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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • psb1013psb1013 Posts: 92
    I bought a FX45 in Diamond Graphite/Willow-Black: very nice color combo. A black exterior is very nice, too.....when it's clean. My last car, BMW X5, was black and it was hell gettin every little scratch out. I love the Diamond's like metallic steel grey: sharp lookin and hides dust/scratches easily.
  • psb1013psb1013 Posts: 92
    My wish list for 2004+ FX45:
    1) At LEAST 340 HP (Lexus, BMW, MB will catch up fast)....the new Caddy SRX SUV is just as fast.
    2) Adjustable suspension or air suspension (i.e. Porsche Cayenne)
    3) Voice-activated NAV system (like Acura/Lexus)
    4) 6-sp. Automatic (or a "sport" mode like in X5)
    5) Bigger passenger room/cargo area
    6) Bigger glove box/storage area for headphones
    7) Body side moldings (to prevent door dings)
    8) LED instrument panel (current orange-lit gauges are kind of ugly)
    9) Options separated instead of in "packages"
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    psb1013, I really liked the Diamond Graphite too but my last car was very close to that color so I decided to go black this time around. I already miss the ease of maintenance of the gray, but I must say the black is really sharp on the FX body style....when it's clean. <g>

    clpurnell, I was thinking of one of those CA Dusters too - just something to sweep the dust off that would not scratch the paint, which is something I am taking great pains not to do. I hate the thought of getting lots of small scratches and swirl marks on the finish. Even a soft cloth can do this with dust. Where is a good place to buy the CA Duster? Do they work as advertised?
  • stlgasmanstlgasman Posts: 139
    Did anybody choose Beryllium? Do you all think the graphite interior is too dark?
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087

    Walmart has a small dash one for $6 and a medium sized one for $10. I think an autozone type store might have an even larger size. I have not used one personally but I talked to an infiniti dealer who had a black G and he swore by it. At 10 bucks it's worth a try.

    Wish List

    1) More Seat adjustment for Passenger u/d(supposedly on 2004)
    2) Factory Chrome wheel Option (starting with may production per FA)
    3) Wider back seat entry wells
    4) More storage place in the cabin
    5) Nav as stand alone

    2 of my 5 I have heard are being adressed. I really don't think it needs more power I mean the 45 beats everything short of a TT cayenne and my FX35 will run with a X5 4.4 All for a lot less $$$$. These are great cars. My wife likes mine so much she is asking for her own :)
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    clpurnell, I believe 1, 2 and 5 are being addressed already, correct me if I am wrong. I don't think #3 will be corrected since that would require a pretty major body change, and the vehicle just came out. So far I have found the storage space to be adequate - the side pockets are pretty roomy and the center console is deeper than most. The glove box is on the small side however. Maybe they could add some slide out compartments under the front seats?

    My main wish list would echo that mentioned in the post above, which would be an adjustable suspension (with sport/normal setting, the sport being the current setup). In the reviews and customer feedback that I've seen, the firm ride is the main criticism and addressing this issue would greatly expand Infiniti's potential customer base, I think. That said, I hope they don't do anything that would lessen its handling abilities by softening it up too much - just add the option via a switch for when you're driving on really rough roads, have clients aboard, etc.
  • psb1013psb1013 Posts: 92
    Sure, 315hp may be fine now, but in a couple years, cars w/300+ hp will be as commonplace as cars w/200hp today. And as they say, you can never enough power....hehe. Also, I really wish they made the NAV voice-activated like in the Q45. Using that annoying small joystick to change info. is frustrating (and you can't change stuff when the car is moving). BTW, a while ago, I saw a cool-looking pre-production photo of a FX45 w/chrome wheels and turn signal marker lights on the side mirrors (ala Benz)....guess you can't have everything.
  • bpraxisbpraxis Posts: 292
    One of the easiest things for Infinity to do to ehance the crossovers saleability is to increse the range of color options for the exterior and the interior.

      The brick interior is fun but not available on the white or non sport vehicle.

      How about a nice medium metalic red which would be more elegant than the red offered.

