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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience

goldstongoldston Posts: 110
edited January 2014 in Toyota
2001 Toyota Highlander 2WD V6
Base Vehicle Model 6914 $22,332
Limited Package (LL) $2,796
Leather Package (LA) $812
Center Console (SK) $145
Floor/Cargo Mats (CF) $104
Cassette/DC/8 Spars (DJ) $296
Pwr Moon Roof (SR) $652
Destination Charge $480
TDA (Toyota Dealer Adv.) $540
Over Invoice Fee $600

Subtotal $28,757

Plus 7.2% tax, Dealer Doc Fee of $240 and plates.


  • brian125brian125 New York Posts: 5,238

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2012 MB ML350

  • Here's what we were able to get in the Boston area:

    AWD V6 Model, Bluestone/Charcoal
    Appearance Pkg. - Code AG
    Convenience Pkg. - Code CQ
    Preferred Pkg. - Code HE
    Towing Prep Pkg. - Code TO
    Sun Roof - Code SR
    Luggage Rack - Code DR
    Tow Hitch - Code UQ
    Cargo Net - Code GN
    Floor Mats - Code CF
    Wheel Locks - Code WL
    Console - Code SK
    Security System - Code V5
    Invoice: $27,164
    MSRP: $30,978
    Price: $29,478 ($1500 below MSRP, $2314 over invoice)
    Doc Prep Fee: $140

    The vehicle was not on the lot, but is arriving in a few weeks. The dealer had a Highlander on the lot that we could have gotten a better deal on, but it had the wrong colors (Black/Ivory).

    Three other dealers were offering $500 under MSRP, and the Autobytel dealer was offering $800 under MSRP.

    To those who can wait, there will most likely be better deals out there in the next few months. We are trading in an Explorer with 118k on it, so we didn't want to wait. At least we beat the Edmunds TMV.
  • tlcjactlcjac Posts: 10
    V6 AWD Gold Highlander with:
    AG - Alloys, Mud Gards, Tinted Windows
    BE - Side Airbags
    CF - Cargo mats
    CQ - Remote locks, illuminated entry
    DL - Daytime Running lights
    DR - Roof Rack
    GN - Cargo Net
    PE - Power Seat
    SK - Center console
    SR - Sunroof
    VD - Vehicle Skid Control
    list = 31,164
    payed = 29,300 (1864 discount)
  • thuslaksthuslaks Posts: 1
    Bought in NC should be here shortly, Different option sets there as they import through Florida. hard to get just what you want so had to order



    Electric green with ivory interior

    Tow Hitch & Converter (Reese)

    Towing Prep Package/V6

    Center Console Box

    Power Seat

    Roof Rack System

    Premium 3-in-1 Audio

    Convenience Package

    Carpet/Cargo Mat Set (5-piece)

    Electrocrhomatic mirror/compass and temp

    Wood grain accent and trim

    no alloy wheels only aftermarket :>(

    MSRP 30,500

    28,649 + 3% tax and 90$ doc fee
  • 1122334411223344 Posts: 13

    Where in Illinois did you purchase your highlander? I live in the western suburbs of Chicago and am interested in purchasing a highlander. I am debating between the limited version or a non-limited version. The vehicle you bought sounds very interesting (minus the console - I like having my wife be able to get to the back while in motion).

    Thanks in advance for your response!
  • sam815sam815 Posts: 3
    Responding to brian125. Just purchased Highlander from Autoland in Springfield, NJ. Tim McPherson made it happen. He can be reached at (973) 467-2900 Ext. 6051. Mention that you
    were referred by Serafin Melecio, he'll know who I am. Good Luck! P.S. Keep getting stopped on the street by everyone wanting to know where I bought it.
  • tlcjactlcjac Posts: 10
    We purchased in Pekin, Illinois at Fort's Toyota from Bob Cornelius. They are great to deal with. We called all around the suburbs of Chicago and they would not budge on the price. I think if you were dealing in person they'd do better. Rockford also did seem to be more interested in dealing.
    We did not get the Limited to save money and because there were some features we did not care about. If money is no object I would go for the Limited. I really love mine either way, but the homelink system, leather, and an alarm would be nice.
    Good luck!
  • jblaze13jblaze13 Posts: 152
    V6 AWD Highlander (Black)
    Appearance Package(Mudgaurds, Alloy wheels, etc.)
    Power Moonroof
    Security System
    Convenience Package
    Floor/Cargo Mats
    Rear Spoiler

