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Toyota Tundra Problems



  • ndahi12ndahi12 Posts: 235
    the brakes were a known problm on the 2000 model and some of the 2001. There has been no report of brake problems on late 2001 and 2002 models.

    As for the tranny clunk, I get that when I stop suddenly on occasion. You can resolve this by greasing the area where the drive shaft exits the tranny.

    I get 15 mpg in mixed driving with towing included. The general average for Tundra drivers is 16 mpg.
  • mfaudmfaud Posts: 2
    My 2001 had the rotors turned and the pads replaced 2 times now. I don't believe Toyota has solved this problem, even for the 2001-2002 yrs.
  • f1julesf1jules Posts: 288
    I noticed the hard shifting in my truck early on also. The 2-3 shift was fairly abrupt. For some reason it got smoother as I put more miles on it. When I brought the truck in for its first oil change at 5,000 miles I mentioned the shifting problem and they said they adjusted it but it didn't seem to make any difference. It is very smooth now though with close to 30k miles on it.
  • ndahi12ndahi12 Posts: 235
    Do you use the parking brake everytime you park your truck?
  • Ndahi12

    why did you ask if I use the parking brake everytime I parked the truck??
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    If you read Ndahl's post, you will see that he addressed his question to mfaud.
  • I have a 2000 4WD Limited that is just over 2 years old now. The only thing about the truck that I am not happy with is the fact that the front bumper dents easily. I have two very obvious dents from "touching" the edge of a wooden shelf in my garage. I didn't damage the shelf - not even the paint on it. It seems to me a truck like this should be a little tougher. Anyone else have this type of problem?
  • brucec35brucec35 Posts: 246
    You sure you don't have a V6 under the hood? Or maybe your last truck was a Ford Lightning? The Tundra SR5 V8 access cab 2wd was timed at 7.8 seconds to 60mph, and mine sure feels like it too. Other than being just about the best in class, or close too it, how is that slow off the line? I tow a trailer with mine and even then I pull away from stoplights about as fast as most cars do, sometimes faster. I haven't noticed any low end power problem. And I can appreciate a nice torquey V8 off the line and tell the difference in a vehicle that doesn't have it. The Tundra has it. My "family car" is a '98 BMW 540i 6 speed sport. The Tundra can outsprint or hang with a few "sporty" cars out there. I believe motor trend called it "a sprinter" in one review.

    As for some of the complaints about minor vibrations and rattles, I can only say that things have improved so much we're starting to expect sedan rides from 4500 lb pickup trucks.

    The Tundra can have complaints made about the somewhat drab styling, the lack of rear cab room, the seating position, the doors that won't stay open on hills(a lawsuit waiting to happen the minute a toddler gets his head sandwiched by them), the disappointing paint quality, and a little too much body roll, but I think low end power is fine.
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    No doubt. Motor Trend tested the Tundra V8 against a Chev HD with a 6.0L V8. The Tundra beat it 0-60 by a full second! When loaded with 1000lb it STILL outaccelerated the Chev.

    As far as braking- the Tundra is the best in its class. When loaded with 1000lb it outbraked the Chev HD by 32ft from 60mph. They said the Chev brakes were scary.

    And this is what Chev calls HD?
  • Chevy 2500HD = 9200 GVWR
    Tundra = 6200 GVWR

    Bama usually says something like..."why are you comparing a 3/4 ton truck to a 1/2 ton truck?"

    Of course, he's just doing it because Tundra loses most (if not all) acceleration comparisons to the 5.3L Silverado 1/2 ton.

