 4WD but the bottom line is the RATINGS give a 2WD more towing ability. PERIOD

    Now this is a question that I honestly don't know. Other than the auto trac, can you even tow on the highway at higher speeds in 4WD. I would worry about binding if it was a standard system that didn't have the traction sensing abilities of an auto system(which I believe AK said he didn't have the auto trac)

    So to sum it up(for the ??? time)

    A 2WD is rated higher for towing than a 4WD all else being equal. A 4WD OBVIOUSLY will be safer during slick conditions, towing or not. Ak, if you'll just repeat this 10X's I think you may get it.
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Posts: 1,352
    You're soooo confused now, you don't know if you're coming or going.

    Hyper pistons are CAST not forged.

    Why do keep making the statement hypereutectic are forged???
    Why are you asking these ????

    1. Are all hypereutectic pistons forged? (no, silly. none of them are)Can you have hypereutectic pistons that are cast? (Duhhh, all of them are)

    2. The author seems to suggest that hypereutectic forged piston....(author said no such thing because there is no such thing)

    actually have less thermal expansion than cast pistons. this means that you can run cylinders with less tolerances. This is the complete opposite of what is being said on this board. Here is a quote:

    "Most hypereutectic pistons also undergo less thermal expansion than conventional cast pistons which means they can be installed with somewhat tighter tolerances than conventional pistons to improve cold sealing and reduce blow-by. Closer tolerances also allow quieter operation because piston rattle is reduced."

    To his credit he does say MOST. Does that mean that the Tundra has forged hypereutectic pistons(no, the tundra does not have FORGED hyper pistons, thereis no such thing)

    that undergoes MORE thermal expansion than other similar pistons?

    Then he adds:

    "Some people think that the same thermal characteristics that allow forged pistons to run cooler also causes them to swell more as they heat up. Consequently, there’s a common misconception that forged pistons always require greater skirt-to-wall clearances. This is a notion that isn’t necessarily true because clearances depend on the type of alloy that’s used in a forged piston, the design of the piston itself and the application in which the piston will be used. Some forged alloys actually have a lower coefficient of thermal expansion than the alloys commonly used in conventional cast pistons!"

    To me that suggests that if the Tundra is using hypereutectic forged (how many times do I have to tell you they're not using pistons that don't exist)

    pistons there should NOT be any piston slap on cold start up since these types of pistons resist thermal expansion and allow you to run tighter tolerances.

    But at the begining of the article he says:

    "Piston rattle or slap when an engine is cold indicates too much clearance between pistons and cylinders. This may be due to excessive assembly tolerances or worn cylinders. Some forged pistons have a higher rate of thermal expansion than cast pistons, and may require slightly greater cold clearances to compensate. This, in turn, may produce some unwanted piston noise when a cold engine is first started, but it has no effect on piston performance, durability or longevity."

    The aonly way I can reconcile all the contradictions in the article is to believe that there are TWO types of forged hypereutectic( No, dimwit there are many types of CAST pistons with hyper being one of them)

    pistons; the ones that expand more when they heat up and the ones that expand less when they heat up. Am I correct?(HELL NO)

    If that is the case it seems that the Tundra uses the forged hyper pistons(aghhhh, That would still be NO!!!)

    that expand and that means bigger cylinder to piston tolerances are needed when the engine is cold.

    Please make this clearer for me. I really want to learn more about this. (You sure do need to learn more. How to read an article would help)

    98 SE-R, Last Of The SE-Rs
    2002 Tundra V8, 4X2 SR5

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    01-06-2002 04:16 AM
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Posts: 1,352
    Many late model engines today are factory-equipped with hypereutectic pistons. You’ll find them in Ford’s 3.0L V6, Ford’s 4.6L V8 and the 1.9L Escort engine, the General Motors 2.3L Quad 4 and the 2.5L "Tech 4" (formerly known as the "Iron Duke"). You’ll also find them in many late model Japanese engines.
  • f1julesf1jules Posts: 288
    All I'm saying is that to use a truck, ANY TRUCK, to tow near the limits of the vehicle on ice is very very stupid. You can tow on plowed paved roads and roads that have been salted but ICE? No way, you would be in the ditch faster than you can say anonymous knucklehead.

    I've towed a car behind another car in snow (fresh falling snow from a storm) and that was pretty hairy. I'll tell you that having the ability to turn all four wheels does not help one bit when you start to slide the vehicle.

    I guess if you don't mind sliding off the road into the ditch and wrecking your truck and whatever you are towing then sure, it's a great idea to tow when the roads are icy. I stand corrected.
  • f1julesf1jules Posts: 288
    2.5L "Tech 4" (formerly known as the "Iron Duck"). Also known as the Duck of Death.

    "No, it's Duke of Death"

    "Duck I says"
  • ndahi12ndahi12 Posts: 235
    You never read do you. I was asking for clarification and then I got it. I know that hypereutectic pistons are CAST. I did not know it before. But it was explained to me by KLS. But you chose not to read my post after that which I acknowledged the clarification.

    Here is the question for the MILLION time: Does the Tundra have FORGED or CAST pistons?

    Either answer the question with evidence or do not reply to my post
  • ndahi12ndahi12 Posts: 235
    YOU ARE WRONG. The pistons are FORGED and I have proof. I just got off the phone with Toyota at 1-800-331-4331 and I spoke to Jason. I have a references number with a file to document it. The # is 200201101149. Call that number and ask for the file and you will see.

    Jason told me that the Pistons are FORGED Alloy. In your face. I got you now, pal.

    He will forward the proof to the Toyota dealership next to me. i am going to scan it and post it on the site as soon as I get.