    MSRP $30,500
    Paid $29,200

    Purchased in Western Suburbs of Chicago.
  • sctangsctang Posts: 6
    V6 AWD Sundown Red Pearl
    Sunroof (SR)
    Side Air Bags (BE)
    Skid Control (VD)
    Limited Package (LL)
    Premium 6 Disc Changer (EJ)
    Leather Package (LA)
    Seat Heaters (HD)
    Carpet Mats (CF)
    Cargo Net (GN)
    Center Console Box (SK)
    Hood Protector (HP)

    Freight $480

    MSRP: $34,958
    Discount: $1,857
    Cash Price: $33,101

    I'm still waiting for delivery, hope this helps anyone else who's thinking about buying a Highlander.
  • dlfolldlfoll Posts: 1
    Where in WI did you purchase your Highland? We are planning to purchase one in the next 1-2 months and shopping now for the best price. Thanks for your help.
  • sctangsctang Posts: 6
    I live in Wisconsin Rapids, but I got an initial quote via Autobytel which uses Ken Jacobs Toyota in Milwaukee. Their deal was $2,000 over invoice but they didn't give me a very good price for my trade-in. Anyway, the local dealership came close to matching the price on the Highlander but gave me a much better price on my trade-in.

    Good luck!!
  • eddymaneddyman Posts: 1
    Picked up HL 2wd V-6 in Super White/Ivory Cloth on 3/9.
    DR Roof Rack
    SR Moonroof
    TO Tow Prep Pkg
    AG Appearance Pkg
    CQ Convenience Pkg
    HE Preferred Pkg
    CF Cargo/Floor Mats
    MSRP $28,795
    Disc -$1,500
    Paid $27,295 plus Tax,lic

    I thought deal was good considering that there were not many in stock and have only been out about 6 weeks.
  • cap420cap420 Posts: 6
    V6 4WD Indigo Ink Pearl (dark blue)
    LL - Limited Package
    LA - Leather Package
    EJ - 6 disc in dash changer
    BE - Side Impact Airbags
    SR - Sunroof
    TO - Towing prep

    MSRP $33,305
    Chipped away $ 1,705
    Paid $31,600

    We bought it 3/17 from Rita Chung & team at San Francisco Toyota (Van Ness location). Cool people.
  • jianningjianning Posts: 1
    V6 AWD Silver
    Roof rack
    Daytime light
    Heated mirror
    Sun roof
    Towing prep
    Appearance pkg
    Convenience pkg
    Preferred pkg

    MSPR: 30095
    Paid: 28500

    Very happy with the car/truck.
  • sjzsjz Posts: 33
    V6 AWD Electric Green / Ivory
    Sunroof (SR)
    Side Air Bags (BE)
    Skid Control (VD)
    Towing Prep Pkg. (TO)
    Limited Package (LL)
    Premium 6 Disc Changer (EJ)
    Leather Package (LA)
    Seat Heaters (HD)
    Sticker MSRP= $34,595 (including $480 destination charge)
    Dealer added at no charge:
    Carpet Mats (CF)
    Cargo Net (GN)

    Brings total MSRP to $34,810
    I paid $31,255 plus 8.5% NY tax & ~$80 NYS registration fee. Out the door.
    Dealer had several, I didn't know that they were hard to get. Runs, looks great.
  • brian125brian125 New York Posts: 5,238

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2012 MB ML350

  • dniehusdniehus Posts: 83
    Re #17 WOW. Are you sure on those prices? If your numbers are right, it appears that the dealer accepted a purchase offer of about $400-500 over invoice. That's incredible! I haven't seen anybody else post a deal that comes anywhere close to that! Good deals now seem to be in the $1000-1500 over invoice range. If you don't mind, who was the dealer? I'd like to give them a call. I'm buying in the next 6 weeks. Thanks.
  • sjzsjz Posts: 33
    Those are the prices.
    Actually, it comes to $931 over invoice($30,324). I paid $31,255...still a good deal IMO. If anyone wants the name of the dealer, send me an email at [email protected]
  • sam815sam815 Posts: 3
    To brian125. Purchased HL with following:
    Roof Rack, Daytime Running Lights,Heated Mirrors
    Power Moonroof,Tow Package,Appearance Pkg
    Convenience Pkg,Preferred Pkg, Carpet/Cargo Mats
    Cargo Net, Center Console, Wheel Locks
    MSRP (30,561) Paid (29,800). Had several people looking into same car
    even after we were closing deal.NY Dealers were asking 1000-1500 over
    MSRP because of little inventory, besides they all had extra options
    installed which were of littlevalue (hood protector, bumper guards etc.)
    Driven 600 miles average 18-20mpg. Ask for Tim McPherson I'm sure he
    will be able get you deal if you have counter-offer from other dealership.
  • brian125brian125 New York Posts: 5,238

