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Mazda Protege5



  • traetrae Posts: 8
    Is this the same motor as in the ford focus? I was hoping it is because there are a lot of aftermarket parts for the focus, but none for the P5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  • shonnashonna Posts: 1
    i want the name and number of your company you work for. i'm in louisiana, but i'm currently talking to someone in fairhaven, MA. the way i want my car, the price is $19,945. can you help me? i have just fallen head over heels for this car for some reason ( usually i have champagne taste).i want floor mats, wheel locks, chrome alloy, moonroof, cd player (not cd changer), dual airbags,automatic. i can't remember what else, that might be it. please help me!!! thank you p.s. the reason i'm not dealing with people here is because they only want to give me $3500 for my car and up north they'll give me $7500. i still owe $5600
  • tocantocan Posts: 118
    This is NOT the same engine as in the Ford Focus. Most of us are extremely grateful for that fact.

  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    A FORD MOTOR in a Mazda Protege.... sweet mother of all that is good and pure!!! Heck NOOOO!!!! Our beloved, 1999 thru 2001 Mazda Protege's are manufactured in Japan with 97% Japanese part content. The day Ford starts putting unholy Ford parts in the Protege is the very day,...I leave this disscusion! I got to go take a shower now, I feel dirty even talking about Ford in the same post as a Protege.

  • So whats the other 3%? :)
  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    I have heard, 2% Jamican and 1% Bahamian, hehe!!! Zoom Zoom Zoom!!!!

  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Don't tell Larry that the PCM is made by Visteon, a former Ford spin-off.

  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    Visteon Industry was spun off because there CEO and Board of Directors were tired of Ford Motor Companies low quality control standards. Visteon even changed their name after getting the Mazda PCM contract. They moved there manufacturing facilities to Japan and are now called the Famoj Corporation. ;-)

    F ord
    A lways
    M ade
    O doriferous
    J unk

  • leomortleomort Posts: 451
    Mazada will make a 626 hatchback again?

  • cosmo19cosmo19 Posts: 4
    Well first let me say that I'm not a auto industry insider or a prophet, but I think that many companies will bring back mid-sized wagons and hatchbacks in the next few years. Including Mazda. Or at least autos that look like hatchbacks and wagons but called something else like Mazda did with the p5.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I can tell you first hand that Visteon's production quality remains very low. Also, Visteon was spun off from Ford so that they could gain more of the industry business and not just that of the Ford vehicles. When the Protege began using the Visteon PCM in '99, it was in fact produced in the states. I'm not certain if production has moved to Japan for the later models or not. I believe that the window sticker defines what content is from the US as well.
  • jstandeferjstandefer Posts: 805
    I have read many, many reports indicating that Mazda will build a hatchback/wagon version of the new upcoming midsize sedan (they may drop the 626 nameplate). It seems a lot of inspiration will come from the current MX Sport Tourer concept being shown at auto shows. Check it out at Mazda's website. Go to Vehicles on the left hand side of the page, and select Concept Cars.
  • jstandeferjstandefer Posts: 805
    I will correspond with you via e-mail on this one so I can get all of the little detais and see what I can do!

    BTW, I no longer work for that dealership anymore (accepted a cushy desk job), but I still have very close ties there.
  • tatu1tatu1 Posts: 50
    Here's some info from another source about the redesign of the 626, they claim that Mazda will redesign the 626 for the model year 2003....
  • leomortleomort Posts: 451
    nice article from the link. Looks like Mazda has some aggressive plans for the future. Looks like the Protege will have an optional 2.4l engine? Looks like Mazda is going to rotary engines? what's the advantage? more durable, reliable?

  • leomortleomort Posts: 451
    I thought the P5 was suppose to have rear disc brakes? Edmund list rear drum brakes. Can any clearify?

  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    It definetely has disks all around.
  • zhenyazhenya Posts: 12
  • zhenyazhenya Posts: 12
    I thought that I'm on Protege5/Hatchback stationwagon discussion, not Mazdas' full line production!. I mean don't take me wrong but I prefer things organized.So those
    that have something other than Protege5 or anything related to it(like aftermarker accessories or parts) please find proper discussion forum.