    Fact is, Tundra is on the Center for Auto Safety list of the 25 worst vehicles for complaints to the government by Americans having problems with their vehicles.
  • I've had my 2001 SR5 V8 now for about 6 months, got about 11,000 on it. I've had absolutely no problems with it what-so-ever, it runs great. No rattling,window leaking,transmission problems our worse yet oil consumption problems like those chevy silverados. Hey people just look at all those posts for silverado problems. GM has always built CRAP! and always will. This is my first Toyota, before that I've always had Ford trucks and had no problems either. I would had gone back with Ford but I saved more money with the Tundra! plus the crash test said alot. If I ever get rid of the Tundra I'll be back with Ford or even Dodge before lowering my standard for a GMC or worse yet chevy pickup!. If you do your research as in the Truck Trend site you'll see that the Tundra had higher grades than the chevy. I also know two people I work with that have got rid of their silverado's, One because of pulling problems and it was a 2001 5.3L Z71, the other had excessive oil consumption on his 2000 silverado. If you'll do your homework you'll see that GM made pickups have a history of transmission problems dating back to the early 80's. Anyway if you'll notice most of the posts that are aganist Tundra on this thread are from disgruntled chevy owners. These are the same type of people that buy into nameplates, thats why chevy pickups are so overpriced, because regardless people will buy them. GM knows this and will skimp on quality to save a few bucks because regardless people will buy for the name. This is sad but true because our society is based on name brands,labels and symbols instead of best value for the price.
  • Well im getting ready to dive into a Tundra myself, so i'm glad to hear that yours is running well. Some of the people in here would have you believe that "toyota quality" wasnt in mind with the Tundra, I happen to think otherwise. Appreciate you being painfully honest as far as experiences with other trucks. As far as disgruntled posters lol, I couldn't agree more.
  • f1julesf1jules Posts: 288
    "I'll be back with Ford or even Dodge before lowering my standard for a GMC or worse yet chevy pickup!"

    This always cracks me up. I hear people say stuff like this all the time. Helloooo!!! Chevy and GMC are the same! Chevy=GMC. I used to work with a guy who owned a '94 Suburban and had the engine seize up (main bearing) at 60k miles. He was upset when Chevy wouldn't fix it under warranty. He threatened to never buy another Chevy again and buy GMC instead. Talk about a hollow threat. ROTFLMAO!!! That's like threatening Ford that you're going to buy a Mercury. IT'S THE SAME FRIGGIN COMPANY!!!
  • ak4x4ak4x4 Posts: 126
    And the Rado that I own is bad??

    You guys were pointing statstics to me for a month. Here's one for you. I don't see any GMC's or Rados on that list.

    But I can bet it's not the truck, it's the driver.

    Things like I was saying before. Radio problems, and such. Just the little things.
  • ak4x4ak4x4 Posts: 126
    The Rado's and the Sierra's differ a bit from each other.

    Yes they are the same truck, but I have heard bad things about both, so I can't take sides.

    I have heard that the GMC frames are Chevy frames that had defects and were fixed. But then again I have heard that the Rado's vortec's were GMC's rejections.

    To me I just find the GMC to look and feel cheaper for some reason. Even though it is the same truck. But why is it that some GMC's are cheaper then their Chevy counterpart, and some Chevys are cheaper then the GMc's??? Shouldn't the all be within 2 grand of each other???

    I don't know about this one. And frankly I don't care, but the whole issue between GMC and Chevy has lots of stories that I don't want to hear!
  • I have been experiencing an intermitant starting difficult with my 2002 Tundra 6 cylinder. The dealer and factory are trying to get it to re-occurr while they have a feul pressure gage attached. So far, they say, " we dont have any Tundra's doing this but yours. We see similar problems in other vehicles, ie. RAVs ,etc, but not Tundras."
    I wonder if this is a fluke, or , are they holding something back ?

    Occasionally, when I try to start the truck, it hits about 4 times and then, quits hitting and just cranks. After about 10 seconds, the engine stumbles and starts. No smoke out of the back.

    Anyone else experiencing this ?
  • f1julesf1jules Posts: 288
    You must admit though that threatening to switch from Chevy to GMC is a very hollow threat.

    As for engines and chassis I would suspect that those stories you heard are just that...stories. I used to work for a major car rental company, we had the Mercury Sable and Ford Taurus in our rental fleets, same engines, same transmissions, same chassis and almost all the same sheet metal. Other than the grillwork, interior materials and other minor differences they are exactly the same car. Same with the Chevy/GMC trucks.
  • ak4x4ak4x4 Posts: 126
    Yes you are right.

