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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hellofromcali,
    I think you can do better. Carmax has a Lmtd 4WD for 35,498, with similar options. So it seems that a FWD should be cheaper than that.

    Also, have you considered a Sport? You can get the same options, leather, sunroof, etc, for roughly 1.5/2k less than Lmtd. Main difference is that Sport does not have the "wood" accents and suspension is a bit stiffer (albeit it's still very cushy).

    Good luck!
  • hlcthlct Posts: 1
    Looking for a 2008 HL in Connecticut. Can anybody share which is the best model, Base, Sport vs. Limited? Can anybody also share the price? Many thanks.
  • I cannot say for CA but here in MN you can get much better price, probably 2-3.5K off MSRP for a Sports model.
  • @Kevin

    Ganley Toyota advertised 4x2 base for $24,777 in today's Plain Dealer on page D12.
  • Thank you so much, Lucky. I just found it on line too. Do not know if that includes doc & titling fee already. This morning a dealer got me a new price - 4x2 base for $24,699 + TTL(L-$250) with 1st year free maintenance to beat the $24,978 +TTL (L-$125). I followed your advice and did not go see any of them today. I informed the 24978-dealer of the $24,699. Unfortunately they said they couldn't do any better. So I plan to go get the one for $24,699 tomorrow.

    By the way the new price I got for Sport 4x4 is $29,289 now. Still struggling which one to pick up:)

    Thanks again.
  • You need to decide for yourself if you want Base or Sport. Base is enough for me but I got 4WD 3 row seat version. I figured that 4WD is better choice for Ohio snow. Starting 10/1 sales tax in Cuyahoga county rises from 7.5% to 7.75%. This adds around $60-70 to the HL price.
  • Eastwing, can you tell me which dealer in MN would do 2-3.5K off MSRP. I'm looking for a Sports trim. You can email me ( Thanks!
  • Hi,

    I am back again with a new Highlander. I just purchased it today. It is Limited 2WD with all the options except NAV and DVD. the color is metalic gray. The price after tax and everything is $37,017.

    I think it is a good deal. What do you think?
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    What was the price before tax and license? Otherwise, it's hard to compare.

    My quote for a Limited 2WD with the JBL/Bluetooth; Auto Rear Air; Power Back Door; and rear spoiler was $1.8K off of the MSRP of around $35K (before taxes and fees).

    My dealer wasn't able to locate a Magnetic Gray Limited, so I've just been waiting (and considering other colors).
  • Hey, I love my new Highland! It is spacious, comfortable...and looks very luxorious inside, and it is metalic gray. If you've been waiting for this color, i would recommnd you keep waiting because for i think it is the best color in my opinion. Cypress pearl would have been my second choice if we could not find this color. I think cypress is hard to find too tho.
    Mine was $34,000 before ttl. MSRP was $37K something (no auto rear air, no dvd, no NAV). It was basically 2% above the invoice. two other dealers offered 3% over invoice, and one did even have my color. when i went to the dealer, they said they will try to beat that. so i offered 1 % over invoice, and the guy looked at me and said "I know you've been shopping but 1% over the invoice? forget that. NO DEAL". I left and came back later and offered 2%. I did not how much paperwork involved even we did not finance. Where do you live qs933? there still one Metalic gray left with for this limited in North Cal.
  • Hey there from Cali,

    My wife just bought a Limited 4x2 with navigation for $34701
    out the door was $37925.00. Most of the dealers won't deal on the vehicle up here on the central coast. But one of them did $500.00 over invoice on the one I bought.

  • Try Walser Toyota. They are a so-called "best price" zero-negotiation dealer, but you may get better deals depending on inventory history of a specific vehicle. For a limited model, they offered 3K off without any negotiations. For sport model, I guess it can be a similar or better saving becasue of the larger supply.
  • looking for 2008 Limited 4wd Sport New York area.
    MSRP 36135
    Invoice 31693

    got a qoute for 33,000 not including tax and tags is this a good deal here in NY please let me know im also going to get the magnetic grey
  • kevin06kevin06 Posts: 12
    Lucky, finally I got a same model as yours today, Base 4x4 with winter pkg, convenience pkg, 3rd row seats, carpet mats and tow prep pkg for $26,800 (sticker $30,230). I knew I did not get the deal as good as yours but I tried hard if not the best.

    Thanks a lot for your advices.
  • lucky_777lucky_777 Posts: 205
    I think you did good. Did you do your negotiation in person at the dealership or from home? You paid a little more then me but you got convenience and tow prep pkg that I don't have. You also saved some on sales tax by buying today. 4WD is better suitable for Ohio weather. You'll enjoy it. What dealer did you buy it from and what other fees did you pay on top of $26,800? What is your total? BTW I bought extended Toyota Platinum warranty 7year/75K miles for $560. Let me know if you're interesting and I'll provide you with contact info.
  • Purchased a 2008 base Highlander 4x4 last weekend in MA for $28,300 with a MSRP of 31,262.
    Convenience package
    Cold weather package
    AM/FM 6cd
    Daytime running lights
    Engine Immobilizer
    Carpet floor/Cargo mat, 3rd. row seat mat
    Close to so called dealer cost for this vehicle of $28,014
    It is waveline pearl.
    This does not include 5% sales tax or registry fees.
    Over all happy with this deal, any comments?
  • lucky_777lucky_777 Posts: 205
    According to edmunds invoice+dest is around $27K on this car. How did you come up with $28,014??

