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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Maintenance and Repair



  • mezecamezeca Posts: 66
    What do you mean by "starts hard"? Do you mean that it cranks over for a while before
    firing up? Or do you mean that when starting it cold, it runs rough?
  • ismile2ismile2 Posts: 1

    About 3 months ago I became the owner of a 98 C230 w/ 82k. Should I be worried about potential problems with my venicle. Right now the car drives like a dream... no weird noises or anything but seeing that it has sooo many miles I was beginning to get worried. Should I be worried and if so, about what?

  • I mean, it cranks and cranks and cranks, and then some cylinders (but not all four) start to catch up and the car shakes and rattles, and eventually the engine starts, in 5 or 10 seconds. It is pretty discouraging... Last time I had a similar problem with a 20 years old Soviet made car that I was unfortunate enough to drive when I lived in England. Never after did I experience anything like that, not even with 1985 Dodge 600.
  • helpme6helpme6 Posts: 1
    I have a 95 c280 that acts like it is running out of gas. One minute it is purring like a kitten running 80, the next it bogs down and dies. I sit beside the road crank it, it sputters, cuts off, repeat the process for five minutes or so, then it will take off again. Changed fuel filter, ran a fuel injector cleaner and a water remover through, no luck. Any ideas?? :sick:
  • ruqqayahruqqayah Posts: 1

    I'm having the same problem with my wagon.

    what info. did you find out about this problem?

    please respond.
  • I just bought a pre-owned 2003 C240 and it didnt come with the manual. I want to be able to program the three homelink buttons under my rear view mirror and cant find the way to do it. My garage door opener is SEARS brand 1/2 HP with remotes. I lost the remotes but would like to program the homelink buttons on my rear view mirror. Can someone help me ? Might someone be able to fax me or by email the page in the manual that explains how to program the Homelink buttons ?

    Val :confuse:
  • tomotomotomotomo Posts: 57
    I owned a 95 C280 and the fuel pump failed at about 45000 miles while going down the highway at 70 mph. It behaved just as though I turned the ignition switch OFF. No warning or any other misbehavior, the engine just died! MB picked up the car about 75 miles South of Dallas and took it to their dealer, Parkway Motors, in Dallas and replaced the fuel pump the next day. The car was out of warranty and it cost me approximately $700. including the wrecker fee of about $80. Good Luck.
  • dwrightdwright Posts: 1
    I'm also having similar problem with the air conditioner on my C230. Would appreciate learning of these causes as well. Thanks.
  • I own a 1999 C220 CDI T model. There are no controls on the steering wheel and I want to reset the service wrench. I tried the method of selecting the wrench with the bottom button on the left of the dash, held it down until it cleared. On restart it appeared again with the same -1000KM message. Any ideas?
  • C220 CDI T 1999.
    Any ideas. I have a rattle outside, under the car, it sounds likie its near the middle or toward the front of the car. It is only heard when going over a bump. Smooth roads not rattle. It's easiest heard at slower speeds.
  • mcd3mcd3 Posts: 3
    I am experiencing the foul odor coming from my 2004 C240. My car has been in the shop 8 times and Mercedes Benz is unable to correct the problem. The odor comes from the evaporator in the air conditioner. Water collects in the evaporator and does not drain, which in turn causes mildew to grow. This problem is not correctable because the air-conditioner in this car does not have a rest button which can dry the evaporator and prevent mildew from growing. This issue will not end and will still exist after 8 treatments.
    If the car is still under the original manufactures warranty consider the :lemon: law.

    Please feel free to email me with further questions.
  • Hi you may go to there you will find owners club and download the MBZ manual you want.
  • dom63ukdom63uk Posts: 1
    i have no power when i drive my c 270 cdi this morning i got in it and there was no power could it be turbo please someone help
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    More likely a fuel supply problem. Fuel filter? Injection pump? Fuel pump? A failed turbo is a very long shot - not impossible, but highly unlikely.
  • vdavidvdavid Posts: 2
    My wife sometimes has the same problem with her stereo shutting down with her 2005 230 Kompressor. Except, sometimes it won't come back on for days at a time. This started the very fist month she got the car! The dealer has changed just about every component in the system and is now looking to install a second "special" amp. My wife is considering to have them re-purchase the car under the california lemon Law since it has been a year without change. What have you done to remedy your situation?
  • vdavidvdavid Posts: 2
    My wife's stereo sometimes shuts down unexpectedly or won't come on after the car is restarted. Sometimes it won't come back on for days at a time. This started the very fist month she got the car! The dealer has changed just about every component in the system and is now looking to install a second "special" amp modified by the company after we made comtact with the MBUSA. My wife has made a total of 12 visits of the past year for this issue. She is now considering to have them re-purchase the car under the california lemon Law since it has been a year without change which is unfortunate because she loves the car. Is their anyone out there that has had this issue? Can anyone provide some advice?
  • amohraamohra Posts: 7
    The Passenger Airbag Off light stays on a few seconds after starting the car and goes off (light is off) even no one sits on the passenger seat. I have driven loaner C230 and the light stays on when the seat is empty. Dealer says that MB-USA claims that my car was built early (May 2004 construction date) and does not have WSS (weight sensing system). It's a little hard to believe that MB just added this WSS later, when the Passenger Airbag OFF indicator is installed on the dashboard just for that purpose to warn that passenger airbag is not active.
    Any advice
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363 that our '02 C240 does not show an airbag light if the passenger seat is empty.

