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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • odyssey2odyssey2 Posts: 3
    Greetings All!

    I appreciate and enjoy this wonderful community and forum; many thanks to fellow members!

    I am prepared to purchase a 2006 Highlander this Monday, June 19th, and would appreciate any advice and/or suggestions about the best deal I have negotiated thus far with my local dealer.

    2006 2WD V6 w/o 3rd Row

    $650 Destination Charge ($605 normally; this dealer charges an additional $45 for "processing and handling")
    $704 SET Administration Fee
    $45 SET Destination Charge
    $400 Documention Fee
    $13 Fuel Surcharge

    $26,812 Dealer Total ($26,792, my total. The additional $20 difference is probably another "junk fee" they forgot to mention)

    - 2,000 Manufacturer Rebate
    $24,812 Total + TTL

    The dealer profit would be approximately $1,243, which is $785 dealer/manufacturer holdback, plus $458 in additional dealer fees. I have read there may, or may not, be additional dealer/manufacturer incentives, further increasing dealer profit. Also, I am working directly with the dealership owner, so there are no salesman commissions on this sale. I would like to give him the business and buy locally, and it would also be more convenient for me, as well.

    I am not against anyone charging and making a fair profit; however, for my reference, is this a fair price to pay for this vehicle category, especially considering this vehicle is no longer being produced, they are trying to liquidate remaining stock, and an entirely newly redesigned model is about to be introduced in several months, further diminishing the demand and desirability of this outgoing model.

    My questions are:

    1. Is this a good deal and a fair price?
    2. Should I try to do better?
    3. Would it be a mistake purchasing 2WD rather than AWD?
    4. Would it be harder to resell a 2WD than AWD later on?
    5. Other than appearance, is there any advantage to 17" wheels versus 16" wheels?

    I am new to the Hickory, NC area and not familiar winter weather-wise, though I've never felt the need for AWD or 4WD while living in the NJ/NY area my entire life. I do realize AWD would offer better safety and traction in wet and other less than ideal conditions, however I would prefer the lower purchase price of the 2WD, as well as the slightly better fuel economy, less maintenance and long-term concerns, and possibly better performance of 2WD compared to AWD because of less power loss. I should also mention I will occasionally tow either a small utility trailer or a jet ski on a trailer; I am especially concerned about launching the jet ski on slippery ramps with only 2WD/front wheel drive. Can any other members please offer their experiences with 2WD, AWD and towing.

    I really like the look and feel of this vehicle but want to make sure I don't make a mistake with options and/or price.

    Any advice and/or comments would be very much appreciated.

    Please excuse this lengthy post.

    Many thanks, in advance.
  • anthony921anthony921 Posts: 40
    That sounds like a great deal ! I'm in NY also and looking for a Highlander with the same options. Could you post the name of the dealeship ?

    Thanks ! :)
  • odyssey2odyssey2 Posts: 3
    jamnett, the aforementioned deal is actually in NC, where I will be moving at the end of this month. I've actually gotten an even better deal since then at exactly $26k for the same car, which is BELOW dealer invoice, plus the $2k cash back; total purchase price $24k, plus TTL.

    I could have also gotten a good deal in NJ, but these vehicles in the Northeast region usually always have AWD and the 3rd row seating, which adds to the base price. The best deal in NJ was $300 over dealer invoice at Prestige Toyota in Ramsey, which I am certain I could negotiate down a little further if I really wanted to. Forum rules state I cannot name my salesperson, who was outstanding. If there is a way I can provide you with his name without violating forum rules, I will be glad to do so; just let me know.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    Re: salespeople's names - we really ask that you not offer or request that info in any way here on the Forums. In the past, that's led to heavy solicitation, and we're very committed to keeping your experience here totally solicitation-free. Thanks!


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  • $24K on a 4 cyl. 06 HL, no frills. Fewest options they can find include vehicle shield, privacy glass, and alloy wheels. I could do without any of it, as cost is my main concern...
    Dealer incentive is $700 or 2.9%, I'm taking the 2.9%. Does $24K seem like a decent offer?
  • Hello I am wondering how you guys like the Highlander you own. I am looking into buying a new SUV myself, but would like to know more about the Highlander. If you dont mind me asking, I was wondering what some of the pros and cons were of the Highlander so far? Any input would help greatly! :)
  • carguyaycarguyay Posts: 24
    :) I bought ours at Wilde Toyota. We like it more then we thought we would. List was about $40,700 We have had it two months. It has about 2000 miles on it and Avg 24.7 to 25.7 combined depending on who drives it. Just getting used to the size coming down from a Yukon. Fill-ups are much better then $80 every time. We looked a new at 07 Yukons but just didn't make any sense. I want to change the horns. Do they have one or two?
  • odyssey2odyssey2 Posts: 3
    I think you may be able to do better if you find a dealer who is willing to make less profit.

