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Jaguar XJ-Series



  • I found a better shot of Amaranth. It's purple!!
    No wonder.

    Bill, you didn't list Mistral in that last post.
  • Mistral is not a VDP Color :)

    But it is upper midpack pricewise... depends on the market I suppose. Seems to actually do a little better up north.

    THAT car is Carnival. Madeira is a "Brick" red.

    Amaranth is Purple. Eggplant Purple. Sapphire is a Deep Royal Blue (Quite attractive).


  • This topic seems alot quieter than it used to be.

    Here's one for the crowd:
    Vanden P vs. you think the VDP is worth several thousand $ more at typical retail, all else being equal? and why?

    From what I see, the differences are mainly the exterior trim and the interior tray tables, plus some other decor. Am I wrong?
  • You're right. Same trim and drivetrain, same option availability.

    I think they are worth the $4K or so extra because I like the toys and the picnic tables :)

    But then again I also like Vauxhalls... hehehe

    Bill and his toys.
  • I like the picnic tables too, but not for $4k! Especially since I'd personally never use them (since I'd be driving).

    What other toys are there?
  • Autolux Leather and a lot more of it... Nicer wood.. More Chrome.. Hideously ugly wheels on 98-00s...

    Thats about it mainly...
  • (1) Does anyone know if it is possible to add "On Star" GPS location and emergency aid system to a 1996 SJ ?
    If so, price / how / from whom -let me know.

    (2) I am considering adding an extended warranty.
    Does anyone have any advice?

    What companies and what experience?

    (Anyone had experience with "Wynns" or "Great Lakes" ?)

    These are great cars and I am always interested in keeping them first class and when I can improve them.

    Thanks !
  • Was out and about on errands and spotted an (approximately) XJ12 of 70's vintage. Had seen one of this color years ago..believe it was called Fern Gray. Kind of a pea soup color. Looked at my old color chart (now faded) whatever happened to Sable, Signal Red etc. Just reminiscing. Those tended to be hard colors though as I remember, not metallic. Wonder if Jaguar ever considered putting some of the classic colors back into production?
  • Thanks for the warranty info.
    My car has more than 60000k miles.
    Is there any other warranty that "Warrantech" offers than the one you selected?

    Incidently, what is the e-address of "Warrantech"?

    Take a look at my post at #769...any advice on these two companies: "Wynns" or "Great Lakes"?

    Thanks for the advice!
  • I posted about this a while back. It turns out that this phenomenon might be traceable to the reason for the recall on late model V6 engines. The letter I just received from Jaguar about the recall lists that exact symptom as being related to the EGR valve and throttle system. Under the recall, Jaguar will replace the EGR valve, computer chip and throttle cable.

    Hopefully, this will fix the problem I and others have experienced.

    FWIW, My VDP is Jade Green. I think it looks classy!
  • Christchurch:

    I dunno if you can add OnStar, but Aftermarket Navigation systems are available. Alpine seems to make the best from what I hear.

    Warranties? You know my position :)

    Netranger: Well, they did bring back Sherwood Green in 1997 and Westminster Blue came back for '00...

  • On a 2001 model the difference is more like $10.000.
    Beside the trays and slightly different wood with inlays:

    XJ8 leather wheel
    Leather ONLY on the seating surfaces of the seats and handbrake handle.

    VDP wood/leather steering wheel
    Autolux leather on console,rear console,console cup holder,door armrests,door pockets,hand brake gaiter.
    Sun blinds
    Rear Heated seats
    Premium sound
    Adaptive suspension
    Wood on overhead console
    Lambswool rugs
    And I am sure that I forgot some other things.
  • Yup. On the pre-01s... its' effectively trim level only.


    Appears that 95, 96 and 97 MY 4.0L US Market cars are going to get new EGR Valves and some sorta new EGR Chip. Seeing as I have just deducted that my 95 has a crapped out EGR Valve, this makes me somewhat relieved :)

    So th 95 and 97 will go off to Collier... Guess I better get the ones I have in stock over there too... More aggravation!