      The willow interior is going to be a pain from a maintainance standpoint and it is kind of boring unless you choose an exciting exterior color.

      There are many inexpensive cars that offer a much broade range of color choices.

      I am hoping that sometime in the future car companies will allow us to individualize our color combinations.

      Can anyone comment on how much below invoice they are buying the FX for?
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    Short of buying under previous VPP schedule I don't think anyone is buying under invoice. I got mine for $434 over invoice or about 3800 under MSRP. If you are anywhere near texas or willing to buy out of state you can get the same deal from Grubbs in Dallas through the end of the month. I agree on colors I would love to see a deep blue color and a tan interior that is darker than willow but not as dark as the brick. Either way i still love my car and enjoy it more with every drive.
  • psb1013psb1013 Posts: 92
    I like to see Infiniti offer a similar exterior color to that offered on the new 40th Anniversary Mustang: "Mystichrome" changes color from dark purple/green to silver to black depending on viewing angle and something like that would go well with the futuristic styling on the FX. I would also like to see Infiniti change the interior to something a lot more futuristic to match the LED gauges, uncoventional steering wheel, etc....more like what we saw on the concept car. The current interior is too dull. BTW, I have the Willow interior and even though it's a little more work to maintain, it looks more "clean" and "airy" and makes the interior look more spacious. The Brick color is "fun," but it may be too much of a "fad" in my opinion and may go out of style in year or so.
  • stlgasmanstlgasman Posts: 139
    I went by the dealer. They had maybe 40 on the lot but only one desert sand. I thought the desert sand was attractive. I thought the willow interior was attractive but maintenance is an issue. Does anybody know if the factory all weather mats match?
  • stlgasmanstlgasman Posts: 139
    Is this only a problem with the tech package?
  • psb1013psb1013 Posts: 92
    The factory rubber mats that come with the Willow interior is a close match but to me, they're kind of flimsy...I bought the ones from WeatherTech....much better!
  • psb1013psb1013 Posts: 92
    With cars equipped with Laser (Intelligent) Cruise Control, there is a known problem with radar detectors (esp. Valentine One) frequently going off.....most likely due to the front laser sensor gauging the distance of the car ahead to "pre-pump" the brakes (Brake Preview). No solutions to my knowledge.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    I thought the willow interior was attractive but maintenance is an issue.

    I have the willow interior and have twin toddlers. The interior does require a bit more maintenance but I think it's a small price to pay to get a more inviting, airy, and spacious feeling, IMO. Just get a good quality Leather cleaner/conditioner like Lexol and it should be OK.

    The brick interior is also good but not in my Ivory Pearl FX35 AWD :). I don't think it would have blended in well. Graphite is too spartan, IMO.

    Does anybody know if the factory all weather mats match?

    The factory all-weather mats are in Tan, which is a bit darker than Willow. The factory mats are a perfect fit in the FX. You can also try WeatherTech Mats but I cannot vouch for how the mats fits in the FX.
  • psb1013psb1013 Posts: 92
    I bought the WeatherTech mats in Tan for my Willow Interior. The color is very similar to that of the factory rubber mats but the quality is much higher. The fit is fine, too, although the rear ones need a little trimming (takes only a couple minutes).
  • stlgasmanstlgasman Posts: 139
    I test drove both today. I thought the cornering on the sport was terrific but you sure feel the road. Does anybody think that the resale value of the sport will be relatively higher than the premium?
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    Good question. On one hand you could say that most buyers who would be interested in this vehicle on the used market would be after the razor sharp handling of the sport package. But the premium I think would cater to a potentially wider audience, because it does ride smoother. Some have reported that the Sport model's extra firm ride can be tamed somewhat by buying 18 inch wheels & tires, like those on the premium model, so this is always an option too.
  • toeknailtoeknail Posts: 5
    You can definitely do better than the $1000 over invoice suggested a few posts back. I got my AWD FX35 w/ Premium for $425 over invoice, or just over $3000 off MSRP. And if your local dealer isn't willing to sell for a price you think is acceptable, try out Grubbs... everyone seems very happy with their VPP offer. Even better if you don't have to have it shipped.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    I think the difference in resale will be relatively minor maybe 1k more for the sport and not neccesarily because of the suspension but because of the huge 20" Wheels. Some people could get scared off by the rough ride and tire replacement cost though. It is really a toss up I would say buy what you like the best. My right side tires had nearly 50 psi of air in them I brought them down to 32 psi and drove over one of the roughest roads in houston today and the ride was not jarring at all. Have driven that route in many cars and the ride in a lot of average cars has been much rougher. The moral of the story is check you tire pressure if your ride is way too rough.
  • toeknailtoeknail Posts: 5
    Because this will be our family vehicle, I went with the Premium package only. Don't be fooled because it doesn't include the "sport package"... this thing is incredibly sporty as is. Drives very much like a BMW. I have no doubt that the Sport Package is that much better handling, but the premium is no slouch.
  • blckthreeblckthree Posts: 153
    I have a FX35 AWD Premium and don't feel that I have had to sacrifice anything in handling by going with the Premium instead of the sport.