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2012 MB ML350

  • seemomgoseemomgo Posts: 27
    Millennium Silver V-6, 4x4
    Appearance Pkg. (AG)
    Convenience Pkg. (CQ)
    Preferred Pkg. (HE)
    Daytime running lights(DL)
    Roof rack (DR)
    RS3200 security system(S4)
    Gray leather (LA)
    Floor mats (M5)

    The gray leather and security system are port-installed options by Gulf States Toyota...everything else is factory. The price below includes waiving a $200 documentation fee.

    Invoice $27060
    MSRP $30774
    Paying $28452

    We are looking forward to receiving our car in the next 4 weeks!
  • Indigo Ink - 6 Cylinder - 4x4

    Towing Prep Pkg. (TO)
    Sun Roof (SR)
    Limited Package (LL)
    Premium 6 Disc Changer (EJ)
    Floor Mats (CF)

    MSRP $32210
    Paid $29132 (28184 invoice + $398 TDA + $50 doc fee + $500)

    Take delivery in 2 days - a good deal through my credit union
  • 1122334411223344 Posts: 13
    I just purchased a highlander v6 4wd with limited package, leather seats, heated seats, moon roof, SC, side air bags, carpet and cargo mats, and stereo with 6 DC disc changer. The MSRP (including destination charge) was $34,605.00 and the dealer discounted it by $1,200.00 for a price of $33,405.00. I only had to pay taxes and license plates. No advertising fee, no regional dealer fee.

    I am certain I will be enjoying this vehicle for years to come!
  • erh1214erh1214 Posts: 1
    I love my new Highlander! I have 250 miles on my Highlander and couldn't be more thrilled. After doing much research here (thanks to everyone who posts) and visiting a couple of dealerships and speaking on the phone with many more than that, I purchased:

    Silver 6cyl. 2wd
    Limited package
    6 disc CD changer
    Tow prep

    Paid $2700 under MSRP plus tax.

    I wanted a center console, however one was not available presently. Dealership agreed to put it in at cost when available. After driving it for a while without, I'm not sure I will put one in. It's a great place to put a briefcase or purse.

    Thanks again to everyone on this site for their advice.
  • gasman1gasman1 Posts: 321
    I've read through the previous messages. We can only determine the MSRP "Discount" when there isn't a trade involved. When a trade-in is involved, the deal can easily shift from customer advantage to disadvantage. Therefore, in keeping an eye on the ball - the difference - what does it cost?

    Just purchased a silver Highlander 4x4 V6 with a list price of $29,249 (AR, AL, DE, GA, IQ, AZ, CA, GN, SK). My "DISCOUNT" was $1,950 based upon: Highlander MSRP less trade-in allowance for my vehicle (which was $1,950 more than TMV) to get the DIFFERENCE.

    I derived my '99 Ford Explorer XLT trade-in from using Edmunds TMV and by shopping two Ford dealerships (on a 2002 Explorer) and two Toyota dealerships (on the Highlander). Three of the dealers were within $200 of each other (which was close to Edmunds TMV). Purchased my Highlander at the dealership that took my vehicle and $1,950 less than the others.

    I also financed it at 6.9% for 60-months (which is up to a $1,065 discount within itself since they originally tried to contract at 8.5% then 7.9% then 7.29%). My credit union offered 6.49%, but the payments worked out to 6.75%. The dealership was working with me, so they got the business.