    I am about to purchase a 2WD V6 with approximately $3,000 worth of options for $26k; after the $2,000 rebate, the final cost will be $24k. Hope this helps.
  • nomorebenznomorebenz Posts: 109
    I traded my Mercedes ML for the Hybrid Limited. I haven't missed much and would do it again. The thing I like the most is the driver position. It just fits well (Think Camry since its built on the same platform). To play the other side; I would call this more a large car than a truck. It doesn't come close to a suburban and can't compete as well as the ML in that regard. Overall though, its a great vehicle. No wonder it's been number 1 in its "class".
  • jimpadresjimpadres Posts: 3
    I bought a new 2006 Highlander on Saturday June 17. It is the 4 cylinder. Color is the Sonora Pearl Gold. The only upgrades it has is tinted glass, power driver's seat, mud somethings, floor mats. It has keyless entry. I paid $19,999 for it excluding tax. This is So. California. I had a camry before. The ride isn't as smooth as the camry, however, I love this car. One thing I really like about Toyota is even their basic model is fully equipped.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    A national internet news Web site is looking to interview recent (within the past year) used SUV car buyers. Please send an e-mail to no later than Thursday, June 22, 2006 by 2:00 PM PST/5:00 EST containing your daytime contact information with the year, make and model of the SUV you own.


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  • jamnettjamnett Posts: 3
    Sorry for the delay. I do not check the forum much after my purchase.

    anthony921--- Sunrise Toyota on Sunrise Hwy in Oakdale Long Island.

    They were great from start to finish. No ad ons and no fees. They even beat my Capital One financing at 4.9%
    (Yes, I did get the Mftr rebate as well) Highlander Limited V6 4WD with all except NAV. $30,700. Only fees were NYS registration and Inspection and NYS sales tax.

    They did have the $45 doc fee that is pre-printed on the form, but I didn't object because I got such a low price.
    Confirmed it was just over $300 less than invoice.
    They also include the 1st 7 oil changes for free. ($210 value)

    No other dealer would come close to this deal. Closest I got was $800 more.

    Good Luck.
  • To: jimpadres
    Wow, I'd be jumping for joy if I could get any 06 HL for under $20K in south MS/LA. I can't get a base model for less than $23K. Is there a huge incentive there right now or is that how low the Highlanders are running there? :)
  • giraldogiraldo Posts: 16
    I'm looking to buy a highlander but i want the 4cyl and 7 passanger seating config. Is it still offered new? If not, What years were they available. And i'm in no rush to buy, when is a good time to buy.
    I was looking at the rav4 7 passanger, but no way any adult can fit in there comfortably.
  • forthillforthill Posts: 35
    I'm in a similar situation. I have a 1999 ML320 I want to trade when I purchase a new Highlander. What year ML did you trade in and do you think you got a 'fair' price for it?
    I'm worried that the dealer will try and offer some miniscule amount for my ML, although it does have the optional 3rd row seats.

  • jimpadresjimpadres Posts: 3
    The list on the car was $26,134. We pulled out the newspaper ad and said we wanted the ad car (lost leader) price and they sold us the car for $19,999. That's how I bought my last four cars, I can't stand trying to negotiate DOWN. Just bring in the ad with the loss leader price and buy. Cuts down the time involved with buying a car IMHO. We always pay cash so I think that makes it simpler too. Good luck.
  • nomorebenznomorebenz Posts: 109
    Sorry to have mislead you. I actually returned my MLs off of leases. I have been leasing since the 2000 model. That being said, I did prefer the handling of the earlier ML's. After glancing at the NADA guide, I could see you getting around 12K as a trade in, give or take.
  • typesixtypesix Posts: 320
    Believe it's still offered but Toyota may not offer it in your zipcode. 7 passenger option started 2004 model year. 4 cyl 7 passenger option is only with FWD not AWD. Check Toyota website under Build Your Own to see whether it's available for your area. The Highlander 3rd seat is not very big either.
  • anthony921anthony921 Posts: 40
    Thanks very much for the valuable information ! :)

    And best of luck with your new Highlander ! :)