  • vusicvusic Posts: 53
    Bill, I have to agree with you. The wheels on my wife's 99 VDP are the worst (although they're a breeze to clean). I grabbed a Jag catalog to see about wheels for her winter tires. I haven't checked prices yet, but now I'm considering using the factory wheels for snow and purchasing different wheels for the warm weather Pirelli's.
    What do you suggest and where do you suggest purchasing them?
    Also, what is a great winter/snow tire that affords good traction without sacrificing too much fun?

  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    Jag makes some nice wheels...

    Me? I'd get the 17" VDP S/C Wheels and 235-50ZR17s... Looks GREAT!

    Snows? Get a set of Pirelli Winter 210s or Michelin Arctic Alpins (IIRC).

    Basically, the Pirellis are based on the P4000 Casing... :)

    They are H Rated snows.. Some of the more agressive ones are a touch better in the white fluffy stuff, but these are pretty good on the dry, while the others make your Jag drive like a 79 Town Car :)

  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    and you do not consider a 79 Town Car a performance sedan, eh?...:):)...ever seen one drive off a cliff??? they seem to accelerate pretty well to me...................until they hit bottom, of course
  • I don't really know anything about the two companies you mentioned.

    Warrantech does have a website, but it doesn't tell you anything since it is sold only through
    dealer reps. The website is
    Their phone # is 800-577-6624.

    You may want to call them and ask if they offer any program for jaguars over 60,000 miles.
    If not, ask your jaguar dealer and other classic used car (mercedes, bmw,etc) dealers if they sell anything for cars over 60,000.

    Whatever you do, when you find a warranty, shop it around. Find out from the warranty company who their reps are in your area.
    Then call each one for a quote. You'll find they
    are offered at all different prices for the same warranty!!

    Hope this helps and good luck!!

  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    I don't know when the start date closes, but AAA offers warranties all the way up to 120k miles.

    For tires, and even wheels, be sure to check

    Take care.
    Joe W.
  • Thanks for the advice.

    This extended warranty business "scares me". There are so many horror stories of paying 'fat'
    purchase fees and then finding that the items to be repaired are excluded for one reason or another.

    On the other hand, Jags and these sort of luxury machines are frightfully expensive to repair for the big ticket items.

    I know that the jury is still out, however, as to
    whether it is better to save the money for contingencies or pay for a warranty up front and hope for the best.

    I appreciate your suggestions and in-put. It moves me further along toward a decision.

    If anyone else wants to weigh in on this topic' please do so.
    I think that a lot of us are in the "same boat" and face the same dilemma.

    Keep on Jag'in !
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    If I remember right, is affiliated with (read owned by) General Motors. Jaguar is owned by Ford, and the two have been involved in a bitter feud since time immemorial, so I doubt Jaguars ever came with OnStar as an option.
  • 97vdpguy97vdpguy Posts: 111
    I picked up a Warrantech policy when I bought my '97 VDP w/28,000 miles on it. I'm forgetting the details, but I believe it was around $2,800.

    I look at it as an insurance policy. If something *big* does ever break, like the engine falling apart or something, I'm covered. Otherwise, just about all the normal things you would bring a car in for (loose belts, bad brakes, blown tires, ripped seats, broken headlights, bad muffler, etc.) are not covered by any kind of second-hand policy. However, if the sunroof breaks, the windows don't go up or down, the seat heaters fail to operate, or the engine throws a rod, those WILL be covered. I don't know about leaky gaskets, I'd have to read the fine print, but I would guess not. Even if the car has a "covered breakdown", the deductible you have to pay probably exceeds the cost of the replacement parts, so you're only saving the labor charges.

    This stuff is all a racquet, but it gives some the peace of mind to brave the traffic snarls everyday. Plus, you might be able to recoup some of that money if you ever resell the car as the policy is transferrable.