    Bottom line: The vehicle is excellent! If your happy with your deal, you got a good one. Be happy! If you're currently shopping, be ready...
  • dean2sm1dean2sm1 Posts: 34
    I started out with Autobytel, and was offered 1,000 below MSRP by dealer in Dubuque,IA. Later tried Carsmart, and offered 1,500 below MSRP by dealer in Milwaukee. Called local dealer in Madison, WI and he easily beat the above. Final deal for V6AWD with: BE,EJ,FE,HD,LA,LL,SR,TO,VD,CF:

    MSRP $34,765.
    Discount 3,654.
    Paid $31,111.
    (Plus tax)
    Pretty good deal, I'd say. I'm still dealing with getting a hitch and correct plug in adapter, but should be able to solve the problem. Also, will add Console later.
  • dean2sm1dean2sm1 Posts: 34
    See #28 above. Forgot invoice, which is $30,294. So I'm $817 over invoice.
  • usafjagusafjag Posts: 1
    Just bought my new Highlander. Used the COSTCO purchase program and walked right in and told them the car I wanted ($33,335) sticker and they came back with my price of $30,752. Much better than the $1000 off at the dealer I went to the night before. Got V6 4WD with FE, SR, BE, TO, VD, LL, EJ, GN, and CF. Thanks to everyone for all of the posts. They helped out a great deal.
  • Got a Highlander limited with all the stuff...traded a Lexus ES 300 that was about 5-8k upsidedown Retail about 14-16k (but car had problems we only knew about...electrical or computer...)(wholesale 8k to 10k)Got the Highlander At a payment of $590 per month...for 5 years with a balloon for $9800 at the end of 5 years. Had to do something...hoped the Lexus would last but it wasn't a good one...hope the highlander is!!!
  • b717b717 Posts: 38
    Deal worked out this way
    25095.00 2WD V-6 6914
    3495.00 LL Limited PKG
    395.00 DJ JBL Audio(non-changer)
    850.00 VD VSC
    Plus PIO options being added now at the
    Vehicle Processing Center(VPC) the Hawaii equivalent of Port of Entry. We do have a small advantage here in Hawaii, in that most any PIO option can be added.
    The dealer just takes the vehicle a few short miles back to the VPC and in the options go.

    115.00 V2 Glass Breakage sensor (coded GBS here in HI)
    52.00 WL Wheel Locks (Alloy)
    45.00 GN Cargo Net
    92.00 CF Floor Mats, (4pc version here)
    30139.00 +477.00 Shipping
    MSRP 30616.00
    -2031.00 Discount
    Total 28585.00 + local tax and license Should receive this week, originally selected Bluestone but I switched to a White one, going against the trend I guess.
    Thanks for all the postings.
  • toylandtoyland Posts: 1
    Recently traded in '94 Explorer towards a 6cy 2wd Highlander - white. Paid $1K over invoice or approx. $2,300 under MSRP. This site really helped me in getting my deal. Although it's not the "Limited", it's fully loaded. I found my Toyota dealer great to work with!
  • 4X4 V6
    MSRP: $35,466 (inc. $480 delivery)
    I Paid: $32,500
    Discount: $2,966
    I did not have a trade in and did not need financing. Other charges were $20 documentation fee and Mass. tax (5%).
    SR - moonroof
    BE - side air bags
    TO - tow prep pkg.
    UQ - Tow Hitch
    VD - Vehicle Skid Device
    LL - Ltd. package
    EJ - Prem. stereo 6 disc changer
    LA - Leather
    HD - Heated seats
    CF - Cargo Mats
    GN - Cargo Net
    V2 - Glass Breakage Sensor
    SK - Center Console Box
    WL - Alloy Wheel Locks
  • matuchi2matuchi2 Posts: 2
    In January, I purchased a V6, 4WD Limited, with every option except heated seats for $31,700. I even got a Vintage Gold one with the Ivory Leather seats. It was listed at $34,584. I feel I got a good deal because they were brand new and unheard of yet. I recommend a Highlander to everyone who's thinking about buying one. If you buy from Freeman Toyota, buy it from Mariana Figueredo. She is the Fleet Manager, and she can give you this price.
  • 2WD V6 Millenium Silver $25095
    Ivory Leather Pkg $1015
    Limited Pkg $3495
    3in1 6CD In-Dash JBL $595
    Sunroof $815
    Sunroof Deflector $109
    5PC Carpet/Cargo Mat $179
    Fender Flares $439
    Glass Break Sensor $149
    Tow Prep Pkg $160
    Delivery, Processing & Handling $505
    Fuel Surcharge $5
    Total: $32561 MSRP
    Paid: $29403 + dealer's fee $480 = $29883
    Plus Tax, Tag
    Invoice: Approx. $28270 ($1133 over invoice)
    I LOVE IT!!
  • Got an excellent deal through an internet purchase from the toyota web page. Went to the only local dealer who would sell over the internet. Ended up closing on a final price over the phone before I even went in to the dealer. They had to find my exact vehicle which took approximately 2 weeks. Great vehicle.

