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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Maintenance and Repair



  • gleunggleung Posts: 7
    If I were you, I will press hard on MBUSA to "buy back" the car as a "lemon". Basically, you should get a new car as replacement, IMHO.
  • trumpnjtrumpnj Posts: 2
    just bought a 2002 c230 coupe and the service B indicator came on, can anyone tell me what its for and what to do about it? Also my check engine light came on and the readback was a problem with the secondary air injection pump, having a problem locating it and what does it do?
  • pmb450pmb450 Posts: 4
    Can anyone shed light on a vibration problem with my '97 C230? I've had it for a year now without any problems other than there is a constant vibration whenever the engine is on. I constantly feel like I'm sitting on a vibrator pad the entire time I'm driving, whether at 20mph or 80mph. I have had the mass air flow sensor replaced, new tranny mounts, new engine mounts and everything from wheels to axels checked for defects. I do have Michelin tires, and I have read discussions about the flatspotting, but I don't think it's that because I had the same problem with the previos Cooper tires. ANYTHING ANYONE can share would be appreciated. I love the car, it's in showroom shape at 82k miles, but I sure would enjoy driving it better with a smoother ride.
  • lipplipp Posts: 58
    You hit the nail on the head. After three plus weeks of changing so many parts, I lost count. The bottom line is the problem was resolved by shimming the rear axle. Picked up the car early this morning and it runs great. Hopefully the problem will not return. My dealer, Mercedes Benz of North Haven Connecticut, never gave up and worked hard to find a solution. Best dealer I ever dealt with.
  • postoakpostoak Posts: 537
    shimming the rear axle entails, but it's good information to have in our "database". And I'm glad everything is okay now.
  • pmb450pmb450 Posts: 4
    Thanks for your input. I notice that you have a 2005 model. I wonder if shimming the axle would help my '97 model? Do you have the name of the Service Manager or your mechanic at New Haven MB? I live in Atlanta and, if necessary, would like for my dealer to be able to call yours to get some input. Sometimes sharing info helps the guys figure our how to solve things. My service guys here, too, have been really great about trying to solve this, but we've run out of soulutions.....
  • andyoandyo Posts: 1
    did you ever find out how to fix the problem. i have the same exact problem right now. any help is appreciated...
  • pmb450pmb450 Posts: 4
    Even though your subject says "battery," I'm assuming you mean you have a vibration problem since you responded to my post. No, I haven't figured it out. It is worse sometimes than others. Somedays, I hardly notice it. Others, I feel like I'm on a vibrating bed in a cheap motel room. I have had 3 dealers and a private Mercedes repair guy look at it, but no one can fix the problem entirely. I don't think it's wheel/tire related because of this. When I have my foot on the brake, there is no vibration, but the SECOND I let up on it - even if I am barely rolling - the vibrations start. This led me to concentrate on the motor and tranny mounts, both of which are brand new. I don't know what to do about it. I love the car. Mechanically, it is in super excellent condition according to anyone who's ever had their head under the hood. It looks brand new inside/out. I just wish I could figure out how to stop the vibrations......
  • mhestermhester Posts: 1
    I recently became a used MB owner frustrated by an intermittent starting problem until gas cap removed with a resulting noise of pressure release, and then the car starts readily with the cap refastened. What gives? Any help appreciated.