  • modvptnlmodvptnl Posts: 1,352
    Are you having a fit???

    You Ok???
  • ndahi12ndahi12 Posts: 235
    No I am not. I just like to rub it in when I am right and Bama is wrong :-)
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,768
    Time to ge out of this "trying to PROVE" something mode.

    Why does it HAVE to get personal???

    Time to grow up guys...

    PF Flyer


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  • ak4x4ak4x4 Posts: 126
    Let me just say a few words.

    First:WHO CARES??

    Second:WHY IS IT SUCH A BIG DEAL???/
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Posts: 1,352
    Nope, I didn't think you would run a 4WD at highway speeds while engaged.(didn't I say that in my post?) I was sorta hoping you'd have a correct answer for once!! So the only time in AK that you would have an advantage towing with 4WD would be when exactly?? Towing around the city? Down your driveway? SLOWLY down the highway. Like F1 says, if you're towing while it's icy......see your first statement in your last post.

    I'm DYING to know how coolant affects rings. Please enlighten me.

    How will a polished piston or forged pistons add power??? Is this a new top secret invention???

    They got the power by polishing the INTAKE, probably different cam profiles, higher compression ??? and maybe a different exhaust. 25HP by polishing pistons!!! ROTFLMAO. So after a few thousand miles when the pistons lose their luster, you lose the 25 HP???

    I'm sure I don't know more than everyone on this forum. Pretty sure EVERYONE knows more than you, though!!!

    The AK scorecard;

    4WD is rated to tow more than 2WD..........WRONG

    GM's may have knock because of crappy GM coolant ruining the rings.........................WRONG

    Polished pistons add 25 horsepower.........WRONG

    Forged pistons add power..................WRONG
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Posts: 1,352
    #326 of 410 And Bama.. by ak4x4 Jan 06, 2002 (04:44 pm)
    My engine dosen't knock. Maybe since I take care of it unlike others. I think the ring problem is due to the fact that GM's crappy coolant deteriotes the seals of the rings while cooling the engine. And Bama heres a hard one for ya. We guys get teased by all the drivers for this one. You spin an engine to 5000 RPM's. Now do the pistons stop before they come back up??? Just curious o see what your answer is... And why are you such a GM expert... It's probably since you get teased for your truck when you go t the local Winn-Dixie and all....


    WTF are "seals of the rings????" How in the world does the coolant come in contact with rings??? Inquiring minds want to know.
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    my ski boat up the launch ramp with my Taco.Low range 4wd ,gross combined vevicle weight 110% of max rated!Needed lower ratio to get rolling,but don't do this at home kids.The vehicle IS NOT RATED for that kind of abuse.If you break it,you bought it.If you need to tow more weight,buy a bigger truck.
    Seriously AK everything you're saying here is gibberish.It was GEARING that made the difference.
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Posts: 1,352
    You're WRONG!!!!

    When you engage 4WD, ESPECIALLY lo range, it increases your tow rating 2X. You're little Tacoma could tow 10,000 pounds down the highway, on ice by just engaging 4lo.

    But do not run GM coolant, it will deteriote(sp?) the seals of the rings.
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    You and AK have enlightened us all.I'll just leave it in low range all the time and sell the 2500HD.You've saved me thousands.Watch the mail for a check!HA
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Posts: 1,352
    Did you know that if you polish your pistons you'll get 25 more horsepower....and then you could tow even more because you're getting more power to the ground?

    That'll be 2 payments now!!
  • When you go into 4 low, and your transfer case is, for sake of argument 2 to 1 ratio, while the tow rating doesn't change, the max torque delivered to the wheels is doubled, due to mechanical advantage.

    Same thing when you downshift from 2nd to 1st. The tow rating has not changed, but the torque delivered to the wheels was multiplied by the percentage change in the ratio.
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    That's what I was saying in #412.Since then,I'm ashamed to say.Mod and I have been having fun at AK's expense.I hope he understands that gearing is the only advantage 4wd has,weather you lock the hubs or not.
  • How would polished pistons give an engine more power?????? If you're so sure it does, then explain, don't BS and try to weezel your way out of it, just explain how it works. If your answer satasfies me (99.99999999999 % chance it won't) than I'll believe you despite everything else that I've heard and read (including that quote I pasted in a few posts back from and never open my mouth about it again. I just have to know this one thing because it absolutely intrigues me that shiny pistons increase power. Does this mean that if I clean the insides of the pistons on my truck and polish them to a mirror shine, I'll get 25 extra ponies?
  • ndahi12ndahi12 Posts: 235
    is not TUNDRA problem related. I beg you, leave this thread to Tundra related problems.
  • f1julesf1jules Posts: 288
    "seals of the rings" Isn't that the sequel to "Lord of the Rings?"

  • f1julesf1jules Posts: 288
    "And F1:I never said highway speeds. For reasons I explained above. Granted say even if you had nothing in tow in rain or ice conditions A 4x4 would 100% be better. Anyone who says I am wrong about that needs to have his D.L. taken away."

    Um, towing in rain and towing in ice are COMPLETELY different situations. I don't believe I ever mentioned highway speeds in my posts either. Furthermore, once you start to skid, 4x4 will not be of any advantage because you have lost traction at that point so how would having drive at all 4 wheels benefit you if you are in a skid? I'm talking about a loss of control here. It happens on 4x4s just as easily as it does for a 2WD car because it is a matter of mass, momentum and loss of adhesion with the road. You can't power your way out of a skid on ice, unless you're really really good like maybe Micheal Schumacher or Juan Pablo Montoya-although when they lose the car even they cannot catch it all the time.
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