    Indigo Ink 4X2 V6 - 25,095
    Con Pkg (IQ) - 320
    Roof Rack (Jr) - 220
    Power Seat (DE) - 390
    Privacy Glass (PG) - 310
    Tow Pep (TO) - 160
    Perforated Leather (LA1) - 1429
    Carpet Mats (PV5) - 179
    Toyo Guard (XY3) - 619
    Delivery & Handling - 505

    Total MSRP - 29230
    Invoice - 26070

    I Paid - 26274 (2956 under MSRP, 204 over Invoice)
  • lemondlemond Posts: 2
    Vintage Gold 4x4 V6
    Conv Package (CQ)
    Appearanc Pack (AG)
    Preferred Package (HE)
    Cargo Net (GN)
    Cargo Mat (CF)
    Roof Rack (DR)
    Sunroof (SR)
    Towing Prep (TO)
    Wheel Locks (WL)
    V.I.P. Security System (V5)

    I paid 27575 + taxes/fees
  • Bought my fully loaded silver HL with a MSRP of 35,369 for 32,050 including an engine block heater installed by dealer. We have no sales tax here in MT. Helped that I had bought a new Toyota Tundra last year and just wrote a check to keep it simple. Basically 1k over invoice so it can be done.
  • jscottojscotto Posts: 5
    I just purchased an HL through dealer located about 60 miles away. He quoted me at 2 1/2% over invoice however I got him down to a straight $500 over invoice plus the TDA. MSRP was $34,595 and paid $31,200. I was pretty pleased with the experience (it took 15 minutes), however, I do not have my HL yet. Its been two weeks and it hasn't moved from the port. Supposedly, it should arrive this week. I'll let you know. I took this offer to my local dealer that I purchase my last car from and he stated that there was no way that he could match the $500 price. If I was willing to go up another $1,500 he would sell me the HL. No thanks.
  • Just purchased a fully loaded rx300-for 300 over invoice. 32500. This is a better deal than an highlander. Shop Lexus first. Much better service and shopping experience.
  • dniehusdniehus Posts: 83
    Did that "fully loaded" RX300 include leather seats, moonroof and CD player? If so, you indeed got a great price. By all means folks thinking about the HL should also consider the RX and vice versa. The deal you mentioned is not available in our area (South Jersey/Philadelphia). You'd be lucky here to get a loaded 2001 RX300 for less than $38,000. Our dealers are selling certified pre-owned (CPO) 1999 RX's for $31-32,000. Once pricing came down on the HL, I wrote off further consideration of a CPO RX300.

    Both the HL and the RX are wonderful vehicles. I considered both. I was very taken aback when I checked out service costs on the Lexus -- at least double maintenance costs on the HL. Also note that the RX300 is due for a complete redesign either this fall or early next year. That potentially could have an impact on the value of the "old" style RX. Perhaps Lexus dealers are already trying to clear out inventory? My guess is that Lexus may be taking a hit from buyers going for the HL rather than the RX300. They certainly will have more difficulty now selling the CPO RX300s. Note that the HL is built at the same assembly plant in Japan as the RX and shares some components.
  • I also considered buying an RX300 instead of the HL, but comparisons just didn't add up. Cofiguring the Lexus similar to my HL (actually it didn't have all my HL does) came out to $38,000+. Servicing is more expensive than Toyota. Mine was $32561msrp and I paid $29883 inc. dealer fees. The HL also has better visibility and better mileage (according to 2 Lexus owners I know). The Lexus does have a nice center console, but I'd still prefer mine without one. To each his own. Congratulations and enjoy your car! I'm sure you'll be very happy with it.
  • miyemuramiyemura Posts: 1
    I checked things out on the interned while I was lurking around checking out the Highlander reviews and prices. A post on the Edmunds site pointed me to arson Toyota and Dane Whit mire. I am very happy I read that post as I think I was really treated well by Dane and arson Toyota.