    The actual SENSING system has always been there, and the bag will not deploy if there is no one in the seat [so it says for our car, anyway] - but the light doesn't stay lit, which is just as well as far as I'm concerned...I'd find it annoying, I think.
  • mbz66mbz66 Posts: 9
    Hi mcd3,

    It is interesting to learn of the cause of foul odor coming from the air vents, due to water collected and not drained from the evaporator, and the problem being not correctable.

    Please bear with my ignorant, what is rest button? Do they make this button available to other models, such as the E and S classes.

    Thanks for the information. I'll contact the dealer after this holiday.

  • Sometimes my water temp will go up to 110 degrees celsius. It doesn't stay there for long and usually goes back to 100 C. Is this a major issue? I've had the coolant changed for arizona.
  • krhodeskrhodes Posts: 1
    7-11-05 while pulling my 2001 CLK450 into a parking place, with my foot on the brake, it suddenly accelerated, plunging my car down a very steep 25 foot embankment into a river. I've owned the car 4 months. It has 30,000 miles. According to carfacs I am the 4th owner. It was previously damaged in the right rear quarter panel. The day before the accident, the fuel gauge started malfunctioning. Could that have indicated the computer was having trouble? If the brakes worked after the accident would that rule out that there had been an acceleration problem caused by the computer? The car is fixable and I was not seriously injured. It luckily did not roll. However, I am worried about driving it again if the computer can cause a malfunction.
  • mcd3mcd3 Posts: 3
    The rest button is available only on E and S class models. This button turns the fan on which in turn will dry out the evaporator. The C class ariconditioning system does not have this feature.

    Good luck.
  • isitjunkisitjunk Posts: 1
    :sick: Curious if anyone has noticed the 2005 C230K sedan smoking when started??? Purchased car for wife Feb. '05 as I couldn't talk her into the BMW..oh well..still like the looks of this vs. beemer. Anyway I noticed when she leaves for wk after car sits I watch what appears to be black/light grey smoke from rear exhaust. This occurs under boost and smokes till I can no longer see veh. Yes nothing but high test branded gas since new and not condensation smoke as this is anytime of day on east coast of SC 85+ daily temp..I advised the dealer (FM..what a joke) of this when 1 service of 2k miles & and as I figured would not be addressed...all is good w/car per them. Before I go back I wanted to poll any other owners of this veh. that may have noticed this or may need to be aware of this.I have been in the collision & insurance industry for 20 years so I not a rookie as the dealer may think.
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    Well with 20k miles on my Y2K C230 I have to agree. With the most careful driving over the years, all 4 tires are now down to 3/32 tread, and feathered on one edge (alignment was probably off from the factory). I still have to say this car mechanically is awesome, as I have not had any breakdowns save for the fuel sensors in the tank failing due to gasoline sulphur content.

    So before the tires wear fully to 2/32, I am planning on purchasing new tires and getting the front wheels aligned. Current tires are ContiSportContacts, 205/55 R16 91H with a treadwear rating of 280.

    What's the best alternative where I can get the maximum amount of wear from a low profile tire - or are those two things a contradiction in terms? My wife is the main driver of this car now, and neither of us are concerned with the "sportiness" of the ride - as we never drive the car fast or erratically. Our main concerns are safety, smooth ride (no vibrations), and longevity of the tires - in that order.

