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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    Dealers can make money by marking up base lease and finance rates. Say the best rate you can get is 3.6 but the dealer says you got approved at 6.1 they make 2.5 points on the deal and get that at closing. It is even worse when talking about sub prime financing dealers and make 3-5 points based on the lender.
  • 29632963 Posts: 37
    For those of you who've had an XM unit installed by an Infiniti dealer, could you please tell me where the satellite receiver gets linked into the audio system? Does the dash have to be torn apart to plug in the XM receiver, or does it get buried beneath a seat (or any other pre-wired location)?

    Also, where do they place the surface-mounted exterior antenna? Is the antenna feed pre-wired at the factory, or does the head liner have to be removed?

    I'd like to purchase an XM unit as a dealer-installed option when I get my FX, and am wondering how "messy" the installation is...

  • I bought an '04 FX35 tech/touring in December in Houston. Had dealer install an Infiniti-supplied XM receiver. The receiver is installed beneath the left rear cargo deck. The spare and some infrastructure needs to be removed to do so, but not a big deal. A "wiring harness" is apparently run to the front OEM radio and hooked up. Don't know if the dash and/or radio need to be removed, but in my case the installation is flawless. The antenna is mounted about six inches inside of the left rear cargo rail with the lead disappearing into the groove in the top of the roof and (I assume) threading down to the receiver which is now near the left rear quarter panel. Since this is an Infiniti kit, I assume all was designed to work this way. All in all a very clean installation with which I am sure you will be happy.

    Several points:

    - with the nav system, the XM unit will show only 10 characters of the artist or title. Sirius apparently shows entire wording. Both XM and Sirius apparently show all wording with the standard LCD, i.e. non-tech. At first we thought it was due to the dealer-installed unit, but a FX with nav and a factory-installed XM just came in and has the same quirk. Dealer is still trying to get Infiniti tech service to determine where the problem is (i.e. in the radio or in the XM receiver). Not a big deal, but some lost functionality.
    - The Houston dealer says Infiniti is not supplying any additional XM wiring harnesses to them. Not sure why other than Infiniti misses some profit when the dealer does it (for $300 more than the factory install). You may want to confirm availability in CA.
    - If possible, I would try to get a low profile antenna installed. The "kit" antenna is a tad "ugly" with its higher profile.
  • ncvolncvol Posts: 196
    I've got the XM dealer installed on a non-tech package and I only seem to get roughly ten characters a line for the title/artist info. Did you mean ten total for all the info? Or ten per line? Either way it's rare to get a song or program where you get the full info displayed.
  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297
    Tuesday I'm having the front of the car covered with the clear plastic protection. They'll do the mirrors too. I am also having the top of the rear bumper covered where it's likely to get scratched loading stuff into the cargo area.

    Anyone else have this done?

    I'm paying $275 for the front and $40 for the rear.

  • I have not seen the units the dealer used to troubleshoot the problem, but my understanding is this:

    - on a non-tech, both Sirius and XM display the entire artist and title in the center of the lcd. It may have to scroll through to see all the characters, but you can see all eventually.

    - on a FX - tech, the artist and title are shown one item at a time on the bottom of the screen (you have to manually advance the readout from ch to artist to title, etc). Again my understanding from the dealer is that the Sirius/tech units will show the entire title or artist (not sure if it scrolls or the entire title is showing), but with the XM only 10 characters will display and no scrolling. For example, for Paul McCartney, one would see Paul McCar and that is all.

    Is this how yours operates? Maybe other sat owners can give use some input.
  • I was wondering is there cover for the trunk where it is not a net but other materil, which will cover trunk and nothing is to be seing from outside,
  • petew4petew4 Posts: 71
    check this site from another's available for $229 but others have paid as much as $500 - don't know if it's the same cover. on the FX35/45 tab.
  • 29632963 Posts: 37
    Thank you for taking the time to offer your detailed response to my inquiry...
  • tdomatdoma Posts: 48
    I just recently bought a used FX35 with tech. I have a question on the DVD & Navig. Is it possible for the kidz to listen to the DVD, while I am playing the radio/cd in the front? Is there anything special that needs to be done?
    Thanks in advance.
  • You sure can- they can operate the DVD and listen to it in the supplied headphones. You can listen normally to the in-car stereo.
  • huma2huma2 Posts: 24
    hi all i am getting the fx45 any day now, its on its way from texas, i cant wait. it has the cross bars on the roof and i was wondering what bike attachments are available for it? i have a yakima rack from my old car i could take the cross bars off i was just wondering if i had any other choices? thanks for any help.
  • petew4petew4 Posts: 71
    congrats on the 45...I've had my 45tech for 7 mos. - you won't regret it. I use Yakima & it looks great. Can't beat 'em for engineering and looks. I have lowriders with a boa for my bike and powderhounds for the skis on now. But I also have their basket, spacebooster top box, and kayak stacker which all look great on top of the FX. Nothing that Infiniti or anyone else can offer beats Yakima's systems.
  • huma2huma2 Posts: 24
    so i should return the crossbars, i have the low riders with the vipers and i love it. is the 100lbs load max accurate, its seems alittle light.
  • tdomatdoma Posts: 48
    How much do you want for them, if you are going to get rid of them?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Please, no buying and selling on Town Hall. Thanks,

    Steve, Host
  • Does anybody have an opinion on the maintenance intervals on the FX35? I am hitting about 2500 miles and am not sure whether I go in now for the oil/filter or wait until 7500 miles.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    The Edmunds Maintenance Guide should have that info.