    Dane is not a pushy marketing person and wants you to get what you want when you want it. No pressing you to buy something, she knows she has a good product and can give a competitive price. I really liked her low key but positive attitude. I will promote her to friends and family.

    I got my V6 WAD with DE DR TO AG CQ HE CF GN SK for about $26,600 before taxes, doc fees and license. About $3,000 off MSRP. And to top it off, I was in and out in about an hour and that was with actually taking time to chose which Highlander I wanted (Green no moonroof no spoiler.).

    I highly recommend Diane if you are in So. Cal., check out the Carson Toyota website. Also e-mail Diane, she will answer your questions.

    Mark I.
  • pmoverpmover Posts: 3
    I'am in the market for a 4x4 White Limited HL with Leather around the Boston area. I'am moving to Massachusetts in couple of weeks so I would need the vehicle as soon as I get there.

    Please post your experience about good deals, gottchas and information about dealers around this area.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hi Palmerswanson,

    What dealer did you use in the Boston area?
    I am ready to buy..I live 30 minutes north of Boston. $3k off MSRP sounds good to me.
  • What Internet Dealer did you use to get that great $204 over invoice.
    ClassicBob You may Email me at:
    [email protected]
  • deborahn1deborahn1 Posts: 3
    I got a quote on the Lexus for $495/om with $1700 in inception fees. I went over to test drive the Highlander thinking the lease price would be less - in the low 4s.

    Test drove the Limited. Much more appealing shape I/I the snob appeal of the Lexus. But the lease was $560/om with $1700 in fees. Sales manager came out and said financing was better on the Lexus because they wanted to get the name out - Go figure.
  • mkstringmkstring Posts: 53
    There's severla things your have to look at on the lease. Sure, the financing rate is probably better becuase they're in a big marketing push for the RX300. Also, the residuals play a BIG part. Our payment is over $500, but we carried a lot of neg. equity into the deal and didn't pay a lot into it to get it down. Otherwise, we might have had a very competitive lease rate to the RX.
  • hrsdvmhrsdvm Posts: 3
    Took delivery of our HL today. It's a V-6 FWD with FE, DR, PR, TO, AG, CQ, UZ, SK, CF. MSRP is $27924. Invoice is $24,645. Paid $26,500. Purchased from Del Toyota in Thorndale, PA. Best thing we did (other than following these message boards) was to do our negotiating by phone and fax. We gave our salesman, Rick, the package we wanted. After going back and forth with another dealer regarding price we accepted an offer and told him the colors we prefer. He called us back 10 minutes later and wanted to know if we'd like to take delivery the next day!
  • I have been shopping around for HL for several months now. Finally, I bought mine yesterday.

    It is a V6, 4WD, Bluestone (Gray cloth) with
    - FE: CA Emisson
    - AG: Appearance Package
    - CQ: Convience Package
    - HE: Prefered Package
    - CF: Floor mats
    - RF: Rear Spoiler
    - DR: Roof Rack
    - TO: Towing Prep

    MSRP: $29710
    Invoice: $26150
    (the dealer also added $462 for some kind of "Toyota Regional Advertising Fee" and the total dealer's invoice is $26612)

    I paid $28000 + tax and license. I know it is not the cheapest price I can get. Since I am getting the color (Bluestone) I like, I did not negotiate anymore. I bought the HL from Jenni(Internet Manager) at Toyota Sunnyvale.

    FYI for the SF Bay Area shopper:
    - Palo Alto Toyota offers me $2000 off MSRP and the people there are nice, but they could not locate the color I want.
    - Toyota101, they offer me only $500 off MSRP
    - Fremont Toyota, look for the Internet Manager there. He offers me somewhere $1500 above Invoice for 4x4, $1000 for 4x2.
    - Piercy Toyota, look for the Internet Department, $1500 over Invoice for the HL in the lot. However, I did not get a good experience with other Sales from NON-internet department.
  • donato3donato3 Posts: 9
    Has anyone actually leased or purchased a V-4 HL in or around Connecticut recently? What kind of deal did you get? I'm thinking about a lease would prefer to keep it to 36-48 months, no longer and not with outrageous monthly payments. Thanks.
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