    Sincere thanks,

  • pmb450pmb450 Posts: 4
    Don't have a clue. Never had or heard of this problem. Are you putting premium gas in the car?
  • lipplipp Posts: 58
    I think, but I am not 100% sure, that your problem is with the gas cap. It does not vent properly. Try replacing it. I had a vehicle that the check engine light would go on periodically. The dealer determined it was caused by a poorly venting gas cap. Once replaced the light never went on again. Worth a try......
  • Driveshaft and joint vibrations may be caused by faulty transmission valve body or torque convertor(?).Also check in coolant reservoir for floating trans fluid! Where is vibration felt?
  • Gas tanks no longer vent through cap. Check charcoal canister.
  • lipplipp Posts: 58
    The car in question is a '96. Problem seems to go away when cap is released. Did gas tanks vent through caps in '96??
  • mezecamezeca Posts: 66
    There are two release catches at the front of the overhead panel. Look for two metal tabs on the windshield side, press them in and the panel will drop down. Be careful when taking the aspirator blower fan
    from the overhead panel.
  • ellen4ellen4 Posts: 7
    Periodicaly there is a loud pop from the radio, the radio and navigation system shut off and the display goes black. About a minute later the radio will be back to normal. Has anyone experienced this problem?
  • Several times a week, the car will not crank on the first several attempts. It tries to crank once and then stops. Occasionally it has taken as long as 2 or 3 minutes of cranking before the car will start, but it always eventually does. I saw the posting above and tried opening the gas tank to no avail. Has anyone experienced this before? I would appreciate any advice I can get. Thanks.
  • tkhantkhan Posts: 1
    I am having the same kind of problems, i have a C280 1999 and am experiencing the same problems. I first thought that it could have been a bad fuel filter, i changed the fuel filter but still have the same problem. it happens intermittantly like once a week or something.. IF u got your problems fixed lemme know... thanx
  • btrublakbtrublak Posts: 1
    My MB is partially DEAD! There is a funny noise in the tranny. The car still shifts but im afriad to drive it. i towed it to mechanic but he cant come up with the perfect solution. he says that he thinks that the transaxle is out, and at the sametime says that i should bet a new tranny. im stressed out coz i dont know what to do. Can you guys help me out.? The computer doest show anything wrong with the MB. It has 130,000 miles on it.
  • I own two 190 E Mercedes, in both the alternator was over charging and boiling the battery, then the car wouldn't start when it was cold unless you poured gas into the air intake and warmed the engine up, then it runs fine. The overload relay located behind the car battery has a 10 amp. fuse in it, the fuse is blown and you put a new one in and it blows immediately again. Does anyone know what the problem could be? :confuse:
  • gbrowngbrown Posts: 4
    ok so we all hear the air pump, but does anyone else have a severe metallic rattle from a c230k 2002 with the 2.3 kompressor engine that starts a few seconds after start up if it sits overnight and lasts about 5 seconds long......if so i would like to compare notes, mercedes ahs had my car several times, they orderd and replaced a special cam gear from germany supposed to fix this concern......guess what it did not, paul rennick the east coast mercedes parts and service regional vice president sat in my car with me heard to noise stated he could not tell me what it is and after replacing all the timing componets the 1st visit and the cam sprockett the next visit states it normal...he also has instructed the local dealer to not attempt any more repairs. this noise started at 20k miles and gets worse all the time now the noise can happen even if the car sits 45 minutes...if you are having this concern i already have an attorney working on it and have had an independant ase master tech listen to my car, who by the way said that this noise is internal engine and will cause failure in the future. don't let your self be fooled by a manufacturer who shirkes their responsabilities
  • lipplipp Posts: 58
    I started posting messages about my 2005 C240 vibration problems back on February 25th.(message 165). It appeared that the problem was solved after approximately 21 days at the dealer. They determined that the rear axle needed to be shimmed. Everything was fine for three weeks then the vibration slowly slipped back into my life. I am bringing the car in next week for Mercedes to again try to resolve this problem. I am discouraged and saddened by this problem after spending $38,000. This is my second new Benz and without a doubt my last. MBUSA is burying their collective heads in the sand. The dealer is fantastic .... doing whatever is necessary to try and resolve this problem. They also happen to be a BMW dealer and because of their professionalism they will get a shot at my next car but it won't be a Benz.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Yeah, I'm completely mystified by your predicament. Considering everything they've just sounds unprecedented.

    One of the strengths of our '02 C240 is how smooth it is - I take some precautions on that topic, i.e. I jack it up at all four corners when it is in the garage, because we often don't use the car for days or even weeks at a time, and this prevents the tires from developing flat spots.

    Anyway, I can understand your disappointment and reaction. Wish I could understand what's going on. Good luck in the future - a BMW 3er might indeed be a good replacement choice.
  • mezecamezeca Posts: 66
    That is very unusual problem that I've never seen on any Benz, let alone a C-class. You obviously have a car with a serious issue that is baffling everyone. That being said you should work with the factory rep to get it replaced rather than have to keep dealing with it.
  • kcapkcap Posts: 5
    There is an audible piercing intermittent ringing noise coming from the dash area. It fades in and out. It starts about 3 minutes after driving the vehicle and intermittently starts and stops and lasts usually 30 seconds or longer each time. When I stop the vehicle and leave it in a parked position, the ringing sound doesn't fade away but gets louder! There are no warning lights illuminated on the dash. I replaced the batteries in the remote....nothing seems to work at this point. It is driving me insane. Anyone out there know what this is?!#@!
  • rsaundorsaundo Posts: 1
    Did you ever get an answer to the problem. I'm having the same problem with my ML320. Wouldn't start this morning. I was going to change the fuel filter but saw your response. Any help would be aprreciated.
  • jpouchetjpouchet Posts: 38
    Have you checked the air blower assembly? The bearings can wear out early and depending upon how they fail they can produce a nerve racking noise. Try turning the air/heater off completely and leave it off for a while then see if the noise continues. If not, you found the problem.

    Mine only made a noise when in the lowest two fan speeds. Once above those levels it was quiet. I could really hear the sound when shutting the car off as the blower assembly wound down the noise was obvious.

    And yes, it sounds like it is coming out of the dash.
  • kcapkcap Posts: 5
    Stopped at the mechanic. He did exactly what you suggested and you are correct, it is either the above or the air filter could be bad...but more likely a vacuum hose leak? I will find out tomorrow and post the results. Thank you kindly for replying!
  • jpouchetjpouchet Posts: 38
    Great, glad to be able to help.

    Hope this does the trick for you. Mine was cleared up immediately and worked just fine ever since.
  • black280black280 Posts: 5
    I deal with it by applying rain-x on it, works just fine.
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