    Any advice you can give in this regard will be greatly appreciated.
  • zmerzynzmerzyn Posts: 1
    Does anybody has a problem with power seat operation. Both driver and passenger seat controls do not operate. They came back online few times and died few minutes later.. Back window sun shade stoped working as well. Anybody has an idea what is going on or how to fix it any help is appreciated.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Firstly, the wheel alignment has to be on all four wheels, not just the front. And get it done by someone [either the dealer or an independent] who is an MB specialist. The first time the alignment is done, it requres a small parts kit to make the camber and caster fully adjustable, which has to come from the dealer anyway. [Or did you say the alignment had already been done once? I forget...]

    As for tires, the 205/55-16s are the same size on the "cooking" [non-sport] C240 we drive, so they are hardly radical. For some reason, in the original post, I thought we were talking about a W203 C, which uses 17" wheels and 40/45 profile tires; yours is a W202 C, and the 16" wheels use the same size as the touring models of the W203.

    While expensive, my first recommedation for this car is always Michelin - the MXV4 is OEM on this car for a good reason. Our car's Conti CH95s have been quite satisfactory, and are far cheaper, and they promise to go at least 50k miles, but their ride and noise characteristics will not quite match the Michelins. Goodyear makes a new tire [Assurance?] that is supposed to set new standards for quiet and ride quality, but I have never been enthused about their products in the past - you might check the Tire Rack's website for their reactions.

    If you go to Tire Rack online, enter the size, and tell them how you drive the car, they make recommendations based on your inputs. They also have ratings from customers on how the tires behave in the real world on other cars. Or call their toll-free number and talk to one of the reps.

    The OEM "non-sport" wheels/tires for your car are 195/65-15s - you can configure a new package of wheels and tires on Tire Rack's site that could get you new wheels and tires for not much more than the tires alone....just another alternative...
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    My first reaction would be to check the fuses, but my experience is these mysterious electrical gremlins are usually related to the central bus system that MB uses to control the electronic functions in the car. A fuse is cheap and relatively easy to take care of, though there are three different fuse boxes, and the diagram is tucked away in the one on the left side of the dash - you have to have the driver's door open to access it, and have to be careful not to damage the dash when opening it.

    Our horn mysteriously stopped working last month; I dutifully checked the fuse, reseated it, but nothing happened. Then about 4 days later, it worked again and has worked fine since. There are so many connections and routing points with the electronics, that it is impossible to diagnose anything just looking at something in your garage, besides fuses. After that, you have to get yourself to someplace that has the testing tools to see where the interruption is. Anyway, try the fuses first, and check the diagram to see if the functions that are failing are covered by a common circuit.

    As an aside, I'll mention that the fuse diagram is a Generic-English [not American English] translation from the German, so there are some anomalies. The horn, for example, was actually labeled something like "clarion" or words to that effect...
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271

    Thank you very much for your info. Sorry for not mentioning that my tires are indeed smaller than those mentioned in the original post.

    Since buying the C230 new I have not had the wheels aligned, and will indeed bring it to the dealer for that service. I'll also ensure they use the proper kit you mention.

    Your Conti CH95s sound very interesting to me. I will check into those further, and very much appreciate your comments - your knowledge is incredibly helpful to me!

    I would drive the C230 more often, but my daily driver Toyota pickup (now with 213k miles) continues to show no significant signs of age, except I'll eventually need to replace the windshield due to the pitting.

    - PaulP
  • mezecamezeca Posts: 66
    Depending on which system you have; weight sensing or seat recognition sensor, the light will react differently. If you have the seat recognition sensor, the light will go on and then turn off after a few seconds.

    The weight sensing seat is just the opposite, it will illuminate all the time when no one is sitting in the front passenger seat.

    Keep in mind, airbag "off" light on the seat recognition sensor is to let you know that the airbag is turned off when you have seat recognition style baby seat in the front. It basically confirms to you that the airbag has been defeated.

    The weight sensing system does just what it says and can tell the difference between a child and different size adults. It does this for airbag deployment thresholds, something the seat recognition sensor could not do.

    I hope this helps!
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    I recently took off right side wheels, one at a time, to clean the back side of them. The right two wheels came off and wenty back on just fine (and torqued to 80 ft. lbs.) But when I tried to remove the driver's side front wheel, even though I took off all 5 lug bolts, I could not get the wheel off the axle. Wheels are stock aluminum for a 2000 C230 Sport.

    I put the lug bolts back on and gave up, rather than risk damaging the car by trying to force the wheel off by prying, hitting, etc. My next step is to take it to the dealer when I get the tires replaced this fall. But if I had to (i.e., if I had a flat tire and MB roadside assistance could not get to me), what could I do to get the wheel to come off safely, without damaging me or the car?
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