Chevy Silverado Problems



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    to Tundra topics rather than GM topics.I cannot understand this"

    Have a look in the mirror.You're HERE, aren't you?

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    Since PF doesn't want to seem to take control of the GM threads, other than to shut them down, I'll take control for him.

    Bama, why don't you crawl back under your Japanese rock and stay the hell out of the GM threads! I'm tired of wasting my time reading your garbage. Every GM thread on the Edmunds site is full of your worthless [non-permissible content removed]. You don't own a GM product, so why should you be so concerned about them (must be you really want one, but aren't man enough to handle one). I don't post on your Tundra threads and can't understand why you can't provide us the same courtesy. I'm sure if you would leave, GM owners would be more than happy to leave the Tundra threads to you and your fellow Tundra owners.

    PF, I have received a lot of valuable information from the Edmunds site. However, not everyone has the time to read through all the crap that gets posted here to pick out the stuff that is worthwile. Perhaps some day, Edmunds will take back their site and figure out a way to block individuals who have nother better to do than stir the pot, day after day after day!

    Sorry to all the GM owners for wasting this space, but this IS getting rediculous.
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    #2148: sounds like the same thing I'm experiencing, odd it is on left hand turns. I couldn't tell where it was coming from, didn't hear much (keep turning CD off/on on turns) but did feel like something was rubbing. Mine started after the tires were rotated. Did take it back to the dealer but they couldn't find anything. Does seem to be less frequent but still occurring.
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    Since GM owners are posting at least 20 times more posts than me to the Tundra problems topic, shouldn't GM zealots welcome me here?

    I know that you guys deep down are really dying inside to know a Tundra owner's perspective. Isn't this why Quad and Sonja are always helping out in the Tundra topics?
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    A tundra owner's opinion I'd ask the tatooed,cigar smoking woman down the street.I'd also ask her what the rainbow sticker that says "silly boys,trucks are for girls" is all about.And why she hates men.And why aren't any of the civilized Toyota owners here?

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    Most of my 20 posts over there were
    about snowplows and rust and the FACT that
    no major plow mfrs. make them for
    Tundra ! It wasn't my fault you and
    others cannot accept FACTS !
    Plain and simple ! I simply posted that
    other site for other toy owners to see
    the FACTS that toyota does not make a
    PERFECT truck ! (NO ONE DOES)......
    But bama I will tell ya what you and
    others make Edmunds THE BEST SITE on
    the web !...............Geo

    BTW: To stay on topic my 01 2500 will
    have its 1st troublefree HARD workin'
    birthday tomorrow.......
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    You guys just aren't used to hearing a Tundra owner's perspective! When I hear 63 posts to the Tundra topic in the last 13 days,- it tells me that Tundra owners haven't been communicating with GM owners enough. Although it will be difficult for me to catch up 63 posts, I will do my best!

    I'm sure that the Chev Silverado owners are just as willing to hear a Tundra owner's perspective on Chev Silverados as Tundra owners are willing to hear 63 posts to their topic in the last 13 days about how HUGE the Shakerados are. No need to thank me.
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    63 posts in 13 days? Compare that to Toyota trolls in the now archived "GM Engine Knock"

    STILL no response? GOSH ,I'm SOOOOOOOOO surprized,BTW ,I can see you're trying your best to top 63 in 13 days.At your current count for today,you'll make it before noon tomorrow.
  • bamatundrabamatundra Member Posts: 1,583
    I'll do my best!! I know that Silverado owners have really secretly wanted to know what a Tundra owner thinks about their truck. Sort of like the 63 posts from Chev owners to the Tundra topic in the last 13 days. Some kind Chev owners have told us how HUGE their trucks are. I am eternally grateful!

    I will do my best to keep up with the kind Chev owners posting to all of the Tundra sites. I just hope I can keep up! Wish me luck!
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    This is NOT a contest to see who can create more posts in the other guy's problem topic.

    I'm shutting down the topics where you guys continue this nonsense. Should it start up again, you're gone. Plain and simple.
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