    Steve, Host
  • ncvolncvol Posts: 196
    The default setting for my XM display can be changed by pressing the tuning knob on the right several times. It gives you a choice of showing the channel #, or the name of the channel, or the name of the artist, or the name of the song/program. To get all the info on the screen at once, you have to push that tuning knob once when you get to a new channel, but then turning the knob no longer changes the channel and you have to use the "tune" panel on the left under the "seek" panel to move one at a time. It's very unintuitive, but a minor ergonomic quibble (unlike my seats).

    On no setting does the display show more than 10 characters per line, and there is no scrolling that I have been able to find. My display will show something like this:

    Top Tracks

    Bruce Spri

    Thunder Ro
  • ncvolncvol Posts: 196
    I've looked at a lot of places on the oil change question, and everyone has a different opinion. The dealer told me there is no "break in" oil change necessary, and while the manager gave me a coupon for a free first change at 3750 miles, the salesman told me every 5000. The owner's manual has two schedules for service, one with change intervals at 3750 and the other for 7500 miles. I've read people posting that they do it in every combination of these intervals, and then comes the whole question of using synthetic oil.

    Right now I'm thinking about going in for the free one at 3750, then coming back at 7500 and putting in synthetic at that time, and then waiting 7500 between changes from that point on.
  • petew4petew4 Posts: 71
    the 100 lb. rating is conservative. They need to protect themselves but it's single point weight which you'd never have unless your bike is a clunker (which I'm sure it isn't if your drivin an FX45) - weight tends to be distributed even if your packin a space booster loaded, a mtn bike, and a kayak -done that with no problem.
    Also, check out the boa. It allows you to lose the long unsightly wheel tray - looks better on the FX - minimalist.
  • stanny1stanny1 Posts: 962
    Around San Diego,I've noticed that SUVs with DVD players, including the FX, driving around with the screen playing a DVD so that the driver behind can see that they have a DVD player, although there is no one in the back seat to watch it?
    Sort of a status thing?
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    Sad but true. I followed a ricer Accord in Riverside, CA last night. It had what looked like a 20" screen playing music videos although no-one was in the back.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    It's kinda like the Xenon headlights and fog lamps being on when it's bright and sunny. It's the old, "if you got it, flaunt it..." even if it annoys everyone else. Hey, look at me!!!
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    They do that here in Houston on the main drag (Westheimer) on weekend nights, However they play some pretty umm "interesting" movies on the ones I have seen.
  • huma2huma2 Posts: 24
    single point weight does that mean each point where it ar=ttaches to the car. where did you read that info? i ride an ellsworth truth full suspension roughly 25lbs and a dream to ride. i already have the viper, the full tray adds a little more stability, and i dont mind the looks. my fx45 tech will be here in 2 days, i cant wait.
  • yes & I think I read that in a 'letters to the editor' in either MBA (Mtn. Bike Action) or Mountain Bike magazine but it's been a while - I'll see if I can find the mag..... it was written by an engineer that ID'd himself as having worked for Yakima. The Truth is nice - it was one of the bikes I considered when I bought my Santa Cruz Heckler. Enjoy your new FX - just got mine detailed last weekend & it's new all over again - sweet!
  • jccsscjccssc Posts: 44
    Does anyone have to make a decision between these 2 cars? And what made you decide to take the FX35? I am 70% FX / 30% RX myself but my wife is just the opposite. I am getting ready to jump the gun 1st or 2nd week of March. Please share your experience here.
    BTW, I notice there is no FX-problems board here. Should I take this as a good sign? I see a lot of activities in the Lexus problem board though. Thanks.
  • While I don't own one I know someone who got rid of an exotic and very expensive MB who is very happy with his FX 45. I would have bought it save for the restricted rear visibility. The Lexus is nothing but a glorified Camry and outrageously expensive. The FX's reliability appears to be very excellent.

    Take your wife out and let her see the difference in performance in exchange for a little harder ride.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    There have been a couple of recalls but they were all minor:

    1. Airbag ECM reprogramming
    2. Brake bolts to be tightened

    There was another recall but it did not affect all FX vehicles:

    3. Tightening of screws of propeller shaft.

    There were issues with the rear hatch warping due to extreme hot weather but not all FXs seem to be affected. However, Infiniti decided to fix these instead of replacing hatches of all FXs.

    BTW, these are for 2003 models. I believe the 2004 models are unaffected.

    Another very annoying issue on the FX and also seems to affect quite a few of the Nissan/Infiniti vehicles is the brake squeal. It sounds like you're driving a school bus or dump truck everytime you brake. It's really annoying but it seems that it does not adversely affect the performance of the brakes as ours still stops on a dime. I've heard similar behavior from 350Zs, G35s, and Muranos.

    Other than those minor issues, the FX is quite reliable and trouble-free.
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