    I would feel like an idiot if I said that at the chevy/GMC dealer. But some people think it's a different car for some odd reason. The major differences are the grill and the wheels. And the fact they use SL,SLE,SLT to rate there lines. Chevy uses Rado, LS, and LT. But yes, they are the same truck, with the same parts.
  • Can't say I can help you with the starting problem yet. I'm wondering though how you like the 6 cylinder, cause im getting ready to get a 6 myself and not only don't see many of em, but don't hear much either. I dont need to haul much or worry about drag racing down the 10 freeway into L.A. = ), dont need an 8.
  • My 2000 Tundra has been a huge disappointment. Brake warping, vibration problems started at about 13,000 miles, and returned 5,000 miles after the dealer performed the TSB, replaced the pads and rotors. Sags down to the stops with only 800 lbs in the bed.

    I know a few others Tundra owners. We all started out happy. But sooner or later, most come around to the reality you can't do work with this truck, or it lets you down in other ways, either poor quality or poor design.

    That it made the Center for Auto Safety list of the 25 worst vehicles in America is no consolation.

  • xyz71xyz71 Posts: 179
    Sorry to hear about your Tundra problem - I have owned 3 Toyotas (but 0 Tundras) - First was perfect 100,000+ miles with no problem - oil changes, tires and 1 battery. Second had minor problems (A/C, tranny slip, brake squeal) all fixed by dealer - Even though it was a pain to keep taking my truck back in to the dealer they treated me fair - even fixed it after warranty expired. So I bought a third Toyota. It was a true lemon. Too many problems to list. You name it it was a problem, after more than 10 trips to the dealer I ask for my $$ back. - No way was that going to happen. After several months of fighting I traded it in on a Chevy Tahoe. I have been buying Chevy's ever since. Better pricing, more HP, larger cabs, Who could ask for anything more!!

    My current Chevy - 34 months & 30K - 2 trips to dealer - but nothing major.

    OK - to be honest - my Chevys have not been perfect - minor rattles in the dash, a clunk in the drive line every once in a while, a speaker that sounds like crap when I turn the bass up - but I have never been left on the side of the road. That is more than I can say for the last Toyota I owned.
  • ndahi12ndahi12 Posts: 235
    a link to the article where the Center For Auto Safety names the Tundra one of the top 25 worst vehicles in America. I went to their site and could not find that list that you guys are talking about. I only found this It lists the auto defects, but none of the Toyta cars are mentioned.
  • Very suprised to hear your experience with truck. You know I've listened to some other people with similar problems and i'm kinna disappointed that Toyota seemingly hasn't addressed the brake issue most importantly. Since 2000 was first year, it was expected for truck to have a few glitches. Im just suprised that 2 years later now that theres still a brake issue with some 2002s.

    For me, Toyota over the years earned a spot due to its reliability and quality. An overwhelming majority of people I know are quite happy with theirs. I just hope that after hearing some of the more recent issues about customer dis-satisfaction with dealers and other minor things, that Toyota's long time reputation isn't starting to slowly tarnish. I will say this though, I've been reading posts in other discussions, and the Toyota problems still seem much milder than a good amount of the American trucks.
  • Helloooo!!!, maybe you need to go back and read post 491 again. Never said they were different, I just know most people carry on about chevys. I wouldn't own either one and yes they are both made by GMC I think we all know that! lol. But if GM PRODUCTS make you happy than go for it, you can have my share of them also. Remember this is a Toyota Tundra topic, where people can share info about the Tundra. By the way GM ALSO MAKES SATURN, but again we're here to talk about TUNDRAS nothing else.
  • ndahi12ndahi12 Posts: 235
    I have a 2002 and I have NO brake issues at all. I am begining to think that most of those who are having brake issues on their 2001-2002 Tundras do not use the parking brake. From what I have read using the parking brake helps reset the front/ rear brake balance on the truck. It is essential to use your parking brake everytime you park your Tundra.

    The Tundra is not a prefect truck, but it is as near to perfect as could be. Every time I drive my Tundra I am impressed by its abilities.

    Today I towed my SE-R to San Diego. I was doing 75-80 all the way. I was in OD almost all of the time and had the AC on and was passing traffic left and right. It felt as if I was towing nothing. This truck is a beast.