    4300 miles, no problems, no complaints. This is one sweet machine! It is everything I expected and more. The engine just gets better the more it is driven.

    Try it, you'll like it!
  • blckthreeblckthree Posts: 153
    I have a black FX, I tried the CA duster. I was skeptical at first, but it works well. I have noticed no scratches from using it and it keeps it looking good.

    Like their instructions say, do not use it on a warm vehicle or the wax will transfer from the duster to the vehicle. big mess! I also noticed the first few times I used it, I did get some small deposits of wax on the finish, but that has since disappeared. No problems anymore. Make sure you let it sit on the newspaper, like the instructions say to leach out the excess parifin wax.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    Thanks for the info - do know if they sell these pretty much everywhere, and are there different types/models that are better than others for a black car? Any specific recommendation based on your experiences would be appreciated, also where best to buy.
  • blckthreeblckthree Posts: 153
    I got mine at Walmart for about $10.00. It is probably about 18 inches long, plus the handle. I didnt do much research when I got it, just seen it and brought it home. I think the only differences in them is size. Haven't seen it, but I think they make a bigger one, for truckers.

    Once a day and it looks great! Now if i could figure out how to keep the bugs off that easy.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    I remember seeing the California duster at Costco also. It was a 2-pack -- one big and one small. I think it was at least $10.00 for both, if not more. I think I'll get one also on our next Costco trip.
  • knockoffknockoff Posts: 72
    Please share any info you have about going off the paved road w/your FX. 18" or 20" wheels? I love this car but like to do light off-roading and afraid I would damage wheels and/or tires. thanks.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    I don't think the FX is well suited to go off-road at all, in either configuration. It's design is to maximize performance on the street. When you first drive it you think you are piloting a sports car, except your driving position is a lot higher. The suspension in the Sport Pkg in particular is very firm, and would not be well suited to traversing boulders and streams, for sure. The most I hope to use mine for will be going down unimproved gravel roads to the boat launch, which in itself will require care and lower-than-normal speeds. For real off-road use, however infrequent, I'd look elsewhere.
  • hootspahootspa Posts: 11
    I wouldn't take this vehicle off-road except on a smooth dirt road for a short distance. Why damage the beautiful tires and wheels and body? The AWD is meant mainly for superior traction on regular roads. This holds for most SUV's except the real heavy-duty models with good ground clearance and skid plates and a low AWD mode. I can't imagine anyone taking the new $100,000 TT Porsche Cayenne off-road.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    Buy a FX premium then go buy a 1990 jeep cherokee to toss around the stream and such. The FX is NOT an off road vehicle at all. You MAY be able to jump a curb or two to get out of traffic. If you really want a high dollar boulder crawler look at the 4runner/gx470, LR Disco or Range or maybe the new toureg. I prefer taking high speed corners then low speed ditches thats why I bought the fx. I think you would be very unhappy if you actually bought this vehicle for off road use. On road however is a totally different story :-)
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