    Anthony :shades:
  • carsnutcarsnut Posts: 1
    I'm new to this site, so please be patient with me.
    I'm looking to buy a Highlander 4x4 V6 with basically:
    -Rear side heated mirror
    -Rear side privacy glass
    I'm interesting to new if anyone can help me with the buying price in MA, and name of the deadership. Thus far I got one quote for 24.5k, and am not sure if it's the lowest price.
    Thanks all.
  • dan bitmandan bitman Posts: 158
    One thing I really like about Toyota is even their basic model is fully equipped
    depends what you mean by "fully".
    Basic Honda LX CRV has STANDARD CURTAIN AIRBAGS, AND 5 SPD AUTO TRANNY, for $3000 less.
    Way preferable then tinted glass, mud something and floor mats...
    Now that's a "fully" equipped basic model, IMHO
  • treynardtreynard Posts: 12
    :confuse: A couple of messages referred to a $2,000 rebate, and some messages suggest total discounts in excess of $4,000 on new Highlanders. What's the story on $2,000 rebates? I thought the rebate is only $700. My local Toyota sales rep says he's never heard of rebates on that scale, or discounts in excess of $4,000. So, I'm puzzled. The best deal I've been able to find is just over $2,000 off sticker price, which includes discount and rebate. Is (or was) there a true $2,000 Highlander rebate? Any details would be appreciated. Thanks. Reynard
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,624
    It looks like $1500 on most of the models that I checked..

    Incentives & Rebates:
    Toyota Highlander Styles

    I used a California zip to get those... It might vary by region..


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  • mokiavellimokiavelli Posts: 55
    There is a $1,500 rebate on Highlanders in California. You can go to the Toyota website to check on local rebates in your area. $4,000 discount on Highlanders is not that outrageous. In fact, I got a $4,000 discount on a Highlander Hybrid earlier this week. So, a gas Highlander, with the rebate should make a $4,000 disocunt very possibile.
  • treynardtreynard Posts: 12
    Just checked the incentives again, and the Highlander rebate is only $700 in Minnesota. That's not good enough in today's marketplace, at least in my opinion. If I could get a total $4,000 break on an '06 Highlander, I'd probably buy it. There are just too many other, higher incentives available. Especially when you consider that most 2007 models should be here in 2 or 3 months ... and the Highlander is due for a total makeover. Reynard
  • megoo98megoo98 Posts: 1
    Just bought our (almost) fully loaded 4x4 v6 limited HL (no NAV, no DVD system). Never had a toyota before but I'm under the impression that they really don't need the interior protection, paint protection, undercarriage finish, and extended warranty- basically everything they hit you with at the end of the sale. Dealer gave us 5 days to consider/research to makeup our minds. What do you think? If you did purchase these, do you feel they were worth it or a waste of money?

    An aside- I purchased all of the extras for my 02 ford focus and feel like I wasted my money. It now has 47k miles on it and I haven't really seen a bang for my buck. Of course this is why we are on the fence about purchasing these for our HL.

  • rcegglrceggl Posts: 31
    I have had the paint protection on two vehicles and believe it was a waste of money. Yeah, I know, why the second one? The warranty they are trying to sell you can be purchased at other dealers, possibly for a better price and you have a while to make that decision. Indeed, there is a good chance you can get them to come down in price on the extended warranty. Remember, there are many different extended warranties, don't let them change what they they are selling you.

    Good luck.------oh, interior protection---NO
  • Jim,

    Could you please explain what is a "loss leader price"? Is it the price the dealers advertise in weekend newspaper with "4 at this price"? Also which Toyota dealer did you buy it from?
    Did you get to pick the color and options you wanted? Appreciate your feedback.
  • jimpadresjimpadres Posts: 3
    Yes, it's the price "4 at this price" or whatever. No choice on colors or options, they must publish the VIN as this is regulated by the state. Who cares at over $6,000 off the sticker price. I got the color I wanted anyway.
    And Dan you might think the Honda CRV is "fully loaded" but the problem is that you have to drive around town in a Honda CRV--my kids told me that would be most embarassing.
  • $21500 before TTL
    2005 HL, 15700 Miles 6 cyl. Alloys wheels
    Excellent condition

    Bought it from the dealership and I think, well I'm sure, I was way overcharged for the extended warranty. It was 72/75. Before I tell how much I paid can anyone tell me if you think I got a good price on the car and how much should I have paid for the warranty. Also are there any steps I can take righting the wrong on them overcharging me on the price of the warranty. I'll respond later on how much.
    BTW I live in Houston
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