    I have close to 4K on the truck and the only thing I have to complain about is a rattle from the passanger side seat belt that is intermittent and a rattle from the passanger side dash board when I hit a BIG bump and I mean big enough to unsettle the suspension.

    One more thing I am experiencing is the poor reception on the radio. On occasion the radio skips the channel it is locked to. I do not know if it is the weather or if the antenna is loose.

    These are all minor things compared to what most dodge/chevy/ford owners experience.
  • "It is essential to use your parking brake everytime you park your Tundra."

    "These are all minor things compared to what most dodge/chevy/ford owners experience."

    15000 miles on my 2001 Chevy 1500 and NO repairs or warranty issues at all-including shaking and warped brakes. And no, I don't use my parking brake every time I park my truck. Ridiculous to think you can ruin the brakes on a fullsize 30K 1/2 ton pickup by not using the parking brake every time you park it. And I thought the Tundra is hands-down the most well built 1/2 ton on the market??

    And no, I don't care that this is a "Tundra only" thread!
  • f1julesf1jules Posts: 288
    I know this is a Tundra topic. I also happen to be a very happy owner of a 2000 Toyota Tundra. I was merely commenting on that very small portion of your post where you mention GMC and Chevy-didn't mean anything personal by it either.

    I would never never never buy anything made by GM. I think their quality control is poor to horrible at best and would not take the chance with my hard earned money.

    Hill-Sure there are people who CLAIM that they own perfectly flawless chevies but there are many many many others who own perfectly f'd up lemons manufactured by GM. These facts are proven time after time by the consumer reporting industry also. Look at the number of posts in the silverado problems topic compared to the number of posts here. Does that tell you something? Read through some of those posts; you'll see people with transmission failures, major engine problems and even dash fires. Read through this thread and you'll find problems like, brake vibrations, windows that rattle and slow seat belt retractors. Tell me, which vehicle would you rather own? Don't bother to answer, you've made your choice we've made ours. Why don't you go help put out the dash fire of some poor chevy owner and spare us your diatribe on all the flawed Tundras you've "heard/read" about.
  • No offense, but I think you missed the point. So as far as you're concerned, it's perfectly acceptable to spend about 30 grand on a 1/2 ton pickup that reqires the parking brake to be set each time you park the truck or suffer brake damage??

    Frankly, with all of these well-documented brake problems from Tundras, I get a little nervous when I see one closing in behind me at a stop light!
  • ndahi12ndahi12 Posts: 235
    This pisses me off. First this is a TUNDRA topic. Go post about your great Chevy in the Chevy thread. OK.

    Second, the Tundra runs a drum rear unit. It has a star adjuster. I believe you need to use your parking brake to reset the brake bias front/rear.

    Third, even with drum brakes the Tundra has shorter stoping distances than the 4 disc brake rado that you have. Just read the numbers from truck trend or even from Edmunds.

    Fourth, there has been two recalls on Rado brakes in 99-2000 and none for the Tundra. There has been a TSB only for the Tundra.

    Fifth, pound for pound the Tundra has less problems than a Rado. It is documented. Look at all the TSBs and recalls for the rad vs. the Tundra. Do a search and you will find more TSBs/Recalls on the Rado than the Tundra. Read what Edmunds had to say about their long term experience with their Sierra. Pretty pathetic. There is a whole lemon site for Chevy truck owners and there is not one for the Tundra.

    Sixth, we have been through this before. Please stay away from our thread and we will stay away from yours.
  • ndahi12ndahi12 Posts: 235
    this is what one of the posters had to say in the Chevy rado problems thread.

    "My last Chevy truck trans lasted 40K easy no-tow miles. Cost $2325 to replace. Chevy dealer was so helpful to point out that if reliability was important to me, I should have bought a Toyota. Dealer was Bayside Chevrolet/Toyota in Prince Frederick, MD. I don't go there anymore, YMMV."

    A tranny that only lasts 40K. LMAO. And a dealer that tells their customer to go get a Toyota if they want reliability. ROTFLMAO.

    Reminds me of a story. When my GF went to buy a seat recliner latch to replace the broken one on her seat for the Explorer, she complained to the dealer that it broke way too early. The parts rep tells he "what do you expect, it is a Ford."
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