    Thank you.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    All of us Protege owners and (possibly) future buyers come to these discussions to be friendly, help each other out, and share our experiences. Whether the experience fall under repair, maintenance, or just buying the car, it can be asked here. I am sure if Edmund's had a problem with that, they would make it evidently clear to the users by changing/erasing posts. If that has not been done, then I don't see a problem with it.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Just for you, I will sign my posts this way:

    Protege5 fan
  • nikecarnikecar Posts: 460
    yup.. saw 5 of them.. 2 black and 3 silver. I was on my way to Port Canaveral to pick my brother up and passed a car transporter with 4 on it (3-silv, 1-blk) . couldn't make out what it was until I got close.. what a sight... drove next to that truck for a bit to take it all in. sticker said $14K and change (want to say 14.7K) and the total was 17K and change. the last black was at the dealer lot as I passed it that evening.

    told the wife and she was jealous.. already thinking of trading hers in.. too bad.. I get the next new car!!!!! *grin*
  • seguyseguy Posts: 133
    july motortrend has a snipet about ford tanking the taurus sedan in '04 in favor of a sportswagon. Good move imo, since mondeo should be coming soon to take over sable/taurus slot. And also suzuki is releasing a 5 dr hatch next year also, 2.0 I-4 with avail AWD early next year. Choices keep getting better for the hatch/wagon crowd.
  • lszabolszabo Posts: 8
    where did you get the information, that suzuki is releasing a hatch?
  • there was a Suzuki 'Xtreme' 5-door at the NY auto show which sounds pretty impressive.. 2.0 220 HP engine, all wheel drive, 17 alloy wheels.. dunno if this is the same one seguy is talking about above..

  • seguyseguy Posts: 133
    but the july issue of motortrend said we probably won't see the turbo, hence <150 hp on production version, also less cosmetic stuff than the prototype. But with AWD and a 2.0, looks like VW value that can compete with the matrix/vibe in price, I think I'd like to see it, hopefully it comes out early as in march next year. the july issue also has an article about the vibe, they say it'll be available in Jan '02. I can wait til then, so I hope more hatches make it to the showrooms by then.
  • zhenyazhenya Posts: 12
    I getting this feeling that Lexus SPortCross, Protege5, Suzuki Extreme. all of them obviously triggered by one concept "wagon with slightly extended wheelbase and sloped back that more of a something ,.........somehting." Now all of this is good as long as more companies will start making them. Curious why?!???????, Simple:
    1) Competition- translates into quality, performance, comfort for best price.
    2) After market parts, accessories - obviously no one will be making after market parts for
    Protege5 alone, but once Bmw, Gmc, Hyundai, Honda, Lexus, Pontiac(mocking), toyota, & finally Mazda will be making them and improvising there be a ton of after market parts, accessories and whatever else you possibly will imagine. By the way saw RX-7
    probably 92-97 fully loaded with

    nice site with "exclusive" interior 360 views of various cars shown at the 4 major 2001 auto shows..
    I'm sure lots of you know about this site but I just found it for the first time today and I was looking for an interior 360 degree view of the US protege5 for months :).. Anyhow, as far as production hatchbacks go..

    Los Angeles has the 2002(?) Pontiac Vibe and 2002 Mercedes hatchback

    Detroit has the 2003 Toyota matrix

    Chicago has the Mazda Protege5 (our favorite) :)

    and New York has the 2002 honda civic si and Suzuki Xtreme (SX) (concept but close to 2003?)..

    sportwagon/hatchback mania alright! :)
  • dantedlpdantedlp Posts: 3
    I would like to remove the roof rack from my Protege5 primarily because of the wind noise when I have the sunroof open. I read that there are some "blanks" or "snap-in covers" that are used to fill in the holes after taking off the roof rack. The messages were specifically from tonyreynol and mazdafun contributors. Could you or anyone else tell me where to get these. My Mazda dealer, service manager and even a Mazda rep never heard of such things.
  • dantedlpdantedlp Posts: 3
    First of all I need to thank for informing me about the then new Protege5 in early April. I just happened to be on that website and saw articles about it. I went to my local Mazda dealer (who also sells Mercedes, BMW, Porsche and Saab--I guess this says something about the class of cars the Mazda comfortably fit in with)
    The Mazda sale manager told me that eleven Protege5 would be arriving around the middle of May. On his list was a silver one with auto, sunroof, ABS brakes and side airbags. He said he would hold that one for me--with no obligation. He called me on Thursday, May 17 with the news that six had arrived--including the one reserved for me. I went to look at it on Friday. He wanted me to take it home for the weekend! I said I would be back on Monday to test drive it.
    On Monday he let me take it home overnight. I knew this was the car for me after only a few minutes of driving it.
    Negotiating a price was next. It listed at $19,195.00. Invoice price was $17,571.00. I asked him how close to invoice price he could get. He said, "$17,571.00!" Needless to say I am now the owner of a 2002 Protege5. I must confess that his wife is my niece. So I know there was somewhat of a family discount given. Then I found out that Mazda had a special financing program at 1.9% for 36 months which I jumped at.
    I stopped in last week to thank him and tell him how much I enjoyed the car. He said they sold four of the five others very quickly and kept one for demo purposes. He also said they are now selling at MSRP.

    After two fill ups my mpg has been 26.4 and 28.3 respectively.
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