    National Base Price $25,587

    Optional Equipment $580
    DJ AM/FM/6CD w/6 Speakers $188
    CQ Convenience Package $192
    RL Daytime Running Lights $104
    EH Cold Weather Package $48
    PR Immobilizer $48

    Destination Charge $685

    Total with Options $26,852

    Add around $150 for floor mats.
  • Hi Everyone,

    I have a question about Extended Warranty for any experience buyers out there.
    When i bought this Limited i was offered Extended warranty for 6/75k for $1500 which includes the Prepaid Maintenance program. Is it a good deal? anyone in here bought it? Is there a better company for this extended warranty online?
    Thanks all
  • kevin06kevin06 Posts: 12
    Thanks, Lucky. I cut $300 off their final quote at the dealership. The quote was $27,098 after beating the other dealership's $27,334 (doc fee $125) and they said that was the final number. Since it was the last day of the month and of the quarter, I am thinking probably I could pull another $300 off :) Sorry I forgot to tell you that I am not in Cleveland. I am in Columbus. The dealer is Toyota West (recommended here) and my total is $28,901 (tax 6.75% already). I haven't thought about extended warranty yet. I'll let you know if I need that info. Thanks.
  • Hi Lucky,

    I asked a question earlier about Extended Warranty but now that I read this post of yours about this. Could you tell where you got this Toyota Platinum warranty for $560? is it through Toyota or a third party? do you know if this is available in CA? and is it refundable if you don't use the service like some posters in here said?

    Thank you
  • Just got the following Limited 4WD (MSRP: $38,884) with:
    6-CD stereo, heated front seats, power rear door, special color, rear AC, color-keyed spoiler, moonroof, tow prep pkg., cross bars, carpet/cargo mats.
    Negotiated price: $35,723 (+ taxes & registration, $7 tire tax and $149 "doc fee"). AND my last 2 lease payments on my current vehicle ($765) paid off.
    Buying experience: The negotiated price was supposed to be $1000 over invoice. But I came to find out that their "invoice" included the following: $500 (TDA), $10 (gas), $683 (holdback), $341 (wholesale financial reserve). So I "walked", only to come back 2 weeks later because several other dealerships would not do anything on the lease, nor did they have any limiteds with the options and color I was looking for. The way I see it, I netted about $3750 off the MSRP for a popular, late model vehicle that was recently released, and that I'm very happy with.
  • Hello Lucky,
    I balked at the Platinum warranty. Dealer wanted $900. Can you provide the contact info on the warranty? BTW: I posted my "Price Paid and Buying Experience" under the subject: "2008 Limited 4WD in Northern NJ" (I also added a part 2).
  • Almost forgot...
    I also got 5.75% financing from TMC. This is important to note since they will quote you a rate as much as 2 points higher than market, even if you are "Tier 1". I got a rate below 6% from my bank (though it also came with a $200 fee), and when I go to pick up the car with bank check in hand, the TMC rate dropped to 5.75%.
  • Is TMC = Toyota Motor Corp? Is it a 60-month loan?
  • A very decent deal, but I think it is a good one for the dealer, too. I calculated that the invoice price is at $34,213, so it is $1510 over invoice, and the dealer profit is $1510 + $683 holdback = $2,193, roughly a 6.54% profit margin (2193 / (34213 - 683)). It is nice for them to pay off your two months' of lease, but they take back the car anyway (I guess), so they may make more profit if they can quickly sell this lease return.

    But any way, given the demand/supply, it is not a bad deal at all. Enjoy the car! I will get mine too soon.
  • levu80levu80 Posts: 1

    I just bought the Limited 2WD with
    EJ -JBL/Bluetooth.
    QR -auto rear air.
    HD -Heat seats.
    BP -Power Back Door
    PC -Special Paint
    WT -Window tint
    P4 -Vehicle shielding

    The price is 33,000 + TTL
    Since the car is back order. The invoice from edmunds is 31777$ with options.
  • lucky_777lucky_777 Posts: 205
    I bought Extended Warranty from Midwest Superstore in Kansas

    This is Toyota Extra Care Platinum that is supposed to be honored by any Toyota dealer in the US. I don't think it is a refundable version. They are still processing it and I'm supposed to get confirmation from Toyota Financial Services once it's complete.
  • krysskryss Posts: 2
    Over the weekend I picked up a FWD Sport Trim, Silver, with the following (in SoCal):
    Power Rear Door
    Anti-theft w/ Engine Immobilizer
    Manual Rear Air
    Tow Prep Package
    Carpet, Cargo Mat

    I paid $32,260 + TTL, which they told me was $500 over invoice, but my calculations show an extra $362 in there somewhere. However I think I still got a great deal.

    My question is that they are trying to sell me the Platinum 7 yr/100K, no deductible warranty for $1265. When I showed them the Bernardi Warranty for $580 they said it is a third party and that I will have problems with it as they likely will disallow any claim I put in. I also told them about the Kansas store, and the dealer said , "well that won't be good in California". Is this all bull? Will the Bernardi Warranty be the same coverage with no problems?
  • lucky_777lucky_777 Posts: 205
    This was already discussed before in Extended warranty thread. If you buy Toyota Extra care warranty your car will be covered nationwide. Simple argument... Lets say you travel out of state on vacation and your car brakes down. Would you tow it back to your home dealership to get it fixed? What happens if you relocate? Any Toyota dealer will be able to see that your car has extended warranty by the VIN number. Call Toyota Financial services at 800-228-8559 and confirm. Let us know what they say.

    BTW Bernardi states that warranty they sell is not a "Bernardi warranty" but Toyota Extra Care "Backed by Toyota Motors USA Honored Nationwide by All Toyota Dealers"
  • TMC is Toyota Motor Credit. And the 5.75 was for 60 months (should have mentioned that before). They did not take the leased vehicle. The difference between the residual value (aka, buyout) and the blue book value about $3,000, so they really did not want to take ownership of the car. Not sure why they simply did not take the 2 payments off the price of Highlander. I guess from a Toyota standpoint, by doing this, the car is technically selling at the aforementioned profit margin.
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