    I'm guessing that most of us who buy such policies are just giving our money away, but for those few whose cars really do break down, the cost of the policy might be less than the cost of repairs otherwise.
  • Whoever commented on the 98-00 VDP wheels (probably Bill) was right. I think they are the worst looking wheels in the entire lineup. They remind me of aluminum pie plates.
    Almost makes me illiminate the possibility of buying from those model years, unless somebody would let me swap out for another style...which would be highly unlikely on a used car.

    I'm still looking for a good back-to-back comparison of Madeira vs. Carnival Red on the VDP. If anyone knows of a place to look on the web, please point it out.

  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Posts: 861
    You need to go with a 1998 or so XJR. It's got great looking wheels :)
  • ...but I'd be hard pressed to find one that wasn't beat on. Plus, those 18" tires would bankrupt me...a new set or two every year the way they hold up!
  • You are right that "On Star" is featured on GM products.
    I know the Mercedes Benz has a system called "Tele Aid" and, I think, that Ford's is called "Rescue".

    Are they all separate systems or are they interlinked ?

    My guess is that Jaguar should have something which is could be added.

    These GPS voice contact systems are really helpful in time of emergencies .... like getting stranded out in "nowhere" where even your cell phone is not too helpful when calling and they ask where you are...
    and ones only response has to be "who knows...oh perhaps 40 or 50 miles from some town"! !

    I once had a fuel pump go miles from Charleston, S.C. and had no idea where I was or how far away I was and no mile posts were visible !!

    I did call the 800 number but it was one unbelievable task to locate where I was.
    Thus, "On Star" or what ever we are going to call it, can give a good bit of piece of mind when driving out in the "boonies" and particularly at night.

    I wish I could find some service or other which I could add, since I do a lot of cross country driving.

    If anyone has any suggestions (beside staying at home. Ha! Ha!) let me know.

    "Travelin Jag"
  • Well I bought a '98 because of the improved reliability and here I sit typing my 1st memo 45 days into ownership.

    Intermittingly my Jag won't start. The dash lights come on, but no one is home under the hood. I am now on my 3rd trip to dealership to fix. The are looking at neutral safety switch (not reading that the car is in park or neutral), excitor ring (in the ingnition), and finally it may not be reading my key and I should try my other key and it should start.

    I am sure I am not the 1st to have this problem. Can someone please post their experience with this and how they fixed it.

  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    Something to check here that I HAVE seen before...

    Transponder keys from different cars do not play well together and are not friendsly to each other.

    Wanna fry the programming on the key to a Newer Ford? Have the key on the same ring as the key to another car that uses transponders (Say a Honda) while you're driving said Honda.

    In other words, they can scramble each other....

    I have seen it happen.

  • Well you've peaked my interest with this posting. there seems to be something to this theory. I got 3 keys when I bought the car. I have only used 1.

    my follow up question would be that once a key is messed up, would it ever work again? For example, my car will start in the morning, then not start in the afternoon, but then start later in the night or the next morning with that same key.

    My analogy of what you are saying would be like a credit card at the checkout of Walmart being demagnetized and never working again.
  • vusicvusic Posts: 53
    Wanted to thank all for their colorful and descriptive commentary on '98 thru '00 VDP wheels, and although I whole-heartedly wife informed me that she "really likes them".
    Anyway, I went to Coventry West's web page, called and spoke with a very helpful gentleman (Tom) who informed me of a brand new set of "Lunars" that were ordered for a customer that backed out of the deal. They seem to be the new factory wheels for '01 VDPs........and my wife "really likes them".
    Thanks for the earlier tip of "Coventry West" Bill. They were great to work with.
    I'll let you know how the Pirelli's work in the white stuff.

  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    They can be programmed... but you need to have the dealer do it (They do it using a $20K computer.. doubtful many independent shops have them yet)

    But, yup, much like frying a credit card... Heck, before they had these goofy transponder keys Jags rarely got stolen!

    And Vusic, I hope you mean the Pirelli SNOW tires, right? :) And those '01 wheels willmake your car look like an 01 too! And I agree, big improvement (Even if I like the 96-97 wheels the best myself!)

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